The BEST episodes written by Michael Berk

Sea of Flames
18 votes

#1 - Sea of Flames

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 15

Mitch is trying to convince Captain Thorpe that wave runners would be an invaluable lifesaving aid for Baywatch. Despite a demonstration by Mitch, Newmie and Barnett, the county bureaucrats think they're too expensive. Meanwhile, a man that is high on a drug called Spice is lose on the beach playing with fire. He torches Eddie's tower and then keeps saying Sumo all the time. When Lyle Connors finds out about the incident, he tells Eddie about the drug and that they have been trying to arrest the dealers for a long time without any luck. The drug manufacturers have set up a floating drug laboratory offshore as an attempt to evade the police. The name of the boat is Sumo. Eddie and Connors along with the Coast Guard set out to investigate, but two speedboats try to escape. After a call for back-up, Mitch, Newmie and Barnett mount the wave runners and prove their worth by catching the villains. When Mitch has dived into the water to capture one of the bad guys, the other one almost runs o

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Liquid Assets
46 votes

#2 - Liquid Assets

Baywatch - Season 7 - Episode 3

C.J. befriends a homeless man, who then dies and leaves her a fortune in his will. Hobie helps aspiring lifeguard Manny make the Junior Lifeguard.

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Trapped Beneath the Sea (2)
11 votes

#3 - Trapped Beneath the Sea (2)

Baywatch - Season 6 - Episode 2

As the crippled oil rig sinks and floods with water, Cody, Neely and Stephanie begin a desperate rescue effort to save the two young couples, and themselves, until the Baywatch lifeguards can arrive to help.

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Race Against Time (1)
46 votes

#4 - Race Against Time (1)

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 1

When Hobie flies to Acapulco for his mother's wedding, the pilot loses both of the engines in the air and the plane crashes into the sea.

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Race Against Time (2)
48 votes

#5 - Race Against Time (2)

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 2

A dramatic plane crash finds Hobie and his mother trapped in the rapidly flooding fuselage beneath the sea while Mitch and the Baywatch lifeguards mount a massive rescue effort to save the trapped passengers and crew.

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Nightmare Bay (2)
51 votes

#6 - Nightmare Bay (2)

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 2

Harvey is feeding off the local panic, making a small fortune selling T-shirts. Just when things start to calm down, the situation escalates when a fishing boat catches something huge in its net, and is pulled underwater by the mysterious entity below.

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Free Fall
44 votes

#7 - Free Fall

Baywatch - Season 6 - Episode 16

Mitch's life flashes before him (in flashbacks from previous episodes) when his parachute fails while sky-surfing. Tabloids follow CJ's relationship with a football player.

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Big Monday
51 votes

#8 - Big Monday

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 14

When a deaf girl named Lili, gets separated from her family on the beach, her mom freaks out. Kaye helps her finding her. When they find Lili, she has been pulled out by an undercurrent and can't get back to shore. Mitch heads for the rescue, but a mysterious Hawaiian guy gets to her first. Lili is brought back to safety by Mitch. Mitch is determined to find this mysterious Hawaiian guy. He goes to visit an old Hawaiian friend of his. He tells him that it was Sonny Paalua, son of the recently drowned surfing great Duke Paalua. Meanwhile, Kaye offers to teach Lili sign language. Her mother Sharon doesn't want anyone to treat her child differently. But Kaye tells her that Lili is different. Sharon agrees to give it a try. At the sign language school, Lili ends up in a fight with another kid and Sharon take her away from there. Later Kaye convinces her to let her take Lili to an amusement park. It's a magical journey for Lili as Kaye introduces her to the world of communication throu

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Search & Rescue
41 votes

#9 - Search & Rescue

Baywatch - Season 7 - Episode 10

There's a huge fire on a pier. The fire place fishermen and tourists are in a deadly situation. But the lifeguards and the firemen who work together as a team can rescue them all. Everyone like how well they cooperate. Then Sam and Captain Huntington from the Fire Department put together an elite Search & Rescue. The Search & Rescue Unit will include three lifeguards and three firemen. Everybody have a chance to qualify for the unit. A rivalry develops during the training session and Newmie ends up injuring his knee. In the end, Neely, Cody and a lifeguard from Catalina named Rick Jenner, qualifies for the unit. From the firemen, Terry, Clay and Jess get to go. The unit will have to show their newly gained skills during a building fire. The building is about to collapse on trapped victims. They save two victims in the garage. In the end, Neely, Cody and Jenner have to decide if they want to be lifguards or firemen because they can't be both. Meanwhile, Mitch is having problems with

