The Best Episodes Directed by Peter Medak


#1 - Colors

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 3 - Episode 19

Tim's cousin shoots a Turkish exchange student and his partnership with Pembleton may be in jeopardy when they both stand on opposite sides of the case. Lewis hires his grandmother to cook at the bar.

star 8.50
111 votes
Ground Zero

#2 - Ground Zero

Crime Story Season 1 - Episode 22

After his murder mistrial, Luca clashes with a crime kingpin over plans to split up control of the sinking Luca gambling empire. Pauli changes his mind and rescues Luca from Torello as they hide in a house in the desert, a target site for nuclear testing.

star 8.50
6 votes
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By the Pricking of my Thumbs

#3 - By the Pricking of my Thumbs

Agatha Christie's Marple Season 2 - Episode 3

When Tommy and Tuppence Beresford visit Tommy's elderly aunt at Sunny Ridge Nursing Home, Tuppence is told by another resident, Mrs. Lancaster, that the corpse of a child is hidden behind a fireplace. Tuppence realises there could be more to the old lady's words than she originally thought, especially when Tommy's aunt dies weeks later, and Mrs. Lancaster mysteriously disappears. With Tommy away on business, who better to help her than Miss Marple, who is visiting an old friend at the nursing home. With a cryptic painting on their hands, the two end up in the Norfolk village of Farrell St. Edmund to find the subject of their painting, a lone cottage in a wooded forest, while also trying to learn the closely-guarded secrets of the residents.

star 8.36
217 votes
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All Through the House

#4 - All Through the House

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 3 - Episode 8

Munch spreads his usual Christmas cheer. Russert, who misses detective work, joins Meldrick on an investigation into the murder of a material witness, when she discovers she knows something about the victim's case. Munch and Bolander investigate the death of a man in a Santa Claus suit and Munch spends the evening with whom they believe is the victim's son. Beau buys Christmas presents for the kids, although he still doesn't know where Beth and the kids are. Bayliss searches the station in search of a game of hearts.

star 8.20
111 votes
Brotherly Love

#5 - Brotherly Love

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 7 - Episode 2

Sheppard and Lewis investigate the death of a man who has a twin brother. Gharty talks about wanting to live his life; he and Ballard go to the hospital to investigate the death of a teenager. Bayliss has interest in Sheppard; later he seeks advice from Stivers, who tells him to get in line behind Lewis and Falsone. Lewis and Sheppard interview the remaining twin and his mother; she confirms his story and they try to point to the dead twin's girlfriend. Meanwhile the friend of the teenage victim in Ballard and Gharty's case confesses that his friend wasn't shot in Baltimore, but rather D.C.; he drove his friend back to Baltimore so their parent's wouldn't ""kill them"" for buying drugs in D.C. Gee hopes to get the case moved to D.C. Mike Giardello puts in for his FBI transfer, but the only openings they have in the area are for liaisons to local police departments. He interviews with Gaffney, who is so open to the idea, he can't wait to tell Gee. That's something Mike was going to wait f

star 8.20
111 votes

#6 - Hassun

Hannibal Season 2 - Episode 3

Will Graham's trial begins and he must watch as those closest to him are forced to take sides. Jack Crawford scathing report about his conduct with Will, is pulled in conflicting directions. He acknowledges that he may be partially to blame for pushing his star pupil over the edge. To add confusion to an already suspenseful trial, a court bailiff is killed in a Copycat-like manner and those closest to Will start to wonder if they were wrong about him. The outcome of the entire trial hangs in the balance as one last key victim is served up.

star 8.07
3295 votes
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Justice (2)

#7 - Justice (2)

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 4 - Episode 14

Jake Rodzinski has trouble dealing with the verdict of the trial and takes justice into his own hands. Kellerman is back from a family wedding in Wisconsin picks up the case of the murder of Kenny Damon. Lewis is not allowed to know all the details of Kellerman's investigation, because of his past relationship with Rodzinski, their chief suspect. Bayliss is at odds with Pembleton over the disposition of a grilled cheese sandwich.

star 8.00
139 votes
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#8 - Deception

