The Best Episodes Directed by Osamu Sekita

Isumi Saginomiya and Sakuya Aizawa

#1 - Isumi Saginomiya and Sakuya Aizawa

Hayate the Combat Butler Season 4 - Episode 4

The Saginomiya residents are curious to why they don't have a maid to support them in any way. So Hatsuho went to request Hayate to handing out flyers to recruit suitable maids use to overcome Isumi's weakness of smartphones. Fumi chose to be a maid candidate confident in her skills. In the end, both Isumi and her mother rejected Fumi because she did not meet the standards of understanding how to use smartphones. Nagi responds Isumi doesn't need a maid. At the Aizawa mansion, Chiharu as Haru is teaching Sakuya to be modest. In a flashback, the story goes on how Chiharu been hired to be Sakuya's maid. Makita & Kunieda reach agreement that Sakuya needs a maid by choosing one at her café. Sakuya asks Nagi why she hired Hayate as her butler in the first place; she replies that it was fate. In an arcade, Sakuya and Chiharu play virtual games together, and felt faith in her so she had Chiharu become her maid. Back in the present, Sakuya visits Nagi then discovers Chiharu there at the Violet Mansion. She drags Sakuya away and begs her to keep her maid identity a secret. They search for ideas to draw a manga, ditching Sakuya since she can't read manga. Isumi tries to help Sakuya to entertain herself. Sakuya hopes Nagi can still rely on her.

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31 votes
Chiharu Harukaze and Kayura Tsurugino

#2 - Chiharu Harukaze and Kayura Tsurugino

Hayate the Combat Butler Season 4 - Episode 9

Top of the Hakuou clock tower, Chiharu is doing a speech pattern when Aika caught her unguarded. Aika responds that side of her is cute. Chiharu believes there are others who are more unguarded than herself, as she hangs out with Nagi due to their common interest. Later, Chiharu decided a barbecue for the tenants, and she has Hayate give her grocery shopping assistance. She questions Hayate what would he do if a girl confesses to him; he gives a serious answer. Ruka arrives at the Violent Mansion as she accepted Chiharu’s invitation. Ruka asks Ayumu if Hayate would become her boyfriend even if it means kissing him, which irritates Ayumu. As Hayate and Chiharu return, he responds to Ruka and Ayumu that Chiharu asked him the same question, but they misunderstood it, then everyone celebrate for the barbecue. Kayura is eating the kebabs and making weird remarks. In a flashback, Hayate and Nagi remember when they first met Kayura (and pitching up a tent). After Kayura rented a room at the apartment, she enrolls as a transfer student at Hakuou Academy, so Hayate and Nagi gladly give her a tour around the campus until they reach the clock tower and Hayate casually shows them Hinagiku changing. Back in the present, after the barbecue and the tenants go to their rooms, Kayura states that you should not take your instant feelings too seriously. Hayate accidentally sees Hinagiku changing again; prompting that Hayate is the one who is most unguarded.

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31 votes
Katz's Sortie

#3 - Katz's Sortie

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 15

Amuro Rei is under house arrest at a great mansion in Cheyenne. Amuro has lost much of his fighting spirit during his seclusion. This angers Katsu, who has looked up to Amuro as a hero. Beltorchika Irma, emissary from the association of former White Base crewmembers who support AEUG called "Kalaba" arrives in a replica biplane. She tells Quattro that the Kalaba can get three of the earthbound AEUG Mobile Suits back into space to rendezvous with the Ahgama. She is anything but shy and openly displays an amorous interest in Amuro. Rosamia attacks Audomura in the Gaplant again in an effort to regain Braun's favor. Katsu goes out in the Mark-II in order to shame Amuro into fighting. Rosamia almost kills the boy before Camille, in the Rick Dias, and Quattro, in the Type-100, fly to his rescue. Irma is something more than sympathetic as Amuro berates himself for his own inability to do battle. Katsu redeems himself for creating the current crisis by defeating the Gaplant with a surge of Newtype power. Hyato is angered by his son's actions but grudgingly forgives him as Audomura changes course for the Kalaba base at Hickory.

star 9.55
134 votes
Black Tri-Star

#4 - Black Tri-Star

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 24

A mole inside the Federation tips off Zeon HQ, who then send the Black Tri-Stars special team ordered to destroy the White Base and her prototype mobile suits.

star 9.47
70 votes
How Should I Know?

#5 - How Should I Know?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 16

Before the scrimmage Daimon tells Azuma that Shido will not fire him even if the varsity team loses, and Shido confirms this. However, during the first inning, Tubby's grandfather, who is the school's chairman, tells Shido and Daimon he is ratifying the wager with Maeno. During the first two innings, Ko allows the bases to get loaded before striking out the next three batters, and to focus him, Akaishi tells Ko to pitch as if it were late in the game. In the sixth inning, the game still scoreless, Daimon asks Azuma who were the portable team's opponents in their practice matches; Azuma says they played top teams from the prefectural tournament, and that Ko pitched easily the first six innings to give his team fielding practice. In the seventh inning, Aoba hits a single and then scores on Senda's sacrifice fly. During the final innings, Azuma asks Daimon if he wishes he had better hitters in his lineup, such as Miki, and as Ko strikes out the final three batters, Azuma says Ko is now the best pitcher they have played against all year. As the portable team celebrates their win, Aoba silently tells Wakaba that Ko did it.

star 9.46
39 votes

#6 - Escape

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 43

The Battle of A Baoa Qu reaches a critical point; White Base is deep within enemy territory, Amuro and Char's relentless duel continues, and Kycilia Zabi struggles in command.

star 9.36
72 votes
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More Than Anyone in the World...

#7 - More Than Anyone in the World...

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 50

In the bottom of the 12th with Seishu leading 2 to 1, because Ko is tiring, Akaishi tells him to pitch all out to decide the game now. With two outs and a runner on first, Mishima comes to bat. Still pitching in the high 150s km/h, after reaching a full count, Ko walks Mishima with what Junpei calls the fastest pitch of the day. As Aoba watches Ko strike out the last batter, she remembers what he said before the game: that Seishu would go to Koshien, he would pitch 160 km/h, and he loves her more than anyone. After the game Ko hugs Aoba, who slaps him, saying she hates him more than anyone, then cries into his chest. The morning before traveling to Koshien, Akaishi visits Akane in the hospital, Nakanishi consoles Azuma for losing Aoba, and Aoba and Ko meet at a cafe near the train station, where they talk about Wakaba and Akane's influence, and then leave holding hands. During the closing credits, a newspaper headline says that Ko's final pitches reached 160 km/h.

star 9.33
21 votes
Big Zam's Last Stand

#8 - Big Zam's Last Stand

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 36

As the battle continues, a hulking mobile armor piloted by Dozle Zabi inflicts heavy losses on the Federation; Amuro and Sleggar come up with a plan to stop its onslaught.

star 9.25
71 votes

#9 - Dream

Initial D Season 6 - Episode 4

The intense downhill battle between the two drivers are reaching an end, as Takumi and Shinji race to their absolute limits. As this battle comes to a close, and the reign of Project D finally ends, the true meaning behind the "D" will be revealed. As the characters go on different paths, Takumi's passion to be "the fastest one out there" will never end.

star 9.14
34 votes
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The Curse Known As Destiny

#10 - The Curse Known As Destiny

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 9 - Episode 12

Chrono takes over the deck and fight from Ibuki, who is on the verge of death. In order to protect each other's future, Ibuki and Chrono face a decisive battle with Gastir.

star 9.00
1 votes

#11 - Bindweed

Ghost Talker's Daydream Season 1 - Episode 2

Follow Misaki as she dodges cops, fights psychos, and exorcises the dead. Fast-paced, smart, and sassy, Ghost Talker's Daydream is everything you loved about the anime and much, much more.

star 9.00
5 votes
The Mirror of Rosamia

#12 - The Mirror of Rosamia

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 48

The asteroid Axis, last seen plowing into the Titans' asteroid headquarters in episode 45, has made a semi-orbit of Earth and is now heading for an imminent collision with the moon. It's on course to plow directly into Granada, a major base of support for AEUGO and the home of its sponsor Anaheim Electronics. The AEUGO forces are ordered to drop whatever they're doing and save the corporate headquarters from imminent destruction. While the AEUG fleet consolidates around the colony laser, the Agama is sent to Axis for some reason that currently escapes me. Camille, nosing about the asteroid, runs into the mighty Psyco Gundam Mk.II, piloted by "sister" and artificial newtype Rozamia Badam. The Psyco Gundam gets stuck in the asteroid's innards, and Camille, Rozamia and Fa begin chasing each other around on foot. Rozamia is a total basket case (still), and Camille keeps getting these Four vibes from her. Fa tries to talk the addle-brained artificial newtype down, but no dice; she rushes back to the Psyco Gundam and the battle is resumed. In the end, Camille has no choice but to kill Rozamia; she thanks him for releasing her from her torment. Meanwhile, Scirocco eliminates his only remaining rival for control of the Titans. Basque Om's flagship, the Dogos Gear, is guarded by artificial newtype Geits Kappa, who is simultaneously "coaching" Rozamia; when she dies, the psychic backlash kills Geits as well, and Scirocco's forces (led by Reccoa) swarm over the Dogos Gear and blow it to bits. AEUGO uses the colony laser to fire at the asteroid Axis and divert it from its collision course.

