The BEST episodes directed by Paul Grinder

Fighting Spirit
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#1 - Fighting Spirit

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 27

Elsa and her T-Drones dig up a powerful energy crystal, which has the same mineral properties of the Dino Gems. She feeds it to the newly revised and revamped Terrorsaurus II (from "Triassic Triumph"). He fights the four DinoThunder Rangers, and thanks to the crystal, is able to fry their Morphing Energies, leaving them powerless. Things aren't so well for Tommy, either. Hayley uses his Dino Gem in an experiment to reverse his invisibility, where it overloads, and though he's back to being visible, he's left in a coma. In the hospital, he has a major battle of wills within his fevered mind, facing first his Red Zeo Ranger self, then the White Mighty Morphin' Ranger, followed by the toughest of them all, his old Green Ranger self. Upon resisting defeat, he learns of the true nature of the dream, fighting for his life to prove he's still got a drive to live. He passes the test, and all three of his old selves not only restore him to life, but repair his Black Dino Gem. Tommy joins the battle against Terrorsaurus II, and with his Super Dino Mode, takes the monster out, restoring his students' powers. The main three Rangers use the Thundersaurus Megazord against the giant Terrorsaurus, and are able to beat him with some Super Dino Mode inspiration. Oh, and Cassidy & Devin have a bit of a clash when she's eager to go on the air with the story of the Rangers abandoning Reefside.

Lost & Found in Translation
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#2 - Lost & Found in Translation

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 19

Hayley's Cyberspace gets a new satellite system, which sucks Ethan into watching its endless abundance of programming. Kira & Conner are soon roped in, when they discover a channel from Japan, showing a television show based upon the Power Rangers, though dubbed in English. Conner is, at first, furious over the differences in TV culture between the US and Japan, but eventually gets into it. The episode shown involves the Dino Rangers facing the Ka-Ching monster, while the chiropractic Blue Ranger assists a money-hungry American baseball player in learning to love the game more than the paycheck.

The Samurai's Journey (3)
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#3 - The Samurai's Journey (3)

Power Rangers - Season 11 - Episode 17

Though now a Ranger, Cam returns to his Ninja Ops duties. But when Lothor unleashes five monsters at once, the team is split up, forcing the Green Samurai Ranger to return to the battlefield already. When stung by the Sucker monster, and slowly turning into a bug, will Cam's second outing as a Ranger be his last?

Messenger (1)
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#4 - Messenger (1)

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 21

Boom picks up a distress message from the future, claiming to be marking the 15th anniversary of the Troobain takeover of Earth, and today being the day it's supposed to happen! As Morgana takes up battle armor, and joins with a pair of the most dangerous alien criminals around in attacking the Rangers, it looks as though the warning is coming true.

9 votes

#5 - Wormhole

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 38

Emperor Gruumm utilizes a wormhole to pass into the past by 20 years, to 2004, in an attempt to conquer Earth without SPD interference. The Rangers must follow after him, and team-up with the year's resident team, the DinoThunder Rangers, to put a stop to him and his reluctant ally Zeltrax.

The Missing Bone
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#6 - The Missing Bone

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 17

Trent is called to see Principal Randall, who quizzes him on his current behavior and state of mind, trying to gauge his status without revealing her identity as Elsa. The results are not what she had hoped. With Dr. Oliver "on sick leave" (due to his demorphing troubles), Dr. Anton Mercer, Trent's adoptive father and alter ego of Mesogog, is brought in by Randall as the substitute science teacher. He immediately stages a field trip to the Reefside Museum he owns (as seen in "Day of the Dino"). There Kira spots a Tyrannodrone, which leads her to storage room where she is forced to submit to the will of a hypnotic dinosaur skull. The creature gives her a sour attitude towards her friends, and ultimately leads her to Tommy's lab to steal a bone she had recently noticed while helping him take inventory. The bone is revealed to be the final component of Fossilador, a hypnotic dinosaur monster created by Tommy and Mercer years ago. The missing bone fully reanimates Fossilador, and Kira is freed from her brainwashing. Fossilador attacks the city, Black Ranger faces Zeltrax and the Triptoids, and the Rangers destroy Fossilador by destroying the very bone which reanimated him. Back on the island fortress, Mercer desperately searches for a cure for his saurian affliction, but before he can test a new serum on himself, he transforms back to a scolding Mesogog before our eyes.