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If Looks Could Kill
50 votes

#10 - If Looks Could Kill

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 11

Allison Fowles, a beautiful seductive woman murders a man named Steve by handcuffing him to the bottom rung of a ladder in a pool. The next day, she leaves the house with a suitcase full of money and a dead Steve in the backseat. While on the road, she is spotted by Drew her ex-partner, who starts chasing her. Allison loses control over her car and ends up driving off the edge off a cliff. Mitch and Eddie are in the scarab and head for the rescue immediately after the car has hit the water. Allison is rescued by Mitch but Steve can not be resuscitated. Unfortunately for Allison, the money can't be brought back up until the next day. Therefore she seduces Mitch and without him knowing it, she wants him to protect her from Drew. Mitch and Allison share a very passionate evening together. During the night, Drew breaks into the house. Mitch starts fighting with him but loses. Just when Drew is about to shoot Mitch, Allison shoots Drew instead. He dies immediately. Allison tells Mitch that

Tentacles (1)
39 votes

#11 - Tentacles (1)

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 6

A prison break gone awry finds Mitch held hostage by a beautiful woman and forced to perform surgery on her escaped convict husband. Meanwhile, Matt and Slade decide to settle their mutual affection for Summer in a daring surfing contest.

The Summer of '85
50 votes

#12 - The Summer of '85

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 22

Harvey has been seeing a fortune teller named Rosalind for quite some time. Almost everything she has told him, has happened. Therefore, Eddie and Shauni pay Rosalind a visit. Rosalind predicts that Eddie will meet his first true love. She assures him that it's not Shauni. Eddie doesn't believe this at first, until one day when he spots a woman on a sailing-boat drawing just like the woman he had a relationship with back in 1985. Her name is Lorna Cosgrove. Eddie tracks down the sailing boat, but when he meets Lorna she denies knowing him and tells him that her name is Caitlin. Her boyfriend Roger is also on the boat. Eddie leaves but the next day, he receives a painting from a boy. This was the painting Lorna drew that year on Nantucket Island. He sees her on the jetty and goes to talk to her. She tells him that she couldn't reveal her true self while Roger was on board. Apparently, he doesn't know everything about her past. However, Lorna is in trouble and she asks Eddie to remember

River of No Return (2)
55 votes

#13 - River of No Return (2)

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 2

Mitch, Eddie, Shauni, Hobie and C.J. try to track down the infamous "Gold Boot" buried along the river which leads to a dangerous underwater cave.

Tentacles (2)
42 votes

#14 - Tentacles (2)

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 7

Stephanie's younger sister arrives in town for a visit with her fiancé, an environmental investigator, who has a near-fatal accident while out diving.

Nightmare Bay (1)
67 votes

#15 - Nightmare Bay (1)

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 1

An underwater photographer is attacked inside a sea cave. Her boat is destroyed and her partner is killed. Mitch rescues her. Because she doesn't know what attacked her, everyone think it's a sea monster.

Father's Day
43 votes

#16 - Father's Day

Baywatch - Season 5 - Episode 17

Logan is traumatized by a phobia from his past involving his late father and fire. Mitch discovers that his late father was actually proud of his career as a lifeguard.

