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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Network: BBC One

Lovejoy is a colourful East Anglian antique dealer who lives a somewhat hand-to-mouth life, despite being called a divvie - a man who knows in his bones the right and wrong of fine things. The Lovejoy Antiques team includes Tinker Dill, Lovejoy's barker, Eric Catchpole, his apprentice (the son of the local butcher), and Jane Felsham, the supportive lady of a local grandee. In the fifth and sixth series Lovejoy develops a special relationship with the elegant Charlotte Cavendish, who heads an auction house. Lovejoy's business rival Charlie Gimbert is both his landlord and a competitor for good buys of all kinds. Beth Taylor joins Lovejoy's team on a youth employment scheme in the middle of the fifth series. The show ran for almost nine years, from 1986 to 1994, and is still being repeated in several countries. It was created for television by Ian La Frenais and is based on the Lovejoy books by Jonathan Gash

Last Tango in Lavenham

#1 - Last Tango in Lavenham

Season 6 - Episode 10

In the last episode of Lovejoy, our hero gears himself up to marry Charlotte, and his old life begins to splinter. Jane Felsham returns with a splash, and without Alexander in tow - will Lovejoy have to choose between her and Charlotte?

star 8.71
14 votes
Directors: Baz Taylor
Writers: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais
Swings and Roundabouts

#2 - Swings and Roundabouts

Season 5 - Episode 11

Boswell, a friend of Lovejoy's who runs a travelling fair, asks Lovejoy to sell some silver candlesticks for him. However, the police arrive, saying they are stolen property, and Boswell is arrested. Meanwhile, an American friend of Charlotte's wants to buy the fairground Carousel.

star 8.38
16 votes
Directors: Ken Horn
Writers: Gawn Grainger
The Prague Sun

#3 - The Prague Sun

Season 3 - Episode 14

An old friend of Lovejoy's asks for help when her wartime sweetheart, a Czech pilot who was presumed killed in action, reappears after fifty years. The man has returned to England to collect a cache of gemstones that were buried in the grounds of a church, but he is killed when he tries to retrieve them. Discovering that the diamonds were looted from Prague during the war, Lovejoy and Eric travel there on the trail of the jewels and encounter sinister forces who also want the jewels and are prepared to murder to get them.

star 8.33
6 votes
The Black Virgin of Vladimir

#4 - The Black Virgin of Vladimir

Season 2 - Episode 12

Dealer Harry Catapodis has sold some fakes to Cassandra Lynch, a beautiful American widow Lovejoy knows. Caught out, Harry offers to buy the things back from Cassandra, but he admits he will then sell them on to someone else. With a Japanese business man and others, Lovejoy aims to get back at Harry - and to make some money and seduce Cassandra at the same time.

star 8.28
18 votes
The Napoleonic Commode

#5 - The Napoleonic Commode

Season 4 - Episode 1

Lovejoy is evicted from his rented cottage, as Freddy the Phone, his landlord (also known as Frederick Arthur Haig Montgomery Wavell Reeve) owes back taxes on it. So Lovejoy takes to the road and acquires a commode said to have belonged to the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte... and the next thing is to hunt down a continental expert to authenticate it. Did 'Boney' really sit here?

star 8.24
17 votes
Directors: Baz Taylor
Writers: Terry Hodgkinson
To Sleep No More

#6 - To Sleep No More

Season 1 - Episode 6

Sam Wendell, an old forger, dies of a heart attack while being pursued by a mysterious priest, leaving behind one of his small forgeries. Sam had told his wife it was the key to a fortune, and the priest soon tries to break into the Wendell house. Lovejoy aims to unravel the puzzle, by way of helping Sam's widow (who's left with very little) to recover anything of value. Along the way, Lovejoy dresses up as a priest.

star 8.21
28 votes
Directors: Ken Hannam
Writers: David Brown
Raise the Hispanic

#7 - Raise the Hispanic

Season 2 - Episode 9

Amanda Peagram, a local landowner's daughter, is engaged to Roger Hall, and Lovejoy (on the instructions of Amanda's father) is furnishing a house with antiques for the couple. Unhappily, Amanda is not impressed, while Roger continues to play the field. At the wedding, Lovejoy overhears a row between Roger and Amanda's father and later finds Roger's body hidden in a suit of armour... but the body vanishes and nobody believes him. After the wedding, Roger is treated as a missing person. Lovejoy insists Roger is dead, but he can't produce the body - so he decides to investigate the murder and solve the mystery.

