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Last Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Network: Fuji TV

Takumi Fujiwara is the son of the owner of a local tofu shop. At night, Fujiwara gets in his souped up AE86 Sprinter Trueno (AE86 Corolla GT-APEX) and races on the seldom-used Japanese mountain roads. One night, the Akagi Red Suns team, a racing club, challenges the Akina Speed Stars to a race on the mountain where Fujiwara lives. Keisuke, one of the leaders of the Red Suns, races his legendary Mazda RX-7 - only to be beaten by the mysterious Fujiwara.

Project Dream

#1 - Project Dream

Season 6 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 22, 2014

The intense downhill battle between the two drivers are reaching an end, as Takumi and Shinji race to their absolute limits. As this battle comes to a close, and the reign of Project D finally ends, the true meaning behind the "D" will be revealed. As the characters go on different paths, Takumi's passion to be "the fastest one out there" will never end.

star 9.26
27 votes
Writers: Mitsuo Hashimoto
Dangerous Scent

#2 - Dangerous Scent

Season 6 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 22, 2014

Both drivers are equally strong, towards the middle of the race. They face a battle of gaining the lead.

star 9.05
22 votes
Writers: Naruse Takahashi
The Strongest Enemy

#3 - The Strongest Enemy

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Aired May 16, 2014

Takumi and Shinji continue with their match with Takumi, still bewildered by Shinji, starts to focus. But suddenly, Shinji allows Takumi to pass, which disturbs Takumi even more. Even Kubo is utterly disheartened by the turn of events, but both Go and Ryosuke believe this was inevitable, creating a suitable conclusion to Project D's expeditions.

star 8.79
19 votes
Writers: Mitsuo Hashimoto
Mind of Nothing (Zero)

#4 - Mind of Nothing (Zero)

Season 5 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 8, 2013

Keisuke's next opponent in Kanagawa's Four Lines of Defense is the leader of Team Spiral, Ryuji "Zero" Ikeda. Ikeda believes in his "Zero Theory", where the driver thinks of nothing except being one with the car to create the ultimate racer. Quite similar to Ryosuke's Fastest Racer Theory, Ryosuke also notices a few flaws in Ikeda's theory. A flaw that would arise as the wet conditions create a fog battle.

star 8.77
22 votes
Writers: Katuyuki Kodera
Dead Line

#5 - Dead Line

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired Dec 14, 2012

As the first battle winds down, the downhill between Takumi’s Eight-Six and Omiya’s NB8C Roadster begins. As both cars reach their limits, the control of the drivers will determine the outcome. Against Omiya’s miraculous car control, will Takumi be able to win? Another factor will come into play.

star 8.72
25 votes
Writers: Rei Mano
New Downhill Legend

#6 - New Downhill Legend

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired Dec 5, 1998

The race continues and concludes between the undefeated Ryosuke and Takumi. With Ry leading the entire race, it will come down to whoever can come out of the last curve ahead. Despite the outcome, people all around Gunma know that this is a race not to miss.

star 8.64
158 votes
Writers: Bob Buchholz, Hiroshi Toda
Encounter of Destiny

#7 - Encounter of Destiny

Season 5 - Episode 1 - Aired Nov 4, 2012

Following their narrow victory against Purple Shadow, Project D's reputation is at stake after a pair of imposters parade around Saitama. Initially Takumi seems oblivious to the incident, but takes notice after he is mistakenly blamed for taking advantage of a girl. Meanwhile, the final stage of Project D's expeditions is upon them, and is to be the hardest yet.

star 8.63
24 votes
Writers: Mitsuo Hashimoto
Last Great Battle

#8 - Last Great Battle

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Nov 28, 1998

Ryosuke Takahashi the founder and leader of the RedSuns is about to do what he never had to do before. He will drive with everything he has against the Eighty - Six showing that there is a huge gap between talent and skill. Will Takumi be able to defend against the analytical brother with more experiance in driving than most Pros.

star 8.46
151 votes
Writers: Bob Buchholz, Hiroshi Toda
Eight-Six vs. Eight-Six

#9 - Eight-Six vs. Eight-Six

Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 13, 2000

Fujiwara is about to experience a completely different type of racer within Wataru’s own Eight-Six, in a treacherous mountain pass consisted of mixed elevations, rusting guardrails, unexpected traps and aging rough pavements. As Takumi presses down the accelerator, the true nature of the Eight-Six’s new hidden weapon emerges in it’s monstrous raw performance.

