The Best Episodes Directed by Reza Badiyi

Bye-Bye, Love

#1 - Bye-Bye, Love

Knots Landing Season 14 - Episode 7

Vanessa's scared of being fired, because her ratings are low. She finds Anne's fertility pills. Bill receives an offer to play baseball in Japan, and asks Paige to go with him, but she says she isn't in love with him. Gary takes a job overseeing the building of the sports complex. Karen's upset that Mac won't talk to her. Karen tells Toni that Mary only wants money. Toni asks Mary, who fires her. Paige can't get the money, so Mac asks Claudia's help. She tells him to make up a phony charity for the money. Claudia gets a million dollars, but only gives Mac half, keeping the other half for herself and Nick's restaurant. Mac puts the money in a briefcase with a tracking device. He asks Gary to tape him giving it to Mary. However, the battery in Gary's video camera dies, so he takes a battery from a tourist. The tourist, trying to retrieve the battery, blocks Gary's shot. Mary walks off with the money.

star 12.56
3 votes

#2 - Nightmare

T.J. Hooker Season 5 - Episode 11

Pursuing a gang of robbers, Stacy receives a mild concussion in a shoot-out, and after being discharged from hospital, decides to take a break to go and visit her sister. But driving through a fierce thunderstorm and still in a slightly dazed state, she is involved in a minor road accident which leaves her with amnesia, and is taken in by a passing motorist who claims to be a local doctor. Meanwhile, Hooker and Corrigan become concerned at Stacy's sudden disappearance, and investigate a break out from a mental hospital where two dangerous patients have escaped - and unbeknown to them, one of the escapees is the man posing as the doctor who has taken in Stacy...

star 10.00
1 votes
Casino (aka Vacuum, Rumble)

#3 - Casino (aka Vacuum, Rumble)

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 21

Syndicate boss Orin Kerr runs the casinos and the IMF needs to get the evidence against him to put before the state legislature. Kerr's boss distrust him because of his extravagant lifestyle and Syndicate man Cameron plants a bug in Kerr's office, which the IMF taps into. The IMF then set Kerr up with fake conversations that make him look bad to his bosses - Cameron hears Casey and Kerr discussing a heist of the vault, and Jim shows up with a background indicating he pulled off a similar heist 12 years ago. Barney manages to steal the money out of the impregnable vault while Kerr thinks he can get the missing money from Jim's earlier bank heist by putting him into debt at the casino. Kerr follows Jim to the hidden money which is actually his own) and grabs it, and then Cameron shows up and demands to know why Kerr has carrying current currency. Dumbfounded, Barney intervenes and Kerr flees into the arms of the police, where he is forced to testify against the Syndicate in return for pr

star 9.29
56 votes
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The Field

#4 - The Field

Mission: Impossible Season 5 - Episode 17

An enemy power has launched a satellite containing a thermonuclear bomb and the IMF must destroy it. The control center on an island in the Adriatic Sea is surrounded by an impenetrable minefield designed by an American defector, Norris. Barney secretly sets off some of the mines - without an explanation, the facility security call in Norris, whom they haven't seen. Paris takes Norris' place and using plans that Jim stole earlier, shuts down part of the field, and Barney gets in to program the system to drop the satellite out of orbit. Unfortunately, on the mainland the real Norris kills his girlfriend, a government spy, and Paris-as-Norris is arrested for the murder! This also leaves Barney trapped in the middle of the minefield. Jim and Doug manage to extract a confession and the location of the murder weapon from Norris before Inspector Koder (who knows the real Norris) can spot Paris. Dana comes in and manages to covertly slip Paris the information they've set up to make it look li

star 9.12
94 votes
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#5 - Contact

Nowhere Man Season 1 - Episode 13

A dissenter from the Organization surreptitously contacts Veil and supplies him with documentation that one of its highest ranking members, Richard Grace, is the one primarily responsible for the decision to erase his identity. This mysterious man also turns over photos of Veil's deceitful wife, Alyson, in compromising poses with Grace and then offers to furnish Veil with valuable information from the group's dossier on him if he reciprocates by killing Grace. Before long, Veil finds himself in a risky alliance with someone inside the enemy's camp.

star 9.00
3 votes
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A Lion In The Streets (2)

#6 - A Lion In The Streets (2)

Hawaii Five-O Season 12 - Episode 2

Labouring under a ban on cooperation by native Hawaiians because of a Kahuna, McGarrett must try to prevent war on the streets...

star 9.00
2 votes
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#7 - Trackdown

T.J. Hooker Season 4 - Episode 13

A parking attendant's suspicion leads to the discovery of a woman's body in the trunk of a car, sending Hooker and the team on the trail of a psychotic killer who is on a cross-country murder spree. Meanwhile, the deranged killer lures a young woman into his clutches and takes her hostage, leaving behind her husband and sick baby. Hooker persuades the Detective in charge of the case to let him place a trap to try and catch the killer and get the woman back safely, but it places Stacy in great danger...

star 9.00
2 votes
Taps for Officer Remy

#8 - Taps for Officer Remy

T.J. Hooker Season 5 - Episode 10

The pursuit and capture of a criminal reunites Hooker with Officer Karen Remy, whom have previously been romantically involved with each other, but soon after, Hooker is informed that Karen is dead after being shot in her car. With the murder having signs of being a professional hit, Hooker becomes determined to find the person responsible, and his prime suspect is Karen's Police partner. His disobeying orders by continuing to probe the killing sees Hooker suspended, but that's not enough for him to give up the hunt – but is there more to the case than he knows?...

star 9.00
2 votes
You Turned the Tables on Me

#9 - You Turned the Tables on Me

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 13

After several failed raids on mafia boss Everett Ashford, it appears the PA's office has a leak. Evidence starts to point to Leigh Perry, a rising star in the PA's office and the head of the organized crime division.

star 9.00
3 votes
Chinatown, My Chinatown

#10 - Chinatown, My Chinatown

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 26

Jake investigates the murder of a journalist working in Chinatown. He gets help from Chinatown cop Tommy Min Tang, the son of the local godfather.

star 9.00
3 votes
My Boy Bill

#11 - My Boy Bill

Jake and the Fatman Season 4 - Episode 6

A deputy PA is blackmailed into losing a case by kidnappers that have her son.

star 9.00
3 votes
A Ghost Story

#12 - A Ghost Story

Mission: Impossible Season 5 - Episode 21

Howard Bainbridge, a chemical warfare expert who defected to East, was contaminated by his own experiments and then returned back to the U.S. and his family manor, where his father (a paranoid arch-conservative) had him killed and the body buried. Since Howard destroyed the records before defecting, the IMF must recover the body to get a sample of the chemicals. The elder Bainbridge, Justin, is unaware that his head of security is an enemy agent also trying to find Howard' sbody. The IMF gain access to a air-raid shelter on the grounds and start "haunting" Justin with a secretly-implanted microphone and holographic projectors. Plagued by visions only he can see of his son and his dead wife Janette (played by Dana), Justin calls in physician Paris, who recommends he assauge his guilt conscience and Justin ends up digging up his son's body, which the IMF take.

star 8.85
93 votes
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The Falcon (3)

#13 - The Falcon (3)

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 16

Just as Jim and the others unwittingly become caught up in a royal power struggle, a bomb goes off, seriously injuring Paris and revealing his disquise.

star 8.72
59 votes
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#14 - Hit

Mission: Impossible Season 7 - Episode 9

The IMF needs to get proof that Syndicate chief Sam Dexter murdered his girlfriend Vicki - Dexter is currently in prison on tax evasion and his unknown partner, The General, continues to extort millions. Jim the prosecutor produces Mimi the eyewitness who can place Dexter at the crime scene - when Dexter sends his hood Murdock, the IMF replace him by guest-agent Jack and after a faked accident implicates The General. Dexter's paid-off D.A., Reynolds, incriminates himself and ends up arrested but Dexter still refuses to cooperate. In the prison Dexter forces fellow con Barney to help him escape so he can confront the General and then return. When Dexter plans to kill Barney and the General, the IMF step in just in time.

star 8.68
50 votes
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#15 - Committed

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 18

Syndicate boss Chandler's alibi is provided by Lt. Governor Harrison, who is in Chandler's pocket. Chandler has the husband of the only witness, Nora Dawson, get her committed and proceeds to have her driven insane at a mental hospital he controls. The IMF must get her out and have her testify in 24 hours. Jim gets Casey committed and she is put in a room near Nora, then he manages to get to Nora's cell and she and Casey switch - Jim then takes Nora-as-Casey out. The team get Nora off the island - when Casey-as-Nora is called to testify, she babbles insanely but then removes her mask while the team bring the real Nora in to testify.

star 8.63
50 votes
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The Green Man

#16 - The Green Man

Mannix Season 8 - Episode 5

A Leonardo, a forger of currency, is sought by practically everybody.

star 8.63
4 votes
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The Falcon (2)

#17 - The Falcon (2)

