The BEST episodes directed by Baz Taylor

Neighbour Wars
53 votes

#1 - Neighbour Wars

My Family - Season 8 - Episode 5

Having run over Mr Casey's dog some years ago, Ben now compounds the misdemeanour by running over Mr Casey himself. Casey plays the sympathy card for all it is worth - and it seems that it may be worth quite a lot.

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Cards on the Table
52 votes

#2 - Cards on the Table

My Family - Season 8 - Episode 3

Ben's poker addiction is costing him a fortune, while Susan's addiction to seeing a clairvoyant turns out to be far worse when a horrible prediction is revealed to her.

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Much Ado About Ben
84 votes

#3 - Much Ado About Ben

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 8

Susan finds Viagra in her son's trousers and confiscates it, Janey tries to get Marilyn Manson tickets, Susan lets her yoga instructor give lessons at her house and Ben is put on a diet.

Last Tango in Lavenham
73 votes

#4 - Last Tango in Lavenham

Lovejoy - Season 6 - Episode 10

In the last episode of Lovejoy, our hero gears himself up to marry Charlotte, and his old life begins to splinter. Jane Felsham returns with a splash, and without Alexander in tow - will Lovejoy have to choose between her and Charlotte?

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Love and Other Four Letter Words
39 votes

#5 - Love and Other Four Letter Words

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 1 - Episode 12

Dennis' wife, Vera, visits him in Dusseldorf and tells him that she wants to try to rescue their marriage. With Vera and the kids back home to consider, will he stay in Germany or Return to the Sunny shores of England? Meanwhile, Wayne has fallen in love with Christa, a secretary in the site office.

Crime and Punishment
1 votes

#6 - Crime and Punishment

The Bill - Season 16 - Episode 6

Ch. Supt. Brownlow is implicated in an insurance fraud. PC Hollis investigates suspicious events at a crematorium.

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Out of the Frying Pan
1 votes

#7 - Out of the Frying Pan

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 9

DS McAllister continues to get useful tip offs from her informant and lover, Jamie Ross, including one about an armed raid on a betting shop. Meanwhile, there's a war brewing on Sun Hill turf between rival hot dog vendors, one of whom is DC Paul Riley's brother Joe. When Joe Riley's lockup is set on fire and several of his vendors attacked, PCs Hollis and Hayward and DC Riley go undercover as hot dog vendors to catch those responsible.

Home Thoughts from Abroad
53 votes

#8 - Home Thoughts from Abroad

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 1 - Episode 5

Bomber's sixteen-year-old daughter runs away from her home in Bristol, so Bomber returns home to be with his wife while the search for their child continues. The missing daughter finds her way to Germany and turns up on the site looking for her father. The lads decide to hide her in the hut until Bomber returns. But can they keep her a secret from the Germans until Bomber returns?

The Parent Trap
82 votes

#9 - The Parent Trap

My Family - Season 8 - Episode 1

Michael announces that his girlfriend is pregnant, and she ends up moving in with them after her deeply religious parents throw her out, but it turns out that they were not as religious as everyone thought.

The Wax Job
27 votes

#10 - The Wax Job

My Family - Season 8 - Episode 4

Ben decides to sell his dental practice and take up a hobby which he finds even more boring, while Susan's move up the art gallery ladder leads to more than one fall.

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Who is the Fairest of Them All?
76 votes

#11 - Who is the Fairest of Them All?

Lovejoy - Season 5 - Episode 2

Jane's old dance teacher wants Lovejoy to sell a mirror. This then leads to a deal which involves the apparently one-eyed Roderick Frew. Jane informs Lovejoy that Alexander is broke, Felsham is in the hands of the receivers, and she is leaving.

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Droit de Seigneur Ben
106 votes

#12 - Droit de Seigneur Ben

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 3

When Janey is set up on a date with the son of one of Ben's patients, things go horribly wrong. Also, Susan gets tickets for the opera but Ben is less than enthusiastic.

