The Best Episodes of Baywatch

Second Wave

#1 - Second Wave 8.06

Season 1 - Episode 4

Eddie's old friend Jimmy Roche from Philadelphia has arrived to L.A. But Eddie isn't happy to see him. When Eddie is out shopping for groceries, Jimmy stops by and talks to Gina. When Eddie comes back, he gets angry and Jimmy is forced to leave. Another day, Jimmy challenges Eddie on the way to a rescue, so Eddie beats him up with his lifeguard can. For that incident, Eddie is suspended for 30 days, but put back on duty, when he tells the truth. It turns out that he and Jimmy robbed a bank when they were 16 years old. Eddie didn't want to do it and started to fight with Jimmy. During their fight, the man behind the counter pulled a gun and Jimmy ended up in prison and Eddie in a foster home. Garner finds out that Jimmy is a wanted felon in several states, and therefore when Jimmy wants to meet him, Eddie brings Garner. But Jimmy finds out about it and leaves. Then he torches Eddie and Shauni's tower on fire with them in it. But they get out safe and Eddie is able to capture Jimmy. Mean

Directors: Scott Brazil
Heat Wave

#2 - Heat Wave 7.94

Season 1 - Episode 3

Los Angeles is having a heat wave and it's going to be a busy day for the lifeguards. The episode starts with a scene where a man and a boy are seen leaving a motel followed by another man. The hunted man turns out to be an old friend of Mitch and Craig's. His name is Steve Humboldt. Steve tells Mitch that he and Mike was just passing by and got to think of Mitch. Steve also tells Mitch that he has divorced his wife Allison and now has full custody of Mike. At the beach when Hobie and Steve goes surfing, Mike meets a boy named Ricky and they hang out together. They go into a storm drain, and while they are inside, two workers put a lock on the door. The boys are trapped and the tide is coming in. Meanwhile, a man named Patrick Murphy pays Mitch a visit. He tells Mitch that Steve has run away with his son. When Steve can't find Mike anywhere, a big search takes place. Finally they find him and Ricky in the storm drain and Mitch and Craig are forced to walk through a tunnel to get there.

Directors: Gus Trikonis
In Deep

#3 - In Deep 7.86

Season 1 - Episode 2

Hobie is supposed to attend summer school, but instead he goes power skiing with two of his friends named Scott and Ron. Another day, Scott accidentally kills a windsurfer named Diane Gray when he runs her over with his power-ski. One morning, Craig finds an unlocked tower. When he checks it out, he discovers Eddie sleeping in the tower. It turns out that Eddie doesn't have a place to stay. Then suddenly, they spot a woman in the water that turns out to be Diane Gray, the dead surfer. When Hobie hears about the power-ski incident, he goes to Scott and Ron's storage room and overhears them talking about the accident. When they discover him, they capture him, but he manages to run away when Ron starts fighting with Scott. He takes one of the power-skis and drives off, but Scott is close behind him. Mitch and his friend Garner Ellerbee arrive in the Baywatch boat and Mitch saves Hobie and goes after Scott and captures him. In the end, Mitch forgives Hobie and tells him that it's always be

Directors: Peter Hunt
I Spike

#4 - I Spike 7.57

Season 5 - Episode 10

Matt considers fulfilling his dreams of playing professional volleyball when he's given the chance to partner with a pro. Mitch meets the beautiful Tracy, who tries to sell Baywatch a hovercraft. Garner literally chokes when he tries to sing in public. C.J. protests oil drilling in the bay and the lifeguards must rescue the drillers become trapped underwater.

