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Last Updated: May 24, 2019

Power Rangers is a long-running American children's television series adapted from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai Series. A team of five high school students are selected by Zordon to battle evil. Using martial arts, special weapons, and gigantic robots called "Zords", they protect their city Angel Grove from monsters and witches.

Movie Madness (1)

#1 - Movie Madness (1)

Season 9 - Episode 24

The Rangers are ambushed by a mutant director named Cinecon, and sent into different "movie" dimensions: Wes & Trip in a western, Lucas in a samurai flick, Katie in a musical, Jen in a kung-fu film, and Eric in a jungle picture.

star 9.00
8 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Endings (1)

#2 - Endings (1)

Season 13 - Episode 36

The B-Squad SPD Rangers face the evil and far more experienced A-Squad SPD Rangers. To make things even worse, Broodwing, his three Generals, and an army of Krybots swarm the Delta Base, taking over! Meanwhile, now captive of Emperor Gruumm, Doggie Cruger encounters a familiar face from his past.

star 9.00
7 votes
Directors: Greg Aronowitz
Writers: Jackie Marchand
Force from the Future (2)

#3 - Force from the Future (2)

Season 9 - Episode 2

Having tracked Ransik and his mob to the city of Silver Hills in the year 2001, Jen and the three Time Force officers find themselves stranded when their Time Ship explodes. Nadira and the Cyclobots take advantage of their new time period by looting and terrorizing, but when the TF officers attempt to use their Chrono-Morphers to stop them, they discover that without the Red one to activate them, they're useless. Yet, the only person who can use the Red Chrono-Morpher is Alex, who's not with them! Can a familiar, yet decidedly different, face be the salvation the team needs?

star 8.91
11 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Future Unknown

#4 - Future Unknown

Season 9 - Episode 10

The recent Raimei incident appears to be a sign of history changing, which worries Katie most of all, since she left her family behind in the year 3000. Her concerns about their being erased by the Rangers' actions in the present distract the team, just as Frax unleashes a highly powerful mutant from a secret X-Vault, where the most dangerous criminals are kept.

star 8.86
7 votes
Directors: Judd Lynn
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Forever Red

#5 - Forever Red

Season 10 - Episode 34

When the surviving forces of the Machine Empire gather on the moon in an effort to excavate Serpentera, veteran Ranger Tommy assembles the Red Rangers of every previous team, and the current, to assist in stopping them.

star 8.81
16 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Amit Bhaumik
Quantum Secrets

#6 - Quantum Secrets

Season 9 - Episode 20

Eric's Quantum Morpher is swiped by Conwing, who uses a mouthpiece to mimic Eric's vocal pattern and take control of the Quantasaurus Rex. It takes some mysterious help from the future to do what Bio-Lab in the present can't, namely unlock some more of the Quantum Ranger's arsenal.

star 8.80
5 votes
Directors: Makoto Yokoyama
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Destiny Defeated (3)

#7 - Destiny Defeated (3)

Season 9 - Episode 30

Wes struggles with the role of businessman, a fate he's rebeled against for many years, but is now forced to accept. Alex orders the other Rangers around like pawns, in his ruthless attempt to ensure history is corrected by destroying Dragontron. Meanwhile, Eric, angered over Wes' promotion, decides to leave Silver Hills once and for all. A most unexpected source will have the last word when it comes to the life of Mr. Collins!

star 8.80
5 votes
Directors: Worth Keeter
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Reflection (1)

#8 - Reflection (1)

Season 13 - Episode 24

The Rangers run up against several alien criminals they've faced before, and all of whom are still captured! Sky, upset about not being given the new Battlizer Kat and Boom have developed for Jack, is sent to interrogate an imprisoned alien named Mirloc. He learns the source of the copycat criminals is a creature called Slate, able to change into others at will. But the information comes at a high cost for Sky, who has to relieve the sad fate of his father.

star 8.80
5 votes
Directors: John Laing
Writers: Jackie Marchand
Countdown to Destruction (2)

