The BEST Episodes of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

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Network: FOX

Within the course of each episode, 5 stories are shown, all of which appear to defy logic, and some of which are based on actual events. The viewer is offered the challenge of determining which are true and which are false. At the end of the episode, it is revealed to the viewer whether the tales were true or works of fiction.

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Bon Voyage, The Man in the Model T, The Scoop, Angel on Board & Buenos Dias

#1 - Bon Voyage, The Man in the Model T, The Scoop, Angel on Board & Buenos Dias

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired May 1, 1998

"Bon Voyage" - Charlie and Gwen Chandler are about an airship with close friends. They've been married 22 years, and never took their honeymoon the way they planned. They tell their friends that the morning, their rings somehow got stuck together. They had to call a jeweler to cut them free. They race to catch their boat, but they're too late. Charlie says that it was the luckiest thing that happened to them, 'cause the ship they were set to depart on was the Lusitania, and 6 days later, it was sunk. The Chandlers and friends realize they're about to land, but the airship they were on was the Hindenburg, and it exploded in flames, killing half the people on board "The Man in the Model T" - A woman and her daughter, Molly, are trying to sell some of their old items to raise money for the girl's college. But no one seems interested in their stuff. Just then, an old man in a Model T shows up, wearing a yellow jacket, and calls himself Elmo Middleton. He sells Molly a chest for only $3, and disappears. She and her mother open it up, and to their amazement find out that the chest contained artifacts from the Titanic. Molly's mother then found an item belonging to Marlin Jurgins, Molly's great grandfather. He looked exactly like the man they saw earlier, and then realize that Elmo Middleton was Molly's great grandfather. "The Scoop" - Jack Hogan is a reporter with no story. His boss, Mr. Trapwell, tells him he can find a story anywhere. Staying after work, Jack takes a short nap, and has a very vivid dream about a volcanic eruption. He loved it so much he wrote about a island called Pralape that undergone a volcanic eruption so powerful it releases a strong tidal wave that killed many people. He finishes the story within an hour, but leaves it in the typewriter. When he tells his boss that the story was fake, Trapwell is furious, but then when he goes back to his office, reports of such a tidal wave against the coasts of Mexico and South America start coming in. He cal

star 9.76
34 votes
Witness to Murder, Roulette Wheel, The Phrenologist's Head, The Bridge & The Cigar Box

#2 - Witness to Murder, Roulette Wheel, The Phrenologist's Head, The Bridge & The Cigar Box

Season 4 - Episode 12 - Aired Aug 29, 2002

Segment 1: ""Witness To Murder"" - Back in the days, scientists wanted to catch something incredible on tape - ghosts. One scientist, although, was obsessed with capturing one on tape, and he was also running out of time and money. One night, a called a paranormal investigor who could possibly raise the dead spirits of a house. When they went inside, they saw two ghosts and a murder that happened years before. A man choked his wife with a rope, but then when the ghost saw the crew and paranormal investigator, he was mad. The crew left happy because they were the first to get the whole incident on film, but when they went out to the car of the scientists', they found the film wrapped around his neck - he was choked to death. Segment 2: ""Roulette Wheel"" - A man who always goes to casinos never wins, he always spends his whole paycheck on gambling at the Roulette Wheel. After he spends his whole check, he goes into the pathroom to wash his face and dry his hands, but when he goes to dry his

star 9.66
35 votes
The Wealthy Widow, The Witness, The Accident, Bad Dreams & Mental

#3 - The Wealthy Widow, The Witness, The Accident, Bad Dreams & Mental

Season 4 - Episode 9 - Aired Aug 8, 2002

"The Wealthy Widow" - When Dirk tried to marry a set-for-life farm lady (Cassie), he tried to find her dead husband's one million dollar fortune. While sleeping one night, a ghostly presence appears and tells Dirk to follow him to show him where the fortune is. In the barn, the person reveals himself as Cassie's dead husband. After Dirk tried many times shooting the ghost, the ghost appears all over the barn and finally pushed the trunk of money atop Dirks heath off of the bus causing Dirk to die. After Dirk's death, Cassie saved the money in a bank. "The Witness" - After a three best-friends lose their other best-friend in a homicide situation, they are desperate to find out who her murderer was. The decide to preform at ritual in finding her spirit to reveal the killer. They go in a circle while holding hands with candles in the center of the circle and repeated words, and the lights started flashing and suddenly "I'm here" appeared on a mirror. Soon after that the phone rang and the answering machine picked up a ghostly voice revealing the murderer. The murderer was soon sent to prison. "The Accident" - While on the road of good Samaritan trying to rush to their sick son at home, an man and his nervous wife see another man trapped in a truck in fire. He breaks the window open and pulls the man to safety and recovers him. Five years later, the man that was saved is in his truck with his wife on the good Samaritan road, and they, too, discover a truck engulfed in flames. The man was great-full for his life being saved five years and he wanted to save this persons' life also. He quickly broke the window and drag the man out of the truck and recovered him. He then realized that this was the same man that saved his life the same way five years earlier. "Bad Dreams" - A woman who's mother was brutally murdered in her dream at the age of five actually occurred after she dream it, so this dream to her was no different. She had a dream that on her thirtieth birthday th

star 9.61
36 votes
Rock and Roll Ears, The Bucket, The Bridesmaid, Voice from the Grave & The Chess Game