Let's Not Be Heisty
26 votes

#13 - Let's Not Be Heisty

My Family - Season 8 - Episode 2

Ben's attempt to deposit some money into his bank coincides with someone else's decision to take some out - with the aid of sawn-off shotguns. When Ben decides to act as the negotiator things look bleak for the hostages.

The Lovers
43 votes

#14 - The Lovers

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 1 - Episode 11

Barry talks the lads into redecorating the hut, using paint 'redistributed' from the site stores. Oz pretends to be a rich man's son to impress a German girl. He falls in love with her, only to discover that she has a Turkish boyfriend who owns a local 'sauna parlour'. Oz almost ends up being knifed by the Turk, but is rescued when the Turks on the building site convince the wouldbe attacker that Oz is 'otherwise inclined'.

Last Rites
50 votes

#15 - Last Rites

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Season 1 - Episode 10

While visiting a local hospital, Dennis and Neville become friendly with a Geordie expatriot named Hedley. He stayed in Germany after 'leaving' the Army and now has a terminal illness. Meanwhile, Oz has come up with a scheme to make money by exporting hardcore pornaographic videos from Germany to England. He talks Barry and Moxie into investing in the scheme and looks for a way to smuggle the videos to England. When Hedley dies suddenly, Oz talks the rest of the lads into paying for the body to be taken back to England for burial. He plans to hide the porno videos in the coffin. Wayne is going home for a family wedding, so he's talked into visiting Hedley's sister and arranging for the body to be handed over. He discovers that she doesn't want anything to do with her brother, who was apparently thrown out of the Army for racketeering. Hedley is cremated in Germany and Oz learns that his investment has gone up in smoke.

Death in Disguise
230 votes

#16 - Death in Disguise

Midsomer Murders - Season 1 - Episode 5

DCI Barnaby needs all his wits about him as he investigates a string of deaths at a local New Age commune.

The Last Resort
158 votes

#17 - The Last Resort

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 4

Ben decides to take Susan back to one of their old romantic haunts for her birthday, but instead, romance comes back to haunt them. Meanwhile, at home, Michael is left alone by his siblings.

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Smoke Your Nose
105 votes

#18 - Smoke Your Nose

Lovejoy - Season 3 - Episode 9

The Reverend Harry Nettles claims there is a mosaic floor belonging to a Roman villa in the field next to his church, which is about to be built on. Nobody believes him, and the county archaeologist has agreed to the plans, so Lovejoy races to thwart the developer. He also has a dance with Jane, newly separated from Alexander...

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Farewell to Alarms
125 votes

#19 - Farewell to Alarms

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 5

Susan insists that they purchase an expensive, over-the-top burglar alarm after Brigitte thinks her van has been stolen, but it fails to serve its purpose. Also, Nick's career takes an unexpected turn.

The Napoleonic Commode
77 votes

#20 - The Napoleonic Commode

Lovejoy - Season 4 - Episode 1

Lovejoy is evicted from his rented cottage, as Freddy the Phone, his landlord (also known as Frederick Arthur Haig Montgomery Wavell Reeve) owes back taxes on it. So Lovejoy takes to the road and acquires a commode said to have belonged to the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte... and the next thing is to hunt down a continental expert to authenticate it. Did 'Boney' really sit here?

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Faithful unto Death
448 votes

#21 - Faithful unto Death

Midsomer Murders - Season 1 - Episode 4

When the wife of a wealthy local businessman disappears, Barnaby finds that Fawcett Green harbors a complex web of financial and romantic entanglements.

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Holding the Baby
72 votes

#22 - Holding the Baby

Lovejoy - Season 6 - Episode 9

Lovejoy buys a nineteenth-century dresser for a song, after getting advice from a Caribbean specialist. Meanwhile, Charlotte has mixed feelings about being left holding someone else's baby.