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 15

With the king's sister rescued during the wedding, the team must now turn its attention to the true heir, who's locked up in prison.

star 8.60
64 votes
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#18 - Blind

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 1

An undercover agent, Hays, assigned to gather evidence against Syndicate head John Lawton, is blinded in an explosion. Lawton's lieutenant Deetrich and his business advisor Matula are rivals - Matula is actually an IMF undercover plant - so the IMF must keep him from being exposed and make sure he takes Lawton's place. Lawton believes Hays is working with someone in his organization. Jim, surgically blinded, takes Hays' place. Lawton has his henchman Brown watch Jim and then offer him money to reveal the leak. Deetrich pays Jim to fingeer Matula but in the final showdown Matula plays Lawton an IMF-supplied tape of Deetrich and Jim planning to implicate him. Deetrich and Brown are killed in the subsequent shootout and Lawton and Matula leave, telling Barney (infiltrated in as a mobster) to take care of Jim.

star 8.50
55 votes
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Strange Justice

#19 - Strange Justice

Starsky & Hutch Season 4 - Episode 6

When his daughter is raped, long-standing, veteran Detective Slate is devastated, and shoots her attacker, who's been brought in for questioning. With the wounded rapist looking like he'll get off scott-free and Slate facing serious charges, the distinguished Lieutenant takes the law into his own hands to get even with his daughter's assailant - and it's up to Starsky and Hutch to stop him in time...

star 8.50
2 votes
Gambit Exposed

#20 - Gambit Exposed

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 18

Passing himself off as a playboy gambler in Monte Carlo, Lance is invited to a high-stakes game at a chateau where he discovers Peter Stavros to be a prisoner. However, Lance's attempt to free Peter, who is being held by his own daughter and Phillippe Hubbert, only succeeds in jeopardizing him. At a wine-tasting symposium in Hawaii, after Chase's wine defeats Angela's, Chase announces his partnership with Richard Channing during his acceptance speech. Paternity tests prove that Cole is the father of Robin's baby. Jordan is puzzled when she can't remember some of her evening activities, but Terry may have a clue for her.

star 8.50
2 votes
Cease and Desist

#21 - Cease and Desist

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 26

Although Sheriff Gilmore can find no grounds to arrest Jeff, Chase manages to get an order barring Jeff from having any direct contact with Maggie. However, when Maggie finds notes from Jeff, she realizes that he is still constantly spying on her from a distance. Melissa and Eric hold a groundbreaking ceremony for their new winery. By accusing Eric of treachery and ordering him out of the house, Angela angers Peter. Jordan begs for Greg's understanding. Dwayne finds a honeymoon cottage for Emma, much to her dismay. When Cole catches Li-Ying trespassing and surveying for earthquakes on the Gioberti's land, he confronts her. Chase asks B. Riley Wicker to investigate the financing of Tuscany Downs, which makes Richard nervous.

star 8.50
2 votes
Street of Dreams

#22 - Street of Dreams

Jake and the Fatman Season 5 - Episode 3

A young graffiti painter witnesses a murder and takes the victim's wallet. Jake finds him, but he refuses to talk, figuring that if he could solve the case himself he'd get a reward.

star 8.50
2 votes
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Pennies from Heaven

#23 - Pennies from Heaven

Jake and the Fatman Season 5 - Episode 17

Someone is giving out money to poor people or those who have done good deeds, using the name ""the good fairy"". But it turns out the faire's money is from a bank robbery.

star 8.50
2 votes
Camera Shy

#24 - Camera Shy

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 5

While covering the opening of a local pickle factory, Miguel winds up in the middle of one of Gary's saves, when he falls head first into a barrel of kosher dills. After Miguel's pickled puss winds up in all the papers, he loses his job and must take a position at a museum, where he's forced to photograph uncooperative school children. When Gary reads that one of the kids at the museum will be injured, he races to prevent the tragedy - only to cost Miguel another job. To make matters worse, while at the museum, Miguel inadvertently takes a photo of Bruce Bryce a vicious criminal thought to be dead. When he realizes he has evidence that could potentially get him his newspaper job back, Miguel heads over to the Sun Times with the film. But Bryce tracks him down and threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn't hand over the photos. With Miguel's life in jeopardy, Gary must figure out how to save him before his days as an inquiring photographer are over.

star 8.50
46 votes

#25 - Cocaine

Mission: Impossible Season 7 - Episode 6

Carl Reid, a Syndicate cocaine distributor, has as his chief supplier Fernando Laroca, and the two of them have created an undetectable series of pickup and payoff locations. They're planning a huge shipment in 72 hours and the IMF must stop them. The IMF set up Reid's lieutenant Conrad to take them to the cocaine, although even he doesn't know where it is. The IMF set up a fake new cocaine organization with Willy as a chemist with a machine that can manufacture cocaine. Conrad makes a deal with them to undercut his boss and sell the cocaine to three big buyers - the IMF steal the money and leave him with fake cocaine, so Conrad kills one of Reid's man to find the real shipment of cocaine - when he finds it the IMF move in and the police arrest everyone.

star 8.37
54 votes
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#26 - Payback

Baywatch Nights Season 1 - Episode 13

Albert Romero (from Baywatch) hires the agency to search for his wife who he believes was kidnapped by the Mafia.

star 8.33
2 votes
Liquid Assets

#27 - Liquid Assets

Baywatch Season 7 - Episode 3

C.J. befriends a homeless man, who then dies and leaves her a fortune in his will. Hobie helps aspiring lifeguard Manny make the Junior Lifeguard.

star 8.33
45 votes
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Small Potatoes

#28 - Small Potatoes

Hawaii Five-O Season 11 - Episode 5

Steve is framed on the orders of a gambling syndicate, and becomes involved with a woman who is part of the case.

star 8.25
4 votes
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Sweet Revenge

#29 - Sweet Revenge

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 7

After Richard rejects Carlton Travis's offer of a truce, Travis kidnaps him and Angela. After Maggie hires an old friend to plan a birthday party for Richard's son, Angela brings a puppy as a gift to the party. Melissa spirits her son away for a picnic and becomes lost in the Australian bush. Dina's nurse gets her to sign Lance's half-million-dollar check over to her. Lance suspects that Frank Starr tampered with his car.

star 8.25
4 votes
Across the Bridge

#30 - Across the Bridge

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 11

When Maggie returns to the valley with Vickie and Eric, she learns that Richard and Liz have been traveling together. Eric realizes that his gambling debts are following him and that he must pay more than money to escape them. When Melissa starts to experience strange phenomena due to Angela's hired illusionist Foster Glenn, Melissa's world begins to fall apart. Emma's success as a columnist disturbs Angela, who goes to Father Bob for advice about her family.

star 8.25
4 votes
What Child is This?

#31 - What Child is This?

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 11

It's Christmas, and pregnant young lady is on the run from two mobsters. Gertrude makes a surprise visit to McCabe, and helps with the Christmas celebration.

star 8.25
4 votes
The Visitors

#32 - The Visitors

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 11

Publisher Granger is controlled by the Syndicate, killing reporters and protecting Syndicate-owned politicians in his state. The IMF must make sure the voters know what Granger is up to before the next elections. Appealing to Granger's interest in UFOs and his obsession with immortality, chauffeur Barney hits him with a paralysis drug delivered by bee sting and Jim and Casey mysteriously appear in a light show, "cure" him with futuristic equipment, and appear. Thanks to IMF-rigged reports of UFOs, Granger believes they are aliens! After another rigged death of Casey that Jim "cures," Granger begs for immortality. Jim agrees if he publicly renounces his way. Granger exposes the Syndicate candidates and then is shot by his former aide and Syndicate man.

star 8.24
83 votes
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Take Me out to the Ballgame

#33 - Take Me out to the Ballgame

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 3

After Gary reads that Pedro Mendoza, a rookie pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, is going to pitch a no-hitter. Chuck convinces him to attend the game. But when Chuck inadvertently changes the course of the day's events by taking a cab meant for the ballplayer, the story is replaced by an item about the pitcher being injured while on his way to Wrigley Field. After preventing Pedro's impending accident, Gary races to protect a restaurant owner from being seriously injured by a loan shark. When it turns out that the man is Pedro's brother, Gary and Chuck find themselves in the middle of another potential tragedy. They read that the brother will be killed and the ballplayer's arm will be broken by the menacing thugs. With only a few hours left, the duo must try to save the day so Pedro can pitch the game and still make the history books.

star 8.23
99 votes

#34 - Calaway

Nowhere Man Season 1 - Episode 22

Veil's twisted odyssey leads him back to Calaway, the Illinois psychiatric hospital where his ordeal began, and more revelations of what really happened to him while he was held there. Most astonishly, he discovers that former patient Joe "J.C." Carter has joined the medical staff and become one of "them." Veil attempts to convince J.C.—who is conditioned to believe he's Dr. Novik—that he's completely victimized by "them." Veil also witnesses another man, Michael Kramer, undergoing the first phase of conditioning, an ordeal identical to what Veil underwent months ago at the hands of "them."