#4 - Rock and Roll Ears, The Bucket, The Bridesmaid, Voice from the Grave & The Chess Game

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Apr 17, 1998

"Rock and Roll Ears" - Lionel was a music shop owner, one day, these 2 teenagers come in the shop and suddenly, one of the teens try out a guitar and Lionel tries to out rock-and-roll him, he does. Lionel was nearly deaf so he could barely hear the music he was playing. At night, the two teens come back for revenge, this time, they have an amp about the size of their van. They turn the volume up until the windows break. Lionel suddenly claims that he can hear again and starts laughing while the two teens leave. "The Bucket" - A young farm family receives their weekly milk shipment from Gus, their elderly neighbor. The following week after a storm, the empty milk bucket starts moving on its own and later the lid flies off twice. The husband takes the bucket to Gus Hob's farm and finds him suffering from a stroke "The Bridesmaid" - Lucy Robbins, always a bridesmaid, takes in her sister after the brother-in-law dies in a boat accident. Cory, Lucy's new cyber boyfriend turns out to be Alan, her brother-in-law who actually has been suffering memory loss for the previous six months "Voice from the Grave" - A doctor's wife starts channeling a nurse friend, who was murdered in the hospital boiler room. The cop and the wife (channeling the decreased Lisa) trick the guilty orderly into confessing. "The Chess Game" - Two friends would always play chess and they would always fuss about everything. One day, one of the friends die. Then the other friend seems bored, his wife asks him to play a chess game, he accepts. All of a sudden, he smells "Old Rum", the same kind of cologne that his friend would use, then as the one friend plays his usual move, the chess piece moves the same way that his old friend was playing. Then after that, everything is back to normal.

star 9.60
35 votes
Directors: Skip Schoolnik
Second Sight, The Fine Line, The Wrong Turn, Who Was I & You Are Next

#5 - Second Sight, The Fine Line, The Wrong Turn, Who Was I & You Are Next

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 4, 2002

"Second Sight" - A woman is blind, but when another women is murdered, she gets her sight restored and a second chance to see. While eating at a restaurant in the country, she sees a man that she can't stop looking at. The man approaches her and asks demandingly why she is staring at him, and she just said that he was familiar looking and she was sorry. When she went back to her hotel to pack her bags and leave the town, he came up behind her and handcuffed her and threw her on the bed, and he asked her why she was staring at him. She was upset and said she was sorry. He pulled up a chair next to the bed and said that he would sit there all night until he got the real answer out of her. After a little bit of time passed, and he fell asleep in the chair after drinking liquor, so she opened the door and ran to the owner of the hotel. He called the police, and they came and arrested the man. The policeman told the lady that he was wanted for the murder of a women, only to found out that he murdered the person she got her eyes from, and the eyes witnessed the murder and couldn't stop watching him. "The Fine Line" - Two female twins seemingly have an amazing ability to share each others' feelings, such as one sister getting poked by a knitting needle, while the other also feels the pain. One night, one of them drives out alone and is involved in an off-road car accident. The sister at home feels strange and senses trouble. A male friend who is with her at the moment witnesses radio music somehow coming from the TV set, which is broadcasting a basketball game. The mysterious radio signals, alongside the twins' phenomenal ability leads the sister and her friend to investigate. After pinpointing the exact location of the accident with ease, the other sister is sent to the hospital and saved. "The Wrong Turn" - A man had been living in his hometown for ten years, but couldn't remember where to make his delivery. He was shocked because he couldn't find anything correctly. H

star 9.58
33 votes
Writers: Mike Scott, Robert Wolterstorff, Tom Chapman
The Nightmare, The Stalker, The Impossible Car Dream, The Dresser & The Burial

#6 - The Nightmare, The Stalker, The Impossible Car Dream, The Dresser & The Burial

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Jun 23, 2000

"The Nightmare" - A woman is having nightmares about her husband being murdered. She believes it is the grounds keeper and wants him fired. The husband fires the grounds keeper and he leaves the shears in the bushes. When the husband tries to go riding the horse gets spooked and backs the husband into the bushes where he is stabbed and killed by the shears. "The Stalker" - A widow & her daughter moves to a new state and then gains a stalker which was caught and put in jail. When the daughter looks at her compact that has a picture of her father inside & a mirror, she confesses to her mother that she is worried about the stalker. The daughter starts to see the stalker in the mirror of her compact. On a doctors recommendation the mother takes the compact from the daughter. A strange light then appears that the mother thinks comes from the compact when she picks it up to inspect it and then she sees the stalker in the mirror. The daughter uses the compact mirror to shine light into the stalkers face and the mother is able to knock the stalker out with a lamp. "The Impossible Car Dream" - A man is in trouble with his accountant boss and then gets fired. The father is worried that now that he has been fired he will not be able to purchase a car for his son. The son has this strange dream about buying a car for $1.00. The son tells his father about the dream and the father tells him t stop dreaming. The son finds the actual ad in the paper and gets his mother to take him to the house believing it was a misprint. The lady who owned the car decided to sell the car for a $1.00 to get back at her cheating husband. The husband turned out to be the accountant boss that fired the father. "The Dresser" - A man enjoys his job as a decorator and teaching younger guy the business. Unfortunately the younger guy working with the man goes to the boss and lies about poor job performance and gets the man fired. When the young guy takes over then tries to show the boss the display b