star 8.87
101 votes
The Heated Escape

#13 - The Heated Escape

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 20

Camille sulks over the loss of Four, refusing to get out of bed. Amuro understands his feelings, having still not come to terms with his own feelings about Char. The Garuda continues to pursue the Audomura. Hyato gets word from Hong Kong that the Ahgama will soon be in range for another shuttle rendezvous as Four leads a squad of Hizacks against the Audomura. Amuro goes out to meet them in the Rick Dias, followed by Camille in the Mark-II. Four, determined to make up for past defeats, orders the Hizack squad to stay back while she flies in close to destroy the Audomura. Hyato responds by launching the new Nemo (MSA-003). Camille holds back until Four captures Amuro's Rick Dias, his attack coinciding with another flashback. The battle rages across the North Pacific, until Camille and Four confront each other mentally as well as physically. Through their psychic bond, Four learns of the death of Camille's mother and he feels her longing for the freedom of space. Wooda orders all noncombatants off the Garuda as he prepares to ram the Audomura, but Four rams the Garuda with Psyco Gundam first. She tears a rocket booster loose before being shot down by Wooda. Amuro convinces Camille to use the rocket booster to return to the Ahgama, and then rams the Garuda with his flying sled, which crashes through the fuel cells and blows the super plane to atoms as Amuro flies to safety. Camille thinks of Four as he returns to the Ahgama, where Fa is now with Quattro.

star 8.86
106 votes
Lalah's Dilemma

#14 - Lalah's Dilemma

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 40

The Gundam is upgraded and Lalah's Elmeth enters combat for the first time; Amuro and Lalah cross paths again but this time as enemies.

star 8.81
72 votes
The Illusionary Strawberry Underwear / Misunderstanding or a Wrong Guess?

#15 - The Illusionary Strawberry Underwear / Misunderstanding or a Wrong Guess?

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 1

While Manaka Junpei goes to his school's roof he bumps into a girl and see she is wearing strawberry panties, the girl runs away but leaves behind her a notebook. Manaka finds out that the notebook belongs to Aya Tojo, but he believes that the girl was Tsukasa Nishino the most popular girl in school and confess to her. After Tsukasa agrees she becomes Manaka's girlfriend. On their way home they talk about going to the same school and Manaka agrees. Manaka asks Aya to help him study so he will get accepted to the school he wants to go to.

star 8.58
91 votes
Zero Hearts

#16 - Zero Hearts

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 7

Keisuke's next opponent in Kanagawa's Four Lines of Defense is the leader of Team Spiral, Ryuji "Zero" Ikeda. Ikeda believes in his "Zero Theory", where the driver thinks of nothing except being one with the car to create the ultimate racer. Quite similar to Ryosuke's Fastest Racer Theory, Ryosuke also notices a few flaws in Ikeda's theory. A flaw that would arise as the wet conditions create a fog battle.

star 8.56
27 votes
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The Strongest Enemy

#17 - The Strongest Enemy

Initial D Season 6 - Episode 2

Takumi and Shinji continue with their match with Takumi, still bewildered by Shinji, starts to focus. But suddenly, Shinji allows Takumi to pass, which disturbs Takumi even more. Even Kubo is utterly disheartened by the turn of events, but both Go and Ryosuke believe this was inevitable, creating a suitable conclusion to Project D's expeditions.

star 8.50
22 votes
Troublesome High School Life / The Wrong Heart and Mind

#18 - Troublesome High School Life / The Wrong Heart and Mind

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 4

Manaka got a video camera for his graduation and goes filming in the park. While he was filming a girl the wind came and showed her panties to him. On the first day of school everyone is attracted to Aya and before class Manaka finds out that the girl from the park is in his class and her name is Kitaouji Satsuki. The next day Aya comes to school differently and by accident starts a fight which in the end causes Satsuki to understand something. Manaka wants to revive the film club but in order to do it he needs 5 members. He asks Komiyama and a also a guy named Sotomura appears and wants to join. And finally Satsuki offers that she will also join the club. Manaka meets Aya on the roof where she tells him that she already joined a club and runs away. Satsuki come to ask what happened and while talking to Manaka she tells him that she likes him. On his way home, Manaka meets Tsukasa.

star 8.47
60 votes
Shaky Love in the Study Group / The Illusionary Beautiful Girl Again!

#19 - Shaky Love in the Study Group / The Illusionary Beautiful Girl Again!

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 2

After Tsukasa finds out that Aya is helping Manaka study every morning she decides to talk with Aya and in the end decides to join them. Komiyama finds out about this and joins them at the library. At the day of the entrance exam a beautifull girl appears, it is the girl from the roof. When the test start the girl enters the class and declares that she is Aya Tojo. Manaka can't stop thinking about her and in the end of the day he realizes that he loves her.

star 8.46
59 votes
Present of All One's Might / Unknown Destination of Feelings

#20 - Present of All One's Might / Unknown Destination of Feelings

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 6

It is Nisino's birthday and she waits for something that will happen, what is this thing she's waiting for? In the night she and Manaka meet. In order for Manaka to decide on who he loves and should date he goes to Oukusa for help. Manaka decides and tells Satsuki something that would surprise her.

star 8.44
59 votes
A Sudden Outburst! The Civil War / Christmas of Past Loneliness

#21 - A Sudden Outburst! The Civil War / Christmas of Past Loneliness

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 7

star 8.44
59 votes
Valentine's Chance Encounter / Sweet Bitter Chocolate

#22 - Valentine's Chance Encounter / Sweet Bitter Chocolate

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 9

star 8.43
60 votes
The Cotton Drifting Chapter - Part 2 - Takano

#23 - The Cotton Drifting Chapter - Part 2 - Takano

When They Cry - Higurashi Season 1 - Episode 6

The day for the Cotton Drifting Festival has arrived, and during Rika's ritual performance, Keiichi is taken to see the sacred festival storehouse.

star 8.43
140 votes
The Dangerous New Member / Determination! Birthday

#24 - The Dangerous New Member / Determination! Birthday

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 11

star 8.42
59 votes
Across the Atlantic Ocean

#25 - Across the Atlantic Ocean

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 28

Thanks to intelligence acquired from Miharu, Flanagan Boone and his Mad Angler squadron attack the White Base en route to Jaburo headquarters in South America.

star 8.39
68 votes
The Dream Continues Once More / A Hug in the Middle of the Snow!

#26 - The Dream Continues Once More / A Hug in the Middle of the Snow!

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 8

star 8.39
59 votes
Are You Having Fun?

#27 - Are You Having Fun?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 49

In the seventh inning, Ko strikes out Mishima with pitches reaching the high 150s km/h, though Ko is disappointed he did not show Aoba a 160 km/h fastball as he promised before the game. In the eighth inning, Oikawa tries to repeat the previous year's line drive to Ko, but Ko catches it. In the bottom of the ninth, Ryuo manages to score, sending the game into extra innings, tied 1 to 1. In the top of the 10th, Azuma hits a triple, after which Oikawa intentionally walks Akaishi and Ko, to load the bases with no outs. However, Seishu's last three batters are unable to hit, stranding the runners on base. As Seishu takes the field, Azuma warns Ko to not let Mishima get on base or Ryuo will keep the momentum. With Ko still pitching in the high 150 km/h, Mishima hits a hard line drive to first that Azuma barely catches. Aoba remembers seeing Ko cry while practicing pitching shortly after Wakaba died. In the top of the 12th with two outs, when Ko comes to bat he remembers hitting home runs in the Tsukishima batting cages, and as he does so hits a home run.

star 8.36
14 votes
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The Gratitude of Levelling Up / Heart-pounding First Date!?

#28 - The Gratitude of Levelling Up / Heart-pounding First Date!?

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 10

star 8.34
61 votes
Another Meeting in the Rain / A True Heroine

#29 - Another Meeting in the Rain / A True Heroine

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 12

star 8.34
61 votes

#30 - Breakthrough

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 32

A task force of Musai cruisers and Rick Doms led by Dren attempt to destroy the White Base as it heads towards the neutral colony of Side Six.

star 8.30
69 votes
Panic IN MY ROOM / Raging Waves of the Summer Camp

#31 - Panic IN MY ROOM / Raging Waves of the Summer Camp

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 5

Manaka invites Aya to his house in order to find an idea for their film. While they are there Tsukasa, Satsuki, Komiyama, Yui, Sotomura and Oukusa apears and everything goes wrong. For their summer camp the filming club goes to the beach. At night Manaka meets Satsuki in the hallway and they talk.

star 8.29
88 votes
Four-Leaf Clover

#32 - Four-Leaf Clover

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 1

Fifth-grader Ko Kitamura was born on the same day in the same hospital as his neighbor, Wakaba Tsukishima, who treats him as her boyfriend as a result. One day during summer vacation, she makes him take her to swimming lessons on his bicycle. On the way back, to avoid classmate Osamu Akaishi, who has a crush on Wakaba, Ko joins a sandlot baseball game organized by another classmate, Daiki Nakanishi. Because he has never played before, Ko fields badly, but because he has practiced in the Tsukishima family's batting cages he hits the game-winning home run. After their joint 11th birthday, Wakaba gives Ko a schedule of birthday presents for him to give her through age 20. Soon after this, Wakaba drowns while saving a younger girl at an overnight swimming camp. Ko does not know how to respond to this until, the evening after her funeral, he sees Akaishi weeping outside Wakaba's house and realizes he just needs to cry. The closing credits show time passing and by the end, Ko and Wakaba's younger sister Aoba Tsukishima are in junior high school.

star 8.27
49 votes
The Newtype: Challia Bull

#33 - The Newtype: Challia Bull

Mobile Suit Gundam Season 1 - Episode 39

Gihren Zabi sends Char a Newtype to pilot the new Braw Bro; Amuro's own Newtype abilities are growing as he senses the presence of Lalah.

