The Best Episodes of Black Mirror

A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology.

Hated in the Nation

#1 - Hated in the Nation

Season 3 - Episode 6

A police detective and her geeky young sidekick investigate a string of grisly murders with a sinister link to social media.

star 8.29
3,767 votes
Directors: James Hawes
San Junipero

#2 - San Junipero

Season 3 - Episode 4

California, 1987: San Junipero is a fun-loving beach town synonymous with sun, surf, and sex. And for recent arrivals Yorkie and Kelly, it’s going to be a life-changer…

star 8.20
4,589 votes
Directors: Owen Harris

#3 - Nosedive

Season 3 - Episode 1

Insecure office worker Lacie lives in a happy, smiley, status-obsessed nightmare world. Her old friend Naomi is one of society’s elites, and Lacie may have found a way to join her…

star 8.09
5,400 votes
Directors: Joe Wright
The Entire History of You

#4 - The Entire History of You

Season 1 - Episode 3

Set in an alternative reality where everyone has access to a system which records everything they do, see or hear. You need never forget a face, a holiday or a night out again... but is that always a good thing?

star 8.06
5,027 votes
Directors: Brian Welsh
Shut Up and Dance

#5 - Shut Up and Dance

Season 3 - Episode 3

When withdrawn 19-year-old Kenny stumbles headlong into an online trap, he is quickly forced into an uneasy alliance with shifty Hector – both of them at the mercy of persons unknown.

star 8.01
4,438 votes
Directors: James Watkins

#6 - Playtest

Season 3 - Episode 2

A thrill-seeking globetrotter visits Britain, hooks up with a woman and tests the latest in video game technology – “a device as mind-bendingly sophisticated as it is terrifying.”

star 8.00
4,837 votes
Be Right Back

#7 - Be Right Back

Season 2 - Episode 1

Martha and Ash are a young couple who move to a remote cottage. The day after the move, Ash is killed returning the hire van. At the funeral, Martha's friend Sarah tells her about a new service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased. By using all his past online communications and social media profiles, a new 'Ash' can be created. Martha is disgusted by the concept but then in a confused and lonely state she decides to talk to 'him'…

star 7.91
4,579 votes
White Bear

#8 - White Bear

Season 2 - Episode 2

Victoria wakes up and cannot remember anything about her life. Everyone she encounters refuses to communicate with her and enjoys filming her discomfort on their phones. Victoria meets Jem, who explains that a signal is being transmitted that has turned most of the population into dumb voyeurs. This apathy has allowed the unaffected, the 'hunters', to do what they want and they are out to get people like her and Victoria. Jem and Victoria set out to destroy the transmitter, but can they manage it and will it end their torment?

star 7.88
4,317 votes
Directors: Carl Tibbetts
15 Million Merits

#9 - 15 Million Merits

Season 1 - Episode 2

Set in a sarcastic version of a future reality, 15 Million Merits is a satire on entertainment shows and our insatiable thirst for distraction. In this world, everyone is confined to a life of strange physical drudgery. The only way to escape this life is to enter the 'Hot Shot' talent show and just pray you can impress the judges.

star 7.72
5,687 votes
Directors: Euros Lyn
Men Against Fire

#10 - Men Against Fire

Season 3 - Episode 5

A military story set in a post-war future. A rookie soldier is posted overseas, protecting frightened villagers from an infestation of vicious feral mutants alongside fellow soldier Raiman. They’re hoping some new technological advantage will save them.

star 7.70
3,800 votes
The National Anthem

#11 - The National Anthem

Season 1 - Episode 1

A twisted parable for the Twitter age, The National Anthem looks at how life is very much harder for the rich and supposedly powerful now that information is disseminated so quickly and public opinion is so loud, powerful and quick to change. It's a political thriller in which the Prime Minister faces a huge dilemma - and that's all that can be revealed for now...

star 7.50
7,006 votes
Directors: Otto Bathurst
The Waldo Moment

#12 - The Waldo Moment

Season 2 - Episode 3

Meet Waldo… a CGI blue bear from a children's educational TV show who in reality is an anarchic character on a satirical late-night topical comedy show. Behind the scenes, Waldo is voiced and controlled by failed comedian Jamie Salter. When the channel decide they would like to give Waldo his own pilot, the production company enter him into a political race against one of his victims, Conservative Liam Monroe, for a stunt. Jamie isn't comfortable with politics - he just sees himself as a clown - but once the wheels start turning there's no stopping the thing. So what can Jamie do?

star 7.19
3,593 votes
Directors: Brynn Higgins