star 9.56
34 votes
Red Line, Two Sisters, Eclipse, The Ice Box & The Gathering

#7 - Red Line, Two Sisters, Eclipse, The Ice Box & The Gathering

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Jun 30, 2000

"Red Line" - A race car driver frustrated that his is not winning races he pushes the car too hard. The driver sees and old time race car driver telling him to stop the car. The racer car driver gets out just in time before the car explodes. The old time race car driver turns out to be the grandfather of the crew chief that dies on the track 70 years before. "Two Sisters" - Two sisters fight over the same man. One sister wins and she comes down with a rare blood disorder. On her death bed the other sister is still trying to get the man. The other sister steal the wedding dress off her dead sisters body. At the wedding the dress begins to effect her and the other sister dies from heat and an a reaction to dress. "Eclipse" - A man believes he is cursed by the werewolf. He talks to the doctor and asks to be moved to a room without a window because if he does not then he will die tonight. The doctor makes the request but the director refuses the move. The guy dies that night and the clues look like he was killed by a werewolf. "The Ice Box" - A wife is concerned about the future of her doctor husband. On a little trip they stop off at an out of the way antique shop in the middle of a heat wave. In the store they find an old ice box that reminds him of his childhood. At that moment a medical emergency happens and they need to cool the man down before he dies. All of a sudden the ice box has ice in it to save the man's life. Later it was discovered that the ice box was the exact ice box his grandmother had as a kid. "The Gathering" - A group of 4 older ladies love to get together on Thursdays. During their gin rummy game and man enters on a home invasion to rob them. The man locks all the women in the basement to rob the rest of the house. While the man in robbing the house strange things begin to happen to him and is knocked out. Were the ladies witches or not?

star 9.56
36 votes
House of Shadows, One Hand in the Till, Teasdale's Motor Car, The Vision & The Grave

#8 - House of Shadows, One Hand in the Till, Teasdale's Motor Car, The Vision & The Grave

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired Jul 11, 2002

"House Of Shadows" - A young girl (Ali) is house sitting and keeps seeing a man burying something in a basement on the television set. Hearing the sound even when the television was off she investigates which leads her to the basement. After a search of the basement Ali finds a video camera playing the video of the man mixing cement only to discover the wife in the ash catcher. "One Hand In The Till" - A boy attempts to call his father about his car that has broken down. After not talking to his father the boy is walking around and finds a gun. The boy believes the best way to get the money is to rob a store. About the time the boy attempts to rob the store he keeps seeing his father. His father has a dream about the son's car breaking down and going into a convenient store to rob the clerk to pay off the debt. "Teasdale's Motor Car" - A passion for a man's car ends up driving him crazy and the car ends up in a cemetery with it's first owner. "The Vision" - A man has a dream that a bridge will collapse, and if he doesn't stop Bus #29, the bus and the passengers will collapse with the bridge. No one listens to his concerns until he tells the bus driver only to have the bus driver also admit that he had the same dream and the bridge ends up falling. "The Grave" - A man and woman devise a scheme to frame the woman's husband to make him go to prison, but before he died he said "grass won't grow on my grave until the truth comes out" but when they visit the grave they get hit by a tractor and die in the grave and the grass starts to grow.

star 9.50
38 votes
Writers: Mike Scott, Robert Wolterstorff
Deadbeat Dad, Ghost Town, The Sewing Machine, The Sleepwalker & Money Laundry

#9 - Deadbeat Dad, Ghost Town, The Sewing Machine, The Sleepwalker & Money Laundry

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired Aug 4, 2000

"Deadbeat Dad" - A cheating gambler at a bar refuses to give his ex-wife financial support for their baby, he beats a mysterious beautiful woman at a game, afterwards kept losing for a while. When he began winning again he still mistreated his ex. The mystery woman returned and beat at a coin flip. She won the bar and gave it to his ex. He committed suicide two days late. "Ghost Town" - A photographer reaches an old ghost town and the date is 1848. His phone is shot, his money is no good and the bartender says the heat plays tricks on him. He later encounters a man who looked like the bartender and says no one has been in the town for hundreds of years. He finds his phone with a gun hole in it "The Sewing Machine" - A young couple try to sell the husband's grandma's sewing machine. That night it comes to life and makes an old dress from Gone With The Wind. "The Sleepwalker" - A man who is said to be cursed sleepwalks every night. He hears one day he will never return but he says he will remain with his daughter forever. One night he vanishes without a trace, the next morning the girl tells his wife her dad is in the dollhouse and will be with her forever. Inside was a doll of him, with 100% accurate details. According to Jonathan Frakes, the author who found this story even saw the doll of the missing man. "Money Laundry" - A Catholic widow prays that her boss and land lord lets her stay. Then a gang comes and use fake coins to get the coins in the machine. The police come and they reveal to be the land lord's missing coin collection and he lets her stay.

