The Best Episodes of Kuroko's Basketball

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018

In the story, Kagami Taiga has just enrolled into Seirin High School when he meets Kuroko Tetsuya of the school's basketball team. Kuroko happens to be the shadowy sixth member of the legendary Generation of Miracles basketball team. Together, Kagami and Kuroko aim to take their team to the inter-high school championship - against Kuroko's former teammates.

I Won't Lose

#1 - I Won't Lose

Season 2 - Episode 18

An intense battle between the Aces of their teams, Aomine and Kagami, begins. Both never give in to each other and blocked the shots of each other. The other players on the court are very amazed at the battle of the Aces in the Zone, which makes their focus and reaction speed to be at their maximums. Kagami goes to drive past Aomine and scores a basket, to cut Tōō's lead to just 3, 95-98, with 41.5 seconds left. In the next possession for Tōō, Aomine found it difficult to drive past Kagami, but he quickly goes for a Formless Shot.

star 9.02
49 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada

#2 - Win

Season 2 - Episode 25

In the last minute of the fourth quarter, Murasakibara enters the Zone. However, Kagami had so much spirit to win that he exceeded his limits and used meteor jam, his new shot that he can use only in the Zone. He jammed the ball in, scoring the final point. However, Atsushi still had determination and went for his shot. However, Murasakibara could not jump and Kuroko blocked his shot, handing victory over to Seirin. Murasakibara broke down after the game, revealing that he actually loves basketball, which enabled him to enter the Zone. Kuroko also tells Kagami to reconcile with Himuro, which he does.

star 8.96
47 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Many Times Over

#3 - Many Times Over

Season 3 - Episode 25

star 8.94
34 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I Can't Have That

#4 - I Can't Have That

Season 1 - Episode 10

Kuroko has rejoined the game in the final moments, but it seems that one of the players has him figured out. Seirin is playing hard, but if they win, will they have the strength to play a 2nd game

star 8.89
47 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Don't Get the Wrong Idea

#5 - Don't Get the Wrong Idea

Season 1 - Episode 24

Kise decides to copy Aomine but this will take time due to the difference in skill. Due to this, Tōō is able to get the huge lead. Kise successfully completes copying Aomine's style in the middle of the 3rd quarter, perfectly executing Aomine's signature plays. He even gets Aomine to foul him for a three-point play, thus putting Aomine in foul trouble. However, Tōō still leads by 10 points. With his teammates and coaching staff worried about his foul trouble, Aomine raises his level and successfully blocks Kise's dunk at the end of the quarter, even though he already has 4 fouls.

star 8.84
50 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I Believe in Him

#6 - I Believe in Him

Season 2 - Episode 17

At this stage, stopping the stronger Aomine has become the priority for Seirin, if not the latter will lose the game. After slowing getting back into the game, Seirin suddenly could not stop the Aomine who has entered the Zone. However, Kagami has managed to stop Aomine and what will the battle of the aces be like?

star 8.80
44 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada

#7 - Enough

Season 2 - Episode 24

As the match continues in the fourth quarter, Yōsen keeps on maintaining its lead and with Kiyoshi out, the Seirin players face tough times scoring any points. Seirin starts to use the same full court 2-3 man-to-man defense like what Yosen uses, but Himuro and Murasakibara are easily able to overcome it. However, Kagami's spirit to win gets him into the Zone once again.After some time in the Zone, Seirin cuts down the lead to four points.

star 8.73
44 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
So It Was You

#8 - So It Was You

Season 3 - Episode 24

star 8.72
36 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Our Basketball

#9 - Our Basketball

Season 1 - Episode 25

After Kise successfully copied Aomine play style, Kise is now at par with Aomine which causes the team to let Aomine do what he wants despite having four fouls. Aomine and Kise trade baskets. With one minute to go, Kaijō is still down by 8 points. With Kaijō needing a score to turn things around, Kise shoots a free-form shot, which he copied from Aomine. Aomine defends this well which forces Kise to pass to an open Kasamatsu. However, Aomine anticipates this, and deflects the pass out-of-bounds. With their final chance lost, Kise tells Aomine that it is fine they will lose because he is not yet at Aomine's level. Aomine dunks on Kise as the game ends. Tōō wins by the score of 98 to 110. After the game and realizing the true abilities of the Generation of Miracles, Kagami and Kuroko are determined more than ever to work hard to develop their new style of basketball.

star 8.71
51 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
We Win Now!

