The Best Episodes Directed by Worth Keeter

A Friend in Need (1)

#1 - A Friend in Need (1)

Power Rangers Season 3 - Episode 1

The Rangers travel to Edenoi to check on Alpha's creator, but they encounter the Masked Rider, who believes they have come to harm him.

star 8.41
73 votes
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Dawn of Destiny (1)

#2 - Dawn of Destiny (1)

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 28

Without any Anti-Venomark serum left to quell his attacks, Ransik storms Bio-Lab in search of their supply. Wes also goes there, trying to convince his father to give up the serum before their research into the substance alters future history. A very deadly encounter occurs, when Ransik comes face to face with Mr. Collins!

star 8.10
7 votes
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The Old Gray Flabber

#3 - The Old Gray Flabber

Beetleborgs Season 2 - Episode 15

Horribelle leaves a portrait of Flabber on the front porch. And when Flabber retrieves it, and constanly glance at it to see his beautiful self. One thing he does not know is that the painting is sucking the life out of Flabber, making him older and weaker. He refused to destroy it because he was so handsome in the portrait, but the Beetleborgs had to do something before it was fatal.

star 8.00
2 votes
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A Friend in Need (2)

#4 - A Friend in Need (2)

Power Rangers Season 3 - Episode 2

The Rangers and the Masked Rider team up to fight Count Dregon's warriors.

star 7.71
60 votes
Destiny Defeated (3)

#5 - Destiny Defeated (3)

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 30

Wes struggles with the role of businessman, a fate he's rebeled against for many years, but is now forced to accept. Alex orders the other Rangers around like pawns, in his ruthless attempt to ensure history is corrected by destroying Dragontron. Meanwhile, Eric, angered over Wes' promotion, decides to leave Silver Hills once and for all. A most unexpected source will have the last word when it comes to the life of Mr. Collins!

star 7.70
7 votes
Going to Babylon

#6 - Going to Babylon

Silk Stalkings Season 1 - Episode 2

When a man is found dead on the side of the road, the death appears to have been caused by a heart attack, but the two cops don't think all is as it seems. Chris and Rita suspect that a couple is luring ""amateurs"" to their dungeon for ""sometimes lethal sex."" So Lance and Lorenzo go undercover as a couple of swingers looking to be chosen by the couple, to go to the dungeon. Meanwhile, an old enemy reminds Rita of her father and her youth.

star 7.67
9 votes
Drew and Flabber's Less Than Fabulous Adventure

#7 - Drew and Flabber's Less Than Fabulous Adventure

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 12

Drew wants to get Heather a very special birthday present: the gem of Queen Magna. So he convinces Flabber to accompany him into the comic dimension!

star 7.50
2 votes
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Fangula's Last Bite

#8 - Fangula's Last Bite

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 43

Count Fangula's ""victim quota"" is low, as he hasn't drank any blood in weeks! Vlad the Impaler, head vampire from the old country, comes to Hillhurst to make sure he gets back on track.

star 7.50
2 votes
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The Good, the Bad, and the Scary

#9 - The Good, the Bad, and the Scary

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 44

The kids switch bodies with the Magnavores.

star 7.50
2 votes
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Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter

#10 - Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 49

A boy named Norman Nussbaum arrives in the city to slay a vampire, who goes by the name of Fangula. When the Beetleborgs discover his motive (because he is in a line of Vampire Hunters), they have to save Count Fangula from the child.

star 7.50
2 votes
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Brotherly Fright

#11 - Brotherly Fright

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 50

Noxic's brother, returns and now he transforms into a buffed-up man named Herc-Uleese to spy on the Beetleborgs. For his disguise, he puts the House Monsters to work, exercising to become as muscular as he is. When the Beetleborgs are suspicious about this man, they go investigate and surely, they witness his transformation powers.

star 7.50
2 votes
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Halloween Haunted House of Horrors

#12 - Halloween Haunted House of Horrors

Beetleborgs Season 2 - Episode 19

As the House Monsters leave Hillhurst on Halloween to do some Trick or Treating of their own, the mansion attracts unsuspecting kids believing it to be haunted.

star 7.50
2 votes
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Booger Man

#13 - Booger Man

Beetleborgs Season 2 - Episode 20

Les Fortunes' new and grossest creation, The Booger Man, with his ""booger"" powers, picks on the Beetleborgs.

star 7.50
2 votes
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A Parting of Ways