star 8.23
73 votes
Mad Bones

#34 - Mad Bones

Ghost Talker's Daydream Season 1 - Episode 3

After a young lesbian mysteriously dies, her spirit begins to haunt her lover. Who do you call when the ghost of your ex-lover keeps terrorizing you? Saiki Misaki, the albino dominatrix necromancer, of course! The highly sexualized, and eerily suspenseful tale of Ghost Talker's Daydream hits a provocative high point. Follow Saiki as she uses her powers to solve another nail-biting mystery filled with terrifying twists.

star 8.20
5 votes
All Right

#35 - All Right

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 48

Aoba arrives at the stadium in time to see Ko's first pitch at the bottom of the first inning. On the mound, Ko tells Akaishi about Akane's surgery, and Akaishi is annoyed at being kept in the dark. Ko consistently pitches over 150 km/h and retires all three batters with two strikeouts. Before batting in the second inning, Azuma tells Akaishi his only regret staying with Seishu is never getting to face Ko's pitches. Ryuo's pitcher Oikawa walks Azuma but strikes out the rest of the side. In the bottom of the second, Mishima gets on base with a drag bunt, and while on first base tells Azuma he did it to keep Ko from having a no-hitter. No other batters get on base in the first six innings except by walks. In the seventh inning, Azuma hits a single, then is batted in by Akaishi, a hit that Akane watches from her hospital room. Seishu leads 1 to 0.

star 8.17
12 votes
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That's Tough

#36 - That's Tough

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 17

After the scrimmage, Shido and Daimon are fired and most of Daimon's varsity players follow him to another school. Yuhei Azuma stays and begins living with the Kitamuras because the baseball dorm is closed down. Because Ko's stamina flags during the fall prefectural tournament, Azuma makes Ko begin jogging to school instead of taking the train. A boy asks Ko for an introduction to Aoba, and Ko congratulates him as the 100th person to do so. When Azuma asks Ko about a photograph of Wakaba, Ko admits that he was in love with her, and Azuma responds that "you guys" have it tough. To get the five most persistent boys to stop asking her out, Aoba goes on a date with all five at once. When Junpei asks about his pitching form, Ko is surprised but says that he based it on Aoba's. Aoba explains to Ko that Junpei's promising career as a pitcher was ended by an injury before he could go to Koshien, and that Yuhei is trying to reach Koshien in his place. Ko tells Aoba he is also serious about going to Koshien, to make Wakaba's last dream come true.

star 8.00
10 votes
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Can I Lie?

#37 - Can I Lie?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 47

Ko promises Akane he will tell Akaishi that she will be out in a couple days, saying that he is a pretty good liar. Akane tells him that her surgery will be on the day of the tournament final against heavily favored Ryuo, so she will have to put off their date, then asks him to tell Aoba the truth. Ko tells Akaishi the lie, then asks Aoba to visit Wakaba's grave with him. While there, he prays that the surgery is successful and tells Aoba that Wakaba would not let her cry again. At practice, when Aoba jokingly asks Azuma out to a movie, he asks if she means to ask him out so lightly, saying he seriously likes her. The morning before the game, Aoba asks Ko if he likes Akane more than herself, to which he asks if he can lie. While warming up in the stadium, Ko spots Momiji, who flashes him a peace sign, after which he celebrates. At the hospital, when Akane's surgery is over, Aoba tells Momiji by text message to give Ko a peace sign to tell him it was successful.

star 8.00
13 votes
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Void and Vanguard

#38 - Void and Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 9 - Episode 21

A world that is swallowed by nothingness and disappears. Leaders and friends from all over the world fight to stop the erosion of nothingness ...! The final battle of Trisley vs Gyze begins.

star 8.00
0 votes
Water Spirit

#39 - Water Spirit

Ghost Talker's Daydream Season 1 - Episode 4

This time around the case becomes more personal, as the power that gives Saiki the ability to see and talk to the dead is the very thing terrorizing her client.

star 8.00
5 votes
Second Button of Memories / Childhood Friend is a Spring Storm

#40 - Second Button of Memories / Childhood Friend is a Spring Storm

Strawberry 100% Season 1 - Episode 3

After the exams everyone has passed and entered the school. In the day of graduating Manaka meets Tsukasa that tells him she know he likes Aya and she's not going to the same school as he is. They break up and Manaka and Aya meet at the roof again. One morning Manaka wakes up and sees his childhood friend Yui half naked. Yui tells him that she came to check out schools for next year and they go out to look. On their way back they they see two dogs which Yui is scared of and Manaka save them from being attacked. In the morning Yui was supposed to leave she slept too much and missed her train.

star 7.98
88 votes
Full Stop

#41 - Full Stop

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 10

As the battle get more dangerous, several confessions come into play that create the full picture behind the feud between Ryosuke and Rin, and how Rin's actions played a huge part in Kaori's suicide. But as they approach the end of the track, Rin's tires and brakes are completely shot, turning his R32 into an unstoppable weapon. What's going to happen, and can Ryosuke escape?!

star 7.89
54 votes
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The Messenger From Axis

#42 - The Messenger From Axis

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 33

Wong Lee boards the Zeon ship Gwadan and Haman Karn introduces him to the current leader of the Zeon, Mineva Lao Zabi, the last surviving Zabi. Char's grudge against the Zabis doesn't help the AEUG's deal, and Scirocco plans his move for a deal with Zeon.

star 7.89
72 votes

#43 - Departure

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 2

The Titans believe that Quattro is the Red Comet. Kamille steals one of the three new Gundams and escapes with him. Bright challenges Bask Om about running military tests in civilian colonies but the Titan Kacricon Cacooler doesn't have respect for Bright.

star 7.87
83 votes
Haman's Victory

#44 - Haman's Victory

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 43

During a lull in the fighting, Camille is summoned from the rec room to the bridge for an important assignment. He is to carry an offer of alliance to Axis. Katsu objects openly and is thrown into the brig along with Shinta and Qum, who joined in his disruption. Camille flies Z-Gundam under a flag of truce to the Gwadan, where Haman greets him royally. AEUGO is asking for her assistance in destroying the Colony Laser that threatens them both. Haman flies to the Ahgama in her new Qubeley (AMX-004) and agrees to the alliance on the condition that "Zion" (Side 3) is "restored" under Axis and that "Char Aznable" acknowledges Minerva (and, by implication, Haman) as its rightful ruler. Quattro reluctantly agrees. At Grips 2, Basque is preparing to fire the Colony Laser at Granada. Fa joins Katsu and the children in the brig to watch over them, which insults Katsu no end. The Ahgama's Mobile Suits spearhead the assault and, sensing that the tide is turning against them, Fa and Katsu join them. The Gwadan fires a broadside that disables the Colony Laser's core pulse engine, preventing it from rotatating for a clear shot at Granada. Haman has kept her end of the bargain and saved the day. The Ahgama links up with the Gwadan for Quattro's promised audience with Minerva and Haman. "Char Aznable" pledges allegiance to Zion, but "Quattro Baijina" recalls his repeated disclaimer: "I am QUATTRO now!"

star 7.86
43 votes
Do Ghosts Grow Older?

#45 - Do Ghosts Grow Older?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 31

The girl, Akane Takigawa, apologizes to Ko for the construction noise. Later, Ko tells Azuma he does not know whether Akane really looks like Wakaba would now, because in his mind Wakaba is still in fifth grade. Mizuki invites Aoba to a summer festival the next day. Ko dreams of going to the festival with Wakaba, as she promised before she died, then of running to meet Akane at the Takigawa's soba restaurant. The next day, the anniversary of Wakaba's death, Aoba tells Ko to report his tournament result to Wakaba when he visits her grave. On his way back, he meets Akane wearing a yukata similar to Wakaba's. On her way to Wakaba's grave, Aoba sees them walking together and asks Mizuki if ghosts grow up. At the festival, Akaishi also sees them and asks Nakanishi the same quesiton. Ko and Akane meet her parents at the festival, and after parting with them, Ko meets Momiji, Ichiyo, Aoba, and Mizuki. When Aoba asks where his companion went, they begin to squabble but suddenly stop when the Tsukishimas see Akane at random through the festival crowd.

star 7.85
13 votes
Something Not Human

#46 - Something Not Human

Alice & Zoroku Season 1 - Episode 4

Minnie C and her group took advantage of a moment's negligence to kidnap Sana. Left behind at his office, Zoroku demands answers from Naito as to just what Sana really is. Meanwhile, the giant "arms" controlled by Minnie C have Sana completely trapped, and Minnie C asks her, "Did you think that you were human?" Just when it seems all hope is lost, Sana's powerful thoughts take the situation in an unexpected direction...

star 7.83
24 votes
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#47 - Counterattack

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 24

The Ahgama stops to replenish its supplies at Granada Moon Base and review AEUG'S defeat at Von Braun City. Quattro and Blex attend a EUG Deliberative Assembly -- Blex is a high-ranking Assemblyman. Camille goes on a scouting mission to Von Braun City by way of Erica spaceport. Katsu wants to go with him, but is told to stay behind. Jared and Moira spot Camille exploring the city and capture him. Jared wants to kill Camille on the spot, but Moira stops him -- the pilot of Z- Gundam is too valuable to be killed on a whim. Camille is rescued by Katsu, who has disobeyed orders and followed him. Quattro finds Blex fatally wounded in his hotel room. Before he dies, Blex gives Quattro full authority to represent AEUG at the next Assembly. Scirocco launches another attack on the Ahgama. Appori, Emma and Fa respond in the Rick Dias, Mark II and Methuss. Camille has a Newtype vision of Fa in battle. He drags Katsu to a shelter as the conflict threatens to breach the city's dome, where they meet Jared and Moira in similar straits. Reccoa takes off in Z-Gundam to find Camille, who senses her approach and goes out to meet her. The Von Braun sheltered blame the Titans for the current crisis and prevent Jared and Moira from pursuing. Camille takes Z-Gundam against the Messala, now piloted by Yazan Gerber. The Titans retreat, promising vengeance against the people of Von Braun City. Katsu is recognized for heroism while Fa mourns the death of Blex.

star 7.83
46 votes
I Hate You!