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 5 - Episode 19

A man transporting 72 condoms filled with heroin bound for Luther Mahoney is found dead in hotel. The department takes this opportunity to set up ""Operation Get Luther."" The operation almost goes off as planned, except Luther Mahoney gets Lewis' gun and is holding it on him as Kellerman and Stivers enter. Frank and Tim agree to become partners again. Tim stops by to see his uncle. Munch takes a call from a convict who was looking to talk to Bolander. He has information on an old murder case that should be a done deal. That involves the digging up of section C of the parking lot at a racetrack. Munch discovers that the supposed victim is alive; however, he isn't that way for long.

star 8.00
83 votes
Painful Cuts

#9 - Painful Cuts

Chicago Hope Season 6 - Episode 15

Keith discovers a heart murmer while giving Alicia a physical. Jeremy performs an appendectomy on Siamese twins.

star 8.00
6 votes
Feeding Frenzy

#10 - Feeding Frenzy

The Guardian Season 1 - Episode 7

Now that CLS has expanded its circle of operation to include all people needing legal aid, not just minors, Nick is given a case surrounding a retarded man, Malcolm Dempsy, who wants to remain living on his own. Though his mother fears for his safety, his next door neighbor and friend is a drug dealer, she has no proof and therefore the court will not remove him from his apartment. When Eddie, the suspected drug dealer, is murdered, Malcolm is accused of the murder and Nick must work to find the real killer - a search that puts him back in the world of drugs. Far more crucial to Fallin & Assoc. is the fact that Jake has hit another lawyer with his car and faces felony charges if the man dies. Burton Fallin is concerned that Jake's reckless driving has put the firm in danger of being sued and Jake feels the lawyer Burton has hired to defend him is more concerned about what's good for Fallin & Assoc. than what's good for Jake Straka. So, he embarks on his own investigative work to try to clear his name.

star 7.93
90 votes
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Someone Waiting

#11 - Someone Waiting

The Persuaders! Season 1 - Episode 24

star 7.92
49 votes
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The Intersection

#12 - The Intersection

The Guardian Season 2 - Episode 17

Caroline Novack returns to find out that Nick and Lulu were in a car accident which could prove fatal for Lulu.

star 7.88
48 votes
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Button, Button

#13 - Button, Button

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 - Episode 50

A mysterious man offers a couple a bizarre deal: if they will push a button on a box that will kill one person they don't know, they will get a million dollars.

star 7.84
103 votes
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#14 - Peekaboo

Breaking Bad Season 2 - Episode 6

Walt returns to work. Skinny Pete gets ripped off and when Jesse steps in, he gets more than he bargained for. Walt's cover story on how Elliott and Gretchen are paying for his medical treatment starts to collapse.

star 7.84
13997 votes
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Scene Steelers

#15 - Scene Steelers

Remington Steele Season 2 - Episode 8

A poisoned TV dinner is the latest move in a long-standing quarrel between the stars of a series of television commercials.

star 7.84
44 votes
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The Socratic Method

#16 - The Socratic Method

House Season 1 - Episode 6

Dr. House is intrigued by the symptoms of a schizophrenic woman, who displays mixed symptoms, including a tumor, but soon realizes the source of her problems isn't the obvious. House confronts his birthday and Chase confronts his past when the mother's son tries to keep up with her condition.

star 7.84
3247 votes
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Harts On Campus

#17 - Harts On Campus

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 4

Jonathan joins Jennifer at her prep school reunion and is drugged by a former admirer who wants Jennifer for himself.

star 7.83
5 votes
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Professor Jonathan Higgins

#18 - Professor Jonathan Higgins

Magnum, P.I. Season 5 - Episode 13

After Agatha and her friends are swindled out of $100,000 by a shady investment company, she hires Thomas to track down the crooks and retrieve their money; Higgins's distant cousin arrives to marry the heir of a local socialite, and turns out to be a punk rocker in need of a drastic makeover before she can be accepted into society, giving Higgins and Agatha only a few days to play Pygmalion and turn his common cousin into a proper lady before the wedding.

star 7.82
100 votes
Black Blizzard

#19 - Black Blizzard

Carnivàle Season 1 - Episode 4

On the road to Babylon, Texas, the carnival encounters a horrific dust storm, called a 'black blizzard.' Intrigued with clues about his past, Ben follows Lodz into an abandoned house where the seer tests Ben's powers. Meanwhile, a lonely Sofie socializes with a handsome café owner. Samson visits an old flame while Jones, facing a roustabout mutiny of the carnies, comes up empty in his effort to meet with the mysterious and godly Management which controls Carnivale. In Mintern, Brother Justin struggles with an ultimatum by Reverend Norman Balthus: give up his new migrants ministry at Chin's, or face losing his old congregation at First Methodist.