star 8.19
21 votes
Directors: Bill Hays
Writers: Douglas Watkinson
The Lost Colony

#8 - The Lost Colony

Season 5 - Episode 14

When a descendant of Sir Walter Raleigh sells his home and its contents, Lovejoy meets an American woman whose name is also Lovejoy. Several antiques go missing along with the woman and Lovejoy tracks them back to North Carolina. Lovejoy discovers that the woman and her brother are operating a scam to claim an inheritance. The pair get Lovejoy put in jail, but Charlotte arrives to help him and together they set about bringing the Americans to justice.

star 8.18
11 votes
Eric of Arabia

#9 - Eric of Arabia

Season 3 - Episode 6

Lovejoy is asked to value an ancient Chinese terra-cotta figure of a pig. Then he falls off a bicycle and breaks his leg, landing him in hospital. The pig's owners, curiously, are doing their best to have it under-valued. Meanwhile, Eric needs to sell his ancient motorbike and comes up with the story that it once belonged to Lawrence of Arabia. And pigs might fly...

star 8.17
18 votes
Directors: Ian McShane
Writers: Steve Coombes, Dave Robinson
Double Edged Sword

#10 - Double Edged Sword

Season 6 - Episode 4

A tough-talking business man hires Lovejoy to recover a sixteenth-century samurai sword which has been stolen from him. Another dealer, Lovejoy's mentor Jim Leonard, buys the sword at an auction, but it is promptly stolen from him by Joanna, the daughter of the original owner. Lovejoy stays on the trail.

star 8.14
14 votes
Directors: Alex Kirby
Writers: Roger Marshall
Breaking the Broker

#11 - Breaking the Broker

Season 6 - Episode 7

The police set up Tinker, so that they can get a favour from Lovejoy. They want him to check out an up-market pawnbroker who is suspected of receiving antiques stolen overseas.

star 8.13
15 votes
Directors: Alex Kirby
Writers: Douglas Watkinson
Fly the Flag

#12 - Fly the Flag

Season 4 - Episode 5

A family struggling to pay death duties needs Lovejoy's help to raise the wind. Meanwhile, Beau Whittaker, working in a local parish church, finds a valuable old flag dating from the American War of Independence hidden behind a monument. A fierce battle quickly breaks out over the question of who is now the flag's true owner.

star 8.13
15 votes
Directors: Rob Walker
Writers: Douglas Watkinson
The Ring

#13 - The Ring

Season 4 - Episode 2

With the naive help of Jane, Lovejoy sets up an unusual form of dealers' ring to bump up the price of a painting he has entered in an auction. Three old friends (Matron, Gideon and Henry the Hearse) rally round, but nothing seems to go according to plan...

star 8.12
17 votes
Directors: John Crome
Writers: Roger Marshall
Angel Trousers

#14 - Angel Trousers

Season 3 - Episode 4

Lovejoy gets dragged into a sinister plot concerning Mussolini's nose and the burial at sea of Captain Bucknall (Jane's old house-keeper's brother). He is given the job of selling the late Captain's medals, and there is a smart fashion photographer who wants them, but then some drunken sailors come into the picture and he has to deal with the gun-toting Angelo Pantaloni...

star 8.11
18 votes
Directors: Baz Taylor
Writers: Terry Hodgkinson
No Strings

#15 - No Strings

Season 3 - Episode 3

A band called The Hothouse Flowers is due to appear at a local charity gig, and their manager is an old friend of Tinker's. Before going away with Victoria on a little trip, Lovejoy gets Jane to agree to take in the Flowers. Then, though, the organizer of the planned gig runs off with the money. One of the band decides to sell his valuable antique harp to make good some of the shortfall, but before Lovejoy can arrrange the sale the harp also disappears.Lovejoy works his way up to proposing to Victoria, but she turns him down and goes back to South America.

star 8.10
20 votes
Writers: Douglas Watkinson
Day of Reckoning

#16 - Day of Reckoning

Season 6 - Episode 2

A former friend, Max Hunter, who believes Lovejoy had an affair with his wife, kidnaps Charlotte and plans to kill her. But he gives Lovejoy a sporting chance to find him by leaving a series of clues.

star 8.08
12 votes
Directors: Paul Harrison
Writers: John Goldsmith
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