#48 - I Hate You!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 2

Four years later, in the fall of her second year at Seishu Junior High School, Aoba is a pitcher for the baseball team, and still hates Ko for having monopolized her dead sister's time. Starting pitcher Keiichiro Senda, who considers himself popular, asks her out on a date without waiting for a response. When she does not show up, Senda goes to her house but is frightened off by the family cat. When Ko (in his third year at Seishu Junior High) delivers baseballs to the Tsukishima batting cages, he hits four home runs, which annoys Aoba, especially since she cannot match it. In a flashback, she remembers Wakaba telling her about Ko's potential to one day pitch 160 km/h fastballs, which Aoba claimed was her ideal in a man, but that if he does, Aoba cannot take him from her. Meanwhile, inspired by Aoba's pitching, Ko has been obeying Wakaba's order to follow Aoba's workout routine.

star 7.81
72 votes
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February 14th

#49 - February 14th

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 35

Because of their fall record, Seishu is not invited to the spring Koshien tournament. Akane wins that year's Koshien poster art contest with a painting of a pitcher that Aoba claims depicts Ko's form. Ko corrects her, saying that Akane based it on his photos of Aoba, which he had used to model his pitching style. From Akaishi, Akane learns of Wakaba's relationship with Ko. Aoba tells Azuma she will try out for the women's national team in March, and when she teases him about being given chocolates for Valentine's Day, he says the only girl he would consider going out with is her. For Valentine's Day, both Aoba and Azuma receive many chocolates. When Aoba drops Ko's chocolates off a bridge, she buys replacements, including one extra to give to Azuma for her. When Ko delivers it, Azuma says that he likes Aoba because she is hard to figure out, because she is not true to herself. That evening, Akane asks Ko to show her photographs of Wakaba. As she looks through his albums, she comments that it is obvious Wakaba loved him, and would still love him today. As she leaves, she gives him chocolate.

star 7.80
10 votes
For Real?

#50 - For Real?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 3

Nakanishi recruits Ko for a rematch of the sandlot game from fifth grade. When Ko warms up with what he calls a few soft pitches, Nakanishi has him play right fielder instead, claiming he wants a friendly game. Meanwhile, when Aoba plays catch with her little sister, Momiji, she is startled to learn that Momiji can handle her hardest throws because Momiji has helped Ko practice. Akaishi, now captain of the junior high school baseball team, watches the sandlot game and is reminded of Wakaba's boasts about Ko's abilities. With Ko's fielding and batting, his team wins in a close game. Afterward Nakanishi learns that Ko did not join the baseball team, despite his surprisingly fast fastball, because Nakanishi had been kicked off it for fighting. During practice, Aoba and Akaishi discuss unsettling rumors about the Seishu High School baseball team, which has had a second straight losing year. In his office at Seishu High School, Acting Principal Shido tells a man dressed as a coach that he is pleased with his plans.

star 7.78
41 votes
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Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face

#51 - Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 11

Knowing they will not be promoted, Maeno's third-year players stop playing hard, but after the portable team manager, Hiroko "Tubby" Ōkubo, tells Makihara that Daimon injured Maeno's head as the latter pleaded to give a third-year player a spot, Makihara plays with renewed effort. At the end of eight innings, Ko notices that if the score remains 5 to 3, he will win his bet with Aoba. In the top of the ninth, the portable team gets runners on first and second and Makihara advances them with a sacrifice bunt. Ko hits both runners in with a single to tie the game. While Ko is on base, Azuma criticizes his pitching, to which Ko says he did not expect Azuma could hit him. In the bottom of the ninth with a runner on first, Azuma comes to bat and deliberately fouls out twice before being struck out by Ko. On the bench, Azuma silently tells Ko to stop smirking, and the next batter hits in the runner to win the game. Afterward, Ko visits Wakaba's grave to tell her about his debut, only to find Aoba had been there first.

star 7.77
13 votes
I've Got a Bad Feeling

#52 - I've Got a Bad Feeling

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 46

Akaishi and Aoba visit Akane in the hospital, where she tells them that she promised to go on a date with Ko after the tournament, and that she may require surgery. In the semifinal, Seishu plays Nishikura, a team that has come from behind to win every game by one run. Senda hits a home run on first pitch of the game, and Nishikura scores a run in the first inning as well. Spurred by Akane's worries, Akaishi hits another home run in the second inning. In the eighth inning, with Nishikura having failed to get on base since the second inning, Seishu scores six runs. Nishikura does not score in the bottom of the inning and the game is called for Seishu, 8 to 1. After the game, Ko finally visits Akane in the hospital for the first time, where he praises Akaishi's performance and then asks when her surgery is.

star 7.73
11 votes
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#53 - Reunion

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 10

AEUG learns what is happening in Jabrow and speeds up its attack preparations. Camille continues to work on his Z-Gundam design, suggesting it be made transformable for atmospheric travel. The Alexandria launches a multiple missile attack, but Camille's quick reaction saves Ammon from destruction. Jared and Corcoran head an assault in the Marasais. The Ahgama and captured Irish-class battleship Radish launch during the attack, giving Camille a bad moment as he tries to defend Ammon and the escaping battleships. He reluctantly abandons Ammon to protect the Ahgama. Safely in space, the Ahgama approaches the space shuttle Temptation, commanded by Bright Noah. A new variable Mobile Armor, the Messala (PMX-000), comes at them at high speed. Quattro and Camille go out to intercept it and Quattro fires on it with a Mega Bazooka, but the Messala is too fast for him and gets away. Camille has a Newtype reaction to Messala pilot Paptimus Scirocco during this encounter. The refugees from the Temptation are welcomed aboard the Ahgama. Among them is Fa, whose parents were arrested by the Titans after Camille's escape from Side 7.

star 7.70
76 votes
Unexpected Battle

#54 - Unexpected Battle

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 13

The battle between Keisuke and Go Hojo continues. Keisuke's good run behind Go Hojo led to many feeling unbelievable, including Go Hojo himself. Then entering the second round, the match gets more intense. Who will take this uphill climb battle?

star 7.69
55 votes
Sister Complex

#55 - Sister Complex

Hanayamata Season 1 - Episode 9

Yaya and the others manage to encourage Naru to finish the performance, but shortly afterwards, Hana collapses. After Hana makes a full recovery after a few days, Naru still feels guilty for letting her fear of an audience ruin the performance, but is encouraged by her friends to keep trying. Later, the group learn from Machi that their club is in danger of being shut down at the end of the term since, as a substitute teacher, Sally can't be an official advisor. As the girls try to think of a way to keep Sally as their advisor, Machi feels hostility towards Sally, who left home when she got tired of trying to live up to her parents' expectations. The next day, as the girls hear rumor that Sally may be quitting as a teacher, Machi assumes she is abandoning them just like she allegedly did with her and badmouthes her. After some stubbornness, Machi eventually learns from Tami that Sally was actually applying to become a full-time teacher, stating that it was Machi who inspired her to become a teacher. Upon hearing this, Machi apologises to Sally, who manages to pass her exam, and contemplates joining the yosakoi club herself.

star 7.67
9 votes
Revenge Battle of Fate

#56 - Revenge Battle of Fate

Initial D Season 5 - Episode 4

Kanagawa's Second Line will be against RT Katagiri, where Takumi encounters Kai Kogashiwa: a former rival from Irohazaka; graduated from street racing and now a professional racer with his MR-S. However, Takumi is starting to show a "Zone" that had evolved from the Purple Shadow races, a zone that even Ryosuke cannot explain. The winner of this race is up in the air.

star 7.63
60 votes
To Women's Baseball!?

#57 - To Women's Baseball!?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 36

The day of Aoba's tryout for the women's national team, Ko and Azuma see her off at the train station. During the journey, Midori, Matsuyama, and Kojima tell her that her play during Satomi's match with Oka a year ago inspired Satomi to win the girl's high school championship. At the tryouts, the Satomi players point out Shimano from Ryuo, who looks and plays like her cousin from the boy's team. In Tokyo, Ko waits out the rainy day in Akane's soba shop. During her batting tryout, Shimano is overshadowed by Oka's Ozaki. Kojima and Oka's Sawaguchi watch Aoba's pitching and are impressed by how her speed and control have improved. Before the coaches announce the results, Shimano insists on showing how she bats against a pitcher instead of a machine, and draws Aoba as her pitcher. Aoba strikes her out with three pitches, and Aoba, Matsuyama, and Midori all pass the first round of tryouts. At Seishu's practice the next day, Aoba pitches to Azuma, a challenge they both enjoy, until he hits her with a line drive.

star 7.63
8 votes
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Let's Do This!