star 8.20
4 votes
The Interrogator

#35 - The Interrogator

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 25

Agent Norvan Kruger knows about his country's plans to launch some kind of attack which will devastate the world. he's been captured by a second country unfriendly to the U.S. Kruger's interrogator, Spindler, hasn't broken the agent but even if he does the U.S. needs the plans. The IMF capture Spindler and Kruger during transport and lock Spindler up. To convince them he's who he is he tells them of Kruger's knowledge of the plan to launch nuclear missiles from submarines against the U.S. The IMF use drugs to scramble Kruger's memories and convince him he is an interrogator assigned to break a prisoner (Rollin). He's told he must get the information from Rollin or his superior Kutzof will have him shot. Rollin claims to have the same submarine-location knowledge Kruger does. Kruger grows steadily more confused, particularly when he can't hear what Rollin is saying. Jim as a psychiatirst tells Kruger he's blocking out the words. When "Kutzof" shows up, under pressure Kruger blurts out h

star 8.18
56 votes
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Lost Sunday

#36 - Lost Sunday

Mannix Season 6 - Episode 12

Exposing a cover-up puts Mannix in hot water.

star 8.13
6 votes
Blues (aka Hard Rock)

#37 - Blues (aka Hard Rock)

Mission: Impossible Season 6 - Episode 10

Stu Gorman is a music-industry figurehead for the Syndicate. He and his financial expert, Belker, are taking control of the music industry and the IMF have to stop him. The IMF know that Gorman killed a witness, Judy, to keep her from testifying, so Barney auditions for Gorman using a song called "Judy's Gone Now" and claiming Judy had taped Gorman when he killed her, and he has the tape. Barney gets Gorman to pay blackmail while Willy fake-rigs Belker's car to explode and claims he's working for Gorman when caught. Belker gets lead to Jim as a corrupt policeman with the recording, and he and Jim agree to blackmail Gorman instead. The IMF gives Belker a fake tape of the murder scene and when Belker confronts Gorman, Gorman knows its a fake and admits he killed Judy, then tries to kill Belker. But the police show up - the IMF have Gorman's confession on tape.

star 8.09
80 votes
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Frozen Assets

#38 - Frozen Assets

Hawaii Five-O Season 10 - Episode 21

A cryogenics institute comes under suspicion when an investigative writer becomes involved.

star 8.00
1 votes
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Deadly Courier

#39 - Deadly Courier

Hawaii Five-O Season 11 - Episode 3

While McGarrett follows a false lead, an undercover Danno is discovered and brainwashed to carry out the assassination of Steve...

star 8.00
1 votes
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The Spirit Is Willie

#40 - The Spirit Is Willie

Hawaii Five-O Season 11 - Episode 15

Millicent Shand returns and claims that her niece's husband has faked his own death in order to get his hands on $500,000.

star 8.00
1 votes
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The Gathering Storm

#41 - The Gathering Storm

Falcon Crest Season 3 - Episode 22

Lance flies into a rage when he hears that Melissa sold Joseph to Angela for her half of Falcon Crest. Angela later warns Lance that he must mend things with Melissa since she is now Pamela's heir and if he doesn't, he'll be left penniless. Richard finds the bugs planted by Pamela, leading him to believe the cartel is closing in on him. Angela ignites a romance with Carter St. John, which makes Philip jealous. Maggie is running out of time as her tumor rapidly grows and must decide between risky surgery and radiation treatment. Her eyesight soon starts to fail, and Michael warns that if they don't operate on Maggie soon, her loss of sight could be irreversible. However, questions about Michael's surgical abilities still linger. Claiming she is afraid for her safety, Julia has Lucas teach her how to shoot a gun.

star 8.00
2 votes
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Dead End

#42 - Dead End

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 5

After Angela and Richard individually maneuver to meet the man behind the mysterious activity in the Tuscany Valley, they are both placed in precarious positions. Maggie can't understand Richard's reluctance to rely on the police. Angela forces Wilkinson to reveal Richard's ownership of lake property in Nevada. Emma, agreeing to write her autobiography, acquires a ghostwriter and personal manager, and heads for Hollywood. While Lance discovers that someone sabotaged his car, Vickie finds herself among the homeless. In conclusion, an explosion destroys the Gioberti home.

star 8.00
3 votes
Grand Delusions

#43 - Grand Delusions

Falcon Crest Season 8 - Episode 19

Having escaped with Samantha's help, Angela finds her family doubting her kidnapping story, but Pilar gains Angela's confidence with her plan to help her regain control of the Glenbraddoch stock. At the court hearing, Richard wins custody of the children. Angela agrees to protect Samantha from Richard's wrath and calls Lance to pick her up in San Francisco. However, Samantha disappears before he arrives. When Richard warns Pilar about opposing him, he plays a tape that has been edited to indict both her and Sinclair and which will exonerate Richard. Richard also obtains a warrant ordering Angela into custody for a psychiatric evaluation to determine her mental competency.

star 8.00
2 votes
Who's Sorry Now?

#44 - Who's Sorry Now?

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 15

Nick Voss, a wanted criminal whose brother is about to be executed, kidnaps McCabe. Voss demands that his brother is released, or McCabe will share the same fate.

star 8.00
5 votes
You Don't Know Me

#45 - You Don't Know Me

Jake and the Fatman Season 4 - Episode 18

His wife and her lover Gregg Hatton remove Andrew Blane, a good friend of McCabe and head of Blane Electronics, from his position. The next day Hatton is killed in an explosion in his home.

star 8.00
2 votes
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#46 - Robot

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 9

A country is unaware that its premier is dead and that his double is about to appoint a successor. So Barney concocts a mechanical man to take his place.

star 7.98
55 votes
Last Wave

#47 - Last Wave

Baywatch Season 6 - Episode 21

Kaye is reunited with an old flame, a surfing champion surfer, arrives at Baywatch for a local surfing tournament, however, disaster strikes. Stephanie undergoes surgery for her melanoma as her friends patiently await her fate. Caroline catches Logan with Neely.

star 7.97
38 votes
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The Last of the Fourth of Julys

#48 - The Last of the Fourth of Julys

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 1 - Episode 10

When a terrorist tries to kill a group of prime ministers attending an international meeting in Paris using a laser, Steve is assigned to infiltrate his compound and stop him

star 7.97
126 votes

#49 - Heroes

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 1 - Episode 14

Colleen believes that she loves Sully and that he returns her feelings when he saves her from a runaway wagon. She and her friends had been reading romance stories in a weekly publication and in one of them the woman is captured but writes a letter to her love, and he saves her. She decides to write a letter to Sully and goes into the mountains in hopes that he will find her. Lewis finally gets the letter to Sully by giving it to Dr. Mike who reads it first and informs Sully of what was going on. Hank accuses Grace of trying to poison him with her cooking.

star 7.97
67 votes
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The Falcon (1)

#50 - The Falcon (1)

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 14

Paris masquerades as Zastro, a magician who has come to entertain during an arranged wedding between the king's sister and a ruthless usurper.

star 7.94
66 votes
The End?

#51 - The End?

Baywatch Season 1 - Episode 22

A massive earthquake shakes up the southland. Cort and Craig go diving and when they return to the boat, they discover that two fishermen on another boat are dead. Then Cort smells poisonous gas and they swim away from the boat. When there's an aftershock, they get trapped inside a cave. Mitch and Garner locate them from a helicopter and Mitch has to use dynamite to get them out. Gina is up on the roof, repairing the damage the earthquake caused, when the aftershock comes. She falls down through the roof and is trapped under something heavy, with sharp pieces of glass hanging in the roof right above her, just waiting to fall down on her. But when Hobie and Rocky arrive, Hobie is able to save her just in time. Garner has to make a rescue and get wet because there's a boy in trouble on some rocks. Mitch teases him about it. Eddie's truck gets stuck in the sand when the earthquake strikes. A pregnant woman named Valerie rescues him. When Valerie goes into labour, Eddie and Shauni has to d

star 7.93
29 votes
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Employee of the Month

#52 - Employee of the Month

Dinosaurs Season 2 - Episode 6

Earl thinks he's moving up the ladder as he and the family await a dinner with Richfield, while Robbie brings home a ""pet"" human, who's several evolutionary rungs below the Sinclairs.

star 7.93
182 votes
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Stolen Lies

#53 - Stolen Lies

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Season 1 - Episode 21

Kung Lao is haunted by visions of Earth realm's annihilation. Meanwhile, Siro catches a thief in the trading post and it turns out to be Taja's old friend, Dion.

star 7.92
38 votes
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Lost and Found

#54 - Lost and Found

Baywatch Season 6 - Episode 18

Mitch and Caroline help reunite an amnesiac Vietnamese refugee with her American GI father. C.J. and Cody help a wheelchair-bound comedian realize his dream of swimming in the ocean.

star 7.90
40 votes
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Someone to Baywatch Over You