Island of Romance
19 votes

#17 - Island of Romance

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 13

C.J. and Stephanie go to Catalina for their women-only-weekend. On their way there, they have to rescue a family from a burning boat. The Coast Guard assist them and asks if they can join them in Catalina. C.J. is very positive about it, but Stephanie points out that they have a women-only-weekend. At Catalina, they meet Clay Burgess in the water. When Roger Lawrence from the Coast Guard arrives, he immediately recognizes Burgess as a former jewel thief who escaped conviction on a technicality. Roger is convinced that Burgess is diving for a hidden loot, a bag full of jewelry. To get to his jewelry, Burgess has to put out some dynamite on some cliffs. Meanwhile, C.J. and Stephanie are inside a cave. When the explosion come, big rocks block the entrance to the cave and C.J. and Stephanie are trapped. When the Coast Guard find their boat and notice that they have been underwater way too long, Roger and Lucas go down looking for them. They are able to find the cave and rescue them. They a

The Life You Save
12 votes

#18 - The Life You Save

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 20

When the Baywatch gang find out that their jobs are in jeopardy due to budget cuts, everyone decide to volunteer as civilian lifeguards. At the same time on the beach, a couple named David and Julia is having a romantic time. When David proposes to Julia, the engagement ring falls into the water. David dives in after the ring, but the onrushing tide forces a rock to fall down on his hand and he is trapped. Meanwhile Matt and Summer are going to have a picnic on the beach when they see Julia on some cliffs. They dive in after David and bring him to safety just in time. When David and Julia arrive to headquarters with Matt and Summer, Mitch gets an idea. Instead of showing the county commissioners just some statistics, they bring some victims to the beach whom they have rescued during the years. Among the victims are Charlie Dupree (Episode 29: ""Sandcastles"") who was rescued by Mitch and the Baywatch gang when she lived on the street with her mom. Memo Urueta (Episode 28: ""Point of Attac

Silent Witness
6 votes

#19 - Silent Witness

Baywatch Nights - Season 1 - Episode 3

A complicated story of a mother seeking her daughter who has accidentally become the only witness to a murder.

A Matter of Life and Death
16 votes

#20 - A Matter of Life and Death

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 12

Mitch's parents Al and Irene Buchannon, come to visit. Al has never approved of Mitch abandoning is architectural degree. Al wanted Mitch to stay in the family business, but instead, Mitch chose to become a full-time lifeguard. Mitch finds out from his mother that Al is dying of Lymphoma. Because of this, Al wants Mitch to take over his architectural firm. Al wants everyone to leave a ""legacy"" after one dies, such as a building or a home. This is impossible to do if you're a lifeguard. When Mitch have found out that Al is dying, he have second thoughts about returning to his father's firm. However, when Al witnesses a rescue Mitch is forced to do, he suddenly realizes that what he once considered a wasted profession is far more valuable than his own profession. Al finally comes to terms with his son's direction in life. He also tells Mitch that he will leave many more ""legacies"" in the lives he saves than any building he could design. Meanwhile, during the search for a dead body, Summe

The Contest
42 votes

#21 - The Contest

Baywatch - Season 7 - Episode 2

Mitch judges a beachside bikini contest, but is tempted by two of the contestants, who both vie for his vote. Caroline's acting teacher puts her relationship with Logan in jeopardy. Cody designs a new rescue vehicle. Donna is blackmailed by a secret from her past.

Trapped Beneath the Sea (1)
43 votes

#22 - Trapped Beneath the Sea (1)

Baywatch - Season 6 - Episode 1

Mitch considers a new career working with Garner as a private eye. Logan cheats on Caroline again. The explosion of an offshore oil rig endangers Stephanie, Cody and Neely.

Home Is Where the Heat Is
44 votes

#23 - Home Is Where the Heat Is

Baywatch - Season 6 - Episode 9

Matt has come back from France for his 10 days as a lifeguard. But he is vague when it comes to his relationship with C.J. Matt and Neely's reunion is explosive because both of them really hate each other. Mitch puts them in the scarab in order to find out if they can work together. Meanwhile, a group of commando pirates boards the yacht ""Monarch"", owned by millionaire Price Rreynolds who is on his honeymoon with his wife Jill. The pirates are demanding a $ 50 million ransom for the couple. They place the couple on the collapsed oil platform with handcuffs and air for six hours. The Captain of Reynolds' scarab has been thrown overboard and is later picked up by Matt and Neely in the scarab. He is suffering from hypothermia. But before he passes out, he is able to whisper the word ""Monarch"". When the Coast Guard has picked up the Captain, Matt and Neely head for the yacht only to find themselves in the hands of the pirates. Mitch and C.J. get worried and go out looking for them. When

In Deep
105 votes

#24 - In Deep

Baywatch - Season 1 - Episode 2

Playing hooky from summer school, Lt. Mitch Bucannon's son Hobie gets dangerously involved with reckless jet skiers.