#14 - A Parting of Ways

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 6

In another scheme for money, Nadira unfreezes Tentaclaw, who captures a busload of children and ransoms them of for ten million dollars. Wes, increasing frustrated with his multi-millionaire father's attempts to decide his future for him, attempts to convince him to foot the bill for the ransom. When he refuses, will Wes and the other Rangers be able to save the kids, or will this spell the end of the father and son's relationship?

star 7.37
15 votes
Return of an Old Friend (2)

#15 - Return of an Old Friend (2)

Power Rangers Season 1 - Episode 50

With their Power Coins in the hands of the enemy, the Rangers have no choice but to turn to Tommy once again for help.

star 7.35
69 votes
Return of an Old Friend (1)

#16 - Return of an Old Friend (1)

Power Rangers Season 1 - Episode 49

Rita demands that the Power Rangers hand over their Power Coins if they ever want to see their parents again.

star 7.34
62 votes
A Ranger Among Thieves

#17 - A Ranger Among Thieves

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 7

With his four Earthen teammates busy with Math midterms, Andros falls in with a crowd of car thieves at the Surf Spot. Chuck, the ringleader, manipulates Andros' good-natured-ness and turns him, unwittingly, into an accomplice (despite how the other two, Suzi & David, feel guilty about exploiting him). It's only after discovering the three are behind stealing Adelle's delivery van that he learns the truth behind them. But when the Voltage Hog monster attacks the area where the trio are storing the stolen cars, will Andros save his former "friends" despite their wrongdoings? Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus convinces Bulk & Skull that a rabbit is actually an alien in disguise.

star 7.33
11 votes
The Chosen Path

#18 - The Chosen Path

Power Rangers Season 8 - Episode 22

The Cyclopter monster appeals to Chad's martial artist past, striking a chord which leads both Chad, and the monster, to consulting his former mentor, Sensei Tamashiro, who dissaproves of Chad's Ranger-lifestyle.

star 7.18
8 votes
A Friend in Need (3)

#19 - A Friend in Need (3)

Power Rangers Season 3 - Episode 3

The Rangers rush back to Earth to fight off an attack by Repelletor.

star 7.15
55 votes
Survival of the Silver

#20 - Survival of the Silver

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 20

Ambushed by restless natives while collecting lifeform samples on the planet Kadix, the Astro Megaship crash lands, causing a secret room to open up. Inside it, the Rangers find the frozen body of Zhane, Andros' best friend and former teammate, the Silver Ranger, left in a coma for many years after falling in battle on KO-35. As the Megaship comes under attack by both the Kadix natives and the recently hatched monster called Lunatick, power fails, leading to Zhane's life support chamber shutting down. The Rangers find themselves overwhelmed, but are rescued by a surprising source...

star 7.13
6 votes
The Wings of Animaria

#21 - The Wings of Animaria

Power Rangers Season 10 - Episode 23

While facing the revived and upgraded Super Nayzor, all of the Rangers are fatally wounded, except for Cole and Merrick. Their spirits, in a dark dimension, are guided by a shrouded boy in a mission to free the Falcon Wildzord, which will not only aid their teammate in his battle, but will restore them to life. Can our heroes get a second chance at life?

star 7.11
8 votes

#22 - Short-Circuited

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 7

It appears as though Nadira has had a change of heart, and wants to give up the life of crime! She pleads with Trip, the most sensitive and friendly of the Time Force officers, to believe her. Is she telling the truth, or is this all a ruse to allow her to kidnap Circuit, in an effort to have the Medicon mutant operate on the robotic owl to prevent him from being able to summon the Zords from the future? Doesn't take Xybrian psychic powers to know the answer to that one!

star 7.08
11 votes
Trick or Treat

#23 - Trick or Treat

Power Rangers Season 1 - Episode 54

Kimberly competes against Skull on a game show for a chance to win a brand-new car while the Pumpkin Rapper seeks to ambush the Rangers.

star 7.02
60 votes
The Silver Secret

#24 - The Silver Secret

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 22

When the Rangers spot Alpha scanning Zhane and overhear the robot telling him that he hasn't much time left, the Rangers jump to the wrong conclusion and assume Zhane is dying! Zhane, who's really just unable to Morph for more than 2 minutes at a time, decides to play up this misunderstanding, and exploits their sympathy. Astronema, though, knows his true secret, and sends the Praying Mantis monster out to use the knowledge to destroy the Silver Ranger once and for all.