#55 - Someone to Baywatch Over You

Baywatch Season 5 - Episode 7

Mitch works with an FBI agent, posing as a lifeguard, stake-out a dangerous criminal. After Matt rescues a Dutch woman, she intends to repay him with her servitude, which evokes jealous in C.J.

star 7.89
18 votes
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Paradise Lost

#56 - Paradise Lost

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4 - Episode 12

As Sisko and Odo prepare for a Dominion invasion they discover a plot to place the Federation under military control.

star 7.86
1381 votes
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A Lion In The Streets (1)

#57 - A Lion In The Streets (1)

Hawaii Five-O Season 12 - Episode 1

McGarrett finds himself stymied when Hawaiian nationalists and local underworld mobsters clash over a union election.

star 7.80
5 votes
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Numbers Game (aka The Key)

#58 - Numbers Game (aka The Key)

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 2

The team tries to get a deposed dictator to divulge his Swiss bank account number by tricking him into believing World War III is about to begin.

star 7.71
57 votes
The Day They Raided the Knights

#59 - The Day They Raided the Knights

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 16

Agent 99's new job is at the Knights Trading Stamp Redemption Center. KAOS uses the center as a means of passing out a new secret weapon to their agents. KAOS agents Marco and Sonja run the center. The Chief has assigned several agents to find the secret weapon. The trail is cold, until 99 accidentally discovers that she is working for the other side.

star 7.69
25 votes
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The Amnesiac

#60 - The Amnesiac

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 13

Jim poses as an amnesia victim in order to retrieve a stolen isotope, one that could make nuclear weapons affordable to any country.

star 7.69
67 votes
Savage Sunday

#61 - Savage Sunday

Hawaii Five-O Season 2 - Episode 5

McGarrett must interrupt his Sunday to deal with both terrorists and politics when a revolutionary group steal guns from a barracks for their overseas cause.

star 7.67
9 votes
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The Becker Connection

#62 - The Becker Connection

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 16

When Detective Becker is accused of stealing drugs from the police evidence room, Rockford comes to his defense and uncovers a police setup.

star 7.62
84 votes
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East Wind -- Ill Wind

#63 - East Wind -- Ill Wind

Hawaii Five-O Season 10 - Episode 11

When an Asian ex-leader dies in a seemingly accidental swimming incident, his wife is convinced that he was murdered by forces from their home country.

star 7.60
4 votes
Dwarf in a Helium Hat

#64 - Dwarf in a Helium Hat

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 17

A wrong-number phone call has Rockford rushing to find and protect its intended recipient, Jay Rockfelt, from imminent kidnapping and death.

star 7.59
75 votes
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Past Tense (1)

#65 - Past Tense (1)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3 - Episode 11

A transporter accident sends Sisko, Bashir and Dax three centuries into Earth's dark past.

star 7.59
1280 votes
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Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron

#66 - Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 2

Max and 99 stumble on SIegfried's evil plot to destroy the U.S. potato crop while visiting 99's mother in Idaho.

star 7.56
30 votes
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Rendezvous at Big Gulch (Terror in the Neighborhood)

#67 - Rendezvous at Big Gulch (Terror in the Neighborhood)

Police Squad! Season 1 - Episode 5

The mob sets up an "insurance" scam that threatens several businesses and residents. Frank and Nordberg go to investigate. After a dance instructor is beaten up, they set up their own shop - a key-making and locksmith store - and go undercover. When the mob stops by to offer them "insurance", Frank dismisses their threats and the mob strikes their store. Frank ends up having the key to stopping the crime wave, largely because of the key-making and locksmith shop he and Nordberg set up.

star 7.55
379 votes
The Mating Dance

#68 - The Mating Dance

Dinosaurs Season 1 - Episode 2

Fran feels very depressed after staying up all night trying to keep Baby from being awake and trying to go to sleep. That morning Baby went to sleep and Fran was outraged and upset that she did not get enough sleep. Earl and Roy later tries to find out what's wrong with Fran's life and they believe that if she wasen't with the children she would have a perfect life. Later, Farn goes to her mothers to spend some time with her, while Earl tries to make dinner. Fran later comes home to tell Earl that there is defidently something wrong in her life. When Earl watches TV, he thinks that the only way to cheer Fran up again is the mating dance.

star 7.54
393 votes
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Out of Mind, Out of Sight

#69 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 - Episode 11

As Cordelia campaigns for the May Queen Crown, she finds herself the target of an evil invisible force.

star 7.50
1067 votes

#70 - Tarentella

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 10

When Chase hears that Jasper's will is being re-opened, he becomes suspicious of Angela's motives and confronts her. Chase discovers that Francesca is selling her third of Falcon Crest to Angela in order to save her vineyards in Italy, but Francesca is confused since Angela told her that Chase would be pleased. Cole decides he loves Melissa enough to move in with her, even against his parents' warning. Richard tries unsuccessfully to keep Lance from seeing Lorraine and warns him not to hurt his stepdaughter. Francesca decides to throw a farewell party before returning to Italy. She performs the tarantella and berates her family for their greed and hatred. Jean-Louis helps Francesca by pilfering her agreement from Angela's safe. During the night, Gustav's henchmen tail Julia, seize her and drive off.

star 7.50
4 votes
The Great Karlotti

#71 - The Great Karlotti

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 26

When Emma and Karlotti's church wedding concludes, Emma discovers how great her husband really is. As the couple stands up before Father Bob for their nuptials, Karlotti's reputation as a lover is enhanced. In her attempts to bring Lance back home, Angela humiliates Melissa in front of Lance, Richard and Dan. Maggie and Chase search for clues to find their baby in Boston. When Lance discovers Kit's whereabouts, he plans to intercept her in his quest to help his father. Wilkerson reports to Angela that he has Tony ""nailed to the wall."" Vickie and Eric return from their escapade.

star 7.50
2 votes

#72 - Desperation

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 28

Melissa's desperate attempts to keep the baby result in a car chase that ends when the car carrying her, Chase, Maggie, Richard and Dan plunges into San Francisco Bay. Angela discovers that her child, whom she previously believed to have died in childbirth, is alive and ready to return to haunt her. When Angela and Peter reconcile and she tries to buy Peter's freedom, Peter, facing murder charges, flees with Kit.

star 7.50
2 votes
The Jewel of the Techacal

#73 - The Jewel of the Techacal

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) Season 1 - Episode 1

Lana's father, an archeologist, comes to the university with what he thinks is a cursed relic. Lex Luthor then steals the jewel in order to seel it to the highest bidder.

star 7.46
89 votes
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Civil Defense

#74 - Civil Defense

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3 - Episode 7

Deep Space Nine is progressively locked down after O'Brien, Jake and Sisko accidentally activate an old automated Cardassian security program.

star 7.44
1582 votes
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The Waterfront Story

#75 - The Waterfront Story

The Incredible Hulk Season 1 - Episode 10

Banner is working in a tavern on the docks in Galveston, Texas, where he befriends the owner, a Union President's widow, whose husband was killed under suspicious circumstances. The woman is being pestered by a shady businessman, running to become the new President, to endorse his election campaign and he is willing to go to any lengths necessary to win the election.

star 7.40
19 votes
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#76 - Visionary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3 - Episode 17

Exposure to radiation causes O'Brien to jump hours into the future for brief periods, as Deep Space Nine hosts Romulan and Klingon delegations.

star 7.39
1282 votes
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Deadly Weapons

#77 - Deadly Weapons

S.W.A.T. Season 2 - Episode 19

Bud Haskins, disowned after marrying a girl whom his father, John Haskins, disapproved, decides to help three "professionals" crack open the safe in the elder Haskins' warehouse. Bud is unaware that the thieves are actually after a huge arsenal of sophisticated, unmarked weapons that have been secretly imported for sale. Bud is slain after helping the criminals burglarize the warehouse. Although S.W.A.T. is assigned to investigate the burglary-murder, John Haskins recruits members of a tough Eastern mob to find the killers of his son.

star 7.38
8 votes
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The Dog and Pony Show

#78 - The Dog and Pony Show

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 5

It's mind over matter when Rockford helps a frightened young woman with mental issues overcome her problems with the mob.

star 7.37
52 votes
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Common Ground

#79 - Common Ground

Sliders Season 4 - Episode 3

The Sliders slide into a Kromagg weapons-testing area and Maggie saves the life of the Kromagg commander, Kromanus. While Maggie tries to get the timer back from him, Quinn and Rembrandt discover a Kromagg weapon designed to eradicate humans.

star 7.36
278 votes
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Lover's Knot

#80 - Lover's Knot

Mission: Impossible Season 4 - Episode 21

While in London to break a spy ring, Paris develops feelings for the beautiful Lady Weston after he is cast as a jealous lover in a romantic triangle.

star 7.35
50 votes

#81 - Moonshine

Starsky & Hutch Season 4 - Episode 5

After they arrest two ploughboys who soon after die of poisoning, the Detective pals pose as country boys in order to track down some Southern moonshiners who have brewed a bad batch of bootleg whiskey. But the ruthless head of the innocent operation is determined to continue pushing the lethal brew at any cost...

