The BEST episodes directed by Mick Mackay

Out of Service, When I Was Big, The Greedy Investor, Seven Hours of Bad Luck & The Secret of the Coins
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#1 - Out of Service, When I Was Big, The Greedy Investor, Seven Hours of Bad Luck & The Secret of the Coins

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4 - Episode 3

"Out Of Service" - A boyfriend and girlfriend (businessmen) are spending three nights of camping with each other, until the girlfriend tells the man that there was a man missing and a killer on the loose. Naturally, the man wants to leave the woods but she persuades him to stay. The next day, they wake up and take a walk in the woods trying to not remember about the killer, but then they spot a man near a lake taking the blood off of a knife. They stand there in shock long enough that the killer spots them and chases them into the woods. The man and woman outrun him and try to use there cellphones, but the phones are dead. They then spot a man in a yellow vest that leads them to a street and a police car spots the couple and pulls aside, so the killer vanishes into the woods. They tell the about the killer and the mysterious man that lead them to safety. The couple then see the mysterious man that lead them to safety, and the man points to a spot near them. The police didn't see the man, but they walked over to the spot anyway. A man in a yellow vest was lying on the ground and says "Thank God you found me." It turns out the man's spirit left his body to lead him to safety. "When I Was Big" - A little boy goes to counseling ever since he stopped talking because his sister passed away in a car accident. The boy goes to a book and says he used to be Harry Chaffee and fix books before he died. The counselor was in shock, so later he decided to go to a library and see if they had a similar book there. While walking through an isle, a book falls into his hands. On the inside, it had a note and it was signed from his Father, who wanted to give him the books as gifts. The counselor goes to a library book-fixer, and asked him if he fixed the book. The man replied he didn't, but a coworker of his that passed away fifteen years beforehand did. The counselor asked if by chance his name was Harry Chaffee, and the book-fixer replied "Yeah, how did you know?" "The Greedy Invest

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House of Shadows, One Hand in the Till, Teasdale's Motor Car, The Vision & The Grave
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#2 - House of Shadows, One Hand in the Till, Teasdale's Motor Car, The Vision & The Grave

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4 - Episode 5

"House Of Shadows" - A young girl (Ali) is house sitting and keeps seeing a man burying something in a basement on the television set. Hearing the sound even when the television was off she investigates which leads her to the basement. After a search of the basement Ali finds a video camera playing the video of the man mixing cement only to discover the wife in the ash catcher. "One Hand In The Till" - A boy attempts to call his father about his car that has broken down. After not talking to his father the boy is walking around and finds a gun. The boy believes the best way to get the money is to rob a store. About the time the boy attempts to rob the store he keeps seeing his father. His father has a dream about the son's car breaking down and going into a convenient store to rob the clerk to pay off the debt. "Teasdale's Motor Car" - A passion for a man's car ends up driving him crazy and the car ends up in a cemetery with it's first owner. "The Vision" - A man has a dream that a bridge will collapse, and if he doesn't stop Bus #29, the bus and the passengers will collapse with the bridge. No one listens to his concerns until he tells the bus driver only to have the bus driver also admit that he had the same dream and the bridge ends up falling. "The Grave" - A man and woman devise a scheme to frame the woman's husband to make him go to prison, but before he died he said "grass won't grow on my grave until the truth comes out" but when they visit the grave they get hit by a tractor and die in the grave and the grass starts to grow.

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Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker & Hot Car
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#3 - Moonstruck Beach, Healing Hands, Aspen Sunny Side, Night Walker & Hot Car

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4 - Episode 10

Segment 1: ""Moonstruck Beach"" - A struggling writer, ""Valerie Simms,"" rents a cabin in ""Moonstruck Beach"" in the hopes of getting away from it all and writing the great American novel. She meets the village caretaker, Jerry Corbin, who seems to be a friendly man. While strolling along the beach, she sights what appears to be a dead female body, but when she looks again, it's gone. Returning to her cabin, she finds that her printer has printed a page she did not request. The message is backwards, but when she holds it up to the window, she reads the reflection. The name ""DEANNA LINDSAY"" is repeated all over the paper. She asks the caretaker, Jerry, about Deanna Lindsay, who it turned out committed suicide about a year ago. She had been staying in that very same cabin. After another walk, Valerie returns home to find another printer message, which instructs her to get out because ""Jerry killed me!"" She narrowly escapes being killed by Jerry herself, knocking over Jerry with her car. Jerr

