The BEST episodes directed by Bill L. Norton

Flash to Bang
5 votes

#1 - Flash to Bang

The Invisible Man - Season 2 - Episode 10

During an attempt to stop Chrysalis from testing a stolen laser that generates lightning, Darien is shocked and gets amnesia. He turns himself in to the police but they try to arrest him based on his criminal record. Stark, Chrysalis' leader, takes Fawkes away and tries to convince him he works for the CIA. However, the amnesiac Darien is stolen away a third time by the invisible Arnaud DeFehrn, who convinces Darien that he is his similarly-invisible brother Kevin, and that they have to rescue their third brother, Johnny. Johnny turns out to be Huiclov, DeFehrn's brother, and the whole thing is a ploy to get Huiclov out of prison. Darien manages to regain his memory and capture Arnaud only to give into Quicksilver madness, and DeFehrn escapes. Stark figures out there is a second invisible man and contacts DeFehrn to make an alliance to restore Arnaud's visibility...and kill Darien.

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The Old Man and the G
9 votes

#2 - The Old Man and the G

Lincoln Heights - Season 2 - Episode 4

Relationships are broken. Repairs are needed. But that takes honesty and a steady heart. For Jen's parents, lies and deceit may end a forty-year marriage. While Cassie and Charles push each other to the breaking point (a place so far there may be no going back). All summer long Charles has been working on a special present for Cassie (a one-of-a-kind, built-with-love automobile just for her). But when he finds her in another man's arms, he doesn't wait for explanations. The two seem headed off a cliff and neither knows how to apply the brakes. Does disaster lie ahead?

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The End of the World
236 votes

#3 - The End of the World

Roswell - Season 2 - Episode 5

An older Max travels from the future (2014 to be exact) to tell Liz that their relationship will imperil his planet and together they devise a plan to change the future: by making present Max fall out of love with Liz. Not an easy task until Liz tricks Max into believing she slept with Kyle.

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Two to Go (1)
877 votes

#4 - Two to Go (1)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 6 - Episode 21

Buffy and Xander must protect Jonathan and Andrew, who are next on Willow's list. The Slayer is no match for Willow, who has drained Rack of all his powers. Giles arrives to test Willow's conviction that she's unstoppable.

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13 votes

#5 - Missing

Lincoln Heights - Season 1 - Episode 10

The entire family undergoes therapy to help Lizzie deal with her feelings after she was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Lund disappears and Eddie is shocked to learn that he might be a dirty cop. Meanwhile, Charles's ex girlfriend returns, thinking they're still an item and posing a threat to Cassie and Charles' relationship.

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493 votes

#6 - Coded

Medium - Season 1 - Episode 9

Allison's daughter Ariel dreams that she is a young girl named Sarah being held captive by an ogre in a castle. While Joe agonizes over the possibility that both of his daughters have inherited their mother's psychic abilities, Allison tries to help Ariel and interpret the dream. However, Allison's advice provokes Ariel to run away from a field trip in order to follow up a clue.

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658 votes

#7 - Calvary

Angel - Season 4 - Episode 12

After learning the doomsday beast may be working for something bigger and badder than itself, Angel's friends cast a spell to return his soul to Angelus' body.

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Give Me Liberté
188 votes

#8 - Give Me Liberté

seaQuest DSV - Season 1 - Episode 8

When Commander Ford and other crew members are contaminated with a deadly virus from a downed space station, Captain Bridger finds himself fighting against the clock and a government cover-up to save them.

239 votes

#9 - Slither

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 11

After Russ Corbett and his wife are found in a seedy hotel room, Russ dead of an overdose, Eames and Goren follow the trail of evidence to Bernard Fremont, a professional partier. With his beautiful blonde companions, Fremont insinuates himself into the lives of couples who don't know the city very well, then robs them blind. While investigating Fremont's past in Asia, Goren realises that he is the mastermind that turned Nicole Wallace into a murderer, and his most successful pupil.

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197 votes

#10 - Control

Roswell - Season 3 - Episode 5

Max, with the help of Kal Langley, undertakes a dangerous journey as he seeks to learn of the fate of Tess and his son. Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Isabel and Jesse must face the negative reactions of their parents and friends to their impending marriage.