star 7.33
5 votes

#82 - Aftershocks

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 1

In the aftermath of the earthquake, aftershocks rock the region and the people of the Tuscany Valley struggle to cope with the loss of property and loved ones. Father Bob transforms his church into a field hospital for the earthquake victims and as an information center for concerned friends and relatives. As the death toll mounts in the valley, Maggie and Cole wait in a San Francisco hospital for the doctor's prognosis of Chase's gunshot wound.

star 7.33
3 votes

#83 - Redemption

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 3

Unsuccessful in luring Lance back to her side, Angela turns to Dan to manage her winery and find someone new to run the spa. However, when Dan assigns Melissa to manage the spa, Melissa, to Angela's consternation, creates a successful nightclub for the Del Oro. On the turn of a card, Richard wins Eric's Nevada land and plans to create a town called Channing. While Maggie agrees not to press charges against Melissa, Nicole continues to harass Maggie until Angela enters the fray.

star 7.33
3 votes
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The Contest

#84 - The Contest

Baywatch Season 7 - Episode 2

Mitch judges a beachside bikini contest, but is tempted by two of the contestants, who both vie for his vote. Caroline's acting teacher puts her relationship with Logan in jeopardy. Cody designs a new rescue vehicle. Donna is blackmailed by a secret from her past.

star 7.29
40 votes
Home Again

#85 - Home Again

Falcon Crest Season 9 - Episode 22

As Richard and Lauren enjoy their wedding at the winery, Richard agrees to sell Falcon Crest back to Angela on the condition that half will go to his sons in the event of her death. Lance, however, will receive ten percent now and the remainder after Angela's death. As the wedding reception draws to a close, Angela recalls all the people who passed through Tuscany Valley during the last decade and toasts the future of Falcon Crest.

star 7.26
31 votes
World Killer

#86 - World Killer

Sliders Season 4 - Episode 5

After landing in a San Francisco completely devoid of people, the Sliders go to Quinn's house and discover Quinn's double accidentally slid everyone to a parallel world a few years ago. Both Quinns, Maggie and Rembrandt travel to the world where everyone was sent and rush to set things right.

star 7.25
294 votes
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#87 - Recruit

La Femme Nikita Season 1 - Episode 13

Nikita is assigned to evaluate Karyn, a recruit who is nearing the end of her two year training period. During her first live mission, Karyn kills her mentor, Brian, in cold-blood. When Nikita confronts her, Karyn confides that Brian had repeatedly raped her during her training. This reason, coupled with the fact that everyone in Section One seems to like Karyn, makes Nikita more insecure about her decision whether Karyn should have full status or be cancelled. Nikita realizes that Karyn is definitely not Section material when Karyn exhibits psychotic behaviors during a mission and decides that Karyn should be cancelled. Operations and Madeline inform her that Karyn was already set for cancellation, they were just testing Nikita and if she had made the wrong decision, she too would have probably been cancelled.

star 7.23
120 votes
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Crack Back

#88 - Crack Back

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 21

Attorney Beth Davenport hires Rockford to help her locate a witness who can help prove her football player client innocent—but the rules of the game change when she herself becomes the target of a stalker.

star 7.22
51 votes
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A Button for General D

#89 - A Button for General D

Mannix Season 5 - Episode 10

The Case of the Singing Harp: a singer is kidnapped to reveal hidden loot.

star 7.22
8 votes
Free Fall

#90 - Free Fall

The Incredible Hulk Season 4 - Episode 3

David finds himself caught in a feud between a skydiver and the son of a crooked politician.

star 7.21
37 votes
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My Favorite Magician

#91 - My Favorite Magician

The Incredible Hulk Season 3 - Episode 5

David works as the assistant of a magician, only to get mixed up in a situation involving the magician's estranged daughter and an ex-girlfriend with a questionable fiance.

star 7.21
42 votes
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Hunter's Moon

#92 - Hunter's Moon

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 9

Lance's determination to clear himself and bring the real murderer to justice endangers his own life. Tony insists that Lance, who is very sick, check into a hospital. However, Lance, despite the poison coursing through his veins, brings Nurse Chadway to justice. Richard assists the daughter of an old friend and becomes involved in helping her save her ball team. Angela tries to destroy Melissa's new vineyards. Richard asks Maggie to marry him.

star 7.20
5 votes
A Gathering of Ghosts

#93 - A Gathering of Ghosts

Mannix Season 4 - Episode 19

Ross and Alex are members of Mannix's college football team who put together an unconventional reunion in a ghost town. The reunion ends in murder and reveals years of deceit and jealousy that come to light in a series of bizarre and morbid.

star 7.14
7 votes
Opening Moves

#94 - Opening Moves

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 1

Angela learns the truth about her supposedly deceased child. The car chase has endangered Melissa, Chase, Richard, Dan and Maggie's lives. After taking a disastrous fall, Chao-Li lies at the foot of the stairs. Emma, frustrated with her mother's meddling, stands high above Falcon Crest and threatens to jump.

star 7.13
30 votes

#95 - Genesis

Sliders Season 4 - Episode 1

After three months and ten worlds of searching for Wade and Rembrandt, Quinn and Maggie finally reach Earth Prime, only to find it under Kromagg control. Quinn and Maggie manage to rescue Rembrandt from a Kromagg prison, but Quinn is captured and learns the shocking truth about his family.

star 7.13
291 votes
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Ice Station Siegfried

#96 - Ice Station Siegfried

Get Smart Season 5 - Episode 13

99 and CIA agent Quigley run into Siegfried and Starker while on a case in Canada. Meanwhile, Max and the Chief are snowed in at Miami, thanks to a KAOS plot.

star 7.13
22 votes
A Different Drummer

#97 - A Different Drummer

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 22

Hospitalized by an accident, Jim is convinced he sees a doctor perform an organ extraxion on a live patient...

star 7.11
44 votes
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The Avenging Angel

#98 - The Avenging Angel

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 30

Angela's scheme to regain control of Falcon Crest falls through when she assumes Chase and Richard will be bankrupt after a competitor wins the Helios bid. However, she is unaware that Cassandra Wilder holds the liens on their shares. Cassandra's mother, Anna Rossini, has come for long-awaited vengeance against Angela, now that her daughter owns two-thirds of Falcon Crest. At the winery, Connie offers to make Chase a partner in Giannini Winery. Maggie walks in and catches them in a celebratory embrace. Enraged, she announces she will be moving out that evening. Angela testifies on Melissa's behalf, which gives her a lenient sentence of 60 days in jail, in return for the Agretti harvest. As Lorraine's condition deteriorates rapidly due to brain damage, Lance must sign the release to remove her from life-support systems. As Maggie and Richard comfort each other that evening, an explosion rips through his house, trapping them.

star 7.11
28 votes
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Lord of the Valley

#99 - Lord of the Valley

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 6

In his quest for land adjoining Falcon Crest, Gustav Riebmann approaches Sam Giannini and when he refuses to sell, Gustav has Spheeris pay Giannini a special visit that night. Richard acquires the radio station KRDC, promptly fires the entire staff and makes Frank Taggert the new general manager. Chase and Maggie travel to New York, trying to uncover her past. Joel gives Terry written proof that they are still married, and it takes another $10,000 check to keep him quiet. Lorraine Prescott, Richard's stepdaughter from a previous marriage, re-enters his life, which is news that leaves Pamela stunned. Angela believes Richard's fierce protectiveness of Lorraine may be the weakness she's been looking for in him. Julia appears to Emma again on the porch, asking for money, but insists that Angela mustn't know.

star 7.10
29 votes
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The Decline…

#100 - The Decline…

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 26

Richard and Chase decide to go along with Angela and bid on the Helios deal. Chase looks to Maggie for support in his decision not to sell out, but she offers none. Melissa reluctantly pays Pamela $100,000 to keep silent about the hiring of Joel McCarthy to frame Lance. Terry not only confesses her past connections with Joel to Greg, but also tells Greg where to find him. Moreover, Terry suspects that it was Joel who ran Angela off the road. When Emma and Lorraine team up against Angela to find Lance, they discover that Angela and Chao-Li have him hidden in Chinatown. Angela's wicked plan to break up the Gioberti marriage unfolds when she offers Maggie the position of acting publisher for The Globe. Chase vehemently objects to the idea, but Maggie welcomes the challenge.

star 7.10
29 votes
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Last Man Standing

#101 - Last Man Standing

She Spies Season 2 - Episode 2

Cross is targeted for execution by a criminal who he put in jail.

