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The BEST seasons of Red vs. Blue

Every season of Red vs. Blue ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Red vs. Blue!

Red vs. Blue centers on the Red and Blue Teams, two groups of soldiers engaged in a civil war. Each team occupies a small base in a box canyon known as Blood Gulch. According to Simmons (Gustavo Sorola), one of the Red Team soldiers, each team's base exists only in response to the other team's base. Although both teams generally dislike each other and have standing orders to defeat their opponents and capture their flag, neither team's soldiers are usually motivated to fight each other- if they are otherwise, neither are efficient. Teammates have an array of eccentric personalities and often create more problems for each other than for their enemies.

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Season 3
39 votes

#1 - Season 3

First Aired 10/12/2004

The third season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. The universe is in chaos, and the final hope for humanity is two-thousand years in the past with a fast-talking computer that loves knock-knock jokes. What could possibly go wrong?

Season 4
37 votes

#2 - Season 4

First Aired 8/29/2005

The fourth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. A bomb with a bad attitude, an alien with an epic score to settle, and the usual gang of hapless soldiers are on a quest to save the universe from an ancient prophecy of destruction. The situation doesn't look too good...

Season 5
36 votes

#3 - Season 5

First Aired 9/30/2006

The fifth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and marks the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Three new arrivals keep the Red and Blue armies on their toes as they fight, bicker and argue for control of the universe's most worthless piece of real estate -- a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. In the riotous conclusion of the series that took the Internet by storm, The Blood Gulch Chronicles return with the usual gang of luckless troops -- joined by a mysterious stranger, a half-alien child, and a crashed ship. Together they discover a hidden world that could finally answer the question, "Why are we here?"

32 votes

#4 - Revelation

First Aired 4/1/2010

Red vs. Blue: Revelation is the eighth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and marks the end of the Recollection trilogy. As former alliances are betrayed and friends become enemies, the Reds and Blues find themselves in an impossible predicament; in order to save the universe this time, they can't be totally incompetent. While on the run, the two teams must find a way to put aside their past differences and figure out the mystery behind Project Freelancer once and for all.

33 votes

#5 - Reconstruction

First Aired 5/26/2008

Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction is the sixth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and the beginning of the Recollection trilogy. The season follows Agent Washington as he investigates an attack on an outpost by a mysterious entity known only as the "Meta", which has also been killing members of Project Freelancer and stealing their partner AIs and their armor upgrades. While pursuing the Meta and soon joined by the Reds and Blues, Washington will uncover a conspiracy and dark secrets about the true purpose of Project Freelancer. Each episode begins with a memo from a series of increasingly tense responses between the Director of Project Freelancer and the Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee of the UNSC.

Season 2
47 votes

#6 - Season 2

First Aired 1/3/2004

The second season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. When a mild-mannered medical officer finds himself deployed to the most worthless stretch of land in the entire galaxy, the last thing he expects to find are his first patients dead, a poltergeist haunting a robot, a 200-ton tank in the center of a love triangle, and an evil strain of artificial intelligence attempting to enslave all of humanity.

Season 13
19 votes

#7 - Season 13

First Aired 4/1/2015

The sim-troopers of Blood Gulch have seen their fair share of insanity over the years, but they’ve never faced anything quite like this. Stranded on the planet Chorus, the Reds and Blues must convince two enemy armies to join forces or suffer complete annihilation at the hands of a bloodthirsty war lord. As the final installment in the critically acclaimed Chorus Trilogy, Red vs. Blue: Season 13 is as hilarious as it is thrilling. Between deadly mercenaries, alien artifacts and old rivalries, our hapless heroes are in for the fight of their lives in the longest running sci-fi/comedy series in American history, Red vs. Blue.

Season 10
25 votes

#8 - Season 10

First Aired 5/28/2012

The tenth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue. Season 10 concludes the dual storylines that started from Season 9. The past storyline will show the conclusion of Project Freelancers' quest to defeat a rogue Insurrection group and the loss of complete trust between the Freelancer agents and AIs. The present storyline picks up right where Season 9 left off, as Epsilon Church joins the Reds and Blues on Agent Carolina's quest for vengeance against the Director of Project Freelancer.

Season 1
56 votes

#9 - Season 1

First Aired 4/1/2003

The first season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. A gruff sergeant. An unlucky ghost. A psychotic mercenary. A sarcastic slacker. An unrepentant kiss-up. Two morons. A tank with impeccable manners. And a robot stuck on the Spanish setting... War is hell.