#17 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Season 6 - Episode 3

Tinker disappears, and Lovejoy sets off to find him. He arrives in Devon, where he discovers that Tinker's real name is Archie and that he has a sister whose hotel business is threatened by a rogue property developer. Charlotte and Beth join them and they look for ways to raise money to save the hotel. Meanwhile, Tinker has lost the key of Charlotte's safe-deposit box.

star 8.07
15 votes
Directors: Ian White
Writers: Jeremy Paul
Highland Fling (2)

#18 - Highland Fling (2)

Season 3 - Episode 13

Some old sketches put Lovejoy and Jane on a trail which takes them up to Scotland, where they uncover a plot by another antiques dealer to con one of Jane's friends. At home, Eric is involved with a young woman with some unsavory relations, but she also has an antique mirror to sell. Lovejoy and Jane are moving closer to romance... but who is the girl Lovejoy keeps seeing in the woods?

star 8.06
18 votes
Directors: Geoffrey Sax
Writers: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais
Members Only

#19 - Members Only

Season 3 - Episode 11

Mr Kashimoto is trying without success to join an exclusive local golf club. The club asks Lovejoy to value its finest silver trophy, but he recognizes it as a fake. Eric then accidentally shoots a hole in Lovejoy's ceiling, and in the loft above a very similar trophy is discovered... Lovejoy sets out to solve the mystery.

star 8.01
18 votes
Directors: John Crome
Writers: Geoff McQueen
The Price of Fish

#20 - The Price of Fish

Season 5 - Episode 13

Lovejoy is invited to spend the weekend with Charlotte at her best friend's house. The friend is short of money and has a clock she wants valued, but Lovejoy finds a stuffed fish which is worth selling, and misunderstandings arise... Meanwhile, Tinker is keen to thwart Charlie Gimbert's plans to turn Felsham Hall into a health farm, and after studying a twelfth-century charter he starts grazing a flock of sheep around the Hall. Charlie responds by threatening to evict Lovejoy Antiques from the stable yard, so Tinker and Beth take a trip to a health farm.

star 8.00
17 votes
Directors: Jim Hill
Writers: Andy De La Tour
Fair Exchange

#21 - Fair Exchange

Season 6 - Episode 1

Charlotte buys a painting from a hard-up couple, the Tabors, but finds she has been conned. Lovejoy decides to set matters straight.

star 8.00
14 votes
Directors: Richard Laxton
Writers: Eric Deacon
Highland Fling (1)

#22 - Highland Fling (1)

Season 3 - Episode 12

Some old sketches put Lovejoy and Jane on a trail which takes them up to Scotland, where they uncover a plot by another antiques dealer to con one of Jane's friends. At home, Eric is involved with a young woman with some unsavory relations, but she also has an antique mirror to sell. Lovejoy and Jane are moving closer to romance... but who is the girl Lovejoy keeps seeing in the woods?

star 8.00
19 votes
Directors: Francis Megahy
Writers: Andrew Payne
Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

#23 - Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Season 5 - Episode 12

Lovejoy takes Charlotte to an Antiques Fair at Cambridge, where the elderly Doncaster sisters, who have financial problems, invite him to value their belongings. Lovejoy finds what seems to be a very rare bible, but the sisters' brother, a Cambridge don, opposes its sale. Lovejoy then discovers the bible is a fake and suspects mischief. Meanwhile, Beth's father wants her to leave Lovejoy Antiques for something better.

star 8.00
16 votes
Directors: Jim Hill
Writers: Colin Schindler
Smoke Your Nose

#24 - Smoke Your Nose

Season 3 - Episode 9

The Reverend Harry Nettles claims there is a mosaic floor belonging to a Roman villa in the field next to his church, which is about to be built on. Nobody believes him, and the county archaeologist has agreed to the plans, so Lovejoy races to thwart the developer. He also has a dance with Jane, newly separated from Alexander...

star 7.96
21 votes
Directors: Baz Taylor
Writers: Terry Hodgkinson
Three Men and a Brittle Lady

#25 - Three Men and a Brittle Lady

Season 5 - Episode 5

Charlotte's former lover arrives from New York and invites her to live with him in Paris, but she turns him down.A forger cons Charlie Gimbert into buying some fake porcelain, but Lovejoy catches up with him. In doing so, he discovers a good artist.

star 7.95
19 votes
Writers: Douglas Watkinson