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The Galloping Major
73 votes

#23 - The Galloping Major

Lovejoy - Season 4 - Episode 7

On a visit to Frankie's scrap yard Lovejoy acquires an ancient cannon. He takes a trip to the Tower of London to see what he can find out about it, and while he's away an ordnance expert going under the name of Major Turpin tries to steal the cannon from under Eric's nose.

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Midday Sun
14 votes

#24 - Midday Sun

Heartbeat - Season 4 - Episode 3

There is an outbreak of rabies which results in the garage owner's death. Blaketon is outraged at the owners if the dog which brought the disease into the country from abroad. However later they discover their own son has been bitten by the dog. Nick asks Claude to help the gamekeepers to look for the dog and the matter is resolved. Ashfordly Police have a new vehicle, which unfortunately Alf damages on its first time out!

Lovejoy Loses It
78 votes

#25 - Lovejoy Loses It

Lovejoy - Season 4 - Episode 13

Lovejoy makes an exhibition of his 'sixth sense' for antiques on a television programme. Later, working on a house clearance, he overlooks an important item and starts to think he may be abusing and losing his talent. After he gets a letter, Lovejoy goes to see another 'divvie' who has lost the magic touch.

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The Serpent's Tooth
216 votes

#26 - The Serpent's Tooth

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 1

Ben becomes incredibly angry when he discovers that Janey is seeing another dentist, the Australian Mel Fraser. Meanwhile, Nick meets a French swimwear model on the Internet and Michael rebels in an odd way.

104 votes

#27 - Loveknots

Lovejoy - Season 3 - Episode 8

Jane decides to sell an Anatolian rug. When it comes up for auction, an old lady at the sale, Harriet Fisher, buys a Berber rug for her dog, but a young Arab who also wanted it promptly steals it from Harriet. Lovejoy is curious and decides to investigate... Meanwhile, Alexander and Jane are quarrelling badly, and they decide to split up.

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The Judas Pair
146 votes

#28 - The Judas Pair

Lovejoy - Season 1 - Episode 5

The wife and brother of a man killed with a fabulous pair of Regency duelling pistols engage Lovejoy to find them and thus bring about the downfall of the murderer. In the process, Lovejoy puts Jane's life at risk and challenges Dr La Grange to a duel.

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Nice Girls Don't
8 votes

#29 - Nice Girls Don't

Heartbeat - Season 4 - Episode 6

There is a rugby match between the harbour men and the North Riding Police. At the pub afterwards Gina has fun flirting with one of the harbour men and with Phil. As she is driving home she notices that she is being followed. She panics, stalls her car and is chased into the woods. Greengrass notices that a young girl is in trouble and tells Nick unaware that it was Gina. Kate coaxes what happened out of her and Nick reports the crime. Inspector Merchison doesn't believe Gina, which infuriates Kate. Phil's tie is found in Gina's car, but Blaketon assures him that no one suspects him. Phil, Nick and PC Little unofficially question the harbour man from the pub and he is arrested under suspicion. Another girl in Whitby is also being followed, but luckily Nick is around when he makes an attack.Gina comes in for an identity parade and it turns out that it was PC Little who was responsible. Gina threatens to return to Liverpool just as a run away pig comes into the pub! - everyone has fun tr

Death and Venice (2)
107 votes

#30 - Death and Venice (2)

Lovejoy - Season 1 - Episode 10

In Venice, Lovejoy gets a job working for Caterina and Lavinia, with a view to busting their scam, and meets a Scottish forger called 'Lucky' Luciano. Lovejoy and Lucky together unravel the mystery of the Island of Rats.

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Taking the Pledge
102 votes

#31 - Taking the Pledge

Lovejoy - Season 4 - Episode 12

Jamie, an old friend of Lovejoy's, turns up on his doorstep needing help with an urgent problem. He can't afford to retrieve a wonderful painting from a pawnbroker, and there are only a few hours to go. Lovejoy agrees to help Jamie raise the cash - but Jamie's estranged wife is also on the warpath...