star 7.00
5 votes
Hexuba's Graveyard

#25 - Hexuba's Graveyard

Power Rangers Season 7 - Episode 40

Upon gaining approval from Captain Mutiny, Hexuba proceeds to resurrect old monsters from the LG Rangers' past in an effort to overwhelm the heroes. As each of the Rangers and Magna Defender work overtime to return the monsters to the grave, Kai decides to seek out the source of the evil revival. This leads to an ultimate showdown with Hexuba herself!

star 7.00
8 votes
Soul Bird Salvation (2)

#26 - Soul Bird Salvation (2)

Power Rangers Season 10 - Episode 9

Jindrax and Toxica join forces with Rentinax, the former bodyguard of Master Org 5000 years ago. Meanwhile, the Freezer Org attacks, and though he's defeated, in doing so he reduces the Kongazord and Growl Phones to frigid states! The Rangers must depend on no powers and their determination to protect the Earth, only the power of what lies within the soon-to-be-hatched Soul Bird egg can provide deliverance.

star 7.00
10 votes

#27 - Cat-Tastrophy

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 11

Drew finds himself slowly becoming a cat monster.

star 7.00
2 votes
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A Monster is Born

#28 - A Monster is Born

Beetleborgs Season 1 - Episode 48

star 7.00
2 votes
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Attack of the Brain Suckers

#29 - Attack of the Brain Suckers

Beetleborgs Season 2 - Episode 13

Les' latest creation, the Brain Sucker, becomes the star of a new comic book series, which ends up outselling that of the Beetleborgs'! This newfound popularity leads to the Brain Sucker monster going on a brain-sucking rampage, all the way to Hillhurst.

star 7.00
2 votes
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The Poe and the Pendulum

#30 - The Poe and the Pendulum

Beetleborgs Season 2 - Episode 21

Edgar Allan Poe, the long-deceased horror poet author, comes to Hillhurst seeking inspiration.

star 7.00
2 votes
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When Push Comes to Shove

#31 - When Push Comes to Shove

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 8

Cassie loses her diary, which she believes may contain a picture of her that would reveal her identity as a Power Ranger. George, a teen troublemaker, gets ahold of it and uses it as blackmail to make Cassie go on a date with his pal, Lenny, a gentle giant. Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus unveils a new plutonium fuel, which plans to use to send Bulk & Skull into space to find aliens. But Astronema becomes aware of this, and has the Elephantitan monster try to topple the skyscraper the fuel is being stored at, in an effort to wipe out Angel Grove. It just so happens to be the same building Cassie & Lenny are having dinner at! Will she Morph in front of him in order to save lives? Or can a new weapon in the Rangers' arsenal arrive in the nick of time?

star 6.91
11 votes
T.J.'s Identity Crisis

#32 - T.J.'s Identity Crisis

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 15

The rivalry between Darkonda and Ecliptor reaches a boiling point, when Darkonda forcibly merges with Ecliptor against his will. They become the powerful Darkliptor, and all but Andros and TJ are captured by him in his first time out attacking the Space Rangers. But TJ suffers a blow to the head, which leads to his suffering from total memory loss. Can the Blue Ranger be reminded of his past in time to help free his friends?

star 6.89
7 votes
Mean Wheels Mantis

#33 - Mean Wheels Mantis

Power Rangers Season 7 - Episode 26

A motorcycle-expert monster named Motor Mantis turns Kendrix & Maya into trophies, and challenges the other Rangers to a race-off. Their Astro Cycles are no match for his bike and trickery. Leo is the only one left to face the monster, and it'll take a better understanding of his Red Lion Galactabeast to gain an upgraded edge to cross the finish line first.

star 6.88
8 votes
The Last Ranger

#34 - The Last Ranger

Power Rangers Season 8 - Episode 31

The Memorase monster wipes out the memories of all the Lightspeed Rangers, save for Dana. While Ms. Fairweather and her technitians attempt to stimulate their minds with a machine filled with clips from previous episodes, Dana is left fighting the monster alone.

star 6.86
6 votes
Second Chance

#35 - Second Chance

Power Rangers Season 1 - Episode 55

Ernie picks the new lineup for the Angel Grove Junior Soccer team, but a young boy named Roger isn't on it. He's friends with the Ranger Teens, which means he's gonna get special treatment for this injustice. A second tryout will be held, so our heroes help him train for it. Rita sends down the Soccadillo monster to keep with the soccer theme. The Rangers kick him around, and eventually score a goal by destroying him. Later, Roger doesn't only make the team, but he causes Ernie to make two soccer teams so that everyone can play.