star 7.72
669 votes
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Song of Orpheus

#20 - Song of Orpheus

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 - Episode 8

Father's past is revealed when he goes above for the first time in over thirty years to see a friend. When he gets to his friends office he finds his friend is dead. Father is then charged with murder.

star 7.69
16 votes
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The Buys

#21 - The Buys

The Wire Season 1 - Episode 3

The early-morning "field interviews" by Herc, Carver and Prez result in a minor riot.

star 7.65
4507 votes
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#22 - Œuf

Hannibal Season 1 - Episode 4

A string of family murders takes place and Will determines they were conducted by each of the families' missing children, who were abducted and brainwashed into killing their old families for their sinister "new family." Against Alana's recommendation, Hannibal checks Abigail out of the hospital for some frightening psychiatric practices that ultimately align her loyalty with him.

star 7.64
4581 votes

#23 - Angel

7th Heaven Season 8 - Episode 18

The Camdens, especially Lucy and Ruthie, grow concerned that an unusually joyful Annie isn't dealing with her true emotions following the death of her father Charles, but the happiness proves to be infectious as it soon spreads through the family and all over town. Meanwhile, Eric tries to convince an unhappy Chandler that he should consider adoption, which leads to a meeting with a lawyer (guest-star Randy Spelling). At the same time Chandler is approached by a mysterious young girl who gives him a cryptic message before she disappears.

star 7.63
73 votes

#24 - Stalked

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 1 - Episode 8

When the body of an assistant district attorney is found raped and beaten in Central Park, Benson lets her emotions get the best of her as she takes it upon herself to bring the suspected rapist, a local realtor, to justice. Stabler tries to get the man's business partner to help him, but Benson may be the one who ends up needing help.

star 7.62
462 votes
The Hat

#25 - The Hat

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 4 - Episode 10

Gee is sent upstairs to see Barnfather and everyone speculates about the vacant Captain's position. Lewis and Kellerman are sent to Pennsylvania to extradite a woman back to Baltimore where she is a suspect in the murder of her husband. Munch tries to find a videotape in Brodie's pile. Later after reviewing the tape, they discover a key piece of evidence isn't contained on the tape. Munch wants the tape erased, but Brodie delivers the tape to court and that results in the outcome Munch feared. On the trip back from Harrisburg, Kellerman convinces Lewis that they have time to stop at Neptune's Castle and they lose the suspect, for a moment. Later they lose her again but find her at the house of her dead husband's mistress, delivering a hat. Much to everyone's surprise but not the viewers Gaffney is promoted to Captain over Gee. Captain Gaffney lays down the law.

star 7.60
139 votes
Private Channel

#26 - Private Channel

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 2 - Episode 16

On board an airplane, a lightning storm transforms a boy's walkman into a telepathic tuning device that informs him that the man sitting next to him is carrying a bomb.

star 7.58
57 votes
All About E.E.V.

#27 - All About E.E.V.

China Beach Season 2 - Episode 6

A dashing lieutenant colonel parachutes into China Beach for some R&R and disrupts the lives of Lila, KC and Wayloo Marie. Dr. Richard and McMurphy play a game of sexual brinksmanship. Frankie falls for a GI who thinks he's Chuck Berry.

star 7.55
11 votes

#28 - Iced

Cold Case Season 7 - Episode 10

The 1980 murder of a minor-league hockey player is investigated. The victim was killed on his team's home rink the night the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in the Olympic Games.

star 7.48
358 votes
The New Arrival

#29 - The New Arrival

Tales from the Crypt Season 4 - Episode 7

An arrogant radio child psychologist is obsessed with proving to his manager that he is the best. He gets a new patient, a woman and her daughter. When he goes to her room, he assumes that the daughter is the woman's imaginary friend. He learns that her daughter died years ago but her mother's love keeps her alive.

star 7.46
122 votes
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Prince of the City

