The BEST episodes directed by Ben Washam

Advance and Be Mechanized
79 votes

#1 - Advance and Be Mechanized

Tom and Jerry - Season 1960 - Episode 46

Another Space Adventure, this time Tom is a security guard. He spots Jerry's robot sneaking cheese from the Mining Facility. He sends his robot after him and gets the cheese back. The two robots end up injured, and put a controlling device on Tom & Jerry while the two robots operate the controls.

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Love Me, Love My Mouse
49 votes

#2 - Love Me, Love My Mouse

Tom and Jerry - Season 1960 - Episode 32

When Tom falls in love with another female cat and offers her Jerry as a gift, Jerry screams and then tells her about the incident. Turns out that Tom planned it out, and she feels sympathetic for Jerry, and decides to take care of him. Jerry keeps trying to get into Tom's mouth on purpose, which gets Tom into trouble with the female cat. She eventually kisses Jerry, but upon tasting him, she smacks her lips with a devilish look on her face, teams up with Tom, and chases Jerry, with the intention of eating him, until the end of the episode.

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Purr-Chance to Dream
83 votes

#3 - Purr-Chance to Dream

Tom and Jerry - Season 1960 - Episode 47

Tom is having nightmares about getting pounded by a bulldog. Jerry's dog bashes up tom many times, and Tom decides he'd rather sleep and dream about getting pounded by a dog than having it actually happen.

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