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Going Postal
4 votes

#11 - Going Postal

The Invisible Man - Season 2 - Episode 5

Hobbes, Fawkes, and Alex go undercover since the Agency is now under the Post Office. They are sent to investigate thefts from the dead-letter office. When Hobbes opens an envelope with a card that plays ""Jingle Bells"", he goes berserk and shoots up the place. All of the team undergo psychiatric evaluation, but the only consistent factor in all their stories is the card. When Eberts opens it, he goes berserk as well. It turns out the card has a touch-transmitted chemical in it that, in conjunction with the song, turns the victim into a berserker. The card was sent to the post office by some 60's anti-establishment type and was leftover until someone found it. Fawkes manages to stop Eberts, and Hobbes is given a clean bill of health.

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Past Imperfect
353 votes

#12 - Past Imperfect

John Doe - Season 1 - Episode 4

When skeletal remains are found at a construction site, the ownership is traced to a man who is a dead ringer for John.

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225 votes

#13 - Pulse

Threshold - Season 1 - Episode 6

As the signal from the Big Horn invades a Miami rave, the team investigates who have been infected, trying to prevent the signal from spreading to the population.

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A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk into an Execution Chamber
454 votes

#14 - A Priest, a Doctor and a Medium Walk into an Execution Chamber

Medium - Season 1 - Episode 12

The girlfriend of a convicted drug lord is killed on the night of his execution. The drug lord's ghost is seen at the crime scene, and Allison is brought in to investigate. Also, Allison discovers a dark secret about the mother of a boy that Ariel has a crush on.

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6 votes

#15 - Justice

Vengeance Unlimited - Season 1 - Episode 5

During the protection of a witness and his wife in a arms deal trial, the wife is kidnapped. Now the witness isn't equally motivated to testify. Chapel plans to put the claustrophobic arms dealer in a box to make him talk, but a zealous cop instead puts him in jail. Chapel enlists a guard inside the prison (from Bitter end) to help him play with the drug dealers mind. But can a crooked guard really be trusted? And where will the racist gun buyers fit into all this?

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Country Crossover
216 votes

#16 - Country Crossover

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 6 - Episode 7

The death of a music producer is initially believed to be connected to his professional interests, but later the attention turns to his romantic interests.

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Happy Anniversary
684 votes

#17 - Happy Anniversary

Angel - Season 2 - Episode 13

Angel and The Host search for a physicist who, with the aid of two Lubber demons, plans to freeze time so he and his girlfriend will live in eternal happiness. Meanwhile, Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn start their first official case.

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Three Weddings and a Funeral (1)
196 votes

#18 - Three Weddings and a Funeral (1)

Las Vegas - Season 5 - Episode 18

When thieves want to steal a rare stamp from a Montecito auction, they take the whole surveillance team hostage.

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595 votes

#19 - Supersymmetry

Angel - Season 4 - Episode 5

Fred discovers her old physics professor is the one who exiled her to Pylea; Cordelia can't get comfortable with Connor and begins to wonder more about her history with Angel.

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Ex Stasis
143 votes

#20 - Ex Stasis

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 16

When a young woman is shot at an appointment she never should have been at, Goren and Eames investigate her death and learn she had received a kidney transplant a few years earlier. Initially they believe that Vanessa Nikos may have been killed so that her organs could be harvested, but soon learn that her death was more closely connected with the organ she initially received from living donor Boyce Wainwright. When her shooter, also awaiting an organ transplant, is also found dead, the police realise they're on to something.

Second Chance
76 votes

#21 - Second Chance

seaQuest DSV - Season 3 - Episode 10

The crew members travel through a ""space-time sphere"" that rockets them back in time to October 1962 and places them in the midst of the Cuban missile crisis, where they have to try to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Den of Thieves
4 votes

#22 - Den of Thieves

The Invisible Man - Season 2 - Episode 8

Darien goes undercover as a thief to infiltrate the gang of the mysterious terrorist Javier and discover why they are stealing random parts. He and the leader of the gang, Dante, are captured and sent to prison, where Fawkes is left there to try and get the info from Dante. Pressured by two cronies from his previous stay, Darien promises to get them out by using his invisiblity to steal the warden's nameplate. Dante, impressed, also goes along with him. Darien breaks Dante out, while Alex and Hobbes manage to find the remaining members of the gang. It turns out the components can form an EMP bomb, but while the team manages to capture the gang, Javier escapes.

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73 votes

#23 - Monsters!

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 1 - Episode 36

A boy who loves monster movies has a strange neighbor move in.

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Notes from the Underground
180 votes

#24 - Notes from the Underground

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 2

Taylor is captured and held in the secret underground tunnels of the North Vietnam Army. Anderson and Goldman, trying to earn the men's respect, go into the tunnel after the NVA. In the end Anderson and Goldman escape the tunnel after a cave-in, as does Taylor when his Doctor is unable to follow orders and shoot him.