#30 - Prince of the City

Kindred: The Embraced Season 1 - Episode 2

The feud with the Brujah is escalating. Against Masquerade policy, Eddie Fiori has ordered the death of Boyle, an informant of Detective Kohanek. Fortunately for Eddie, the vote by the ruling primogens is split, and Eddie is not sentenced to final death. Julian has fallen in love with reporter Caitlin Byrne, a human who wants to do an article on him because he is wealthy, powerful, and unseen. In order to control her, Julian buys the San Francisco Times and appoints her as the editor.

star 7.40
68 votes
Still Life

#31 - Still Life

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 - Episode 33

A professional photographer discovers an old camera containing mysterious photos of a long-ago expedition.

star 7.30
96 votes
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Grace Note

#32 - Grace Note

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 - Episode 57

An opera singer is having a hard time. Her sister is at the hospital dying. Her sick sister leaves a gift: a glimpse into the future when the singer is a world-famous star.

star 7.25
53 votes
The Original Saga

#33 - The Original Saga

Kindred: The Embraced Season 1 - Episode 1

A police detective, Frank Kohanek, has learned that vampires exist, but doesn't realise that he's surrounded by them. The businessman whom he suspects is a mobster, Julian Luna, is the Prince of the San Francisco "Kindred" clans. And Frank's girlfriend, Alexandra, is Julian's ex and also a vampire. When she reveals herself, breaking the Masquerade, her life is forfeit.

star 7.18
143 votes
Cold War

#34 - Cold War

St. Elsewhere Season 5 - Episode 12

Dr. Turner finds her confidence shaken when she learns her new patient, about to undergo a risky transfusion procedure, has a malpractice suit pending at another hospital; Dr. Peltrovich arrives but has trouble getting licensed to practice medicine; and Morrison explodes during a mock war with paint guns.

star 7.17
6 votes
The Rack

#35 - The Rack

The Professionals Season 2 - Episode 2

A suspect being held under CI5's supervision is found dead in his cell - apparently after a fatal blow administered by Doyle. A public inquiry ensues and an influential lawyer calls for CI5 to be shut down. It's left to Cowley in fighting to save the organisation he founded.

star 7.05
39 votes
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Dead Woman's Shoes

#36 - Dead Woman's Shoes

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 - Episode 21

Shy Maddie finds a pair of shoes and after trying them on, is possessed by the vengeful spirit of a rich murdered woman.

star 7.00
34 votes
The Harts Strike Out

#37 - The Harts Strike Out

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 22

A friend of Jonathan's dies leaving his widow and son with a valuable assortment of baseball cards. Before the Harts can sell the collection for the family, it is stolen.

star 7.00
1 votes
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One Hart Too Many

#38 - One Hart Too Many

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 9

Jennifer finds herself in over her head at the Grey Gables Health Farm when the doctor is killing guests and replacing them with lookalikes.

star 7.00
2 votes
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Ye Gods

#39 - Ye Gods

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 - Episode 13

Cupid arrives in the modern world. A love spell for his target does not work as well as he hopes.

star 6.94
128 votes
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Space Warp

#40 - Space Warp

Space: 1999 Season 2 - Episode 14

Maya contracts a strange illness that causes her to hallucinate and go on a wild rampage through the corridors of Alpha. Meanwhile, Koenig and Tony's investigation of a derelict spacecraft hits an unexpected bump and the two must concoct a desperate plan if they are ever to see Alpha again.

star 6.53
60 votes
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The Washingtonians

#41 - The Washingtonians

Masters of Horror Season 2 - Episode 12

After his grandmother's funeral, Mike finds out an artifact in her basement could re-write the history of our nation. There are clues that suggest George Washington was in fact a cannibal, Mike must protect his family and escape from a band of Washingtonians, hungry for human flesh and willing to protect Washington's secrets.

star 6.44
93 votes
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Personal Demons

#42 - Personal Demons

The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 - Episode 45

A scriptwriter suffering from writers block is tormented by a group of small creatures.

star 6.27
84 votes
The Seance Spectre

#43 - The Seance Spectre

Space: 1999 Season 2 - Episode 20

An Alpha crewman starts believing he's psychic and can sense a habitable planet nearby, leading his team to mutiny and endangering Alpha when Koenig finds that the Moon and the planet are actually on a collision course.

star 5.30
56 votes
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Harts On Their Toes

#44 - Harts On Their Toes

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 17

The Harts become involved in international intrigue when they infiltrate a ballet company to clear a world-renown Soviet danseur of murder charges.

star 3.33
2 votes
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