star 9.50
34 votes
The Dealer, Gratuity, The Cake, 1st Time Offender & The Mirror of Truth

#10 - The Dealer, Gratuity, The Cake, 1st Time Offender & The Mirror of Truth

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 18, 2000

"The Dealer" - A young soldier was winning at the black jack tablewhich turns out to be the son of the parents the dealer ripped off in a telemarketing scam. The soldier sets up the dealer and club owner kills the dealer only to find out later the soldier died 25 years before. "Gratuity" - A college student cab driver installs an insult machine for people who do not tip well. After showing it to his girlfriend she disapproves and give him a medallion to protect him. After picking up a new fare that did not tip he pushes the button only to have the insult machine give out compliments. This saves the cab drivers life since the fare turns out to be a killer and the box did not upset him. "The Cake" - An evil son takes over his father's bakery and orders the baker to make a special cake for a party the next day. The baker agrees and begins to heat up the oven. The oven starts to make strange noises and after investigation the baker believes he sees the devil in the oven. After telling the son, the baker is fired and when he is at home the baker sees the devil's picture which turns out to be a crime boss. When the baker is called back to the bakery he finds the son burning in the oven and finds out the son had killed the crime boss and this was his revenge. "1st Time Offender" - A boy thinking he can never get caught for anything he does robs a store of a watch. In front of the judge his mother makes a plea that she had just purchased that watch for the boy and worked out a deal with the store owner. As the judge was about to let the boy off his lucky charm fell from his neck only to be discovered by the court and turned out to be the medallion stolen from the judges wife. And the boy was sent to prison. "The Mirror of Truth" - A vain woman goes to a beauty shop to have her make-up done. After the shop owner finished the job the woman went crazy saying that the shop owner did a bad job. As the woman was leaving the shop owner put a curse on her. The woman calls in a

star 9.50
34 votes
Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker & Hot Car

#11 - Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker & Hot Car

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired Aug 15, 2002

Segment 1: ""Moonstruck Beach"" - A struggling writer, ""Valerie Simms,"" rents a cabin in ""Moonstruck Beach"" in the hopes of getting away from it all and writing the great American novel. She meets the village caretaker, Jerry Corbin, who seems to be a friendly man. While strolling along the beach, she sights what appears to be a dead female body, but when she looks again, it's gone. Returning to her cabin, she finds that her printer has printed a page she did not request. The message is backwards, but when she holds it up to the window, she reads the reflection. The name ""DEANNA LINDSAY"" is repeated all over the paper. She asks the caretaker, Jerry, about Deanna Lindsay, who it turned out committed suicide about a year ago. She had been staying in that very same cabin. After another walk, Valerie returns home to find another printer message, which instructs her to get out because ""Jerry killed me!"" She narrowly escapes being killed by Jerry herself, knocking over Jerry with her car. Jerr

star 9.50
36 votes
Writers: Mark Cushman, Melody Fox, Mike Scott, Robert Wolterstorff
Devil's Tattoo, Static Man, The Bloody Hand, Where Have All the Heroes Gone & War Surplus

#12 - Devil's Tattoo, Static Man, The Bloody Hand, Where Have All the Heroes Gone & War Surplus

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired Jul 28, 2000

"Devil's Tattoo" - A biker dude takes his girlfriend in to get a tattoo. The biker dude insists it has to be the devil's tattoo. As the dude was forcing the girl and tattoo artist into putting on the tattoo the tattoo gun went crazy and killed the dude. "Static Man" - A business man is about to close a big deal and an Indian medicine man puts a curse on him. Items start sticking to the business man and ruins his big deal. The business man agrees to save the trees and the curse was lifted. "The Bloody Hand" - Two detectives solve a murder case where an ex-husband tried to steal from his dead wife before her funeral. The only thing that can't be explained is the cuts on his face. And the fresh blood in the fingers of the woman, who was already dead. "Where Have All The Heroes Gone" - Two young thieves get a shock while robbing the home of a recently deceased cowboy star. A cowboy shows up and scares the boys straight. "War Surplus" - A struggling college student is unnerved by a vision of a man who looks like his father — who died 8 years earlier in the Gulf War. Following his father into a surplus store the student finds his father's uniform jacket. In the pocket of the jacket the student finds a letter telling that there is an insurance policy worth $100,000 in the his name.

star 9.47
36 votes
Out of Service, When I Was Big, The Greedy Investor, Seven Hours of Bad Luck & The Secret of the Coins

