The BEST episodes directed by Christopher Taylor

The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue
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#1 - The Land, Titan, The Diary, Town of Remembrance & The House on Barry Avenue

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction - Season 2 - Episode 5

"The Land" - A farmer makes the ultimate bargain to make his land fertile for his family in the future. "Titan" - A writer creates a short story that parallels the fate of the Titanic. The story matches the details almost to the letter until it is revealed that the story was written over 14 years before the Titanic set sailed. "The Diary" - A young high school girl sees the future and records it in her diary. Two other girls who read her diary to tease the young girl only discover that she has written they are going to die in a car accident. "Town Of Remembrance" - A women who has lost her memory discovers on the way to an appointment with the doctor a town that she finds familiar. She discovers a name of a boy that died in a car accident years before and visits his grave only to discover another grave with a photo similar to herself. "The House On Barry Avenue" - Mysterious fires continue to break out in the house without explanation. The house was ordered destroyed and in the ashes a scrapbook was discovered pointing to the wife's childhood as a super natural cause.

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Free-Fire Zone
7 votes

#2 - Free-Fire Zone

The District - Season 3 - Episode 8

A reporter accuses Mannion of committing a war crime in Vietnam 22 years ago by ordering 18 innocent people to be killed, and one of the chief's fellow soldiers confirms the story. Also: Temple and Debreno search for a 15-year-old boy they suspect is planning to carry out a murder in order to join a gang.

The Kindness of Strangers
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#3 - The Kindness of Strangers

The District - Season 4 - Episode 4

Chief Mannion and his men investigate the disappearance of teenage girls who all point to a virtual suspect: a guy named Icarus who uses the internet to lure his victims and eventually murders them. The case takes a personal turn when Noland's niece becomes the next target and Joe puts all his efforts into catching the guy. Meanwhile, Temple suffers with pranks and rash commentaries from his co-workers about the death of Lester Richards, while Sherry tries to adjust to her new job.

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Drug Money
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#4 - Drug Money

The District - Season 3 - Episode 4

Mannion investigates a series of robberies in which pharmaceuticals, mostly AIDS medications, were stolen; Temple worries about having to take a random drug test because of his failure to report that he used cocaine while undercover; Debreno reluctantly agrees to participate in a charity bachelor auction and is won by a sexy mayoral candidate (Kelly Rutherford).

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Where There's Smoke
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#5 - Where There's Smoke

The District - Season 3 - Episode 17

After a shrinking budget forces Mannion to lay off officers, he takes on a powerful city commissioner he believes is partly responsible for the cutbacks. But the move upsets the mayor, who then looks for an excuse to fire the chief. Also: a congressional witness in a fraud trial claims key case documents were stolen from his hotel room; and Nancy and Brander are injured in an accident while pursuing a suspect.

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Goodbye, Jenny
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#6 - Goodbye, Jenny

The District - Season 3 - Episode 11

Mannion tells Jenny McLure how his men arrested her brother while she is waiting for her final day. Jenny is dying from AIDS and Mannion makes sure her last days are filled with company and happiness. The cocaine found at Lester's apartment is missing, and Parras becomes of the main targets on the investigation on who switched the coke with sugar. Without the evidence they can't put Lester away, while matches from his pistol are coming from numerous murder scenes. Finally Chief Mannion finds the mole and sends Lester to jail, but unfortunately Jenny doesn't last to see the next morning: she passes away the day before Mannion's event to raise people's awareness on the danger and prevention of AIDS.

The Killing Point
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#7 - The Killing Point

The District - Season 2 - Episode 20

13 years ago a man was convicted for murdering two people at a convenience store. Now Patrick Debreno, Kevin Debreno's brother who's a priest, has to help save him from the death penalty. Someone confessed to him the location of the murder weapon, and Chief Mannion and his team get the suspect and try to make him confess, since Patrick can't accuse him. Unfortunately, Gilbert Isaacs is wrongfully killed for a crime he did not commit. The true murderer, however, storms out of the interrogation room and shoots himself at home. Meanwhile, Ella receives a letter from Pablito, Ricky's father. He's asking to see his son, and after a lot of thinking, Ella meets with him and decides not to let Ricky see his father. She still has to convince Ricky that his father being in prison is not his fault.

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