#9 - Countdown to Destruction (2)

Season 6 - Episode 43

Defeated and dejected, the Ranger teens seek refuge among the other random pockets of human survivors in Angel Grove. While Andros goes on a solo mission to face his sister in a final battle, his teammates are forced to either reveal their identities to the public and turn themselves in, or stand by and watch as the wrath of Astronema is turned upon their fellow citizens. The lives of the entire universe are in the hands of the Power Rangers, as the moment of truth arrives! But peace cannot be attained without even the greatest of sacrifices...

star 8.78
9 votes
Writers: Judd Lynn
The End of Time (1)

#10 - The End of Time (1)

Season 9 - Episode 38

Having been told that they will not survive the battles that will save the future, the Rangers steel themselves for what awaits them, but Wes has other ideas. Meanwhile, Gluto tracks down Frax and notifies Ransik, who captures the cyborg, strips him of what little humanity he has left, and orders him to pilot the Trizirium Crystal-powered Doomtron into Silver Hills

star 8.71
7 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Edge Of Extinction

#11 - Edge Of Extinction

Season 23 - Episode 20

The Rangers find themselves needing help in their toughest fight yet as they do battle with Snide one final time, and Sledge's eggs hatch across the four corners of the Earth.

star 8.67
27 votes
The End of Time (3)

#12 - The End of Time (3)

Season 9 - Episode 40

When the four TF Officers return from the future to assist Wes, Doomtron is defeated, destroying the brainwashed Frax along with it. Ransik ignores Nadira's pleas, and takes on the Time Force Rangers personally. During his rage against them, he accidentally strikes out against his daughter, and a baby she saved. This snaps Ransik out of his vengeance-filled state of mind, and he willingly gives up to Time Force. With all the mutants now captured, Jen and the gang return to the year 3000. She and Wes reluctantly part ways, their relationship coming to a premature end. In the end, Wes agrees to his father's wishes of his becoming co-commander of the Silver Guardians (alongside Eric, of course), though for nonprofit work only.

star 8.67
6 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Dawn of Destiny (1)

#13 - Dawn of Destiny (1)

Season 9 - Episode 28

Without any Anti-Venomark serum left to quell his attacks, Ransik storms Bio-Lab in search of their supply. Wes also goes there, trying to convince his father to give up the serum before their research into the substance alters future history. A very deadly encounter occurs, when Ransik comes face to face with Mr. Collins!

star 8.60
5 votes
Directors: Worth Keeter
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Badge (1)

#14 - Badge (1)

Season 13 - Episode 33

Icthior, Doggie's rival from his days at the SPD Academy, comes to Earth, working for Broodwing. He attacks the Rangers, taking an SPD badge from each one as a souvenir. Meanwhile, Morgana may get her ultimate wish if she can help Emperor Gruumm get the last component for his mysterious "Magnificence".

star 8.60
5 votes
Directors: John Laing
Writers: Jackie Marchand

#15 - Worgworld

Season 23 - Episode 18

A new exhibit comes to the Amber Beach Museum: Worg, the robotic caveman. Arcanon sends a musician duo whose music can turn listeners into zombies.

star 8.59
29 votes
White Light (2)

#16 - White Light (2)

Season 2 - Episode 18

Feeling betrayed and confused, the Ranger Teens have a tough time coping with the notion that Alpha & Zordon are turning someone other than Tommy into their newest teammate. Eventually, they're summoned to the Command Center, where the White Ranger is revealed. He decends from the heavens, fully energized and morphed. Upon removing his helmet, all are pleasantly shocked to witness that it is indeed Tommy. Kim, of course, faints. Now powered by the "light of goodness", Tommy not only has powers that won't fail him, but is so strong that he's become the new team leader. He's given an enchanted talking Saber, called Saba, which acts not only as a guide and weapon, but helps him gain access to his Zord, the White Tigerzord. As the White Ranger & Saba take out Nimrod, AC, & DC using the White Tigerzord, the other Rangers take on Putties swarming upon Bulk & Skull's location. Though still tiny, Rita Repulsa is freed from her mini-dumpster, only to be quickly locked back in by the Rangers. Bulk & Skull, exhausted from trying to get it open, pass out before making the discover of the dumpster's contents. Rita is hurled back into space by Zordon, and the five Power Ranger Teens welcome back Tommy to the team, for good.