star 6.84
54 votes
The Craterite Invasion

#36 - The Craterite Invasion

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 9

The Rangers are training in the SimuDeck, when a bolt of lightning strikes the Astro Megaship, turning the holographic-simulation drones, the Craterites, into living creatures! They pile out of the Megaship by the dozens, and infiltrate Angel Grove, capturing adults and disguises themselves in their place. A young boy named Patrick, known for crying wolf and telling huge lies, discovers this evil plan, but will anyone believe him? Bulk, Skull, and Prof. Phenomenus, while trying to evesdrop on any discussions in town about aliens, witness the Craterites landing. Can the bumbling trio alone save the city?

star 6.80
9 votes
On Fins and Needles

#37 - On Fins and Needles

Power Rangers Season 1 - Episode 56

Jason & Tommy teach free karate classes at the Youth Center. Rita's annoyed by their friendship, and sends down the Slippery Shark monster. His boomerang-fin weapon casts a spell on the two, causing them to hate each other intensely. This nearly leads to an all out brawl in the Youth Center, organized by Bulk & Skull. Luckily, their teammates intervene, and by forcing teammwork, Tommy & Jason break free from the spell and sink the shark.

star 6.79
26 votes
Grandma Matchmaker

#38 - Grandma Matchmaker

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 13

Ashley's grandmother comes to town, and has her heart set on setting her up with a guy. Carlos pretends to be her boyfriend to help her avoid the matchmaking, but granny still keeps a close watch on the pair, smothering Ashley emotionally by planning all their dates. She stands up for herself, but Grandma shows she's not exactly frail herself by aiding the Rangers in taking on the Termitus monster.

star 6.70
9 votes
Enter... The Lizzinator

#39 - Enter... The Lizzinator

Power Rangers Season 1 - Episode 57

Kim's cousin Kelly has a tough time getting on the Angel Grove Junior High cheerleading squad. She offers some pointers, but the insecure redhead is unable to cope. Rita has Baboo & Squatt kidnap her for some reason, while she sends down the Lizzinator monster. The nearly invulnerable creature smacks cars around, along with the Red Ranger. The monster's eventually defeated with the Ultrazord, and Kelly gets freed from evil by use of her horrid cheers. She makes the squad, but you could easily guess that much.

star 6.69
28 votes
Dream Battle

#40 - Dream Battle

Power Rangers Season 7 - Episode 39

Recruiting the assistance of spellcaster Hexuba, Captain Mutiny plots to put the Power Rangers to sleep, to allow easy plundering of Terra Venture. As each of the Rangers are knocked out by tainted flowers, they're thrust into a somnific dimension where Swabbies endlessly overrun them, and a Nightmare monster stalks their every move. Can Mike break the spell, or will he take the big sleep along with them?

star 6.67
10 votes
Race to the Rescue

#41 - Race to the Rescue

Power Rangers Season 7 - Episode 3

Maya's mystical sensitivity to the language of animals leads her, with Leo & Damon in tow (and Kai & Kendrix following after), on a quest to seek out five giant creatures, captured by Scorpius' armies. The Rangers work together to free them, and quickly learn these Galactabeasts are more than mere animals, when the intelligent creatures return the favor of their freedom by aiding the Rangers against the Radster monster, who grows giant while attacking Terra Venture.

star 6.53
14 votes
Zhane's Destiny

#42 - Zhane's Destiny

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 24

The Rangers pick up a signal which leads them to a planet under a constant sandstorm. They're unaware it's also current home to the former inhabitants of the colony of KO-35, Andros & Zhane's homeworld, who're staging a rebellion against Dark Specter's forces in secret. The four Earthen Rangers are captured by the rebels, and thanks to a traitor in their midst, are led to believe they're spies for Dark Specter, and the source of an infectious attack by the Coralizer monster.

star 6.43
5 votes
The Flute

#43 - The Flute

Power Rangers Season 10 - Episode 29

Flute Org forces citizens, and Rangers, to dance against their will. Shayla and Merrick must overcome the tension between them and summon the Deerzord to break the spell. Also, Animus shows up, in person, and in action!

star 6.38
7 votes
Loyax' Last Battle

#44 - Loyax' Last Battle

Power Rangers Season 7 - Episode 27

Loyax, once a hero, has turned to the side of evil, finding the struggle against it to be futile. He wants one last, glorious battle before his end, and desires to go up against the Power Rangers. He ends up facing Maya, who learns of his past, and convinces him the errors of his ways. But Deviot gets involved, and ensures it's Loyax's last battle, much to the Yellow Ranger's dismay.