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Life of the Party
747 votes

#25 - Life of the Party

Angel - Season 5 - Episode 5

Strange things happen when Lorne has his sleep removed right before Wolfram and Hart's big Halloween party.

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That Vision Thing
608 votes

#26 - That Vision Thing

Angel - Season 3 - Episode 2

Lilah coerces Angel to help in securing the release of a prisoner that The Powers That Be have locked in a fiery prison.

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Brothers and Sisters
192 votes

#27 - Brothers and Sisters

seaQuest DSV - Season 1 - Episode 7

The seaQuest discovers a group of children living in an old munitions facility on the sea floor and they must evacuate them, before, the structure collapses and unleashes a deadly explosion. Meanwhile, Lucas develops a crush on the teenage girl.

Battling Baker Brothers
85 votes

#28 - Battling Baker Brothers

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 9

Baker insists his fellow squad members follow him to an incoming helicopter. The incoming VIP turns out to be Baker's twin brother, who brings along a skate board that the whole squad uses for fun. Carl Baker turns out to be nothing like his brother: he is hard-drinking, womanizing, party-goer. The two brothers end up in a fight, nearly destroying the base in the process. Carl celebrates their birthdays by bringing in a truck-load full of Vietnamese hookers. They all party down and, in the end, Baker ends up doubly-mad as his brother steals his girl. Carl leaves the next morning with neither brother on speaking terms and everyone in trouble. Carl's helicopter goes down and Baker goes in after him, managing to get caught by the same VC who have his brother. They are both tortured by the VC and Anderson and Goldman must go in to rescue the two.

Angel of Mercy
110 votes

#29 - Angel of Mercy

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 20

In a small South Vietnamese hamlet, an NVA officer arrives to brief his men that they will soon begin infiltrating towns and villages through-out the country in preparation for the Tet Offensive. Meanwhile, Bravo is in the bush, while Baker is losing a battle with his dysentery. As he "answers the call of nature," he sights VC closing on the unit and then, pulling his pants up, gets a frog down them, and starts screaming. As the American's come running, a firefight starts, ending with the capture of an NVA Colonel Trang. Goldman catches a bullet in the helmet and in his jacket as they try to retreat. Though saved by his clothing, he still does need to go to the hospital along with Anderson, who is hit with shrapnel. While Goldman and Anderson recover, Trang dies under mysterious circumstances during interrogation.

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379 votes

#30 - Pilot

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 1

Sgt. Anderson is sent to division HQ to report on a battle in which his Bravo Company suffered losses and to meet the platoon's new leader, Lt Goldman. He also uses the trip to recruit some new "Grunts" calling upon his own criteria to call the best from a group of green recruits. Goldman, just arrived from the States, immediately clashes with Anderson over military procedure.

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4 votes

#31 - Legalese

Vengeance Unlimited - Season 1 - Episode 15

When a little girl suddenly loses consciousness, it is suspected that the grass fertilizer is the cause. The girl may die if the manufacturer doesn't give the doctors the formula. But the manufacturer doesn't want to lose any profits, and hires a lawyer, Michael Dearborn, that buries all evidence - and even blackmails a scientist that wants to testify into going away for a long time. Chapel uses a client to switch judges, but Dearborn seems to have every advantage against the prosecuting attorney, Bizzini, a slob with very litle experience. It seems it's time to bring out the chain saw, the shovel, some pepper spray and a brand new eighteen-piece suit...

Saigon (1)
113 votes

#32 - Saigon (1)

Tour of Duty - Season 2 - Episode 1

Having received some warning of the upcoming Tet Offensive, Bravo Co. is still unprepared for what happens to them after they are transferred to Tan Son Nhut Base outside of Saigon. Zeke and Goldman catch up with one of their men in an opium parlor and have a run-in with some Vietnamese thugs. The situation is basically under control until a female wire service correspondent -- Alex Devlin -- butts in. Alex explains that she was following up on a story lead. Lt. McKay is introduced as a chopper pilot who will be shuttling Bravo Co. As they prepare to leave on a mission, Zeke opens a letter from his ex-wife who claims she will soon arrive in Saigon to see him. The company is landed in a hot-LZ and only gets saved from sure disaster when Lt. McKay uses his helicopter to fire machine guns at the hostile position. Alex meets up with Jake Bridger who tells a story about VC infiltrating the cities as peasants. McKay and Goldman start to argue over both their increasing