I Spike
44 votes

#25 - I Spike

Baywatch - Season 5 - Episode 10

Matt considers fulfilling his dreams of playing professional volleyball when he's given the chance to partner with a pro. Mitch meets the beautiful Tracy, who tries to sell Baywatch a hovercraft. Garner literally chokes when he tries to sing in public. C.J. protests oil drilling in the bay and the lifeguards must rescue the drillers become trapped underwater.

51 votes

#26 - Reunion

Baywatch - Season 2 - Episode 12

A calm day on the beach turns into chaos, when a two-ton bull starts chasing the people on the beach. Mitch is able to capture the bull with a lasso. When he returns the bull to its rightful owner, he finds out that the bull is the West Palisades High School mascot. The bull has been brought to the beach for the 20-year reunion of the class of 1972. Mitch is also invited to this party, but he doesn't want to go. He doesn't want to tell everyone about his and Gayle's divorce. But Gayle who has traveled to L.A. from Ohio convinces him to go to the reunion with her. At the reunion, they meet some old friends again, including Larry Veron, a bully who makes a move on Gayle. Mitch saves her and Veron leaves for the beach. When Mitch is singing ""Do You Love Me"", two nerds, Max and Howie, bury Veron up to his neck in sand. But they can't take him out of there, when the tide starts coming in. Mitch and Gayle who are walking down the beach, hear Max and Howie's cries for help and help them to re

46 votes

#27 - Submersion

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 8

Mitch meets two boys named Chuck and Bobby on the beach while they are sleeping in a tent. They have come from Kansas for Bobby's 10th birthday. Later the same day, Mitch meets the two boys again and teaches them how to throw a Frisbee. Later Bobby throws the frisbee into the ocean, and while they go out to get it, they end up in trouble. Mitch has to do the rescue all by himself because C.J. is on the bike-path taking care of an injured man. Mitch comes to Chuck first and gives him the rescue can. Then he swims towards Bobby, but Chuck loses the rescue can and Mitch has to choose which one of them, he will rescue first. He chooses Chuck and when he returns for Bobby, he is nowhere to be seen. Newmie locates him from the scarab and Bobby is taken to the hospital, where he is in a coma. Bobby's mom Dana blames Mitch for the accident and Mitch blames himself as well. Then an investigation takes place and it's proved that Mitch did everything he possibly could, but he is still mad at hims

Sky Rider
49 votes

#28 - Sky Rider

Baywatch - Season 4 - Episode 5

Slade has returned to Los Angeles and Summer doesn't know anything about it, until her friend Ethan tells her about it. Later when Matt sees Summer and Slade together, he gets jealous. But Summer tells him that she will tell Slade about them. Then before Summer gets the chance to tell him, Ethan tells Slade about Matt and Summer's relationship. Slade confronts Summer and she tells him the truth. Later Slade goes surfing where Matt is surfing, and he steals his wave and they soon end up in a fight. When Slade gets hurt, they sit down and talk, and they decide to solve the problem with a competition where the winner gets Summer. Meanwhile, a man named Simon who owns an air balloon wants C.J. to fly around the world with him. He also scares her by bungee jumping out of his balloon. Matt and Slade see this and decide that their competition will be bungee jumping with the one closest to the water wins. But something goes wrong and Slade, who jumps first, hit the water and become unconscious

Showdown at Malibu Beach High
22 votes

#29 - Showdown at Malibu Beach High

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 6

The summer is over and school is about to begin. When Slade surfs in the water near the Bremmer's land, Courtney makes a move on him and offers him a sponsor. She spends a lot of time with him at school and Summer gets jealous. When Slade and Summer share a passionate kiss at Matt's beach party, Courtney interrupts them. But Slade has shown her where his feelings are. One day, Slade's father Nicholas pays him a visit. He tells Slade that he will resign from the army and settle down in California. Slade tells him that he will do fine without having him around. Then Nicholas pushes him and tells him to stay in school no matter what, because he can't live on his surfing and then he breaks his surf-board in half. Meanwhile, C.J. has taken the job as a Volleyball coach at Malibu Beach High School. A friend of Matt's named Bear Sutter is a chumash-indian. He claims that the land that is supposed to be taken away in order to build apartments, is holy chumash-land. In order to prove that, he c

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Livin' On the Fault Line (2)
46 votes

#30 - Livin' On the Fault Line (2)

Baywatch - Season 5 - Episode 2

Stephanie and the geological team are trapped underwater by a massive earthquake. Hobie's and Jackie's lives hang in the balance. It is up to the Baywatch team to save them before it's too late!