#58 - Let's Do This!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 9

As the scrimmage starts, Daimon tells Shido he is using Senda as starting pitcher to test his team's fielding. In the top of the first inning, the portable team is quickly retired. In the bottom of the inning, Ko quickly pitches out the first three batters, which Daimon attributes to luck but Azuma recognizes is based on Aoba's batting data and Ko's ability. After Senda gives up three runs in the top of the second inning, including home runs by Ko and Akaishi, Daimon kicks him off the varsity team and Maeno substitutes him in as shortstop for the portable team. Ko pitches fastballs down the middle to Azuma, which Aoba calls foolish and Azuma hits for a home run. The portable team quickly retires the rest of the side but has trouble hitting against the best varsity pitcher. After Daimon chews out his players for failing to hit against "small fry," they manage only one run in the third inning. At the end of three innings with the portable team ahead 3 to 2, Ko complains of being tired.

star 7.60
10 votes
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We'll Make a Comeback, Right?

#59 - We'll Make a Comeback, Right?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 23

After giving up a fourth run in the second inning, the Satomi pitcher, Kojima, asks to switch positions with Aoba. The Oka players are startled by Aoba's 130 km/h fastball, at the upper range for female pitchers, and she strikes out their best batter, Ozaki, all of which annoys Oka's pitcher, Sawaguchi. In the fourth inning, Aoba bats in two runners with a double. After Ozaki figures out Matsuyama's call patterns and Oka scores a fifth run, Aoba asks to give the signals instead. In the sixth inning, Aoba scores when the irritated Sawaguchi makes an error, and then Satomi scores a second run. In the last inning, with two outs and runners on first and second, Aoba bats but is caught out by Ozaki. Oka wins 5 to 4. After the game, the Oka coach asks Aoba to try out for the women's national team in the spring, and the Satomi team captain thanks her for pitching. When Aoba returns to practice with Seishu, she repeatedly strikes out the players who wanted to avoid hitting her, and Akaishi says they still need her.

star 7.60
10 votes
That's My Line!

#60 - That's My Line!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 45

When Seishu wins another game in the tournament, Mizuki complains because it means putting off camping with Aoba. Because she is not feeling well, Akane does not go to work nor to the game, which worries Akaishi. Based on Aoba's coaching, Ko adjusts his pitching form during the next game, which sacrifices control but gives him a speed near 160 km/h. Despite his walking many batters, Seishu wins to advance to the quarterfinals. Ko tries to explain to reporters how Aoba is important to himself and the team, even though she cannot play in tournament games. Akane enters the hospital to be tested for an unspecified illness, which disturbs Akaishi's focus. When Aoba visits her, she is startled by Akane repeating something Wakaba once said about Ko. During the quarterfinal game, Akaishi is still distracted, but with Ko's improved control while still maintaining his speed, plus Azuma's batting, Seishu wins.

star 7.60
10 votes
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You Underestimated It, Didn't You?

#61 - You Underestimated It, Didn't You?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 22

Before the prefectural summer tournament begins, Aoba teaches Ko how to throw a slider. Midori asks Aoba to pitch for her high school team in a practice game against Oka University, the current national champions in women's baseball. Aoba refuses, claiming Seishu as a prior commitment. At practice, Aoba overhears some younger Seishu players say her pitches are hard to bat because they want to avoid hitting a girl with the ball. That night, she remembers Wakaba telling her she will pitch at Koshien. After Meano turns down an invitation to play Oka, Aoba watches Oka defeat another high school boys team and agrees to play for Midori's team, Satomi Girl's School. However, the Satomi catcher and team captain, Matsuyama, does not allow Aoba to start as pitcher. In the first inning, the Satomi center fielder is injured and Aoba substitutes for her. When Aoba makes a play for the final out of the inning, she is welcomed by the other team members. At the end of the first, Oka leads 3 to 0.

star 7.56
9 votes
No I'm Not!

#62 - No I'm Not!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 29

Ko strikes out the last Ryuo batter, sending the game into extra innings, tied 1 to 1. At the top of the tenth, Ko loses control of his bat before successfully bunting, but is left on base. In the bottom of the inning, after fouling off Ko's fastball, a Ryuo batter loses his bat because his hands are numb from the previous pitch. With a runner on second, Oikawa hits a line drive that Ko, with his arm still affected by Mishima's hit, fails to catch. The runner scores, and Ryuo wins the game. After the game, Ko apologizes to a disappointed Aoba for losing, but she manages to smile. Ryuo goes on to easily win the prefectural tournament and their first game at Koshien. When Ko apologizes to Azuma for failing to make the play, Azuma tells him to focus instead on Aoba's disappointment at not being able to play in tournament games. As Ko and Azuma walk past the construction next-door to Kitamura Sports, they are told by a young woman who resembles Wakaba that it will be a soba restaurant.

star 7.55
11 votes
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You Two Are Alike

#63 - You Two Are Alike

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 8

When Akaishi meets Momiji, he is startled by her resemblance to Wakaba, who died at the age Momiji is now. Ichiyo reminds Aoba that she resented how Ko monopolized Wakaba's time, and both Ichiyo and Akaishi tell Aoba that she and Ko are alike in their competitiveness. In the park, Momiji plays catch with an old man who is a regular at Akaishi's family's liquor store. Daimon tells Shido that an upcoming scrimmage between varsity and portable teams will demonstrate how much better the varsity players are. Because of a rumor that portable players who perform well might be promoted to varsity, the third-year players train hard. Before the scrimmage, Ko has Aoba catch his pitches because he has never played in a real game and so has no comparison for his pitching. She calls them okay, which pleases him as the best compliment he can expect from her, and makes a bet that he will hold the varsity team to ten runs, which she changes to five runs after looking at her bruised hand. When Aoba arrives at the scrimmage, Momiji's old man tells her Shido has ordered the audience to sit and cheer only on the varsity side of the field.

star 7.50
10 votes
Can I Borrow a Pot?

#64 - Can I Borrow a Pot?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 5

On New Year's Eve, Aoba's father and oldest sister, Ichiyo, visit her sick grandmother, leaving Aoba to care for Momiji, who is down with a cold. When Ko visits, he brings the ingredients for rice porridge. When Momiji's fever spikes, Ko helps Aoba tend her until the fever breaks after a few hours. Unlike Aoba, Ko is a decent cook, and his porridge tastes just the way Wakaba prepared it for Aoba. After Momiji tells Aoba about a time Ko played with her when no one else would, Aoba tells Ko that she will never be a good sister like Wakaba, then gets mad when he tells her she is not that worthless. Ko cooks New Year soba for Momiji and himself, but Aoba makes her own instant noodles. Ko stays the night to watch Momiji and after the three fall asleep while watching television, Aoba snuggles up to him, thinking he is Wakaba. The next morning, before Aoba wakes up, Momiji tells Ko they looked comfortable sleeping together. Ko leaves to practice pitching with Akaishi and Nakanishi, and in a montage, the main cast is shown training as time passes, ending with spring.

star 7.45
11 votes
I Challenge You!

#65 - I Challenge You!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 12

Aoba's teammates ask her out on dates conditional on their performance during a game, but she criticizes their goals as too low. Even with Aoba not pitching her hardest, Seishu Junior High wins in a called game. Afterward Senda meets his cousin, Midori Koganezawa, who is annoyed he ditched practicing with her to watch Aoba's game. Midori challenges Aoba as a batter, but Aoba declines to pitch to her. At the Tsukishima batting cages, Ko tells Midori the pitching machines are not as fast as Aoba's pitches. Ko helps Risa Shido, the spoiled varsity team manager, go shopping and brings her to the Clover Cafe, where he asks Aoba to put the bill on his tab as a birthday favor. Aoba finally agrees to pitch against Midori and strikes her out; she tells Midori she plans to attend Seishu High School, even though she would not be able play in tournament games, instead of a school with a girl's baseball team. Aoba learns from friends that Ko was being Risa's servant for a day in return for the last available teapot that is the 16th birthday gift on Wakaba's schedule of presents.

star 7.45
11 votes

#66 - Memories...

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 19

For the first time since Wakaba's death, Ko goes with the Tsukishimas to visit to the sisters' maternal grandparents in the mountains, where they are caught in a snowstorm. While trapped in the house, he and Aoba remember his past visits and playing with Wakaba. Looking through a photo album, Ko recognizes Aoba's uncle, a famous mountain climber, but not his son, Mizuki, who is the same age as Aoba. In the morning, Ko goes into the snowy forest to visit the tree on which he and Wakaba carved their names, which Aoba had then scratched out. He gets lost and Aoba directs him to the tree, where he discovers that Aoba had later carved replacement names. Back home, at the start of spring, Ko and Nakanishi see a strange boy climb up a drain spout to retrieve a woman's hat blown there by the wind. When Ko later visits the batting center, he learns the boy is Mizuki, who is moving in with the Tsukishimas.

star 7.45
11 votes
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Let's End This

#67 - Let's End This

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 28

In the top of the fourth inning, Azuma hits a double but again fails to score. In the bottom of the inning, Mishima stands in the first base coach box, where he tells first-baseman Azuma he is having fun. Akaishi and Aoba are both impressed by Ko's pitching, and the end of six innings, with the score unchanged, Ko has struck out 10 of 18 batters. In the seventh inning, Shimano breaks a finger fielding Azuma's hit and is replaced by Mishima, making Ko and Akaishi worry about Seishu's chances. When Mishama bats, later that inning, he hits a solo home run to tie the game at 1. At the top of the ninth, Senda hits a single, thus ensuring that the best hitters of both teams, Azuma and Mishima, will bat again. As Azuma comes to bat with two outs, Ryuo sends out Oikawa as relief pitcher, and he intentionally walks Azuma before striking out Akaishi. Ko sacrifices control for speed to pitch to Mishima, who manages to hit a blazing line drive that Ko barely catches.

star 7.45
11 votes
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Who Are you?