#10 - We Win Now!

Season 2 - Episode 16

Imayoshi is able to immobilise Kuroko, and Sakurai manages to stop Hyuga's Barrier Jumper, both actions being instructed by Momoi. Aomine goes past Kagami and makes a 360 spin dunk at the same time. All 5 Touou players are now able to see Kuroko. However, this actually leads to a trap set by Kuroko, when Izuki goes past Imayoshi with a Vanishing Drive, something the crowd thought only Kuroko can pull off, and scores. Hyuga also managed to bypass Sakurai with a Vanishing Drive too, and scored. The revelation of Misdirection Overflow has pulled Seirin to within single digit difference. However, Imayoshi scores a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to put Touou's lead to 11, ending the 3rd quarter. Before timeout expires, Aomine did not pay attention as the rest of the players return to the court. 4th quarter starts, and Seirin starts off with Hyuga combining his Barrier Jumper and Kuroko's Misdirection Overflow to avoid Sakurai's quick defense and scores a 3-pointer, putting the difference back to 8. The real Aomine will reveal himself soon, so how will Seirin cope with the Aomine even more stronger than they have faced in the first half?

star 8.69
42 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I Believed In You

#11 - I Believed In You

Season 1 - Episode 13

Kagami begins to tire allowing Midorima to once again be a danger from the outside. However Kuroko's pass has evolved, and his shadow technique also reaches new heights, revealing his new Ignite Pass. Seirin rallies to take the lead with 3 seconds go setting up one final showdown between Midorima and Kagami, a showdown which Kuroko has expected and which will decide the game. Kagami wins it, but Midorima goes up for one last shot. Kagami is unable to stop it, but Kuroko is and Seirin takes the win.

star 8.67
43 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Why Don't We Give Up?

#12 - Why Don't We Give Up?

Season 3 - Episode 23

star 8.62
34 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
It's Not Like That

#13 - It's Not Like That

Season 1 - Episode 11

Seirin is holding their own against Shutoku, but in the 2nd half Midorima and Takao’s abilities are unleashed, shutting down Seirin’s game completely

star 8.57
47 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Don't Be Ridiculous

#14 - Don't Be Ridiculous

Season 2 - Episode 11

Seirin managed to break free of Kirisaki Daiichi's 'spider web'. However, the game is still not over with Hanamiya having another card up his sleeves. Will Seirin still get their berth at the Winter Cup or is it over for them?

star 8.55
47 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I Think He's Extremely Happy

#15 - I Think He's Extremely Happy

Season 2 - Episode 15

Kagami managed to hold Aomine and put Seirin close to Tōō Academy. Only down by 2, Seirin seemed to be able to keep in pace. However, another crisis would soon happen. How will this hinder Seirin's chances of winning the rematch?

star 8.51
43 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
A Warning

#16 - A Warning

Season 3 - Episode 22

star 8.50
32 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
To Win

#17 - To Win

Season 1 - Episode 9

Seiho's freshman brags about how the previous year they were up by 20 at the end of one, so it's his goal to put them up by 30. Instead Kuroko and Kagami start using plays to get around the d. At the end of 1 quarter the score is tied at 19. Halfway through the second Kagami picks up his fourth foul. Kagami and Kuroko are both subbed out, and the seniors start using their specialty skills. In the fourth quarter a light concussion sends one of Seirin's seniors back to the bench. Kuroko subs in and promise to get revenge for Kagami. Seirin trails by 6 with just over 5 minutes to play. What will the final result be?