#13 - Out of Service, When I Was Big, The Greedy Investor, Seven Hours of Bad Luck & The Secret of the Coins

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 4, 2002

"Out Of Service" - A boyfriend and girlfriend (businessmen) are spending three nights of camping with each other, until the girlfriend tells the man that there was a man missing and a killer on the loose. Naturally, the man wants to leave the woods but she persuades him to stay. The next day, they wake up and take a walk in the woods trying to not remember about the killer, but then they spot a man near a lake taking the blood off of a knife. They stand there in shock long enough that the killer spots them and chases them into the woods. The man and woman outrun him and try to use there cellphones, but the phones are dead. They then spot a man in a yellow vest that leads them to a street and a police car spots the couple and pulls aside, so the killer vanishes into the woods. They tell the about the killer and the mysterious man that lead them to safety. The couple then see the mysterious man that lead them to safety, and the man points to a spot near them. The police didn't see the man, but they walked over to the spot anyway. A man in a yellow vest was lying on the ground and says "Thank God you found me." It turns out the man's spirit left his body to lead him to safety. "When I Was Big" - A little boy goes to counseling ever since he stopped talking because his sister passed away in a car accident. The boy goes to a book and says he used to be Harry Chaffee and fix books before he died. The counselor was in shock, so later he decided to go to a library and see if they had a similar book there. While walking through an isle, a book falls into his hands. On the inside, it had a note and it was signed from his Father, who wanted to give him the books as gifts. The counselor goes to a library book-fixer, and asked him if he fixed the book. The man replied he didn't, but a coworker of his that passed away fifteen years beforehand did. The counselor asked if by chance his name was Harry Chaffee, and the book-fixer replied "Yeah, how did you know?" "The Greedy Invest

star 9.47
34 votes
Writers: Mike Scott, Robert Wolterstorff, Tom Chapman
The Handyman, Anatole, Makeup Magic, Screwdriver & Charlie

#14 - The Handyman, Anatole, Makeup Magic, Screwdriver & Charlie

Season 3 - Episode 12 - Aired Aug 11, 2000

"The Handyman" - Chad, a young carpenter, is married to a wealthy older, Victoria Beau. Chad is cheating on her with young Andrea and when Victoria arrives home early and catches the lovers in bed, Andrea shots Victoria. The wealthy Mrs. Beau vows on her deathbed that Chad will never get the money or leave the apartment. The young couple tries hiding the body in a fake wall, however the tools exact revenge on the couple "Anatole" - An old man, Anatole, is put in a cell with William Pope, a murderer. After lights out, Pope recounts his murdering of a college student named Alan, but Anatole gets angry and strangles Pope. The next morning, Anatole is missing and Pope is dead with a picture of Alan and Anatole (Alan’s father) in Pope’s hand. The detective traces Anatole to Phoenix, where he discovers Anatole catatonic and confined to a wheelchair for the previous six months. "Makeup Magic" - June, a plain-jane, steps up to protect the beautiful Clarence from a pushy guy. Clarence pays her back by doing June’s makeup turning her attractive. June learns the next day that she didn’t have much makeup on and her new look stayed. After several days of looking for Clarence to thank her, June finally find her and discovers Clarence was horrifically burned 2 years ago, but June only sees her as a friend. "Screwdriver" - Lauren is leaving for college but has one serious fault: he is extremely forgetful. One cold winter night, Lauren is returning from a party and his car breaks down. And once again his absent mindlessness has caused him to be without his tools and his jacket. As the weather worsens, Lauren awakes to see a man that looks like his father fixing the car. When he calls his parents, he discovers his father is at home. However, after hanging up the parents find grease and a screwdriver in the bed. "Charlie" - Arty Holdman has been having a lousy year and is hoping his luck will improve with returning to his favorite restaurant. So far he has lost his wife an

star 9.46
35 votes
E-Mail, Blood Donor, Epitaph, Stitches in Time & The Soldier

#15 - E-Mail, Blood Donor, Epitaph, Stitches in Time & The Soldier

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 16, 2000

"E-Mail" - A couple get a used computer from a professor. But when Statler, the man whom they bought it from, becomes trapped in a tomb with no computer. But if that is true...who's sending the e-mail calling for help? "Blood Donor" - After recieving a blood transfusion, a man finds that he can see murders as they happen. So he uses this to help him trap the killer, whose blood he recieved during a transfusion. "Epitaph" - A gravestone craftsman is given orders by a strange man to create an elaborate gravestone for a dead man against the wife's wishes. Later it turns out that the man that ordered the expensive gravestone was the wife's dead husband. "Stitches in Time" - A mother and her daughter are in poverty when the mother has a dream of when she and her own mother stitched a quilt together. When she wakes up, she takes out the quilt, only to discover that hidden inside was lots of $100 bills. "The Soldier" - A soldier from Vietnam recalls what happened to him during a devastating battle. Almost near death, his father, who went missing in action years ago, shows up and carries him to safety. The soldier thinks he's dreaming, until the paramedics find his father's dog tags in the boy's hand.