star 7.10
29 votes
The Outcasts

#102 - The Outcasts

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 4

The cartel gives Angela a falcon statue containing a listening device, which the cartel uses to eavesdrop on her discussions about The New Globe. Terry receives an unwelcome visit from her ex-husband Joel McCarthy, who claims that they were never divorced. He demands $25,000 to keep their marital status a secret, but Terry refuses to support his drug habit. Angela reports evidence to the plane crash investigators implicating Chase, then calls in a favor with Senator Silverlake to put her spin on the F.A.A.'s report. The F.A.A. releases its report on the plane accident, and Chase learns that he's suspected to be responsible and his license has been suspended. Emma gives her stock in The New Globe to Angela, helping her take over the newspaper.

star 7.10
30 votes
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Pain and Pleasure

#103 - Pain and Pleasure

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 8

Angela is horrified when she learns that Francesca has evidence that she is Angela's half-sister and legal heir to one third of Falcon Crest. Angela then uses it to her advantage by making a deal with her to buy Francesca's third in order to control more of Falcon Crest than Chase. At Lucas Crosby's home, Julia tells him she is tired of running and being afraid someone will recognize her. However, when she goes to the police to turn herself in, they do not believe she is really Julia Cumson. Emma helps Chase obtain evidence that Buzz Whitehead was bribed into lying to the F.A.A. investigator, and Senator Silverlake was pressured into suspending Chase's license. Cole revives his love for Melissa, maintaining that they will have an open relationship, but Greg promises to destroy their relationship.

star 7.10
30 votes
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Father's Day

#104 - Father's Day

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 2

Chase still has nightmares about the crash and worries that he should have done more to land safely. Angela surprises Greg Reardon at his stables and offers him the lawyer position left vacant by Philip's death. She promises to launch his political career in one year if he takes it. Cole and Maggie pack Linda's belongings. As Richard climbs into his limousine, Spheeris levels a pistol at him. The cartel members want him to acquire some property for them, but Richard flatly refuses. Angela, Lance and Alan Caldwell of the F.A.A. plan a fuel leak story that will place the blame for the crash on Chase. Cole and Melissa begin a friendly relationship again. In Buenos Aires, as Johann steps into his limousine, it instantly explodes while Gustav stands by, mercilessly watching his father die.

star 7.10
31 votes
A Fast Count

#105 - A Fast Count

The Rockford Files Season 5 - Episode 11

A murder investigation leads Jim to a TV personality who is trying to frame a boxer's manager...

star 7.08
75 votes
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My Brother's Keeper

#106 - My Brother's Keeper

Sliders Season 4 - Episode 19

The Sliders arrive on a world where clones are harvested for spare body parts. Quinn's double is blinded in a lab accident and when Quinn tries to help, he is mistaken for a clone. Meanwhile, the others inadvertently rescue the clone, which Colin tries to teach the importance of family and sacrifice.

star 7.07
280 votes
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The Phoenix

#107 - The Phoenix

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 1

Richard and Maggie survive the explosion, but Maggie suffers from amnesia. Chase takes Maggie home from the hospital to try to rebuild their marriage. Angela Channing is forced into revealing a long-kept secret in her fight to save her wine empire from the encroachments of a vengeful mother and daughter who intend to take over the historic estate. Julia had Dominic Rossini's child, but was told it was stillborn. In order to save Falcon Crest, Angela reveals that the child was raised in an orphanage and is Father Christopher. Meanwhile, Richard Channing sets himself up as a target to flush out the killer who was responsible for his and Maggie's injuries from the explosion. He also hires an attorney, Jordan Jennifer Roberts, to help him rescue his empire.

star 7.07
28 votes
The Quiet Room

#108 - The Quiet Room

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - Episode 22

David 'Balin' is working as an orderly at Valley View Sanatorium. After discovering that a surgeon is using experimental mind control, he unwillingly becomes a patient himself.

star 7.06
68 votes
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Deep Shock

#109 - Deep Shock

The Incredible Hulk Season 4 - Episode 5

While working at a power plant, David survives an electrial accident that gives him the ability to foresee events--including violence by the Hulk. Meanwhile, as the plant faces possible lay-offs, David befriends a co-worker who has a heart condition.

star 7.05
37 votes
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Brain Child

#110 - Brain Child

The Incredible Hulk Season 3 - Episode 3

A gifted teenager runs away from a scientific institute, and approaches David for help in locating her mother.

star 7.04
71 votes
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Tests of Faith

#111 - Tests of Faith

Falcon Crest Season 3 - Episode 20

Terry's dark, sordid past is exposed to Michael when Angela goes to extravagant lengths to run her out of Tuscany Valley. Angela pays Kate Mars, a former call girl buddy of Terry, to tell Michael the truth about Terry's past. Angela also exposes Philip's past indiscretions, producing a cuff link she found by the bed in the hotel room where Jacqueline claimed to have slept with Philip. Phillip denies everything and quits, fed up with Angela's manipulation. Chase seeks out another wine distributor and discovers that Calvin Kleeger served as a front for Angela. At the mental hospital, Julia, disguised as a janitor, escapes and starts hitchhiking her way back to Falcon Crest. Maggie discovers that the horrifying cause of her dizzy spells and headaches is a brain tumor. When Richard refuses to give the cartel control of his racetrack, hit men kidnap Pamela and force her to choose between loyalty to Richard and her life. Meanwhile, Lance stalks Richard, seeking revenge for his mother's menta

star 7.03
29 votes
Changing Partners

#112 - Changing Partners

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 7

Without Angela's knowledge, Lance trades his interest in The New Globe for Richard Channing's radio station to have a showcase for Apollonia's singing career. Angela tries unsuccessfully to buy Terry's land and in retaliation goads Terry into investing in Tuscany Downs. Angela then persuades the Board of Supervisors to approve a new irrigation system, which would place the land on which Chase is working under water. As Maggie is recovering, she tells Angela off. In the meantime, Peter pushes Angela to set a date for their wedding. Father Christopher makes peace between Melissa, Cole and Robin, but Melissa gives him reason to worry when she tells him she doesn't love Cole anymore. At a honky-tonk, where Lance has arranged for Apollonia to demonstrate her singing, Emma meets a dashing truck driver named Dwayne.

star 7.03
29 votes
The Naked Truth

#113 - The Naked Truth

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 9

At the party announcing her engagement to Peter Stavros, Angela shocks the gathered guests by revealing that Cole is the father of Robin's baby. Still smarting from having been outmaneuvered by Chase on the valley's water conservation project, Angela prepares an unusual method of revenge. Moreover, she sues Lance and Richard over their newspaper and radio station swap. In order to showcase Apollonia's songs, Lance changes his station from all-talk to all-rock. After Melissa receives her annulment from Lance, Father Christopher urges her and Cole to sanctify their marriage in the eyes of the church. Richard questions Jordan about her past and is puzzled by her reaction.

star 7.03
29 votes
The Triumvirate

#114 - The Triumvirate

Falcon Crest Season 4 - Episode 12

Richard, thrilled with his one-third ownership of Falcon Crest, makes plans to acquire more harvests. He reveals to Terry that he knows Joel is blackmailing her and promises to help her if she sells him her harvest. In the fake hospital, Spheeris and Riebmann continue to torment Julia, telling her that Angela has granted them permission to perform a frontal lobotomy on her. Ben Landale, claiming to work for the U.S. Government, arrives at Falcon Crest with orders to look for Johann Riebmann. With Melissa and Lance's divorce finalized, Melissa agrees to marry Cole. Mike Harris, who is secretly working with Angela, finds Maggie's mother, Charlotte Pershing, and takes her to the radio station. Angela informs Greg that she located Maggie's mother because her compulsive gambling habits will create major problems for Chase and Maggie.

star 7.00
28 votes
Blood Brothers

#115 - Blood Brothers

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 3

In a frantic effort to save her empire, Angela Channing calls on the expertise, wealth and influence of an old friend, Peter Stavros. After Maggie questions Richard Channing about their relationship before the explosion, she moves to an isolated cabin to reassemble her life. Father Christopher takes interest in the vineyards' field workers, which antagonizes Melissa and distresses Angela. Melissa later has to turn to him when her home life proves unbearable. In a meeting with Cassandra and Anna, Peter Stavros makes them his first offer for the purchase of Falcon Crest. Angela is forced into telling Father Christopher the truth about his background.

star 7.00
27 votes
Ingress and Egress

#116 - Ingress and Egress

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 5

When the manor house is torched, Lance saves Angela and Emma. Cassandra realizes her mother is the culprit in both fires. Because Maggie still suffers from amnesia, Chase suggests they renew their marriage vows with a second wedding. On the big day, Angela pours her own brand of vitriol on the ceremony by mentioning Chase's relationship with Connie Giannini. As Richard's would-be assassin tries again, he is caught. Father Christopher discovers some hard facts of life from Lance and Melissa. When Lance rescues a cocktail hostess, he learns that she is an aspiring singer and offers to help her career. Not realizing that Peter and Angela are intimately involved, Cassandra sells Falcon Crest to Peter.