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3 votes

#32 - Funseekers

The Comic Strip Presents - Season 3 - Episode 6

A social loser goes to a sleazy holiday resort in Spain for under-30s.

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Pig in a Poke
103 votes

#33 - Pig in a Poke

Lovejoy - Season 5 - Episode 1

Lovejoy buys a set of James Gillray drawings, which turn out to be copies. While trying to sell them, Eric finds a stolen statue with an aristocratic connection at the house of some friends of Jane's. Then there's a Royal Visit to consider...

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Angel Trousers
78 votes

#34 - Angel Trousers

Lovejoy - Season 3 - Episode 4

Lovejoy gets dragged into a sinister plot concerning Mussolini's nose and the burial at sea of Captain Bucknall (Jane's old house-keeper's brother). He is given the job of selling the late Captain's medals, and there is a smart fashion photographer who wants them, but then some drunken sailors come into the picture and he has to deal with the gun-toting Angelo Pantaloni...

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Death and Venice (1)
106 votes

#35 - Death and Venice (1)

Lovejoy - Season 1 - Episode 9

Lovejoy travels to Venice to investigate the murder of a friend. The dead friend had bought a painting Lovejoy believed was a fake. In Venice, he is drawn into an ambitious art swindle, and identical twins Caterina and Lavinia are behind the scam.

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Death Takes a Policy
115 votes

#36 - Death Takes a Policy

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 6

When Nick suggests his parents take out a life insurance policy to further his chances of romance, Michael begins to worry about their life expectancy.

The Awkward Phase
116 votes

#37 - The Awkward Phase

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 7

Nick wants a job, Janey wants new jeans, Michael needs dating tips, and Ben and Susan want peace and quiet.

Root and Branch
4 votes

#38 - Root and Branch

Bergerac - Season 5 - Episode 3

A criminal that Jim arrested in the past is seeking revenge. He starts by trying to drive Debbie insane and eventually holds Debbie, Charlie and Kim hostage in Charlie's mansion in Brittany. Can Jim save the day?

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The Sting
119 votes

#39 - The Sting

Lovejoy - Season 1 - Episode 3

Lovejoy sets out to help a young woman to trace a pair of Meissen figures which she sold to raise cash for a drug habit. When he comes across evidence of a double-cross by Charlie Gimbert, he decides to get even.

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Bin Diving
85 votes

#40 - Bin Diving

Lovejoy - Season 2 - Episode 3

Lovejoy values the house contents of an elderly widow, an old friend of Jane's, who is burgled soon afterwards. Finding he is the local police's prime suspect, Lovejoy decides to work out for himself (with the help of Brian Nunn, a remarkable bin man) who was behind the burglary. Matters are complicated by Eric's 'bin diving' habit.

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Pain in the Class
145 votes

#41 - Pain in the Class

My Family - Season 1 - Episode 2

Michael appears to be having trouble with a classmate. Will confronting the problem make things any better? Elsewhere, Nick is trying to become a dotcom millionaire and Janey wants a tattoo.

Scotch on the Rocks
106 votes

#42 - Scotch on the Rocks

Lovejoy - Season 3 - Episode 7

Vicky finds an old claymore (a Scottish sword) in her attic. Lovejoy buys it at auction and is offered much more than it's worth for it. Puzzled, he investigates and finds the claymore is a map to buried treasure. Someone tries to steal it, so Lovejoy is not the only one hot on the trail. But the treasure is elusive - a supermarket has been built on top of it.

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Sugar and Spice
108 votes

#43 - Sugar and Spice

Lovejoy - Season 2 - Episode 8

Lovejoy is in hot water for not paying the school fees of his teenage daughter, Vicky. Meanwhile (and much to Eric's disgust) another schoolgirl asks the firm to sell some erotic drawings for her. When Lovejoy sees the same girl being threatened by a man at the school, he decides there's more to the story than meets the eye. He also manages to vex Susan, his former wife, as they try to cope with their daughter's problems.

