The BEST episodes directed by Sheldon Larry

...And Never Brought to Mind
6 votes

#1 - ...And Never Brought to Mind

Knots Landing - Season 5 - Episode 6

Lilimae is arrested, and Gary wants to pay her bail. Val says no, she'll pay it. Chip is rushed to surgery. He wakes up, but later goes into a coma. Diana blames Karen for running him over. Laura tells Abby that the apartment her uncle left her at Lotus Point was left to Sid, too, so Karen owns half. Abby instructs her to buy Karen out, but Karen won't sell. Abby suggests to Gary they get married. He says he wants to wait. Lilimae bursts into Gary and Abby's bedroom, looking for Diana. Abby says if Gary brings her home, she's leaving. Gary takes Lilimae home anyway. Val's upset, so Gary comforts her and they sleep together. When he gets home, Abby's leaving. Val tells Mac she slept with Gary and is happy. Gary tells Laura about it and says how it's great that they can be friends with no strings. Val has a psychiatrist, Dr. Bovane, see Lilimae.

Reconcilable Differences
7 votes

#2 - Reconcilable Differences

Knots Landing - Season 5 - Episode 16

Abby and Westmont scramble to get Apaloon off of real estate documents. The audit goes well and Gary apologizes to Abby. Gary sees that Cathy makes much more than the other ranch hands, and that they are dated from before he met her. Gary hires a detective who says Cathy spent the last 4 years in prison. Ben and Mac discover that Apaloon owns all the property at Lotus point except for Abby and Karen's apartment. They think Apaloon is a front for Wolfbridge. Greg and Laura sleep together. Karen suffers from withdrawal. Gary goes to see her and says if he could get through it, she can. Karen is outraged that he would compare her plight with his alcoholism. Karen finally opens up in group. Karen's therapist wants Mac in on her therapy too. Mac feels they're ganging up on him. Ben tells Val to tell people that the baby is Gary's, as he's tired of everyone bugging him about it, and he wants to be free of her.

Friends with Benefits
2 votes

#3 - Friends with Benefits

Jack & Bobby - Season 1 - Episode 18

Grace is now working with a new TA, Margaret, which leads Grace at a lost without Tom even with another TA on her side. Grace's excitement to be the opening speaker at an event for her mentor turns to disappointment when she is asked not to speak due to her scandalous relationship with Tom. Grace catches up on old times with a former colleague, Julius Edelman, who was her former mentor when she was a TA at the college. But Grace is a little scared of how he'll feel about her once he finds out about her former relationship with Tom on campus---but the story takes a surprising turn for both. Jack that finds out Bobby is taking a shot a joinging the track team and he instantly shows disapproval. Later, Jack finds out that his relationship with Katie (guest-star Kate Mara) isn't what he thought it was and is shocked to find out that Courtney and Marcus may have feelings for each other.Lastly, Missy joins a Bible Study Group after her break up with Randy, but it doesn't go so well for her.

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Steele Framed
72 votes

#4 - Steele Framed

Remington Steele - Season 2 - Episode 5

Steele becomes the victim of an elaborate frame perpetrated by someone he's never met with a grudge against-Remington Steele.

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Simply Irresistible
25 votes

#5 - Simply Irresistible

Doogie Howser, M.D. - Season 1 - Episode 6

After a grueling 48-hour shift amid hothouse conditions, Doogie is tempted to switch loyalties to an upscale pediatrics group eager to woo him away from Eastman.

A Matter of Minutes
109 votes

#6 - A Matter of Minutes

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 1 - Episode 38

A young married couple discovers that their home is being remodeled by blue-clad workers who are workers of time that build and move objects from one time period to another.

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It Ain't Over Til It's Over
32 votes

#7 - It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Noah's Arc - Season 2 - Episode 2

Noah still has strong feelings for Wade which he cannot deny. These are confirmed when they have yet another unexpected encounter. Noah and his friends are moving in and fixing up Noah’s new place and the furniture delivery man turns out to be none other than Wade. Noah tries to apologize but Wade won’t bend. Chance and Eddie continue to slightly bump heads with regards to Kenya, while Alex and Trey finally start to pick up where they left off. Ricky meets up with Junito once again and is forced to deal with his feelings for him.

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34 votes

#8 - Housequake

Noah's Arc - Season 2 - Episode 1

After six-months apart, Noah unexpectedly runs into Wade at a bar and learns that he has moved on with his life. Meanwhile, Alex anxiously awaits the arrival of Trey but his plans for a welcome home party falter when Guy arrives as well.

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Steele Eligible
74 votes

#9 - Steele Eligible

Remington Steele - Season 2 - Episode 12

Steele is named to the five most eligible bachelors in Los Angeles list but it proves a dubious honor. Someone is trying to kill them all off.

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Chapter Fifteen
44 votes

#10 - Chapter Fifteen

Boston Public - Season 1 - Episode 15

Harry advises Tyronn to leave town when he is shot at. Harvey sends Scott on a two-hour drive for a non-existing conducting opportunity. A student accuses the cheerleading teacher of touching her in inappropriate ways.

Chapter Twenty-Five
7 votes

#11 - Chapter Twenty-Five

Boston Public - Season 2 - Episode 3

Senate is outraged when he learns that one of his prized students was admitted to Williams College because he bought his college application essay over the Internet. Also, Lipschultz calls a student a derogatory term and new teacher Danny Hanson wants him held accountable, but Harper refuses. Hanson goes to Ronnie for legal help, and his class decides to sue Lipschultz in court for defamation of character.

Chapter Nineteen
13 votes

#12 - Chapter Nineteen

Boston Public - Season 1 - Episode 19

While heading to work, Lauren's car breaks downs. She gets so frustrated with it that she starts jumping up and down on it and smashing the windows with a baseball bat. Suddenly, an old student of hers appears named Daniel Evans who thanks her for changing his life. He shows her a history text book he has written and she is very impressed. He asks her out for a drink, and she immediately says yes. After, they head to her place and have a night of passion. The next day she tells Marilyn, who finds it a little immoral. Lauren cannot get past how great the sex was. Lauren admits she finds it a total turn on when Daniel calls her Ms. Davis. Marilyn is dealing with a boy named Jeremy who throws up after an anxiety attack related to his mom not being able to accept his mark of a B+. He goes to the nurse, where Marilyn notices a huge bruise on him. He says he got it playing basketball. When Jeremy's mom shows up, she says he must of got it on his scooter. Marilyn suspects abuse.