#68 - Who Are you?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 6

Ko enters Seishu High School and joins the baseball club along with Akaishi and Nakanishi, where they are put on the second-string "portable" team headed by former Head Coach Maeno. Most of the varsity team are ringers recruited by new Head Coach Daimon from around the country, including power hitter Yuhei Azuma, the boy from the batting center, and Daimon promises Shido that he will take the school to the national spotlight of Koshien within three years. When Aoba, now captain of the junior high school team, visits a high school team practice, she is surprised to see Ko playing baseball, and he tells her he was inspired by her pitching. In class, Azuma does not recognize Senda (who is on the varsity team) but does remember Ko from the batting center. Azuma tells Daimon that he only remembers faces of significant people, of which there are four on the team. One day as the portable team practices on the junior high field, out of sight from the varsity players, Maeno has Ko pitch at full strength once and Aoba realizes Ko is Akaishi's "secret weapon" for getting off the portable team.

star 7.44
9 votes
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Sucker for a Pretty Face

#69 - Sucker for a Pretty Face

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 7

Akaishi tells Ko and Nakanishi about Daimon's career as a coach who cares more about results than his players, and suggests they drive him out. Daimon tells Azuma that he picked Senda for the varsity team to be a pitcher who can be used up during practice, then recruits Aoba as another disposable practice pitcher. When Ko, Akaishi, and Nakanishi watch her pitch, Daimon tells them it does not matter if she pitches too much because, as a girl, she cannot play in a tournament game. When Azuma takes his turn at bat, he asks her to not hold back, and in response she insists that Akaishi be her catcher. Pitching her fastest, she almost strikes out Azuma. After Akaishi accuses Azuma of not being manly for deliberately fouling back, Azuma hits a home run on the next pitch and Aoba collapses exhausted. Afterward, Aoba tells Ko that despite her sore arm she will continue pitching for the varsity team to learn their batting weaknesses, and that she wants to believe Wakaba's claims about him.

star 7.44
9 votes
It's an Honor

#70 - It's an Honor

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 25

Ryuo's coach apologizes to Mishima for benching him during the tournament because his star batter, Shimano, insists on keeping attention on himself while being scouted by pro teams. A scout for Seishu's next opponent, Sanno, overhears Akaishi and Nakahara discuss their own team's weaknesses during practice. While studying Shimano's batting, Ko thanks Azuma because no batter can surprise him now. During practice, another Sanno scout overhears Aoba tease Ko about his weak fielding of bunts. The evening before the game, Ko remembers Wakaba telling him that all he has to do to get Aoba to like him is pitch 160 km/h. The next day, during the first two innings against Sanno, Seishu has trouble handling Sanno's bunting, however, with Ko's fielding, they hold Sanno to only one run. During the bottom of the second, Akaishi tells Ko to stop practicing fielding, and he begins pitching with his full power. Sanno's coach admits their data about Ko may be faulty, but tells his players that with their current strategy they still have the advantage.

star 7.44
9 votes
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Koshien, Here I Go!

#71 - Koshien, Here I Go!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 41

Akane tells Aoba that she drew a lot as a child because she was sickly and could not play outdoors, unlike Wakaba. Akane claims Wakaba had no weaknesses but before Aoba can name one, Ko suggests her taste in guys. Ko visits Wakaba's grave on their 18th birthday, after which both Akane and Aoba give him cake and he buys the scheduled, slightly expensive earrings for Wakaba. A younger player tells Ko that the team has gotten a lot better because of Aoba's influence and gets Ko to confirm that she and Azuma are not yet officially dating. The brackets for the summer prefectural tournament are announced, which have Seishu meeting Daimon's current school, Kurokoma, in the second round. Aoba surprises Azuma by praising Ko's pitching, but that night she cannot guess what Akane and Wakaba see in Ko. Akane tells Aoba that she and Ko are a lot alike and that if she learns to love herself, she will see what Wakaba saw in Ko. At practice the next day, Aoba is surprised to see how hard Ko works. She asks him if he likes Akane, and he replies that she looks too much like Wakaba

star 7.44
9 votes
A Careless Pitch?

#72 - A Careless Pitch?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 44

Azuma tells Aoba that to understand her popularity, she needs to recognize her good points outside of her baseball skills. When she asks Ko what those are, he tells her that one can to be too close things to see them clearly, and as she watches fans cheer him during the game against Sena, she admits he might be right. After Miki bats for the first time against Ko, Miki admits to Akaishi he may have transferred from Seishu too early. Seishu gets on base each of the first seven innings but fails to score, while not allowing Sena any hits. When Ko complains about how well Miki knows Seishu's abilities, Azuma says Miki has not accounted for Aoba's influence on the younger Seishu players and in the bottom of the eighth, one of them hits a three-run homer. At the end of the ninth, Miki hits a home run, preventing Ko from pitching a no-hitter. Seishu wins 3 to 1.

star 7.44
9 votes

#73 - Hey

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 32

When Azuma asks Aoba whether Akane really does look like Wakaba, Aoba says, just as Ko did, that in her mind Wakaba is still in fifth grade. Ryuo loses in the semifinal at Koshien. One morning after the Takigawa soba restaurant opens, when Akane and Ko walk to the train station together, he accidentally takes her case of art supplies and goes to her school to return it, where he helps stop an exhibitionist by hitting him with a baseball. During practice, when Aoba makes a bad pun, Azuma tells her she and Ko are a lot alike. Akane meets Momiji at a park where they both are sketching and walks her home, where Aoba and her father formally meet Akane for the first time. After Aoba rescues Akane from being harassed by some boys, Akane recognizes her from Ko's description of the three Tsukishima sisters. Aoba later asks Ko why he didn't tell Akane about Wakaba, then admits that Akane is very like Wakaba beyond just appearance.

star 7.38
8 votes
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Fanfare for the Unforgiving Man

#74 - Fanfare for the Unforgiving Man

Scrapped Princess Season 1 - Episode 3

The group stays at Winia Chester's inn. They are low on money so Racquel and Pacifica go to work selling Soopy-kun bread. Meanwhile, Chris kidnaps Winia, planning to use her as bait to lure the Cassulls. This begins Chris and Winia's special relationship.

star 7.35
89 votes
Yeah, Right

#75 - Yeah, Right

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 10

At the top of the fourth, Ko hits a triple but fails to score. In the bottom of the inning, Azuma hits a two-run homer to give the varsity team the lead. The portable team players in their third year tell their teammates that winning does not matter, only playing well enough to get promoted back to varsity. Daimon chews out center fielder Miki for strategically bunting against his orders to treat the scrimmage as a batting practice. At the bottom of the sixth, a tiring Ko tells catcher Akaishi that he can no longer pitch with both speed and control, and Akaishi has him go for speed. After Azuma hits another home run, Akaishi tells him the pitch was weak because this is Ko's first real game. When a third-year portable player, Makihara, is thrown out while running for home, Senda tells him Daimon has no intention of promoting anyone to the varsity team because that would mean admitting he was wrong. In the bottom of the seventh, Miki notices that if Ko had intentionally walked Azuma, the varsity team would be losing 1 to 3 instead of winning 5 to 3.

star 7.33
9 votes
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Don't You Quit

#76 - Don't You Quit

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 24

Ko, Akaishi, Azuma, and Nakanishi scout a practice game of Ryuo Academy, who is favored to win the prefectural tournament, and while there meet a former varsity teammate who transferred to Ryuo. Ko is impressed by a Ryuo batter who is not a regular starter, Mishima, whom Azuma remembers from a single meeting. Azuma talks with Miki, who is also scouting Ryuo for another school, and they tell each other they do not regret their choices, leaving and staying at Seishu. For Wakaba's 17th birthday, Ko buys the scheduled present of a shiny pendent. When the tournament schedule is announced, Ryuo is seeded first and Seishu is bracketed to play them in their third game. Seishu's first game of the tournament is called in the fifth inning. Afterward, Ko catches pitches for Aoba, who was for the first time not allowed to play because she is a girl, and when it gets dark, he tells her not to give up on baseball.

star 7.33
9 votes
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I Know

#77 - I Know

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 26

At the end of the fifth inning, after three batters fail to bunt against Ko, Sanno's coach describes Ko's pitching as the sort seen only once every ten years. When Seishu starts scoring in the sixth, Maeno attributes this to Seishu's players being too inexperienced to have consistent weaknesses or strengths. Meanwhile, at Ryuo, Mishima tells two classmates he does not mind staying away when reporters interview Shimano because he himself will ultimately have a better career. After Seishu wins 8 to 1, newspaper coverage highlights Ko's 151 km/h fastball. When Mizuki comments that this was not Aoba's ideal of 160 km/h, Aoba retorts that she wanted many things when she was a child. Aoba remembers Wakaba describing her last dream, which included Aoba playing center field at Koshien. When Aoba forces Ko to tidy up before meeting reporters, he comments she reminds him of Wakaba. During the interview, he claims Mishima is the Ryuo batter he worries about the most. The day before the game against Ryuo, Azuma tells Ko that they have a chance of winning if Mishima stays on the bench.

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9 votes
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Or Is It Fate?