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The Devil's Autograph, Mail Order Degree, The News Stand, The Murder of Roy Hennessey & Mysterious Strangers
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#4 - The Devil's Autograph, Mail Order Degree, The News Stand, The Murder of Roy Hennessey & Mysterious Strangers

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4 - Episode 1

"The Devil's Autograph" - A man lies about not murdering his wife, and was not guilt in the court of law. The man told his lawyer after the case he murdered his wife, and gave him his $1,500.00 pen. The lawyer chased the man into the elevator and told him he didn't want anything of his, and he would get the devil's autograph, but the man just laughed it off. The elevator door shut him in, and he fell to the floor and the pen went through his heart. "Mail Order Degree" - A business man made a lot of money off of cheating people and scams off of his commercials. He had so much money, that he had to hide it behind a hidden door behind his work chair. A few days later, the business man started feeling drastically sick, but one day his secretary found him dead and almost bald in his chair. It ended up that the room he hid his money in was filled with radiation, and died of radiation poisoning. "The News Stand" - One day, a poor fifteen year old teenager found a book of "Mysterious tales" under a garbage can in perfect condition, so he went to a news-stand to trade it in for $20.00 cash, and the news man's sandwich. The man hires him to work at the news-stand, and was really good to the teenager, and he started trusting the teenager so much, that he let him run the stand alone for sometimes days at a time. After not appearing for a week, the teen received his answer by a man in a cloak saying the man was diagnosed with a tumor in his head six months beforehand, and gave the boy a note. The note revealed that the news-stand man was his father that beat him, and he was sorry, so he gave him everything he earned in his life. "The Murder Of Roy Hennessey" - Two girls were doing a project in a cemetery, and see a man run out of the cemetery with a handgun. After his departure, the girls ran to see what he shot, he shot a man and the man was in critical condition - almost to the point of death. The man's last words were "Tell them that Roy Hennessey was killed by Jerry Fle

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Secrets and Lies
98 votes

#5 - Secrets and Lies

Flash Gordon (2007) - Season 1 - Episode 12

Flash and Zarkov become deeply involved in a complicated clash between two clans of Mongo. Meanwhile, Joe begins to talk about his "adventures," jeopardising his career.

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Hidden Agenda
30 votes

#6 - Hidden Agenda

Viper - Season 3 - Episode 4

An arson killing rings a bell for Cole, who investigated similar cases years ago and suspects they're related. His only lead is a mysterious woman who was on the scene.

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The List
28 votes

#7 - The List

Viper - Season 2 - Episode 22

Westlake witnesses Cole's death, only to learn that he's alive and well---and working as an informant for a powerful crime family.

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Wilderness Run
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#8 - Wilderness Run

Viper - Season 3 - Episode 10

Cameron Westlake, a police officer, volunteers to spend a week helping her friend Elise Grayhawk, who run Camp Sasamat, a retreat for over worked executives. Hanley (Michael Mahonen) and his friend, Mike, plot to kidnap his former boss, Iris Bentine, and hold her for five million dollars ransom. Hanley had been a janitor at her corporation, but was fired and is very bitter about it. He plots revenge... Iris, and her assistant, Julie Stone, have come for a week long retreat in the wilderness. Here they are supposed to spend time in the woods, enjoying nature and learn team work skills as a ""get back to nature, and find your true self..."" experience; but, Iris is work driven and can not relax . She is annoyed that Julie talked her into taking time off from work. Hanley stops a pair of forest rangers, kills them and steals their uniforms. Then he and his Mike, pretending to be Rangers Crawford and Barnes, proceed to the woods to find and kidnap his former boss, Iris Bentine! Cole a

99 votes

#9 - Revelations

Flash Gordon (2007) - Season 1 - Episode 8

Zarkov becomes stranded on Mongo and is arrested in Nascent City. While imprisoned he meets Kreb, somebody who has information about Flash's father.

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Walking the Line
4 votes

#10 - Walking the Line

Higher Ground - Season 1 - Episode 3

Peter visits his father while in New York trying to get a loan, and back at the school the students dread taking their PSATs.

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Knight Life
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#11 - Knight Life

NightMan - Season 2 - Episode 7

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