star 9.41
37 votes
The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue

#16 - The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired Feb 27, 1998

"The Land" - A farmer makes the ultimate bargain to make his land fertile for his family in the future. "Titan" - A writer creates a short story that parallels the fate of the Titanic. The story matches the details almost to the letter until it is revealed that the story was written over 14 years before the Titanic set sailed. "The Diary" - A young high school girl sees the future and records it in her diary. Two other girls who read her diary to tease the young girl only discover that she has written they are going to die in a car accident. "Town Of Remembrance" - A women who has lost her memory discovers on the way to an appointment with the doctor a town that she finds familiar. She discovers a name of a boy that died in a car accident years before and visits his grave only to discover another grave with a photo similar to herself. "The House On Barry Avenue" - Mysterious fires continue to break out in the house without explanation. The house was ordered destroyed and in the ashes a scrapbook was discovered pointing to the wife's childhood as a super natural cause.

star 9.39
38 votes
Writers: Ann Elder, Barry Adelman
Caitlin's Candle, The Flower Jury, The Mentor, The Old Bike & The Music Teacher

#17 - Caitlin's Candle, The Flower Jury, The Mentor, The Old Bike & The Music Teacher

Season 4 - Episode 8 - Aired Aug 1, 2002

"Caitlin's Candle" - A father and daughter live alone together after their Mom passed away, she was a very good craft maker. One particular craft stuck out in her daughter's mind - a candle with an inscription in it. While being robbed in a house robbing, the father struggles to stop the burglary but suffers a stroke in the process. Now he is in a wheelchair going through therapy to recover, so his daughter has to take care of him. After the daughter feeds him lunch one afternoon, she took him on an evening walk around town. While they stop to look at an old building, the daughter gets robbed of her purse. She tells two men two watch over her father while she chases the robber. He ends up leading her in a run-down, messy house. While she looked around, the burglar came up from behind an choked her to the floor, but suddenly a candle shot up near the fireplace causing the burglar to run out. Suddenly after the candle burnt out, the young woman looked at the candle which was the stolen one. While showing her father, the father drops it to the floor and a diamond necklace is discovered underneath the candle. he necklace proved to be worth $100,000.00 so the young woman could go back to law enforcement school and the dad could hire a maid around the house. "The Flower Jury" - After an owner at a local plant shop is murdered, the owner's nephew is devastated over the loss. The FBI have no leads, suspects, or witnesses to whom did the homicide. One of the FBI agents has a crazy plan that his college professor did in college - to hook a lie detector test up to a plant to see who the killer was because the hypothesis is that plants have the same feelings and emotions as human beings. The other FBI agent agreed to go along with the plan, and took in a line of suspects. To be proven guilty or innocent, they had to show two profiles of themselves. After the line of people quickly descended and soon enough ran out, the nephew walked in the back room to ask what was going on. S

star 9.39
36 votes
The Mummy, The Perfect Record, Grave Sitting, Murder on the Second Floor & They Towed My Car

#18 - The Mummy, The Perfect Record, Grave Sitting, Murder on the Second Floor & They Towed My Car

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Mar 20, 1998

"The Mummy"- A Museum displays a rare mummy only to discover a beautiful woman floating off the floor. The mummy turns out to be a woman that was murdered which matches the ghost seen in the museum. "The Perfect Record"- A security guard is working on a perfect record while training a new guard. The new guard is an inside man there to rob the location of its computer secrets. All the lights at the location begin to explode and go on and off which attacks the police and keeps Vic's perfect record intact. "Grave Sitting"- A challenge is put up to spent two hours at the grave site of a serial killer. The girl is found dead and it is suspected that she was scared to death. "Murder On The Second Floor"- Witnesses see an 18 foot tall man murder another man on the second floor balcony. The detective can not seem to believe the stories but continues to investigate. He discovers that the murder victim was an abusive husband that killed his wife, who was once part of a circus family in Europe. The detective determined that her three circus brothers formed a human tower to get revenge. The detective could've called them in, but figured the murder victim wasn't so innocent. "They Towed My Car" - A man with a torn suit wanders the town repeating "They towed my car". No one in the town helps the stranger except a small boy named Reese. The man finds the car and requests that he needs to get something from the trunk. When the trunk is opened the body of the stranger is found in the trunk.

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Connie, Positive I.D., Trucker, Cook-Out & The New House

#19 - Connie, Positive I.D., Trucker, Cook-Out & The New House

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Jul 7, 2000

"Connie" - Dead woman's spirit lives on in her husband's new wife. "Positive I.D." - Man accused of a robbery that he didn't commit. After the real culprit is found, the two learn they are twin brothers separated at birth. "Trucker" - A hitchhiker is trying to get a ride from a trucker, one of them spot him and takes him to a gas station. The hitchhiker then sees that a man is in pain at the station, a car is on top of him. The hitchhiker tries to lift up the car on top of him and cant do it until the trucker comes and helps him. When the police come, the hitchhiker says that the trucker helped him when the police claim that the trucker died 7 years ago. "Cook-out" - Uncle Harry's spirit saves his family for eating poisioned hamburgers during a family reunion cookout. "The New House" - An old painting saves people's lives.

