The BEST episodes directed by Marty Pasetta Jr.

The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue
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#1 - The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 2 - Episode 5

"The Land" - A farmer makes the ultimate bargain to make his land fertile for his family in the future. "Titan" - A writer creates a short story that parallels the fate of the Titanic. The story matches the details almost to the letter until it is revealed that the story was written over 14 years before the Titanic set sailed. "The Diary" - A young high school girl sees the future and records it in her diary. Two other girls who read her diary to tease the young girl only discover that she has written they are going to die in a car accident. "Town Of Remembrance" - A women who has lost her memory discovers on the way to an appointment with the doctor a town that she finds familiar. She discovers a name of a boy that died in a car accident years before and visits his grave only to discover another grave with a photo similar to herself. "The House On Barry Avenue" - Mysterious fires continue to break out in the house without explanation. The house was ordered destroyed and in the ashes a scrapbook was discovered pointing to the wife's childhood as a super natural cause.

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Just a Gigolo
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#2 - Just a Gigolo

Baywatch Nights - Season 1 - Episode 5

Mitch and Ryan enjoy pretending to be a gigolo and wealthy widow so much that they almost forget the reason for it.

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Pushing Boundaries
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#3 - Pushing Boundaries

Melrose Place - Season 1 - Episode 28

One of Billy's co-workers discovers that he lied on his résumé, and reports him to Nancy. Nancy assures Billy that she hired him for his talent, and gives him a writing assignment. After he does a great job with an article about a dog wedding, she promotes him to staff writer. Amanda continues to give Alison a hard time at the office, so Alison retaliates by erasing Amanda's messages to Billy. Amanda crashes a celebration dinner for Billy and lets him know that she has been calling. Alison takes Billy out to lunch and grows concerned by the amount of personal attention Nancy is showing him. She warns that Nancy may be attracted to Billy, but he takes offense to this. Alison makes a special dinner for Billy and apologizes, but he ignores her and goes back to the office. Nancy makes a pass at him, and takes away his promotion after he turns her down. He threatens to quit, but his lecture inspires her to apologize and restore him to staff writer. Michael grows more concerned by his attraction to Kimberly. She confesses her love to him, and they kiss in the hospital parking lot. Michael gives Jane the cold shoulder, and later goes to Kimberly's place and begins an affair with her. Matt gets a date with a lawyer, but the man turns out to be an egomaniac who only cares about material items. Rhonda annoys Matt by pushing him to give the guy another chance. He says that the fact that he is gay doesn't mean he has to settle for just anyone.

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A Puppet Walks Into a Bar
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#4 - A Puppet Walks Into a Bar

Undateable (2014) - Season 3 - Episode 6

Justin and Danny must deal with the consequences when they find out Leslie's boyfriend is planning to propose. Episode has East and West Coast Showings.

Married to It
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#5 - Married to It

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 9

Sydney gets a waitress job at Shooters. Kimberly catches Michael in bed with Sydney. She tells Jane, who rejects Sydney. Kimberly moves out when Michael refuses to leave the beach house. A drunken Michael interrupts Jane's dinner with Robert's parents. Matt gets a date, but is distracted when Katya and an ailing Nikki have to move into his apartment to fool an immigration official. Alison is jealous of Steve's relationship with Jo.

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The Two Mrs. Mancinis
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#6 - The Two Mrs. Mancinis

Melrose Place - Season 2 - Episode 25

Billy ignores Alison's wishes and tags along when she heads to Wisconsin for her father's fiftieth birthday party. He is furious when Alison refuses to share the news of their engagement. When Alison's ex-boyfriend Adam serenades her during the party, Billy announces the engagement. Adam warns Billy that the Parker family is ""weird."" Alison is haunted by nightmares after returning to L.A. Jane and Sydney's grandmother dies. Jane learns that she is to inherit $100,000, and decides to start her own design firm. Her plans are complicated when Syd and Michael seek a cut of the money because it is willed to ""Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mancini."" Michael confronts Matt about his confession to Jane, and they duke it out. Jo's potential romance with a model is quashed when he learns about her pregnancy.

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Yes, It's Really Us Singing: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert Special!
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#7 - Yes, It's Really Us Singing: The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Concert Special!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Season 4 - Episode 18

Rachel Bloom and the cast of the series perform live versions of fan-favorite songs along with incredible staging, multimedia visuals and a live band and orchestra.

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