star 8.46
166 votes
The Two Pieces of Advice

#10 - The Two Pieces of Advice

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 19, 2004

Act 4 is completely the race between Takumi and Daiki once again it is in the leader/chaser style with Daiki choosing to be out in front for the first heat.Has the race progresses we learn just what the two pieces of advice Ryosuke gave Takumi in Act 3 were. First ""don't look back"" - Secondly rev limiting he told Takumi to shift gears at 9000 RPM and not the normal 11,000. The downhill battle seemed to be a bit of a surprise to both racers on Daiki's part it was just how fast both the 86 and Takumi were and on Takumi's side it seemed to be just how much Daiki was able to push him to the edge of his ability's. Has for the race itself the first heat failed to resolve anything with Daiki failing to pass Takumi and in Takumi failing to put any distance between the two of them has for the second heat with Daiki in lead now Takumi was able to end the race when he passed Daiki while using the 86 to it's full potential.

star 8.37
109 votes
Directors: Tsuneo Tominaga
The Feeling of Defeat

#11 - The Feeling of Defeat

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 28, 1999

Kyoiichi senses an uncanny fighting spirit within the Eight-Six’s driver, as he gives Seiji strict rules against the race. Seiji however decides to ignore these rules and launches his Evo IV into full power. Takumi is outclassed in almost every category as the Evo IV’s power is truly amazing. The battle risk escalates when the race reaches it’s second half point of the coarse.

star 8.36
139 votes

#12 - Natural

Season 6 - Episode 1 - Aired May 16, 2014

Takumi and Shinji's match thus kicks off on an instant. Shinji is given the lead. Bunta steps out of the tofu shop and breaks his key pouch after accidentally dropping it. Bunta speculates an unfortunate event that will happen. Shinji starts to show his dormant power, leaving Takumi to be shocked himself.

star 8.35
20 votes
Writers: Naruse Takahashi
The Eight-Six Turbo!

#13 - The Eight-Six Turbo!

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 16, 1999

After Wataru issues a short-lived battle against Keisuke, his sister Kazumi introduces him to Itsuki leading to a chance meeting with another Eight-Six driver. At first everything seems right with the meeting, but because of Takumi’s naïve reaction to his car’s new downhill weapon, Wataru rubs it the wrong way as his bad side emerges.

star 8.34
139 votes
The Top Gun of the Toudou School

#14 - The Top Gun of the Toudou School

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 19, 2004

Act 3 starts off with Takumi driving on Akina after finishing his tofu deliveries upon returning home Takumi informs his father that he will be doing the deliveries for the next few days due to the fact that the team will be having another away match this week their next targets are a team called The Toudou Racing School A special school for driving techniques run by a car shop owner and ex-rally driver.The opponents are Daiki with his Honda Civic EK-9 on the downhill and Sakai with his Honda Integra DC2 Type R on the uphill.This whole episode is just everyone preparing for the up coming battles and ends with Ryosuke giving Takumi a little bit of advice for his race.

star 8.32
108 votes
Directors: Tsuneo Tominaga
Team Emperor on Akina

#15 - Team Emperor on Akina

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 21, 1999

What would happen if the Eight-Six gets a new upgrade? That’s exactly what Iketani and Itsuki has been thinking about to increase the performance of Takumi’s vehicle. But would Bunta allow it? Elsewhere, team Emperor’s winning streak isn’t slowing down as they continue to sweep across Gunma, defeating every race team with ease. Their next target, Akina’s Eight-Six.

star 8.32
107 votes
A New Battlefield

#16 - A New Battlefield

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Aired Nov 9, 2012

The first stage of Project D's Kanagawa expeditions is against Team 246: Satoshi Omiya and Kobayakawa. Although racing for their own pride, 246 are actually part of a grand plan initiated by Team Sidewinder's Go Hojo and Eiji Kubo. As the uphill race begins, Kobayakawa is about to be shown the true ability of Keisuke Takahashi.

star 8.30
23 votes
Writers: Rei Mano
Changing Seasons

#17 - Changing Seasons

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 20, 2000

The battle between the two Eight-Sixes have met Wataru’s satisfaction much higher than he expected, but he plans to decide the outcome of this battle with the judgement of the human body’s limitations. Takumi soon realizes he is losing grip of his pace. After the battle, a series of revelations take place among all the characters in preparation to what’s coming next.