Storm Before the Calm (1)
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#7 - Storm Before the Calm (1)

Power Rangers - Season 11 - Episode 37

Lothor's true plan is revealed, as he elaborates upon his decision to let Vexacus wipe out his army in an effort to overflow and burst open the Abyss of Evil in a final attempt to destroy the Earth. It's all been foretold on the Scroll of Destiny, that he'll succeed in this. The Rangers gather at the Action Games to compete in special events, which just happens to be held on the exact area where the Abyss's entrance is at! Will our heroes destroy Vexacus, and thus, put the city one step closer to being overrun with the revived defeated monsters?

Storm Before the Calm (2)
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#8 - Storm Before the Calm (2)

Power Rangers - Season 11 - Episode 38

The Wind Rangers return to the destroyed Ninja Ops, and find a familiar face awaiting them! Hunter & Blake, having barely survived their Zords' destruction, make a stealth infiltration of Lothor's ship to save Cam, and get a pair of most unlikely allies. When Lothor attacks in his own Zord, will the Rangers destroy him, knowing that in doing so, the Abyss of Evil will be broken open?

The Samurai's Journey (2)
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#9 - The Samurai's Journey (2)

Power Rangers - Season 11 - Episode 16

Sent more than 20 years into the past, Cam encounters his mother and father during their teenaged years when they first met. He also learns of Lothor's true identity, which hits closer to his family tree than he ever realized! Cam seeks the Samurai Amulet, an artifact of great power that his mother once possessed. Can he befriend his parents in time, and stop the man who will be Lothor from getting it first? Meanwhile, in the present, the Evil Space Ninjas hold a talent search to find new monsters to assault the Earth.

The Samurai's Journey (1)
8 votes

#10 - The Samurai's Journey (1)

Power Rangers - Season 11 - Episode 15

Cam laments not being a Ranger, and he won't be alone for long, as the illusionary Madtropolis monster drains the Rangers of their powers! Though they're given a brief boost, and manage to give the monster a good beating, he grows large! Can our heroes take the strain of running the Megazords with what little power they have? Or will Cam have to go against his father's wishes and use the mysterious Scroll of Time to seek out a long lost source of energy?

Beneath the Surface
12 votes

#11 - Beneath the Surface

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 9

The Rangers uncover the Dimetrozord Egg, but Elsa, thanks to her disguise as Principal Randall, manages to sabotage it and use the Zord against them.

8 votes

#12 - History

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 32

Summoned from the year 2005 into the future via an evil plot, Conner, Kira, and Ethan, the original three DinoThunder Rangers, quickly encounter 2025's resident team, the SPD Rangers. But with between Broodwing's giant monster Dragoul, and rival Emperor Gruumm's own Troobian assault on Earth occuring at the same time, SPD will need a little help in the form of their historical guests.

Ocean Alert
12 votes

#13 - Ocean Alert

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 10

Nikki Valentina, star of the most popular TV show in the country, "Ocean Alert", visits Reefside during filming of an episode of her show. Her prima donna attitude, and "believable" portrayal of a heroic lifeguard, lead to her capture by Mesogog for usage in a monster.

Messenger (2)
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#14 - Messenger (2)

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 22

Down to one Megazord, unable to recieve assistance from SPD High Command, and facing unstoppable foes, the Rangers, and the planet Earth, appear to be at the brink of defeat. The sudden arrival of the Omega Ranger might very well change that, but where does he come from, and what does he have to do with that time traveling orb of living light?

8 votes

#15 - Dismissed

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 19

The grouchy, bird-based Supreme Commander of SPD, Fowler Birdy, arrives at the Earth academy. His own ideas for how to run it better clash with those of current Commander Doggie Cruger. When Birdy orders Doggie to split the Rangers up when investigating Troobian attacks, he refuses, and ends up being relieved of his command! With Birdy now running the place, and dividing the Rangers up, it leaves them vulnerable when Gruumm comes to Earth on a souped-up motorcycle, prepared to destroy anyone who gets in the way of his desired rematch with Doggie! Can Cruger be called out of forced retirement in time, and what new gift of Kat's will aid against the newly mobilized Emperor?