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For the Record, Halloween, Precious, Get Your Kicks at Motel 66 & Phantom Drifter

#20 - For the Record, Halloween, Precious, Get Your Kicks at Motel 66 & Phantom Drifter

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired Jul 21, 2000

"For the Record" - Lauren and fiancé, born on the same day, search for the truth of her birth only to discover that they were switched at birth. Each having been living with each other’s birth parents their whole lives. "Halloween" - Harold Ratcher hates kids begging on Halloween and every year scares them away. This year someone dressed in a grim reaper costume scares him almost to death. "Precious" - Wendy and her family moved recently and her parents had gotten her a cat to help the transition. Now the parents have called in Dana White, a child psychiatrist, to help Wendy since a car killed the cat two months ago. Wendy still believes that “Precious” is still alive, even though no one except her can see the cat. Dr. White uses the families’ camera to photograph the cat, but is astonished to see that the pictures have “Precious” visible on them. "Get your kicks at Motel 66" - A suspended police officer and his wife are on vacation and stop at the Motel 66. While settling in, he sees a cowboy and attempts to chase the stranger only to discover a pool of blood. Later that night, he awakens to see the gunslinger again and draws his weapon and again a pool of blood. While checking out, the manager tells the wife about the legend of Billy the Kid being gunned down and that his spirit is looking to exact revenge against a police officer. When she races back to the room, she finds her husband dead by gunshot wound. "Phantom Drifter" - David and wife feud driving to his mother’s house and get a flat tire. A drifter helps them and the couple drives him down the road, when the drifter passes on words of wisdom. When the couple starts getting along again, the stranger disappears while the car is moving. When they can’t find him along the road, they talk to an officer who explains that they are the fourth in a week to report the same thing.

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Firestation 32, The Computer, The Girl Next Door, The Wallet & The Woods

#21 - Firestation 32, The Computer, The Girl Next Door, The Wallet & The Woods

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 30, 1998

"Firestation 32" - A boy alerts a firefighter about a major blaze, after he died running into the blaze. "The Computer" - A couple's baby sitter often brings her laptop to the job, one night as the couple is driving to a restaurant the wife notices that the babysitter has left her laptop behind... "The Girl Next Door" - A man falls in love with a woman who lives across the street. She then explains that she was once cheated on, and the man afterwards realizes that it was him, and that the woman is a ghost, who was buried in a curchyard across the street. "The Wallet" - A young teenager discoveres his father was rich and inheirits the money after his death. "The Woods" - Someone in a wheelchair saves a young boy's life, but was it a doctor or a legendary ghost?

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Bright Light, Magic Mighty Man, The Student, Scribbles & Count Mystery

#22 - Bright Light, Magic Mighty Man, The Student, Scribbles & Count Mystery

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 6, 1998

"Bright Light” - A lost, scared women stops at a bar to review her map when Gunner, a local bar regular, approaches her offering to buy her coffee. She declines and carefully leaves to continue her travel. While on the road, Gunner drives behind her flashing his brights and honking and eventually pushes her off the road. Gunner draws his rifle and forces her out of the car. To her surprise, he then orders a rapist hiding in her back seat to get out and holds him until the cops arrive. “Magic Mighty Man” - Lenny Fields, a comedy writer, jogs in the park daily and meets a local bag lady named Gloria. While continuing his jog, two young guys mug him of his clothes and money and lock him in a cage. Gloria lets him out and lends him a costume to wear, which gives him super strength when the guys try to mug him again. “The Student” - A frustrated teacher questions her dream of teaching until a student named Rudy inspires her again in an essay he wrote. He soon ends up scaring her into moving out of the line of a drive-by shooting, which she finds out was the way he died years before. “Scribbles” - Earl Potter buys a life insurance policy before his pregnant wife gives birth. Four years later Earl has a heart attack and dies. A week later while the widowed wife and her sister Bonnie pack to move to Bonnie’s house, the son is drawing. Bonnie recognizes symbols in the drawings, which are short hand, which tell Marlene where to find the missing policy to claim the money. “Count Mystery” - One day, a little boy named Tanner wanders off and that night a local news crew reports the story. They remember another story about a horse with psychic abilities, which they decide to ask for help.