star 7.00
27 votes
Perilous Charm

#117 - Perilous Charm

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 5

As Chase hires a private detective to protect Maggie, he is unaware that his daughter also needs protection. Troubled by Kit's denunciation of Fixx, Lance fires Kit, while Angela plans to pit Lance against Fixx. Julia informs the family about an unexpected decision. Miss Jones falls for Richard's scheme and both fishermen think they have caught the big one. Richard also snares Angela to bail him out of their racetrack. Lance and Melissa return from their wedding and Fixx becomes suspicious of Kit's mysterious activities. Wainwright gets Vicky under his control.

star 7.00
1 votes

#118 - Charley

Falcon Crest Season 9 - Episode 2

Emma's old friend Charley arrives just in time for Maggie's funeral. Although Angela disapproves of Charley and changes her vacation plans, Emma stands by Charley despite Angela's interference. Michael Sharpe takes his revenge on Richard for his testimony against him by having Richard's children removed from his custody. Aware that Angela is trying to break up his relationship with Emma, Charley places a pillow over Angela's face and suffocates her.

star 7.00
2 votes

#119 - Payback

Falcon Crest Season 9 - Episode 4

With his continued influence over Emma, Charley upsets the family. After the bank calls in its loan, Richard saves Falcon Crest from Michael Sharpe. Encouraged by his sister-in-law, Genele Erickson, Frank Agretti goes to the bank with the power of attorney which Angela had given him prior to her aborted trip to Europe and takes over operation of Falcon Crest.

star 7.00
2 votes
God of the Grape

#120 - God of the Grape

Falcon Crest Season 9 - Episode 6

Charley hires his brother Ian and his young, child-like wife, Sidney, to help run the winery. Since the new arrivals put Charley at odds with Lance, the two fight. After Lance soundly beats Charley, Charley immediately fires him. After rescuing his sons, Richard learns that they liked Lauren and returns them to Lauren's care, despite the fact that she is Sharpe's sister. After Pilar and Lance confront Emma about Charley, he throws a bacchanal party, which is crashed by bikers. Ned Vogel, who has taped evidence of Pilar securing his distribution contract through sexual favors, blackmails her. At Angela's bedside, Emma thinks she hears her comatose mother command her to get rid of Charley, but Emma isn't sure whether or not she imagined it.

star 7.00
2 votes
Put Your Dreams Away

#121 - Put Your Dreams Away

Jake and the Fatman Season 3 - Episode 20

Jake is undercover on a plane transporting drugs, when his real identity is discovered. The pilot fatally wounds him, and jump out with the only parachute. From the control tower McCabe tries to keep Jake conscious by talking about their previous adventures while the plane flies toward the airport.

star 7.00
4 votes
Crazy Annie

#122 - Crazy Annie

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 9

star 7.00
1 votes
Open Season

#123 - Open Season

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 16

star 7.00
1 votes
Cover Me

#124 - Cover Me

She Spies Season 2 - Episode 7

Cassie learns she has a double who has been mysteriously murdered sending Cassie undercover as ""herself"" to find out why she was killed.

star 7.00
2 votes
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Strange Bedfellows

#125 - Strange Bedfellows

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 11

With Emma's love-life flourishing, Lance defying her and Chase stealing her distributors, Angela's life continues to be rife with challenges. When Angela's attempt to bribe Dwayne to leave her daughter fails, Angela offers her blessing for their marriage if he sells his trucking business. However, Emma shows an amazing ability to cope with her mother and her demands. To shut Chase down, Angela blackmails the valley's agriculture inspector to get Chase's vineyards quarantined. Reardon makes Angela honor her promise to help him enter politics. Lance is able to show Apollonia the real Walker McDowell. Richard jilts Cassandra, who is pregnant, while Robin is about to give birth.

star 6.97
29 votes
The Disciple

#126 - The Disciple

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - Episode 18

In a follow-up to "Another Path," David visits his friend Li Sung to hopefully find a cure to his transformations. But the old philosopher is now dying and looking for a successor in his practices; the candidate for his leadership is a student, a police officer coping with the recent murder of his father.

star 6.93
70 votes
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Bachelor of the Month

#127 - Bachelor of the Month

Baywatch Season 7 - Episode 12

Stephanie and Tom are planning a small and simple wedding. However, Caroline is convinced that a big wedding is the best thing to have. Tom tells Stephanie to tell Caroline how they feel, but Stephanie is afraid to hurt Caroline's feelings. She is still vulnerable after breaking off her engagement to Logan. In order to keep the wedding small, Stephanie and Tom decide to get married on the beach the same day. They have a small wedding on the beach and afterwards Stephanie throws her wedding bouquet, with Caroline catching it. Logan still loves Caroline, but they decide just to be friends. Meanwhile, a young editor from the Flash Magazine named Molly McCoy, approaches Mitch and tells him that he has been nominated to be the Flash Bachelor of the Month. It turns out that C.J. has nominated him. Meanwhile, a great Portuguese-Man-of-War is terrorizing the beach. When Molly doesn't get the video she wants for the Internet, she fakes a drowning. But then the Portuguese-Man-of-War comes and Mi

star 6.93
40 votes

#128 - Homecoming

Mission: Impossible Season 5 - Episode 4

When Jim returns to his hometown of Norville to donate family property to the community, he finds it plagued by a serial killer. Jim secretly brings in Barney to help investigate. A disturbed Vietnam vet is the suspected killer but Jim and Barney figure out he's innocent and get him out of jail one step ahead of a mob, then call in the rest of the IMF team to find the real killer.

star 6.92
88 votes
The Coward

#129 - The Coward

The Six Million Dollar Man Season 1 - Episode 12

When an earthquake in the Himalayas uncovers a DC-3 plane containing secret papers that went down during World War II, Steve is sent to recover the papers. Steve also tries to clear the name of the pilot, his father, who was accused of bailing out, leaving the rest of the crew to die.

star 6.92
32 votes
Like a Brother

#130 - Like a Brother

The Incredible Hulk Season 2 - Episode 14

While working at a car wash in a black neighborhood, David befriends a co-worker who is being exploited by a drug lord.

star 6.90
40 votes
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Jagged Sledge

#131 - Jagged Sledge

Sledge Hammer! Season 1 - Episode 21

Hammer goes on trial for the murder of the city's leading crime boss. Capt. Trunk and Dori are called upon to give damaging testimony against Hammer and everyone is convinced he’s guilty, including Hammer himself.

star 6.88
59 votes

#132 - Vertical

Sledge Hammer! Season 2 - Episode 6

While suffering from vertigo, Sledge must protect the girlfriend of a mobster.

star 6.81
74 votes
Life Support

#133 - Life Support

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 3 - Episode 13

Bashir's ethics are put to the test as he keeps Vedek Bareil alive long enough to help Kai Winn complete negotiations for a peace treaty with Cardassia.

star 6.78
1309 votes
Falsely Accused

#134 - Falsely Accused

In the Heat of the Night Season 6 - Episode 13

Sweet is the target of false accusations by two corrupt and racist car salesmen.

star 6.75
8 votes
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Blues Boy

#135 - Blues Boy

Baywatch Nights Season 1 - Episode 9

A young boy is in danger when his uncle's partners leave prison and hunt for him, thinking he knows where his uncle stashed the loot. The boy is terrified because he saw his father killed by his uncle seven years ago.

star 6.75
3 votes
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#136 - Nightshade

Mannix Season 5 - Episode 15

Disappearing enemies and friends force Mannix into a blackmail investigation.

star 6.70
9 votes
The Great Work

#137 - The Great Work

Sliders Season 5 - Episode 4

The Sliders arrive on a small island, with a very sick Maggie in tow. While looking for help, Rembrandt, Mallory and Diana meet the monks of a secluded monastery. Reluctantly, the monks allow them to stay and give Maggie medical attention. But the Sliders soon learn the monks have a secret and won't allow them to leave.

star 6.68
246 votes
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Tread The King's Shadow

#138 - Tread The King's Shadow

Hawaii Five-O Season 10 - Episode 12

McGarrett becomes involved in a love triangle between a young local man, a rich girl and her father who hates the Hawaiian origins of the boy.

star 6.67
3 votes
Poor Relations

#139 - Poor Relations

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 21

Comedic episode in which Parker's ne'er-do-well stepfather returns to Sparta with a new wife, a stolen painting and two inept art thieves who are determined to steal the painting back.

star 6.67
6 votes
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#140 - Sidewinder

Police Woman Season 1 - Episode 15

star 6.67
3 votes
The Glass Trap

#141 - The Glass Trap

Mannix Season 5 - Episode 8

Strange circumstances surround an arrest by Mannix.

