The BEST episodes directed by Robert Lee

Second Sight, The Fine Line, The Wrong Turn, Who Was I & You Are Next
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#1 - Second Sight, The Fine Line, The Wrong Turn, Who Was I & You Are Next

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4 - Episode 4

"Second Sight" - A woman is blind, but when another women is murdered, she gets her sight restored and a second chance to see. While eating at a restaurant in the country, she sees a man that she can't stop looking at. The man approaches her and asks demandingly why she is staring at him, and she just said that he was familiar looking and she was sorry. When she went back to her hotel to pack her bags and leave the town, he came up behind her and handcuffed her and threw her on the bed, and he asked her why she was staring at him. She was upset and said she was sorry. He pulled up a chair next to the bed and said that he would sit there all night until he got the real answer out of her. After a little bit of time passed, and he fell asleep in the chair after drinking liquor, so she opened the door and ran to the owner of the hotel. He called the police, and they came and arrested the man. The policeman told the lady that he was wanted for the murder of a women, only to found out that he murdered the person she got her eyes from, and the eyes witnessed the murder and couldn't stop watching him. "The Fine Line" - Two female twins seemingly have an amazing ability to share each others' feelings, such as one sister getting poked by a knitting needle, while the other also feels the pain. One night, one of them drives out alone and is involved in an off-road car accident. The sister at home feels strange and senses trouble. A male friend who is with her at the moment witnesses radio music somehow coming from the TV set, which is broadcasting a basketball game. The mysterious radio signals, alongside the twins' phenomenal ability leads the sister and her friend to investigate. After pinpointing the exact location of the accident with ease, the other sister is sent to the hospital and saved. "The Wrong Turn" - A man had been living in his hometown for ten years, but couldn't remember where to make his delivery. He was shocked because he couldn't find anything correctly. H

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Badge Heavy
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#2 - Badge Heavy

Adam-12 - Season 5 - Episode 6

Officer Charlie Burnside pulls a prank on Officer Albert Porter, a friend of Reed's, who does not take the joke, and Porter lets Reed know that he feels Burnside is being a little "badge heavy" (rough) on his suspects. After dealing with an inept would-be robber whose car won't start, Malloy and Reed are handling backup on a call when Reed observes Burnside choke a suspect. Reed reports it but nothing is done by the Captain because the victim wouldn't admit Burnside was the aggressor. Burnside turns cocky on Reed saying he has "an ace in the hole" and that Reed was mad about the prank he pulled on Porter. During a foot pursuit of two robbers, Burnside got to one of them and this results in charges brought against the officer, who confronts Reed but this time the other officers back Reed.

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Writer's Agent, Crypt Ghost, The Doll, Hubert's Curse & Shared Vision
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#3 - Writer's Agent, Crypt Ghost, The Doll, Hubert's Curse & Shared Vision

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 4 - Episode 2

"Writer's Agent" - A writing agent promised to give his client, Mary-Jane Layden, a deal to get her book, "Love Tides" published, but he wanted her to give him $2,500.00. She refused, saying she already gave him $12,000.00. They started fighting for a little while, until the writing agent pushed her to the floor and she died. The man hid her body beneath the company's plants, and took off. The agent himself thought the book, "Love Tides" would be a hit, so he decided to create a fake person by the name of Lucille Carns, and pretend that she wrote the book. When the book was released, it soared to the Best-Sellers list. The company wanted the agent to bring in Lucille Carns for a book signing, but he refused and said that Carns was a very private person. The same day, the company called the agent and said Carns was at the book-signing, so he went to investigate, and saw the ghost was signing the books. He left in a hurry, and went to see if the buried body was still there, and it was, but the police got an anonymous tip telling them to follow the agent. The agent was sentenced to jail. "Crypt Ghost" - Three young adults film a documentary of going into a cemetery and looking into the casket of a Vietnam General. When the opened the casket, one of the girls shouted the the hand moved. They shook it off, and one of the boys reached in a took the General's boned hand, and took the sword out of it. Immediately after he did so, the casket slammed on his hand, so the other two people ran to get help. They found a man, and they propped the boy's hand out of the casket. The boy looked at his hand, and it had a big "V" on it, and the sword was back in the General's boned hand. The "V" ended up being the General's signature. "The Doll" - Susan always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and her dream came true. After the first day of school, a little girl named Ashley asked the teacher to give her doll back, but the teacher was dumbfounded as to why the child thought s

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Tiny Bubbles
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#4 - Tiny Bubbles

Viper - Season 4 - Episode 16

Astor and Westlake must unravel a conspiracy after the secret formula is stolen from a soda company and its owner is murdered.

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#5 - Apprehension

Witchblade - Season 1 - Episode 9

Sara is investigating the murder of a pimp when she receives a mysterious package. She starts reeling when clues suggest the enemy may not be who she thought. All she can trust is herself, and hopefully ... the Witchblade.

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