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106 votes

#33 - Soldiers

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 15

The squad is in heavy contact with a group of enemy soldiers, and after taking several casualties manage to be retrieved by two helicopters. Danny hears that his father is hospitalized after a near-fatal heart-attack and is given emergency medical leave. Danny finds that his father and mother have separated and his father has taken up with a younger woman who is loyal to him. Danny feels left out and alienated from a man who he already wasn't close to. While waiting for his father to get better, Danny meets Rudy Morales, a vet handicapped by wounds -- a bitter, broken man. Danny is seriously upset by this and further upset by an argument with his father. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ruiz decide that they need to be by Danny's side, so they talk Anderson into pulling some strings and getting their R&R in Bangkok changed to Honolulu. Once in Hawaii they are exposed to the "real" world of mini-skirts and negative attitudes about the war.

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Pushin' Too Hard
112 votes

#34 - Pushin' Too Hard

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 12

Anderson, Goldman, and Captain Wallace are checking out a new weapon that has been added to the platoon's arsenal: a flamethrower. Zeke and Goldman are unhappy that the next mission will also include a beautiful female reporter -- Vicky Adams. Zeke fights against the woman's urges to "get the good stuff" and his own men's attempts to impress her -- at the risk of their own lives. A prisoner is caught and tells the unit that they are surrounded by an NVA regiment. Wallace refuses to go back to safety, though, and a bad situation continues to get worse and worse.

Saigon (2)
105 votes

#35 - Saigon (2)

Tour of Duty - Season 2 - Episode 2

Anderson meets with his wife and sees her off after her announcement that she is remarrying. Goldman begins a relationship with Devlin which almost ends as they are both nearly blown up by a VC bomb. Percell is fed up with the senselessness of the war and Ruiz becomes convinced that he is going to be the next to die. Johnson and Taylor go to check on Bridger only to be told that he is dead (he is faking it), while Stacy Bridger has arrived to find her father. Goldman is ordered to have Alex pull her story about the soldier who died in the opium parlor and Zeke runs into Stacy Bridger -- rescuing her from some Vietnamese punks. He takes her back to the hotel where Zeke ends up trying to save a suicidal marine deserter. The deserter has sold information to the VC and ends up killing himself. Meanwhile McKay sends Goldman on a "snipe" hunt so that he can be alone with Alex, and inadvertently exposes Goldman to serious danger.

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Hope and Mercy
438 votes

#36 - Hope and Mercy

Ghost Whisperer - Season 1 - Episode 7

In a hospital, Melinda encounters a woman who wants to determine what caused her death during a surgery.

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Brothers, Fathers and Sons
127 votes

#37 - Brothers, Fathers and Sons

Tour of Duty - Season 1 - Episode 7

Anderson, Baker and Johnson are shot down and must make their way back to base while being hunted by the Viet Cong, led by Trang, whose son was killed by the Americans. The trio come across a woman who dies giving birth. Anderson is adamant about leaving the baby behind, but the other two insist on taking it with them. However, it is Anderson who ends up taking care of the baby and forms the strongest bond with him, risking his life to save the baby. In the end, after many gunfights, Trang and Zeke are left to battle it out. Trang gets the upper hand down when Zeke tries to save the baby, but he is unable to kill a man who twice risked his life for this child.

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Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Streams
28 votes

#38 - Subject: Sunrise at Sunset Streams

Freakylinks - Season 1 - Episode 12

To secure money for Chloe, Derek lies and denies the potential presence of a mythical creature at a retirement community. Then, a sudden death forces him to come clean.

Sinners and Saints
2 votes

#39 - Sinners and Saints

Hack - Season 1 - Episode 18

An exhausted E.R. doctor's error results in a man's death, and an upset Heather seeks Mike's help when the hospital administration refuses to take action after she reveals that the doctor falsified the man's chart to cover up his mistake; Mike convinces a reluctant Heather to give the story to reporter Emily Carson, whose investigation results in Heather's being fired and blacklisted on a trumped-up charge; Mike's concern that Heather may have to move far from Philadelphia with Mikey to find work puts a strain on his budding relationship with Faith, who begins to doubt that Mike is over Heather; Mike enlists the help of Ryan Ambrose, a psychiatrist at the hospital who supports Heather, in obtaining information that convinces the E.R. doctor to back up Heather's account of the patient's death and to admit his mistakes to Emily; Heather is reinstated, and she and Mike realize that it's over after spending the night together, leaving Mike free to commit himself to a relationship with Fait

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