32 votes

#10 - Recreation

First Aired 6/16/2009

Red vs. Blue: Recreation is the seventh season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and is part of the Recollection trilogy. Buried beneath the sand is the answer to a mystery more dangerous than anyone could possibly understand. It's the perfect mission for a bunch of ragtag soldiers who don't know what they're doing anyway.

Season 9
27 votes

#11 - Season 9

First Aired 6/14/2011

The ninth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue. This season follows two different but connected storylines. The present storyline follows Epsilon Church as he relives memories from Blood Gulch in the AI Capture Unit from Season 8, but tries to fix them when the Reds and Blues aren't acting like themselves. The past storyline is set before the start of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, following the agents of Project Freelancer in their peak against a rogue UNSC faction.

Season 12
19 votes

#12 - Season 12

First Aired 4/28/2014

The twelfth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue. Shipwrecked, separated and still sort of... dumb. The Red and Blue soldiers of Project Freelancer are continuing their misadventures on Chorus. With their leaders captured, Tucker, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose now find themselves caught in the middle of a planet-wide civil war, and if they want to save their friends, they'll have to lead a hopeless army of rebels to victory. Between alien artifacts, subpar subordinates and mysterious mercenaries, the heroes of Blood Gulch have got their work cut out for them, and they really hate work.

Season 15
13 votes

#13 - Season 15

First Aired 4/2/2017

The award-winning, longest-running web series Red vs Blue returns with a vengeance with Red vs Blue Season 15 . A series of violent attacks across human space has people demanding answers. Who are these Reds and Blues? And why are they so bloody ruthless? One reporter sets out to uncover the truth, determined to find out why the once beloved Reds and Blues have turned so malicious, taking her on a galaxy-spanning adventure filled with many twists and turns.

Season 14
13 votes

#14 - Season 14

First Aired 5/8/2016

Rather than focusing on one story, RED VS. BLUE SEASON 14 is a collection of numerous short stories, focused on characters both old and new, produced in a variety of styles, and presented by everyone’s favorite computer program: VIC. Rooster Teeth has teamed up with writers and directors from around the country to give each piece a unique voice, and the results range from hilarious to action-packed, and everything in between! 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, live-action, and machinima in just about every Halo engine to date are all packed into this movie! The Red vs. Blueniverse is ready to bust open, so what are you waiting for?!

Season 11
19 votes

#15 - Season 11

First Aired 6/15/2013

The eleventh season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue. For more than a decade, the hapless, helpless and occasionally hopeless anti-heroes of the Halo universe -- the Reds and Blues -- have fumbled their way from one adventure to another. They have survived aliens, Freelancers, evil artificial intelligence programs, and secret government conspiracies. But now that they have been shipwrecked in a mysterious canyon, they will have to work together to survive the greatest foe of all...themselves.

The Shisno Paradox
11 votes

#16 - The Shisno Paradox

First Aired 4/15/2018

The award-winning, longest-running web series Red vs. Blue returns with season 16. Picking up in the moments after the conclusion of season 15, Red vs. Blue returns with a new saga, pitting the characters against powerful new foes and launching them back into an epic adventure unlike any other in the show’s history Red vs. Blue is back! A simple trip to lunch triggers an epic quest full of new enemies, allies, betrayals, and stuffed crust in… ‘The Shisno Paradox,’! Red vs Blue returns with the opening chapter of a brand new saga. With the present and future in peril, the Reds and Blues only have one place to go...

7 votes

#17 - Singularity

First Aired 3/9/2019

It took two seasons for the Reds and Blues to break the universe, but they’re about to discover that things can always get worse. The flow of time is in disarray now that Chrovos has been freed from their old prison, and the Reds and Blues are unwittingly trapped, reliving their past memories. Fortunately, there’s still one person in the universe who can do something about it: Donut. Thanks to his quick thinking, Donut manages to trap Chrovos in a temporary cell, but it won’t hold for long. Chrovos’ lackey, Genkins, travels through time with the Reds and Blues and changes the events of their history, creating cracks in an increasingly fragile timeline. If Donut can’t find a way to snap his friends out of it, Chrovos will truly be free and life as we know it will be rewritten.

6 votes

#18 - Zero

First Aired 11/9/2020

In Red vs. Blue: Zero, a mysterious syndicate leader known only as Zero seeks an Ultimate Power, and a ragtag team of heroes and misfits called SHATTER SQUAD must work together to save the galaxy.

Family Shatters
1 votes

#19 - Family Shatters

First Aired 10/20/2021