star 8.54
28 votes
Writers: Shuki Levy, Shell Danielson
Ransik Lives

#17 - Ransik Lives

Season 9 - Episode 4

Wes gives the four Time Force officers from the future a place to stay, at a Clock Tower owned by his father. It turns out to also be part of an old business, which they revive, taking on various odd jobs for money. Their first job is painting a TV studio, which ends up being hijacked by Ransik to broadcast a terror threat to the city of Silver Hills! Wes is captured by the mutant mastermind, and learns his tragic origin, involving the dark side effects of the future utopia. Will this change his feelings about the criminal, or will the mutant Fearog finish him off?

star 8.44
9 votes
Directors: Kaizo Hayashi
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
One More Energem

#18 - One More Energem

Season 22 - Episode 22

With two Energems in Sledge's possession, the Rangers and Kendall must take the fight to his ship in order to save the world.

star 8.44
25 votes
Break Out

#19 - Break Out

Season 22 - Episode 11

Koda and the Rangers battle to save an arrogant prince and the Gold Energem.

star 8.42
36 votes
Directors: Charlie Haskell
Writers: Chip Lynn
Legendary Battle

#20 - Legendary Battle

Season 21 - Episode 20

The Emperor unleashes another massive attack on Earth and nearly defeats the Rangers, but against all odd they remain defiant and are rewarded with the help of all the Legendary Rangers from years past.

star 8.41
17 votes
Knight After Knights

#21 - Knight After Knights

Season 22 - Episode 12

The Rangers must demonstrate their value to persuade their latest ally, the Gold Ranger, but find they do not have the willpower to do so when one of Sledge's monsters steals their courage.

star 8.36
28 votes
S.W.A.T. (2)

#22 - S.W.A.T. (2)

Season 13 - Episode 27

Pushed to their physical and emotional limits by Sgt. Silverback's intense training course, the Rangers, demoted and relieved of their Morphers, are forced to overcome their differences and faults to fully view themselves as a team. If the can pull their team back together, they'll finally wield the power of SWAT. Meanwhile, Shadow and Omega Rangers find the armored foes of Stench & Thresher to be more than powerful adversaries. Also, Piggy finds his allegiances pulled in various directions.

star 8.33
6 votes
Writers: Greg Aronowitz
Movie Madness (2)

#23 - Movie Madness (2)

Season 9 - Episode 25

The Rangers' literally take Cinecon's script into their own hands-and escape from his torment.

star 8.29
7 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Judd Lynn, Jackie Marchand
Revenge of Zen-Aku (1)

#24 - Revenge of Zen-Aku (1)

Season 10 - Episode 13

Zen-Aku frees Motorcycle Org, the first monster Taylor ever faced when she first became the Yellow Ranger. This keeps the Rangers busy while he kidnaps Princess Shayla, and discovers a strange sense of deja-vu about her, especially her necklace.

star 8.29
7 votes
Directors: Koichi Sakamoto
Writers: Jill Donnellan
Once a Ranger (1)

#25 - Once a Ranger (1)

Season 15 - Episode 20

The son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, Thrax, unites all four Corona Aurora-seeking factions of villains into a new Evil Alliance. When they manage to overwhelm the Overdrive Rangers, their connection to the Morphing Grid is severed, and their powers destroyed! With the gems still needing protecting, Sentinel Knight assembles a team of replacement Rangers, made up of members of previous (or future) teams of Power Rangers. Will they be enough to stop the Evil Alliance? And will the former Overdrive Rangers be able to assist with just their genetically enhanced abilities?

star 8.29
7 votes
Writers: Jackie Marchand