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Kirby, Dust, Malibu Cop, A Joyful Noise & The Hooded Chair

#23 - Kirby, Dust, Malibu Cop, A Joyful Noise & The Hooded Chair

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Apr 3, 1998

"Kirby" - Ted is a special effects expert, experimenting with his favorite creation, a mechanical gorilla named Kirby. However, his cruel boss, Harry, demands he finishes Kirby or Ted is fired. That night, Kirby receives a malfunction and attacks Harry, causing him to fall down the stairs and break his neck. The police and Ted find his body, while Ted finds Kirby had somehow moved across the room. But how could that happen if Ted removed Kirby's Driver Board? "Dust" - Two boys jog and help a young girl enter her home when she forgets to bring the key. One boy is hugely attracted to her. She never has any physical contanct with them, epecially when getting them lemonade. The next day they come the same house and discover it has been abandoned for 20 years since a girl commited suicide. They enter the house with a real estate agent, to find it dusty and full of webs and three sets of footprints and the imprints of three glasses on the table. What frightened them most is that one glass imprint and one trail of footprints disappear. "Malibu Cop" - A detective probes a difficult murder case, after so much stress he uncovers the culprit... himself! He shot a woman in his sleepwalking. "A Joyful Noise" - A family is in a quire for a church and they were never late, the quire instructor told them to not be late tomorrow because it was a special day and they perform for the church. At 7:00 sharp they were supposed to go, all of a sudden, time goes faster than expected and all of a sudden its 7:20 and everyone rushes to church only to find it on fire, an explosion occurred at 7:00 or somewhere around there. The instructor quotes that God had saved their lives. "The Hooded Chair" - Art collector gets a chair that belonged to Napoleon himself. Everyone who sat on that chair died in a short time, including Napoleon, who sat on it before his lost a Waterloo. It had recently taken the lives of his maid and best friend. The night he attempted to destroy the chair, the collect

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The Motorcycle, Blind Man's Dog, Deer Hunters, Tribal Curse & The Card Game

#24 - The Motorcycle, Blind Man's Dog, Deer Hunters, Tribal Curse & The Card Game

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 24, 1998

"The Motorcycle" - Greg Hansen inherits his grandfather's horse ranch which has had all the horses sold off to pay medical bills except for his favorite "Nugget". Nugget helps locate an old motorcycle which Greg plans on selling to pay off some of the bills, but the motorcycle is worth more than a local dealer lends on.. "Blind Man's Dog" - Lloyd Week and his guide dog "Buff" are encouraged to move out after Buff howls each time an hour before a tenet in their apartment building dies. The last howling will signal the end of the clairvoyance. "Deer Hunters" - Jed and a friend haven't had luck finding deer to shot with their high-powered bows. Jed decides to trespass on the Indian reservation and finally sees and shots at a deer. The deer runs away and Jed is stopped by his friend from pursuing, due to the sound of drums playing. Driving back, they see the deer in the road and try to run it over, however Jed is killed in the accident and the friend and police officer can't find the deer. "Tribal Curse" - Jason Reed, staying with a Brazilian tribe to write his thesis, falls in love with the chief's granddaughter against the chief's restrictions. When the chief dies, Jason violates the funeral practice and a crow chases him off a cliff. "The Card Game" - Lucky runs a crooked card game in an old west theme bar. After Wally, the latest victim is cleaned out, a week goes by and a stranger and his dog come in for a game. The stranger and the dog take turns watching Lucky preventing him from cheating. Lucky loses hand after hand, while it feels like his neck is tightening up. After the old man cleans Lucky out, the camera pans up to reveal a picture of the old man and the dog. The picture is of Roy Bean, the hanging judge, from 1902.

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Writer's Agent, Crypt Ghost, The Doll, Hubert's Curse & Shared Vision

#25 - Writer's Agent, Crypt Ghost, The Doll, Hubert's Curse & Shared Vision

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired Jun 27, 2002

"Writer's Agent" - A writing agent promised to give his client, Mary-Jane Layden, a deal to get her book, "Love Tides" published, but he wanted her to give him $2,500.00. She refused, saying she already gave him $12,000.00. They started fighting for a little while, until the writing agent pushed her to the floor and she died. The man hid her body beneath the company's plants, and took off. The agent himself thought the book, "Love Tides" would be a hit, so he decided to create a fake person by the name of Lucille Carns, and pretend that she wrote the book. When the book was released, it soared to the Best-Sellers list. The company wanted the agent to bring in Lucille Carns for a book signing, but he refused and said that Carns was a very private person. The same day, the company called the agent and said Carns was at the book-signing, so he went to investigate, and saw the ghost was signing the books. He left in a hurry, and went to see if the buried body was still there, and it was, but the police got an anonymous tip telling them to follow the agent. The agent was sentenced to jail. "Crypt Ghost" - Three young adults film a documentary of going into a cemetery and looking into the casket of a Vietnam General. When the opened the casket, one of the girls shouted the the hand moved. They shook it off, and one of the boys reached in a took the General's boned hand, and took the sword out of it. Immediately after he did so, the casket slammed on his hand, so the other two people ran to get help. They found a man, and they propped the boy's hand out of the casket. The boy looked at his hand, and it had a big "V" on it, and the sword was back in the General's boned hand. The "V" ended up being the General's signature. "The Doll" - Susan always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and her dream came true. After the first day of school, a little girl named Ashley asked the teacher to give her doll back, but the teacher was dumbfounded as to why the child thought s

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Writers: Mike Scott, Robert Wolterstorff