Directors: Gregory J. Bonann
Short Sighted

#5 - Short Sighted 7.50

Season 5 - Episode 6

After Caroline and Logan complete rookie school, Logan is named ""Rookie of the Year"" and chooses to work at Baywatch. Caroline, still smarting from her break-up with Logan, tells Stephanie she won't be able to work with him. During her first shift, Caroline's distracted by Logan's presence. Despite Stephanie's warning to watch a little girl, Caroline can't keep her eyes off Logan and almost misses a rescue when the girl nearly drowns. After Steph comes to the girl's rescue, a guilty Caroline confesses she missed the rescue because of Logan. Stephanie then decides to transfer Logan to Zuma Beach. Caroline's upset by Stephanie's interference while Logan threatens to sue. Mitch advises Stephanie to not let her personal feelings about Logan interfere with his job ability. Stephanie reconsiders and apologizes to Caroline, saying she'll be her boss when she's on-duty, but her sister off-duty. Meanwhile, Hobie befriends a new junior lifeguard named Carter, who panics when he learns of an up

Directors: Douglas Schwartz
Panic At Malibu Pier

#6 - Panic At Malibu Pier 7.42

Season 1 - Episode 1

Mitch Buchannon has just been promoted to lieutenant. Mitch and his ex-wife Gayle have an argument about what's best for their son Hobie. Eddie Kramer is the top rookie in the rookie class of ´89, and Shauni McClain is one of the last ones to qualify. Shauni starts off as a terrible lifeguard, but the experienced Jill Riley teaches her how to become a good lifeguard. In order to cheer Hobie up, Mitch and his old lifeguard friend Al Gibson, takes Hobie on a fishing trip. Then something happens and the boat sinks below the surface. Mitch and Al have to rescue the people on the boat. Disaster strike during the final rescue when Al gets trapped inside the wreck and dies. Baywatch arranges a funeral at sea for Al, with Mitch holding a speech. Meanwhile, Craig Pomeroy rescues a girl named Laurie. She is crazy and tells Gina at a party that she and Craig has had sex together. Then Laurie tries to kill Gina under a pier. But Craig comes to her rescue just in time. Trevor Cole from Australia works as a lifeguard at the local beach club. Trevor thinks that he's the best and Mitch immediately dislikes him. Even though Mitch doesn't like him, he tries to imitate him by climbing up a pipe using just arms and legs.

Directors: Richard Compton
River of No Return (1)

#7 - River of No Return (1) 7.00

Season 3 - Episode 1

The episode starts with an old man on a river trying to get away from two bad guys. But the bad guys, Lonny and Drew, kills him and he ends up in Devil's Mouth. The old man turns out to be Mitch's eccentric uncle Alex. Mitch, Hobie, Eddie and Shauni go to his home in the mountains. Eddie and Shauni are having problems with their relationship. Eddie is going to spend a year in Australia and Shauni is convinced that it will jeopardize their relationship. Later Mitch finds out from the Sheriff that his uncle may have found the golden boot. Two villains named Lonny and Drew believes that too, but Mitch doubts it. Alex left something for Mitch in their secret hiding place, but Mitch doesn't remember where the hiding place is located. During their first evening in the mountains, Mitch and Hobie decide to camp outside Alex's house while Eddie and Shauni checks into a motel. Eddie feels romantic but Shauni who thinks she's pregnant due to a late period,doesn't feel romantic. The next day, Mitc

Directors: Douglas Schwartz
Livin' on the Fault Line (1)

#8 - Livin' on the Fault Line (1) 6.87

Season 5 - Episode 1

A geological survey team arrives to Los Angeles in order to place an underwater seismometer in the Malibu fault. Stephanie agrees to be their safety officer, because she is in love with the team leader Riley Ferguson. Riley is an expert oceanographer and free-diver. The evening before the diving, Stephanie invites Riley over to her and C.J.'s apartment to discuss the details of the operation. But as their love begins to show, C.J. comes home and when she leaves her room to get a flashlight wearing just a negligee, Riley is definitely distracted. Later things doesn't turn out for the better when Caroline, Stephanie's younger sister, appears at the door. Caroline has left her husband Frank because he cheated on her and now she has come to California to start a new life. Meanwhile, Mitch isn't too happy when Hobie tells him that he will skip junior lifeguards this summer and work on his music instead. When Mitch tries to reason with him, Hobie tells him that he doesn't want to follow i

Directors: Gregory J. Bonann