#78 - Or Is It Fate?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 33

Seishu wins their first game of the autumn prefectural tournament. On a day without practice, Aoba and Ko each decide to clean their bedrooms, which neither does regularly. As thanks for saving her, Akane makes Aoba a frilly cushion, telling Ko that she always wanted a cute little sister like Aoba. While delivering it, Akane learns that Aoba had an older sister, Wakaba, who died. When Akaishi helps his father deliver liquor to the Takigawa soba shop, he again is shocked by Akane's appearance, after which Akane learns from Senda of her resemblance to Wakaba. After practicing in the Tsukishima batting cages, Azuma eats a meal cooked by Aoba at the Clover Cafe despite Ko's warnings. The next day Azuma has acute appendicitis and misses Seishu's next game. While watching it, Akane learns that Aoba cannot play in tournament games such as this one, and begins watching Aoba in the stands. The game is a pitchers' duel that Seishu ultimately loses 1 to 0.

star 7.30
10 votes
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Reccoa's Shadow

#79 - Reccoa's Shadow

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 38

Jared continues his pursuit of the Audomura. The Titans attack just as final preparations are underway for Quattro and Camille to launch a two-man shuttle back to the Ahgama. The blast from the shuttle blows Jared's Byarlant off its sled, making him an easy target for Amuro's Dijeh. The waiting Ahgama is also under attack by the Titans, led by Yazan. As the shuttle nears rendezvous, Shinta and Qum sneak aboard the Methuss and take off to help them. Bright sends Fa to regain control of the Methuss while Quattro sets up the Mega Bazooka in the shuttle cargo bay. Reccoa is aboard the Titan battleship, giving tactical advice. Camille and Reccoa sense each other's presence and Camille upsets Quattro's aim as Reccoa warns the Titan captain. Quattro's shot barely misses the Titan ship, which retreats. Aboard the Ahgama, Appori mourns a fellow pilot killed by Yazan's Hambrabi. Bright welcomes Quattro and Camille, who are disturbed by Reccoa's reappearance as an enemy

star 7.29
100 votes
It’s His First Date

#80 - It’s His First Date

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 38

Ryuo continues to advance at Koshien. Akaishi gives Ko an introduction to kabuki theater to study up on it, saying that he set up Ko to take Akane to a performance because he wants to see Wakaba's smile. Outside of Aoba's hospital, Azuma meets Daimon, who says his new team will beat Ryuo. Aoba tells Azuma that Ko's date with Akane is his first, then assumes the glove maintenance kit Ko sent her is from Azuma. After the play, Ko and Akane visit the neighborhood where she grew up. Ko later gives Akaishi kabuki-themed snack food. At the start of the school year, when Ko becomes a third-year student and Momiji enters junior high school, Aoba is discharged. With Aoba out of the hospital, Azuma starts hitting hard again. In return for the kabuki tickets, Akane gives Akaishi a handmade mobile phone charm that she modeled after him, then later gives another to Ko.

star 7.25
8 votes
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#81 - Idiot!

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 40

Distracted by the coach's request, Aoba burns a customer's order in the Clover Cafe. One night, Ko escorts Akane home because she thinks she is being followed by a stalker, and together Ko and Aoba catch a man who had recently stalked Aoba before finding her too scary. As punishment, Aoba forces the man to use the batting cages until he is exhausted. After Ichiyo tells Junpei Azuma she will marry him if Seishu goes to Koshien, he joins the team as an enthusiastic assistant coach; Ichiyo later tells Ko that she never said she would not marry Junpei if Seishu does not make it. When they go shopping together, Aoba tells Akane about her invitation to join the women's national team, and Akane suggests she chose the course that leads to the fewest regrets. While Junpei and Aoba scout a Ryuo practice, he asks whether she likes his brother. When she cannot answer, he suggests that she be honest with herself, and she later reassures him that Seishu will go to Koshien.

star 7.25
8 votes
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Ghost Talker

#82 - Ghost Talker

Ghost Talker's Daydream Season 1 - Episode 1

Ghost Talker's Daydream is a horror anime created by Saki Okuse and Sankichi Meguro. It tells the story of Misaki Saiki, a young woman with a troubled past, who is a professional dominatrix in one of Tokyo's most exclusive S&M clubs. However, her real money is something she likes even less than being a dominatrix.

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8 votes
Enjoy It More

#83 - Enjoy It More

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 15

Shido tells Daimon that the portable team has been playing practice games without permission, losing all five times. After a sixth loss, Azuma learns from Tubby who the opponents were. Shido orders the portable team be disbanded. However, Maeno proposes to instead hold a rematch scrimmage with the losing team's coach losing his job, and Daimon agrees in order to settle things once and for all. When Momiji's mysterious old man visits a portable team practice, Tubby introduces him as her grandfather. Yuhei Azuma tells his older brother he will get to Koshien for certain, to which Junpei says to have fun with baseball. Because of his differences with Daimon, Miki transfers to another school. The portable team recruits Aoba for the scrimmage to replace a retired third-year player, and to convince her to play center field instead of pitcher, Akaishi has her bat against Ko. After watching the portable team practice, Azuma deliberately injures himself to avoid playing in the scrimmage and tells Daimon to prove that he has enough other good players to take him to Koshien.

star 7.22
9 votes
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I Guess I Slept Well

#84 - I Guess I Slept Well

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 37

Aoba is hospitalized with a broken foot and unable to play for a month. She claims will not affect the team, given she cannot participate in tournament games, but Ko tells Akane that Aoba really is frustrated. Because Azuma feels guilty, he stops hitting hard in practice and visits Aoba daily in the hospital, and because of this both Ichiyo and Nakanishi suggest he has feelings for her. Midori is disappointed that Aoba cannot participate in the second round of tryouts, and is herself wait-listed for the national team. Junpei Azuma proposes marriage to Ichiyo, who says yes on one condition, which she does not name. To keep Aoba occupied in the hospital, Ko brings her a ball and glove, after which a nurse says she looks more lively. Akaishi gives Akane two tickets his family cannot use and tells her to invite Ko to the performance. While watching Ryuo advance in the spring Koshien tournament, Aoba tells Azuma she will train hard when she gets out so Seishu will have a pitcher for batting practice who can match Oikawa.

star 7.22
9 votes
Secret Weapon

#85 - Secret Weapon

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 4

On the way to school one morning, Aoba and Ko foil a burglary they glimpse from the train by hitting the burglar with a baseball, but Senda gets credit for it. Akaishi does not believe Senda foiled the robbery, and learns from Aoba that she threw a ball that Ko had been carrying, and then from Nakanishi that he and Ko have been training in secret. Akaishi takes over Ko's training on the condition that Nakanishi return to the baseball team. At the Tsukishima batting cages, an unknown boy breaks Ko's home run record but complains about how slow the pitching machines are. The boy later appears at Seishu High School, being given a tour for prospective baseball players. Senda visits Aoba while she is working in the Clover Cafe attached to the batting cages and asks about Ko's secret training, but she denies any knowledge about random neighbors. As Ko practices pitching with Akaishi as catcher, the latter describes the dream Wakaba had the night before she left for swimming camp, in which Ko and Akaishi are a playing as a battery in the national high school baseball tournament at Koshien.

star 7.20
10 votes
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Summer Training Camp?

#86 - Summer Training Camp?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 13

Ko, Akaishi, and Nakanishi watch Seishu's varsity team crush an opponent in the prefectural summer baseball tournament and realize they did very well against them. During one game, Miki shifts position against Daimon's orders to make a game-winning play. Banned from using the school's field by Daimon, Maeno takes the portable team on a secret intensive training camp in the mountains. Ko forgets his suitcase, and when Aoba takes it to him she gets lost following his father's bad instructions. While waiting for Aoba at the bus stop, Senda complains about how strict Maeno has become and Ko says he prefers to keep busy in the summer. After a thunderstorm, they search for Aoba and find her shoe near a swollen stream similar to the one Wakaba drowned in, before finally finding her at a woodcutter's house. In Seishu's next game, Daimon takes Miki out of the lineup for ignoring his orders. Aoba spends the night at camp, and in the morning Maeno tells her the team is training hard to keep up with Ko because they have become fans of him. As she leaves on the bus, Aoba whispers to herself, "Portables, fight."

star 7.20
10 votes
How Many Points?

#87 - How Many Points?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 14

At the portable team's training camp, Akaishi and Maeno note that their outfield's defense has been weakened by the retirement of the third-year students. Without Miki in the lineup, Seishu loses in the round of 16. After the game, Aoba helps a Seishu fan by hitting a thief with a baseball and learns the fan is Junpei Azuma, Yuhei Azuma's older brother. Junpei gives her a ride home, where he is immediately taken with Ichiyo and becomes a regular suitor. When Aoba goes to the swimming pool, Ichiyo asks Ko to take Aoba her forgotten change of clothes in return for Aoba's bringing his suitcase to camp. At the pool, Ko meets some boys who asked Aoba out but were turned down, including Senda and a boxer who despairs because Ko and Aoba argue familiarly. Ko and Aoba are reminded of visiting the pool with Wakaba, and when he asks Aoba what her sister saw in him, she says she wants to know too.

star 7.18
11 votes
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No Matter What Happens

#88 - No Matter What Happens

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 21

Fliers are posted around school describing Mizuki and Aoba as a couple, and when Ko tears one down, Mizuki tapes it back up. After Ko finishes a meal prepared by Aoba at the Clover Cafe, Ichiyo tells him Aoba tried hard to cook it well because it was for him. Ko tells Ichiyo that he turned down a girl Aoba introduced to him, to which Ichiyo says Wakaba would not mind if he dated someone else, then admits she is more serious about Junpei than any previous boyfriend. For Seishu's first practice game of the season, Aoba is the starting pitcher. When Ko relieves her, Akaishi tells him not to throw too hard just to compete. Ichiyo watches Aoba and Ko squabble in the dugout and comments on their similarity. After Seishu wins, Mizuki fulfills his promise to take Aoba to a movie, though she refuses to call it a date. As they return home, they meet Ko and Aoba squabbles with him again, after which Mizuki comments the encounter cheered her up.

star 7.18
11 votes
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Everyone's Summer

#89 - Everyone's Summer

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 42

Maeno announces a training camp for the week before the tournament. On her way home from school, Aoba finds Akane having a spell of weakness in the train station and walks her home. On the team's day off before the training camp, Mizuki complains to Ko about Azuma and Aoba being together so much; Nakanishi's girlfriend competes in a track-and-field tournament but loses in the quarterfinal heats; Junpei introduces Ichiyo to his parents; Akaishi meets former portable teammate Makihara, who tells him to beat Ryuo to save Seishu's face; Azuma gives Senda batting tips at the Tsukishima cages; Tubby scouts a Ryuo practice, where Mishima tells her to not let Seishu loose before they meet; Akaishi and Ko practice pitching at the secret training place they used in junior high school; and Aoba tells Ozaki she has chosen to help take Seishu to Koshien instead of joining the national team. Aoba then pitches for Ozaki, striking her out. The next day, the Seishu training camp begins.

star 7.14
7 votes
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She Hasn't Changed...