star 6.67
5 votes
Birdwoman of the Swamps

#142 - Birdwoman of the Swamps

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) Season 1 - Episode 17

When a bulldozer is turned over at a construction site TJ and Clark decide to investigate. Clark meets an old indian woman who believes the birds turned over the bulldozer. Clark, as Superboy, moves to bulldozer to its original position and pays a visit to the indian woman. She thinks he is the enemy since he turned the bulldozer back over. She says the construction of a home for the poor is destroying the forests and the wetlands. Mr. Hogan, who is the head of the construction project, orders the indian woman killed. Superboy visits the woman again and she uses a strange spell on him. He collapses in pain, but he is able to weakly fly away from the woman. After he leaves, she is attacked and left unconscious near the swamp by two of Hogan's men. Clark and TJ head to the construction company. They discover Hogan is charging the city top dollar for materials and using low-cost materials that aren't suitable for construction. Meanwhile, the indian woman is nearly killed by an alligator,

star 6.60
5 votes
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Second Chance

#143 - Second Chance

The Rockford Files Season 4 - Episode 4

An illustrious singer is in the spotlight when Rockford and his former cellmate, Gandy, work to find the person who wants her silenced forever.

star 6.58
51 votes
In Kold Blood

#144 - In Kold Blood

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Season 1 - Episode 18

Kreeya has returned and is now teamed up with Reptile.

star 6.58
39 votes
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Message from Kassar

#145 - Message from Kassar

She Spies Season 2 - Episode 10

After receiving a coded message, the She Spies set out on a quest to reunite a brilliant mathematician with his long lost love.

star 6.50
2 votes
A Clockwork Hammer

#146 - A Clockwork Hammer

Sledge Hammer! Season 2 - Episode 1

Vile Video Concepts conditions cops not to testify against a mobster; Hammer meets a computerized version of himself.

star 6.50
111 votes
Who is Sylvia?

#147 - Who is Sylvia?

Mannix Season 3 - Episode 19

A murder in the offing implicates an old army chum, but the victim's identity is uncertain.

star 6.29
6 votes
Cry Pigeon

#148 - Cry Pigeon

Mannix Season 5 - Episode 19

Mannix in the middle of a gang war.

star 6.20
4 votes
Quartet for Blunt Instrument

#149 - Quartet for Blunt Instrument

Mannix Season 8 - Episode 19

The death of an inventor raises questions of motive.

star 6.20
4 votes
Love, Honor and Obey

#150 - Love, Honor and Obey

In the Heat of the Night Season 5 - Episode 14

Parkers investigation into a purse snatching reveals an abused woman.

star 6.17
6 votes
Captive Hearts

#151 - Captive Hearts

Falcon Crest Season 5 - Episode 28

When Chase and Cole locate the cabin where Jeff is holding Maggie, they interrupt Maggie's escape attempt, which backfires on Chase. Angela interrupts Emma and Dwayne's elopement with the promise of a proper wedding at Falcon Crest. Emma's advice to Li-Ying changes her mind about staying in America, even after her prediction of an earthquake in the Tuscany Valley proves accurate. Angela sends Lance to break up the Melissa-Eric alliance. Jordan files for a new trial for Julia, while her own problems lead to her arrest.

star 6.00
2 votes
A Dish Best Served Cold

#152 - A Dish Best Served Cold

In the Heat of the Night Season 6 - Episode 18

A swindlers homecoming upsets his wife and the families of his victims - especially Etta.

star 6.00
7 votes
A Kind of Princess

#153 - A Kind of Princess

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) Season 1 - Episode 2

Clark falls for Sara Danner a rich and somewhat spoiled student at Shuster, who happens to be the daughter of crime boss Matt Danner . Superboy saves Danner's life when a bomb is set off by members of a rival crime syndicate, headed by a Mr. Casey. When Sara disappears from her 18th birthday party, it is revealed that Casey has kidnapped her. When Casey contacts Danner, Danner decides that his crime syndicate means more to him than his daughter's life. Superboy rescues Sara and stops Casey. Sara, feeling rejected by her father, decides to leave Shuster and Clark behind.

star 5.92
12 votes
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Thicker Than Blood

#154 - Thicker Than Blood

Mortal Kombat: Conquest Season 1 - Episode 11

An old love from Siro's past, Hannah, turns up in Zhu Zin in search of his help. Hannah reveals she married Siro's estranged brother, Cassar, who has gone missing. Siro is reluctant to help until he learns Scorpion used magic to make Cassar one of his warriors.

star 5.74
37 votes
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The Last Round

#155 - The Last Round

In the Heat of the Night Season 7 - Episode 15

Forbes is delighted when his fiancee Angela comes to see him,but is disappointed when he realizes that they have very different plans for the future.

star 5.67
3 votes
The Russian Exchange Student

#156 - The Russian Exchange Student

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) Season 1 - Episode 4

When a scientist's formula to improve the efficiency of gasoline is nearly destroyed, a Russina exchange student named Natasha is accused of sabotaging the computer that the formula was stored on. Superboy steps in when a demonstration of the formula results in a powerful explosion. Again, Natasha is blamed. She is forced to leave the country within three days. TJ, who is ifatuated with Natasha, and Clark investigate. TJ discovers that Professor Gordon's assistant Jeff is working for a gasoline company that doesn't want the formula to get out since it would cause gasoline prices to drop drastically. TJ is found and dropped from a window high abouve the street by security guards in the company and saved in the nick of time by Superboy. Meanwhile, Jeff starts a fire and tries to kill Natasha and Professor Gordon, but Superboy arrives in time to save them and capture Jeff. Natasha decides to leave the US to assist Gordon, who is moving his research to Russia.

star 5.67
5 votes
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Chamber of Lost Harts

#157 - Chamber of Lost Harts

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 14

Jonathan and Jennifer stumble into a plan to steal ancient treasures from a South American archaeological dig.

star 5.50
1 votes
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Troubled Waters

#158 - Troubled Waters

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) Season 1 - Episode 10

A buisnessman wants to buy all the farms in the Smallville area during an agricultural depression. Mr. Kent wants to find out why. Kenderson , the buisnessman, has something to hide and tries to kill Mr. Kent but he is unsuccessful. Superboy, who is coming to visit because of the attempt to kill Mr. Kent, checks over the farmland and learns a river runs below it that could be of value. He now must stop Kenderson before he gets what he wants and kills Mr. Kent. Kenderson wants to blow up the community silo when Pa Kent goes to show it to the bank's mortgage department manager. As the two pull up to the silo Kenderson's men attack and prepare the silo for destruction. As they prepare to destroy the silo, Superboy arrives and stops Kenderson once and for all.

star 5.50
5 votes
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#159 - Epilogue

Baywatch Nights Season 1 - Episode 19

The two step-children of a recently widowed man suspect that he murdered their mother. Both will inherit a trust fund on the 25th birthday which for the step-daughter is only a week or so away. The step-father gains nothing if they live.

star 5.33
2 votes
The Stranger Within

#160 - The Stranger Within

Falcon Crest Season 6 - Episode 3

Upon his return to the Tuscany Valley, Wainwright, already keenly interested with the Giobertis, also becomes interested in Vicky. Angela's suspicion and the arrival of a detective jeopardize Kit Marlowe's masquerade. When Angela adds the valley's plush spa to her holdings, she learns that an unexpected source threatens her anticipated hold on the Agretti grape harvest. When Tony Cumson returns to the valley, he is appalled at the condition of his former wife, Julia, as Angela moves quickly to keep him out of the family.

star 0.00
0 votes
Telling Tales

#161 - Telling Tales

Falcon Crest Season 7 - Episode 26

The Thirteen withdraws fifty billion dollars- their net worth- out of the stock market and the Dow Jones average plummets. They plan to buy back devalued stocks under one of the companies Richard Channing has bought with their assistance, implicating him in their plot. Angela receives her subpoena to testify against her son in front of the Senate Select Committee. Emma is dying to ruin her brother but hasn't received a subpoena. Angela dreads having her family's affairs publicized. Maggie packs up the car and the kids and gets a flat tire shortly after leaving Falcon Crest. A police car appears to assist her, but it's driven by a decoy for The Thirteen. Maggie's spare tire is missing. The cop calls for a tow truck and checks in with Rosemont. Garth finds Maggie's car, abandoned, just as Rosemont drops into Richard's office at The New Globe to offer him yet another deal: testify our way and spend the rest of your life on Easy Street. Maggie eventually calls Richard, and he reveals his c

star 0.00
0 votes
Por Nada

#162 - Por Nada

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 7

An attack on the leader of a street gang, and the murder of his girlfriend, threatens to ignite a war in the barrio.

star 0.00
0 votes
It Goes with the Job

#163 - It Goes with the Job

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 10

Baretta does a lot of soul-searching after wounding a boy while trying to stop a holdup. Then he himself is targeted for revenge by one of the robbers who escaped.

star 0.00
0 votes
Just for Laughs

#164 - Just for Laughs

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 15

Baretta comes to the aid of a has-been comic trying to make a comeback, who has recently suffered several attempts on his life.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Dream

#165 - The Dream

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 22

Faced with a difficult kidnapping case, Baretta accepts help from a girl who appears to have psychic knowledge of the crime.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Snake Chaser

#166 - The Snake Chaser

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 23

A mobster who was badly scarred as the result of a shoot-out seeks revenge on Baretta.

star 0.00
0 votes