Isn't It Lava-ly
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#16 - Isn't It Lava-ly

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 29

Zeltrax is still being sought by Mesogog's forces, as well as his old friend Tommy. He's a loose cannon in this war between good and evil, and despite besting the Evil White Ranger clone in battle, his lack of lifeforce from the recent Battlizer battle is making it harder for him to refuse re-enslavement by his former master. The lesson plan of substitute science teacher at the high school, volcanologist Dr Morton, inspires Elsa to turn him into a monster, with the power to reactivate a volcano which once existed where Reefside currently is. It'll take some teamwork, the Battlized Triassic, and a rarely used Megazord combo to put a stop to the molten-revolting and restore Morton. Ethan's extremely cocky about his skills at playing the "Detonation Man" computer game. That is, until his unchallenged reign as king of the tournament for it at Hayley's Cyberspace is tested (and brought down) by none other than Devin, who breaks off from Cassidy to display this hidden talent of his own. And speaking of breaking, Cassidy finds herself quite broken without Devin around.

Golden Boy
10 votes

#17 - Golden Boy

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 8

Dr. Anton Mercer buys Hayley's Cyberspace Café for his son, Trent, but he's perfectly happy just working there and rejects the gift. Meanwhile, Zeltrax uses his own DNA to create a fierce warrior, Golden Rod.

6 votes

#18 - Impact

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 29

Broodwing's associate known as Professor Cerebros alters the trajectory of a meteor, aiming it right for Newtech City. Between this, Jack & Sky's competitiveness over who gets to risk their life to save the world, and another Dragoul, the SPD Rangers are kept endangered and busy.

The Passion of Conner
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#19 - The Passion of Conner

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 28

Conner's got his sights set on a girl named Krista at school. But she's a passionate, activist type, totally the opposite of himself. He tries (and eventually fails) to impress her by acting interested in her latest environmentalist campaign, to save an over 100 year old tree behind Reefside High that Principal Randall wants to tear down to put in a parking lot. Truth is, Mesogog wants the serum from the tree before anyone else can become aware of it's secret: it's growing over a Life Force Spring. Unbeknownst to him, Zeltrax, having laid low and injured since his apparent death, is already aware and wants the serum from this Tree Of Life to become stronger, and seek revenge on his enemies, which now includes his former master Mesogog and his former love-interest Elsa. He drains the sap, using it to gain a slightly upgraded form, and turns the tree into the Deadwood Monster. The Rangers use the Thundersaurus Megazord, and the new Triceramax Megazord, to destroy Deadwood and give the Evil White Ranger Clone and his Dino Stegazord another beating. Conner doubts himself as a Ranger again, thanks to seeing how passionate Krista is about saving the tree, and he doesn't have the same kind of confidence in himself. He has a talk with Doctor Oliver, who hammers home the difference between cockiness and confidence, assuring him that if he believes in his deserving an inner power, he'll even surprise himself. This comes into play later, when Conner, faced with having to save Krista from Zeltrax, summons from within himself the ability to not only go Triassic without the need of his teammates, but gains a Battlized form ontop of it, with which he's able to save Krista. Zeltrax is defeated, reverting back to normal and vowing revenge. Conner helps plant a new tree where the Tree Of Life once stood, proving to Krista that he can indeed change, by displaying a newfound confidence in himself and what he's doing in life.

Bully for Ethan
11 votes

#20 - Bully for Ethan

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 18

A bully named Derrick picks on Ethan at school repeatedly, eventually setting up a fight with him. But instead of using physical force to repel his attacks, Ethan uses his computer-based talents to benefit the soccer-playing meanie. Meanwhile, Trent sets up a deal with Zeltrax, where he'll help the cyborg get revenge on Tommy, if he helps him take down Mesogog. The tables end up turned, with Mesogog gaining control over Trent. Also, Zeltrax finally informs Tommy of the reasoning for his loyalty to Mesogog, and his intense hatred of him.

7 votes

#21 - Perspective

Power Rangers - Season 13 - Episode 20

Each one of the SPD Rangers has their own version of their latest battle, and each one tells it to Doggie, with expected exaggerations and differences.

It's a Mad Mad Mackerel
8 votes

#22 - It's a Mad Mad Mackerel

Power Rangers - Season 12 - Episode 20

Kira gets an internship on Channel 3's hit children's cartoon cavalcade, "The Funky Fisherman Show." She discovers not only the harsh realities of show business behind the joyous program's facade, but that by sticking with something through the rough spots, things can indeed get better. Elsa turns the show's happy fish mascot, Marty The Mackerel, into the Mad Mackerel monster, creating a fishy situation for the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Trent challenges Zeltrax to a duel. Winner becomes second-in-command to Mesogog.

Married with Fishsticks
59 votes

#23 - Married with Fishsticks

Xena: Warrior Princess - Season 5 - Episode 15

When Gabrielle hits her head and falls into the ocean, she gets amnesia and a merman tries to convince her that she's his wife and mother to his fishy offspring.