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Still Waters
0 votes

#44 - Still Waters

The Bill - Season 11 - Episode 102

Conway's diving team finds a corpse in a dock. Deakin and Lines have a suspect in mind, before the body is even retrieved.

Up in Smoke (1)
0 votes

#45 - Up in Smoke (1)

The Bill - Season 15 - Episode 74

DCI Meadows and DC Skase are furious when PC Jim Carver turns up drunk to give evidence in a court case - evidence which is so unreliable the judge throws the case out of court. As his colleagues begin to realise the extent of Carver's problems, Insp. Monroe decides to put him on an easy task - escorting a convoy of confiscated drugs to a Home Office depot for destruction. As Carver enjoys a sly drink with depot floorman Vernon Liggett, he accidentally mentions the convoy's destination. The next day, he and Stamp drop behind as Carver dashes out to be sick. When they catch up, the convoy is under attack from four armed men. With little regard for his own safety, Carver dashes forward and tackles one of the men, who abandon their assault, although an SO19 officer is shot during the raid. Despite his heroics that day, Carver is in trouble for breaking procedure, and it could be far worse as there could be an inquiry into how the convoy route was known.

Up in Smoke (2)
0 votes

#46 - Up in Smoke (2)

The Bill - Season 15 - Episode 75

DCI Scanlon from Kent Constabulary arrives to investigate the attack on the Home Office convoy. PC Jim Carver pays Vernon Liggett a visit, but he denies any involvment. Scanlon and Meadows interview the warehouse staff, with Liggett high on their list of suspects, but when DC Lennox goes to his flat, Liggett has disappeared. One of Liggett's colleagues mentions him drinking with a copper named Jim, and Lennox confronts Carver and demands he admit his mistake to Meadows. Insp. Monroe makes Carver go on leave, but when Carver returns to the station he is so drunk he passes out in the yard. Sgt. Ackland and hide him in the FME's room and a van, but he ends up in the Elcott Arms where Lennox drags him out and forces him to confess. Tracing a call Liggett made from the pub to a hotel, Lennox poses as a taxi driver to drive their suspect to a nightclub where he and his associates are arrested in an SO19 raid.

Mexican Stand-Off
0 votes

#47 - Mexican Stand-Off

The Bill - Season 17 - Episode 10

DS McAllister pushes her informant and lover Jamie Ross too far when she tapes a privileged conversation between Ross and a client who admits to intimidating a witness in a court case. When Ross makes an official complaint against her, she turns to DC Riley for help and threatens to expose his cover-up of his brother's involvement with the French car gang unless he backs her up and says that he was present at all her meetings with Ross.

On The Side
0 votes

#48 - On The Side

The Bill - Season 18 - Episode 60

Duncan and Sam get a potential lead on the serial killer, when a man comes in to report his neighbor's weird activities. Cathy and Brandon are called to a domestic dispute, and asked to arrest a wayward daughter for the disobedience of her parents.

Ready Or Not
0 votes

#49 - Ready Or Not

The Bill - Season 18 - Episode 61

It is the day of Anne Merrick's funeral and her daughter Jennie is further distressed when some uninvited guests make an appearance.

Cross Transfer
0 votes

#50 - Cross Transfer

The Bill - Season 19 - Episode 8

PC Des Taviner is eager to investigate Judge Sinclair, who he suspects is corrupt. DCI Meadows, a friend of the judge, insists he drop it, but asks DC Mickey Webb to keep an eye on the case. Insp. Gold overhears Taviner and Meadows, and encourages Taviner to investigate in secret. TDC Brandon Kane urges PC Cathy Bradford to reveal that she is HIV positive, but Bradford is reluctant as she thinks it could ruin her chances of joining CID. A clairvoyant's glimpse of the future encourages Sgt. June Ackland to reconsider the nature of her relationship with PC Jim Carver.