The BEST episodes of The Twilight Zone (1985)

Every episode of The Twilight Zone (1985) ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of The Twilight Zone (1985)!

This show is based on Rod Serling's classic TV anthology show, The Twilight Zone. Redoing some episodes and doing new ones 20 years laters after the originals, these are made in color and in one-hour episodes. Most of the episodes contained two or three stories, and were broken up in half hour episodes for syndication. CBS cancelled the show in its second season, but it was picked up by a Canadian producer and aired in syndication in a half-hour format. The show contains mostly ironic or special situations with a twist at the end, which show the human nature, coupled with science fiction, horror or fantasy. Some of the show's writers are well known: Harlan Ellison, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Sidney Sheldon and J. Michael Straczynski. The opening and closing music was done by The Grateful Dead.

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To See the Invisible Man
99 votes

#1 - To See the Invisible Man

Season 1 - Episode 40 - Aired 1/31/1986

An uncaring man is sentenced to a year of social isolation.

Directors: Noel Black
Aqua Vita
93 votes

#2 - Aqua Vita

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired 10/4/1986

A woman finds a method for eternal youth at a steep price.

Directors: Paul Tucker
The Trunk
54 votes

#3 - The Trunk

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired 12/24/1988

A young man at a motel discovers an empty trunk that grants any wishes. He uses it for popularity, but at a party he discovers who his true friends are.

Directors: Steve DiMarco
Shadow Play
72 votes

#4 - Shadow Play

Season 1 - Episode 56 - Aired 4/4/1986

A man is convinced that reality as we perceive it is dependent on his staying alive.

Directors: Paul Lynch
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Need to Know
71 votes

#5 - Need to Know

Season 1 - Episode 51 - Aired 3/21/1986

A government scientist/agent sent to a small town to help investigate a bizarre outbreak of insanity which is spreading through the town.

Directors: Paul Lynch
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The Hellgramite Method
63 votes

#6 - The Hellgramite Method

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired 11/5/1988

An alcoholic goes through an extremely painful and potentially deadly cure for his drinking problem. He has to choose which is more important - the bottle or his life.

Shelter Skelter
81 votes

#7 - Shelter Skelter

Season 2 - Episode 17 - Aired 5/21/1987

A survivalist traps himself in his bomb shelter when a nuclear blast finally comes.

Directors: Martha Coolidge
Profile in Silver
72 votes

#8 - Profile in Silver

Season 1 - Episode 49 - Aired 3/7/1986

A researcher from the future, a descendent of President John F. Kennedy goes back in time to witness his ancestor's death.

Directors: John D. Hancock
The Call
58 votes

#9 - The Call

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired 11/19/1988

A lonely man accidentally phones the wrong number and finds an intriguing female to whom he grows attached. When she refuses to meet him, he investigates and finds the phone in a museum next to the statue of a woman.

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A Saucer of Loneliness
98 votes

#10 - A Saucer of Loneliness

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired 9/27/1986

A quiet waitress sees a glowing UFO, which gives her a message that everyone wants to know. She refuses to reveal exactly what the message is.

Special Service
52 votes

#11 - Special Service

Season 3 - Episode 29 - Aired 4/8/1989

A man finds that his life has been on TV for the past five years.

Directors: Randy Bradshaw
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Her Pilgrim Soul
100 votes

#12 - Her Pilgrim Soul

Season 1 - Episode 28 - Aired 12/13/1985

Two scientists create a holographic projector that has a woman appear in the display.

Directors: Wes Craven
The Library
68 votes

#13 - The Library

Season 1 - Episode 55 - Aired 3/28/1986

Landing a new job at a private library a girl is warned never to look at the books. Taking a peek she learns that there's a book for everyone alive. When a neighbor pesters her, she rewrites his biography.

Directors: John D. Hancock
Writer: Anne Collins
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The Once and Future King
103 votes

#14 - The Once and Future King

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired 9/27/1986

An Elvis impersonator is transported to the 1950s where he meets the real Elvis who thinks that the impersonator is his long dead brother.

The Card
65 votes

#15 - The Card

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired 2/21/1987

A woman with out-of-control spending habits finds her new credit card comes with unexpected penalties.

Directors: Bradford May
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A Matter of Minutes
110 votes

#16 - A Matter of Minutes

Season 1 - Episode 38 - Aired 1/24/1986

A young married couple discovers that their home is being remodeled by blue-clad workers who are workers of time that build and move objects from one time period to another.

Directors: Sheldon Larry
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Extra Innings
64 votes

#17 - Extra Innings

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired 10/1/1988

Ex-baseball player Ed Hamler, lame from an injury and forced to retire early, is given a baseball card from the early 1900s that transports Hamler to the past to be the player he used to be.

Directors: Doug Jackson
Writer: Tom Palmer
Button, Button
104 votes

#18 - Button, Button

Season 1 - Episode 50 - Aired 3/7/1986

A mysterious man offers a couple a bizarre deal: if they will push a button on a box that will kill one person they don't know, they will get a million dollars.

Directors: Peter Medak
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The Elevator
97 votes

#19 - The Elevator

Season 1 - Episode 39 - Aired 1/31/1986

Two brothers searching for their father discover a factory full of giant animal bodies.

Directors: Ralph L. Thomas
Writer: Ray Bradbury
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Cold Reading
64 votes

#20 - Cold Reading

Season 1 - Episode 46 - Aired 2/14/1986

An actor arrives at a radio station to perform a radio play. An old voodoo stick is accidentally activated and the play becomes more real that anything anyone expected.

Directors: Gus Trikonis
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What Are Friends For?
127 votes

#21 - What Are Friends For?

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired 10/4/1986

A lonely boy finds a strange friendship in the woods around his home.

Directors: Gus Trikonis
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Private Channel
58 votes

#22 - Private Channel

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Aired 5/21/1987

On board an airplane, a lightning storm transforms a boy's walkman into a telepathic tuning device that informs him that the man sitting next to him is carrying a bomb.

Directors: Peter Medak
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94 votes

#23 - Quarantine

Season 1 - Episode 43 - Aired 2/7/1986

An ill weapons designer is cryogenically frozen and awakened three centuries later..

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The Toys of Caliban
93 votes

#24 - The Toys of Caliban

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired 12/4/1986

A mentally challenged child has strange powers.

The Last Defender of Camelot
92 votes

#25 - The Last Defender of Camelot

Season 1 - Episode 59 - Aired 4/11/1986

In modern-day England, the last of King Arthur's knights teams with Morgan le Fay to stop the return of Merlin.

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