The Tower
20 votes

#31 - The Tower

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 17

A psychopath murderer named Jacob Kilmer escapes from prison and his hurried departure finds him on the Will Rogers Beach, close to Baywatch headquarters. The police close the beach and everyone is cleared from the beach. Lieutenant Sloan from the Police Department, is in charge. When almost everyone has cleared the beach, Kilmer hides himself in Stephanie's lifeguard truck. When Mitch calls her on the radio about some missing children, she lets him know she's in trouble by telling him that she is looking for a child's parents. But the lifeguards doesn't do that, they take the kids to headquarters and let them wait for their parents there. Mitch tells Sloan about this and now everyone knows that Kilmer is in Stephanie's lifeguard truck. Kilmer and Stephanie drive to Summer's tower where Kilmer takes both women hostage. Slade tries to rescue them, by sneaking up to the tower from the ocean. But Kilmer sees him and Slade is shot in the shoulder by Kilmer. Kilmer demands that a helicopter

Princess of Tides
22 votes

#32 - Princess of Tides

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 8

When Mitch and Newmie are in a boat race in Ben's scarab, C.J. comes into the race orbit and their opponents almost runs her over. Mitch and Newmie are forced to stop and see how she's doing. By that they only finish in fourth place. The winner James Lewiston is very happy and Mitch is angry and wants another race. Lewiston is engaged to a princess named Catherine and she wants a taste of the real world before she gets married. Her father doesn't want her to leave the boat because terrorists have threatened them. Therefore she elope and near the beach she is very tired and almost drowns. Mitch has to rescue her. Mitch and Catherine falls in love and she tells him she can't get in contact with her friends. Later when Hobie is looking in some newspapers, he finds out that Catherine is a princess. When Hobie and Catherine is out on roller-blades, two terrorists try to kidnap her, but Hobie helps her to get away from them. He also tells her that he knows who she really is. Then Catherine c

River of No Return (1)
60 votes

#33 - River of No Return (1)

Baywatch - Season 3 - Episode 1

Mitch and friends travel to northern California's rugged gold country to investigate the death of Mitch's prospector uncle where they find an old treasure map leading to a valuable gold nugget along a rough river.

Livin' On the Fault Line (1)
106 votes

#34 - Livin' On the Fault Line (1)

Baywatch - Season 5 - Episode 1

After a minor earthquake, a geological survey team arrives at Baywatch to place an underwater seismometer in the Malibu fault. Hobie has an argument with his father about his future.

High Stakes
4 votes

#35 - High Stakes

Manimal - Season 1 - Episode 5

When a horse trainer recognizes her stolen horse in a race, Jonathan helps her try and recover it. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk, a black panther, and a horse.

3 votes

#36 - Scrimshaw

Manimal - Season 1 - Episode 6

While at the beach, Jonathan and the others discover a scrimshaw (walrus tusk with carvings on it) in the clutches of a skeleton. They begin investigating at local bar where they encounter someone who has been looking for it for their whole life. TRANSFORMATIONS: a black panther, a hawk and a snake.

Female of the Species
5 votes

#37 - Female of the Species

Manimal - Season 1 - Episode 4

After a girl is found living with wolves in the forests of India, she is the topic of discussion at a local university where she is being held. When an attempt is made on her life, Jonathan takes her into his care and protection. Her identity must be found in order to discover who it is that is trying to kill her. TRANSFORMATIONS - a hawk, a black panther and a dolphin.

Eye for an Eye
0 votes

#38 - Eye for an Eye

Thunder in Paradise - Season 1 - Episode 15

Another Cuban Rescue

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