star 6.30
8 votes
Ghosts in the Machine

#45 - Ghosts in the Machine

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 39

The Space Rangers continue to search for the elusive Secret City, eventually finding it hidden underwater. They once again sneak inside, but aren't alone, as the spirits of the Psycho Rangers follow, and utilize the Data Card-creating machine that Astronema's forces are using to turn the captured citizens into digital information. With it, the Psychos regain their physical form, and proceed to attack both the Power Rangers, and Astronema's forces. Is it possible to put a stop to all five Psycho Rangers at once, especially when even destruction can't hold them?

star 6.27
8 votes
Nadira's Dream Date

#46 - Nadira's Dream Date

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 35

Confusion over a love letter written by Lucas about a car leads Nadira to believe he's got a thing for her! She's flattered, and agressively pursues a relationship with the Blue Ranger. Ransik disapproves, but threatens Lucas in an effort to ensure his daughter doesn't get her heart broken. Can Lucas end this fatal attraction without getting fatally ended himself? If it wasn't bad enough, the Rangers have the Chameliacon mutant to deal with!

star 6.25
6 votes
Lovestruck Rangers

#47 - Lovestruck Rangers

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 21

Wes, Trip, and Lucas fall for a mysterious girl named Angelique unaware that she is a mutant in disguise who makes her victims fall in love with her.

star 6.14
6 votes
Astronema Thinks Twice

#48 - Astronema Thinks Twice

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 27

With the revelation that she was once Karone, Andros' long lost sister, Astronema struggles between the life of a Queen of Evil that she's been tailored to live, and the life as a normal child she had stolen from her. She meets with Andros on KO-35 to talk about it, but has trouble believing his claims, unleashing the Spikey monster upon him. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Ecliptor and Darkonda heats up!

star 6.13
7 votes
Fight Against Fate (2)

#49 - Fight Against Fate (2)

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 29

Alex arrives to reclaim his place as the Red Ranger, in an effort to ensure history is put back on its correct course. He warns Wes that his father, recently injured by Ransik, will die within the day, and that he must take his place as head of Bio-Lab. The four Time Force officers from the future are shocked by Alex's new, far crueler and colder attitude towards them, especially his fiancee Jen. The target of his return is Frax, who has created a giant robot known as Dragontron!

star 6.09
7 votes
Rookie in Red

#50 - Rookie in Red

Power Rangers Season 7 - Episode 4

Leo decides to follow in his brother Mike's footsteps, and joins the GSA. His easy-going and blatantly irresponsible attitude leads to a personality conflict with Kai, who's big on being serious and by the book. Soon, Leo leaves the Weapons Dome unlocked, giving the Horn monster easy access to Terra Venture's supply of weaponry. Leo sets out to rectify this mistake, but in doing so, apparently puts all five Quasar Sabers right in Furio's hands! Is this the end for the Rangers' weapons, or is it all a ruse to gain access to Horn's prized possessions, the Transdagghers?

star 6.00
13 votes
The Great Evilyzer

#51 - The Great Evilyzer

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 12

Professor Phenomenus creates a device which can give anything an attitude, for good or for evil. While he, Bulk, & Skull are chased across the city by a toy car they turned evil, Astronema steals it, and utlizies the "evil" function to turn the Delta Megazord against the Rangers! If that's not bad enough, they've got Destructipede and its illusionary (but still deadly) monsters to deal with.

star 6.00
7 votes
Five of a Kind

#52 - Five of a Kind

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 34

After getting injured by Psycho Blue, Blue Space Ranger T.J. devises a scheme to take advantage of the Psychos color-obsession, by having the team all show up disguised as Blue Rangers! Unable to tell his true blue target apart from the others, Psycho Blue clashes with his fellow evil Rangers, wanting to destroy every one of our heroes until he gets the right one. And if the Space Rangers didn't have it bad enough before, Psycho Silver shows up! But whose side is he on?

star 5.92
8 votes
Silence Is Golden

#53 - Silence Is Golden

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 35

The remaining three Psycho Rangers track the Space Rangers by listening out for their voice patterns, which forces the Rangers into hiding on board the Astro Megaship. Except for Cassie, who is out shopping, unaware of the current threat until her teammates contact her and warn her not to make a sound! The tension mounts as Cassie is forced to keep quiet, knowing one slip of the lip will alert the Psychos, who are patrolling the mall area in human form! But when Cassie notices something horrific about to happen, can she maintain her silence? And will this whole ordeal cost the Rangers one of their Megazords?