#90 - She Hasn't Changed...

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 43

While scouting Seishu's first opponent in the tournament, Junpei meets Daimon and turns down an invitation to watch Kurokoma practice. Risa returns to Seishu for a photo shoot the day before Seishu's first game but refuses to interrupt the team practice. Various members of the team ask out Aoba based on whether they perform well during the game, while Ko asks to be excused from dating her if he strikes out at least 10 batters. The game is called for Seishu after five innings, but only Ko makes his promised goal. Daimon, watching from the stands, discounts Ko's performance based on how poorly the opponents batted. Aoba asks Ko if he wanted to avoid dating her so much, then advises him to conserve his strength in the future. Kurokoma plays Sena, the team led by Miki, and loses in a close game because Daimon refuses to use his ace pitcher against a "no-name" school.

star 7.14
7 votes
Mizuki Asami

#91 - Mizuki Asami

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 20

At the start of the school year, Aoba and Mizuki enter Seishu High School, where Mizuki quickly becomes popular with girls, to Senda's annoyance. Aoba joins the baseball team as a pitcher, which pleases Akaishi and Maeno as the rest of the team will try hard to not lose to a girl. When Mizuki and Aoba reminisce about Wakaba, he tells her that Aoba is the one he loves. Mizuki belatedly recognizes Ko as Wakaba's boyfriend and wonders whether he throws a 160 km/h fastball yet. Momiji asks Aoba if she finds Mizuki attractive but she does not answer, and later Momiji remembers Ko and Wakaba playing with her and silently apologies to Wakaba. Several girls ask Mizuki out. He turns them down, claiming to be in love with Aoba, and tells some irate boys that the rumor that Aoba and Ko are going out is false. At practice, Ko tells Akaishi that Aoba is hiding a twisted ankle no one had noticed, and Aoba retaliates by revealing Ko is hiding a stiff left arm. As Mizuki helps Aoba walk home, he tells her he is serious about her.

star 7.10
10 votes
He May Be Right

#92 - He May Be Right

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 27

That afternoon, Maeno dismisses practice early. In a bookstore, Mishima and Ryuo backup pitcher Oikawa talk about how unlikely it is they will get to play against Seishu. Midori visits the Tsukishima batting cages, where Aoba tells her Seishu might beat Ryuo. That evening, Akaishi reviews tapes of Ryuo's games one more time, particularly Shimano's batting, while the rest of the team prepares their equipment. The next morning, after a press conference for Idol Ace, former manager Risa tunes in to the start of the game. In the first inning, Ryuo quickly retires all three Seishu batters, and Ko strikes out three Ryuo batters with nine pitches. In the second inning, Azuma hits a home run on the first pitch, while Shimano hits a single but is left on base. At the top of the fourth inning, Seishu still leading 1 to 0, Mishima asks to be sent out to the first base coach box during Ryuo's next at-bat.

star 7.10
10 votes
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The Jupitris Infiltration

#93 - The Jupitris Infiltration

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 28

Quattro, Bright and Henken discuss their campaign on Earth and the need for information on the Titan's new variable Mobile Suits. Reccoa will fly an old Gelgoog salvaged from the derelict EUG ship Republic to the Jupiteris, where she will present herself as a stateless refugee survivor of a deep-space accident. Camille fears for Reccoa's safety after the Jabrow fiasco, but Fa defends her -- Reccoa knows what she's doing. Later, Reccoa admits to Fa that part of the reason she's taking the mission is to regain her confidence. Fa becomes jealous when Camille goes out in Z-Gundam to fly escort for Reccoa. Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Scirocco continues to charm Sara as her training nears completion. The Titans track Reccoa's approach and Sara goes out in the Messala. Camille watches from an asteroid as Reccoa enters the Jupiteris, where her cover story is accepted. Scirocco visits the Jupiteris on an inspection tour. Sara discovers Z-Gundam at the same time that Scirocco discovers Reccoa. As Sara closes in on Camille, she is attacked in turn by Fa, who has followed Camille in the Methuss. Reccoa escapes as the Messala is damaged and forced to retreat, but the Methuss is crippled and has to ride back to the Ahgama on the back of Z-Gundam in its Wave Rider mode. Aboard the Ahgama, Reccoa sketches the Mobile Suits she saw on the Jupiteris for Bright, but is unable to get the handsome and charismatic Scirocco off her mind.

star 7.00
42 votes
Happy New Year

#94 - Happy New Year

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 34

On New Year's Eve, Ko helps the Takigawas deliver soba. At the Tsukishima's, he meets Junpei Azuma, who had forgotten he is driving his brother home for a visit. When Ko is done, Akane returns a book to him, thanking him for helping her draw a good picture for a competition. Ko, Akaishi, and Nakanishi go to a shrine to pray for good luck, and Senda follows to avoid practicing with Midori but fails to find them. Yuhei Azuma returns and finds Aoba alone in the Tsukishima batting cages, the rest of the family having gone to the shrine. Junpei's wallet is stolen at the shrine, and Ko and his friends chase the thief, but he is caught by Momiji's "candidate" boyfriend. In the batting cages, when Aoba tells Azuma she will not try out for the women's national team because does not want to take time away from practicing with Seishu, to help them get to Koshien, he tells her she should try for a Koshien of her own.

star 7.00
8 votes
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Since Forever

#95 - Since Forever

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 39

Akaishi visits his old elementary school and remembers Wakaba describing her Koshien dream. Aoba teaches Ko new breaking pitches, which Azuma describes as her way of climbing on the mound in Koshien using Ko's body, and resumes training after her cast is removed. After Ryuo wins the spring Koshien tournament, its coach denies to reporters that he is worried about Seishu in the upcoming summer tournament. Akane becomes a waitress at the Clover Cafe. When Akane visits a flea market in another township, Aoba suggests that Ko accompany her, where in return for Aoba's coaching Ko buys her a garish T-shirt. Aoba tells Azuma that she does not regret not making the women's national team, then complains about how quickly Ko learns new pitches, saying that maybe she has underestimated him. When Ko gives her the shirt, she thanks him, to his surprise. Because the women's national team is short on pitchers with fastballs, the coach asks Aoba to join their training camp.

star 7.00
7 votes
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The Time Remaining

#96 - The Time Remaining

In Search of the Lost Future Season 1 - Episode 10

Yui returns to her "save point" once more and she recalls all the things she has tried before, each time hoping for a different outcome.

star 6.86
7 votes
The Story of a Halloween Night's Dream

#97 - The Story of a Halloween Night's Dream

Amanchu! Season 2 - Episode 6

It's Halloween, and the Diving Club members find themselves in the midst of a special event in an amusement park. Hikari's in danger, and it's up to Futaba to be her knight in shining armor?

star 6.75
8 votes
An Audition?

#98 - An Audition?

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 18

Aoba's friends urge her to audition for the lead in a movie adaptation of Idol Ace, but she declines. Risa auditions and when she is picked as a finalist, she makes Ko try to teach her to pitch convincingly. Midori tries again to recruit Aoba for her school's girls baseball team. When Aoba declines a batting rematch, Midori shows off her hitting in the Tsukishima cages, where she meets Risa practicing batting and coaches her. With continual practice Risa's pitching improves but, as Azuma puts it, only from kindergarten to first-grade level. After a week of Midori's pleading, Aoba agrees to pitch to her again. At the school baseball field, they meet Risa practicing at the last minute. Aoba strikes Midori out in three pitches, and after watching her form, Risa pitches a ball over the plate for the first time. Risa gets the role of a spoiled team manager and resigns as Seishu's manager. Risa gives Aoba a gift in thanks, and says she's okay with a supporting role if it leads her to her goal of becoming famous.

star 6.70
10 votes
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#99 - Wakaba

Cross Game Season 1 - Episode 30

Upon seeing the girl who looks like Wakaba, Ko remembers the summer Wakaba died. In a flashback, scenes of Wakaba from the first three episodes are shown, leading up to her death. In the present, the girl invites him to come to the restaurant when it opens.

star 6.62
13 votes
To Earth

#100 - To Earth

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Season 1 - Episode 6

The Titans' ship Alexandria continues to follow the AEUG ships Argama and Mont Blanc. The AEUG hold off an attack by Jerid and Lila Milla Rira while AEUG member Reccoa Londe leaves on a classified mission to Earth.

star 6.53
49 votes
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