star 8.47
43 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
What Is

#18 - What Is

Season 1 - Episode 12

The pressure of the game is causing Kagami skills to rapidly increase; he continues to score keeping Seirin in the game. But his thoughts are turning darker and self-serving

star 8.45
42 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I Surpassed You Long Ago

#19 - I Surpassed You Long Ago

Season 2 - Episode 6

With Kuroko on the court, Seirin's team spirit has never been higher. Using his new invisible drive he is able to successfully take on Midorima. Using the same approach on Takao, the two teams are tied after a Hyūga 3 pointer. After a fierce battle, it all comes down to 2 free throws from Kiyoshi (caused by Midorima fouling him). He scored one of his shots, but his legs didn't hold out on the second. It hits the rim of the hoop, but luckily Kagami catches the rebound. In the final seconds of the match, Kagami and Midorima are engaged in an aerial battle. Will Kagami score, or does Mimorima have enough strength to stop the dunk?

star 8.43
51 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Take Care of the Counterattack!

#20 - Take Care of the Counterattack!

Season 1 - Episode 4

Kuroko gets injured in the second quarter during the match forcing the 2nd year players to show their team chemistry with shooting and defense. Halfway through the fourth quarter Kuroko comes back in and leads Seirin's balanced attack to tie up the score. With 12 seconds remaining the score is 98 all, and Kaijo has the ball. Can Seirin find a way to finally defeat Kise and Kaijo?

star 8.38
58 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I'm Kuroko

#21 - I'm Kuroko

Season 1 - Episode 1

While recruiting for the basketball club, the Seirin Private High school has managed to pick up some impressive players; a power house, former American player, and a member of the “Generation of Miracles.

star 8.32
75 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Let Me Tell You Two Things

#22 - Let Me Tell You Two Things

Season 1 - Episode 6

The Inter-High Basketball Tournament begins with Seirin facing Shinkyo Academy. Shinkyo has brought in a foreign player who is taller than anyone and can score almost at will. To combat this, Kagami is forced to go through man-to-man defensive training and Kuroko is forced to go through endurance training. The foreigner sees Kuroko as a player and says the Generation of Miracles must be weak to lose to a team with a child on it. As the game progresses, Kagami promises the foreigner two things will happen before the game is through: 1) Kagami will block one of his shots and 2) Kuroko will give him a hard time because of his size and skills.

star 8.32
44 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
I Will Defeat You!

#23 - I Will Defeat You!

Season 2 - Episode 9

Up next is Seirin against Kirisaki Daiichi. As usual, Kirisaki Daiichi plays dirty, on offense and defense, trying to injure the opposing players. However, Kiyoshi still pushes on and gets his spirit really burned up, but while he's fired up Hyuga can't seem make any of his 3-pointers. Will Seirin get over this extremely rough matchup?

star 8.30
47 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
It's Trust

#24 - It's Trust

Season 2 - Episode 10

Seirin leads by 5 points going into the 2nd half, and Kirisaki Daiichi executes their trap, in which Hanamiya gets his steals with 100% accuracy, and Seirin just has fallen under this trap. Kuroko suggests the team to take a gamble of trust in each other in order to break free of this trap. Will Seirin get their ticket to the Winter Cup?

star 8.28
46 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada
Final Tip Off

#25 - Final Tip Off

Season 3 - Episode 17

Seirin prepare mentally for the grand final match of the Winter Cup. Kagami and Tatsuya finally properly reconcile. The teams from previous matches, including the teams of the Generation of Miracles come to watch the grand final. During the decider for 3rd place, Kise sits out of the match and Shutoku wins against Kaijo, 96 to 54, taking 3rd place. Rakuzan and Seirin warm up, and Akashi declares the winner will be Rakuzan. Furihata gives Kuroko a wristband filled with the team's thoughts. The game starts with Kagami taking the tip off. Kuroko fumbles a pass but Kagami manages to score the first goal with an impossible jump. And enters "the zone".

star 8.28
29 votes
Directors: Shunsuke Tada