star 5.92
8 votes
Red with Envy

#54 - Red with Envy

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 21

Now that he's defrosted, Zhane quickly warms up with his new teammates. However, Andros gets jealous when he suspects that Zhane is becoming a little too friendly with Ashley, whom he's secretly attracted to. Meanwhile, Darkonda returns, with a pair of monsters known as the Crocotoxes. The Rangers will need all the help they can get against them, though, unbeknownst to them, the Silver Ranger discovers he's having trouble remaining morphed!

star 5.88
6 votes
Full Exposure

#55 - Full Exposure

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 23

An ambitious photographer named Mitch discovers the true identities of the Rangers. Katie begs him not to hand in the pictures for publishing, but it takes a near death experience during a mutant attack for Mitch to have a change of heart and give Katie the pictures.

star 5.70
8 votes
The Enemy Within

#56 - The Enemy Within

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 36

The Rangers recover their Mega Vehicles, which had been stolen by the Psycho Rangers. But when the Mega Voyager is once again formed, it turns out Psycho Yellow has taken control of the Megazord from within, turning it against the Rangers. All six Space Rangers work together in this ultimate battle against the giant monster forms of the final three Psycho Rangers!

star 5.60
7 votes
The Tornado Spin

#57 - The Tornado Spin

Power Rangers Season 10 - Episode 19

Thanks to the Bowling Org's unbeatable attacks, Max has no choice but to revive his secret past as a championship bowler in training. Will his former mentor, now a washed-up janitor, aid him with the ultimate bowling trick?

star 5.50
7 votes
The Secret of the Locket

#58 - The Secret of the Locket

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 26

Resuming his attempted interrogation of the monster responsible for his sister's abduction, Andros once again confronts Darkonda about the whereabouts of Karone. Will the equal enemy of Darkonda, Ecliptor, be a help or hinderance in this duel? Soon, during a battle between the Rangers and the monster Batterax, Astronema joins the combat. As the Red Ranger strikes back at Astronema, the locket and necklace she always wears is broken off. Andros finds it, and much to his surprise, learns that what's inside ties to his decade-long search, and to a secret about his evil nemesis.

star 5.50
6 votes
Andros and the Stowaway

#59 - Andros and the Stowaway

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 37

An alien servant of the Jakarak monster escapes, and stows away on the Astro Megaship. The Rangers seek to protect him, naming him Seymour. He grows quickly from incessive eating, and despite their attempts to keep him free, he becomes forced to merge with the monster. Will the Rangers be able to destroy Jakarak without sacrificing the innocent Seymour?

star 5.37
6 votes
A Rift in the Rangers

#60 - A Rift in the Rangers

Power Rangers Season 6 - Episode 33

Cabin fever sets in for the space-bound Rangers, as Ashley and Cassie erupt in constant bickering over their respective personal faults. Similarly, the Pink & Yellow Psycho are feuding as well, each trying to one-up the other in attacking the Rangers. When Psycho Yellow takes Ashley prisoner during a battle, Psycho Pink is furious over being upstaged in the fight she was in charge of, and Cassie is guilt-ridden, determinedly searching for her teammate. Even if the Yellow Ranger can break free from her captors, one of the Psycho Ranger women is going to become a giant problem for our heroes!

star 5.33
8 votes
A Calm Before the Storm

#61 - A Calm Before the Storm

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 37

Though Ransik is concerned about his running out of mutants, it's cause for celebration, at first, for the Rangers. But realizing the four from the future will soon be returning home brings down the mood. The team reflects on the events leading them to where they are now. Wes goes to Bio-Lab, hoping to convince his father to cease production on the Trizirium Crystals. Has his near-death experience changed him enough to listen to reason? And meanwhile, as Frax prepares his ultimate creation, he unleashes an appetizer in the form of Maxax.

star 5.30
6 votes
Circuit Unsure

#62 - Circuit Unsure

Power Rangers Season 9 - Episode 36

When questioned about an upcoming event, Circuit discovers his memory has been altered by a mysterious source. No longer feeling he can trust his own memory, the robotic owl loses confidence in his ability to assist the Rangers. Meanwhile, running low on mutant criminals, Ransik sends out Serpicon to destroy the local Space Center. Can Circuit overcome his faults and aid Trip in shutting down the self-destruction system? Also, who's behind Circuit's memorybank hacking?

star 4.90
6 votes