star 8.30
169 votes
Hollow Victory

#18 - Hollow Victory

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Nov 4, 1999

In his heart, Takumi couldn’t accept his victory over the Evo IV and decides to make a vow. To add to his already uneasy thoughts … anonymous messages are being sent to Takumi concerning his relationship with Natsuki.

star 8.28
108 votes
Fierce Race on Usui Mountain

#19 - Fierce Race on Usui Mountain

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Sep 19, 1998

The race has begun on Mt. Usui. With Mako driving the mouse, the Impact Blue team hopes to see how Takumi and his Eight-Six handle the pressure, and then plan to leave him in the dust. Takumi struggles to keep up, wondering if he is in over his head. And then comes the big curve, C-121, which will prove if he has what it takes.

star 8.23
151 votes
Directors: Masami Hata
Writers: Bob Buchholz, Nobuaki Kishima
Akagi's White Comet

#20 - Akagi's White Comet

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Nov 14, 1998

This episode focuses on the White Comet of the Akagi Red Suns, a title given to Ryousuke Takahashi because he moves like a comet when driving. Ryousuke is determined to regain honor lost, and will not give up until he's defeated the best of Akina, which would be Takumi and his Eight-Six. He issues the challenge and the stage is set to make or break a legend. Takumi's team makes some tuning adjustments to the Eight-Six, but will it be enough to face Ryousuke?

star 8.23
154 votes
Directors: Masami Hata
Writers: Bob Buchholz, Hiroshi Toda
The Battle Begins

#21 - The Battle Begins

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired May 9, 1998

The Takahashi brothers make last minute adjustments to the FD while waiting for the 86 to arrive. Keisuke starts to get pissed off with waiting and is determined to use his frustration to really beat the Speed Stars badly in the race. Itsuki arrives on a scooter after Takumi failed to pick him up, and since it's nearly time, Iketani relies on Kenji to race in his place. Just before they start, the finish line checkpoint reports an incoming car. They;re waiting for it to get past the set race ocurse before commencing, only to realise it's the 86, finally arriving. They delay the race until it shows up to race. Takumi approaches, trying to figure out why so many people are here. He doesn't care about the race, just the full tank of gas he'll get. Everyone is waiting expectantly as the 86 finally arrives, Itsuki struggles to see who the driver is through the crowd... then everyone is amazed when it's Takumi, the guy who knows nothing about cars. Iketani tries to figure out why Bunta s

star 8.21
196 votes
Severe Uphill Climb

#22 - Severe Uphill Climb

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Oct 24, 1998

The loss to the Eighty -six of Akina has started a fierce battle. Takeshi Nakazato of the NightKids has challenged Keisuke Takahashi ofthe RedSuns to prove that they are the most skilled racers of Gunma.

star 8.19
151 votes

#23 - Dogfight!

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired May 16, 1998

The race between Keisuke and Takumi continues. The crowd lining the sides of the track are absolutely stunned by the display of driving, especially that the outdated '86 Trueno can keep up with a sports car like the RX7. Ryousuke gets on the radio and tells the man at the next turn checkpoint to explain exactly what he sees. On a particularly sharp turn, Keisuke moves to turn it normally, but the '86 takes the inside! At the speed the cars are travelling, trying to enter on the inside is scuicidal. Suddenly, there is a crunch noise as the '86 enters the turn, then somehow it manages to stay on the inside of the turn as though it's stuck to the road, completely defying the laws of physics and it's supposed tyre grip. Watching the race, Takeshi Nakazato, the Night Kids leader says that he knows exactly how the '86 pulled off that turn. He brags to himself that only he will beat the Akina '86, then gets into his Skyline and drives off. At the bottom of the mountain, the cars round t

star 8.19
195 votes
Endless Battle

#24 - Endless Battle

Season 4 - Episode 23 - Aired Feb 18, 2006

The battle between Takumi’s Eight-Six and Toshiro’s S2000 has become a battle of the best endurance. Yet Ryosuke suspects that something isn’t right about the battle, rather he finds out late on what has just happened. Now that the battle has stretched for far too long, Godhand gets serious and shows off his true driving skills when he is at the peak of his full potential.

star 8.17
107 votes
The Sorcery of the One-Hand Steer

#25 - The Sorcery of the One-Hand Steer

Season 4 - Episode 22 - Aired Dec 17, 2005

As the battle between the super powered cars of the hillclimb has ended, Takumi’s battle is another story. Takumi realizes that his opponent has the same frightening aura that the Impreza driver had, making his battle with Godhand more difficult. This time, it’s streetracing skills against another form of streetracing skills.

star 8.15
78 votes