The Best Episodes Directed by Euros Lyn

Forest of the Dead (2)

#1 - Forest of the Dead (2)

Doctor Who (2005) Season 4 - Episode 9

Location: The Library Date: 51st Century Enemies: Vashta Nerada The Doctor and Donna land in a frightening position in the far future. While investigating a derelict library, the duo come face to face with the disembodied mind of a little girl, an archaeological team led by a woman from the Doctor's future, and swarms of flesh-eating creatures that are seen only as shadows

star 8.57
2981 votes
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Silence in the Library (1)

#2 - Silence in the Library (1)

Doctor Who (2005) Season 4 - Episode 8

Location: The Library Date: 51st century Enemies: Vashta Nerada The Doctor and Donna land in a frightening position in the far future. While investigating a derelict library, the duo come face to face with the disembodied mind of a little girl, an archaeological team led by a woman from the Doctor's future, and swarms of flesh-eating creatures that are seen only as shadows.

star 8.42
3064 votes
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The Girl in the Fireplace

#3 - The Girl in the Fireplace

Doctor Who (2005) Season 2 - Episode 4

Location: Versailles, France, Earth and on S.S. Madame de Pompadour (a Spaceship) Date: Across the 18th Century and during the 51st Century Enemies: Clockwork Droids On a seemingly abandoned spaceship in the 51st century, the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey find time windows leading to 18th century France and a group of clockwork androids using them to stalk a young woman throughout her life.

star 8.35
3266 votes
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The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

#4 - The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 - Episode 12

Daredevil goes underground to save an old friend. Karen follows a dangerous lead. The law firm of Nelson & Murdock may have reached its final chapter.

star 8.15
4533 votes
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Day Four

#5 - Day Four

Torchwood Season 3 - Episode 4

Torchwood finally learns the truth about the events of 1965. But Britain is in danger of becoming a rogue state, and everything now pivots around John Frobisher, as the Ambassador of the 456 destroys its old allegiances and reveals its true intent.

star 8.14
1309 votes
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Day Five

#6 - Day Five

Torchwood Season 3 - Episode 5

Torchwood is defenceless, and Gwen Cooper stands alone, as the final sanction begins. As violence erupts and the world descends into anarchy, an ordinary council estate becomes a battleground where the future of the human race will be decided.

star 8.12
1465 votes
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Day One

#7 - Day One

Torchwood Season 3 - Episode 1

At 8.45am, every child in the world suddenly stops, chanting the words "we are coming" again and again. Whilst investigating, the remaining Torchwood team face greater personal and professional challenges than ever before, having to work with their numbers depleted.

star 8.07
1678 votes
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The Blind Banker

#8 - The Blind Banker

Sherlock Season 1 - Episode 2

A mysterious cipher is being scrawled on the walls around London. The first person to see the cipher is dead within hours of reading it. Sherlock plunges into a world of codes and symbols, consulting with London's best graffiti artists. He soon learns that the city is in the grip a gang of international smugglers, a secret society called the Black Lotus.

star 8.02
13117 votes
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Day Two

#9 - Day Two

Torchwood Season 3 - Episode 2

Torchwood are forced underground, as the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, only Lois holds the key to Torchwood's salvation - but she is helpless as her superiors make plans for the mysterious Floor 13.

star 8.02
1376 votes
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The Dæmon-Cages

#10 - The Dæmon-Cages

His Dark Materials Season 1 - Episode 6

Lyra discovers the horrific truth behind the Gobbler’s activities in the North. She must use all her wits to help free those around her and avoid suffering a terrible fate.

star 7.96
1925 votes
Episode 3

#11 - Episode 3

Happy Valley Season 1 - Episode 3

The valley is rocked by the sudden, unprovoked murder of young police officer Kirsten McAskill, while Ashley and Lewis panic that Tommy Lee Royce's actions will lead to them being exposed. Catherine begins seeing her dead daughter as she struggles to come to terms with Kirsten's death, and reveals to Clare that she blames herself. Nevison's wife Helen urges him to involve the police in finding Ann, but he refuses, believing Ann is in too much danger.

star 7.95
823 votes
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Day Three

#12 - Day Three

Torchwood Season 3 - Episode 3

The eyes of the world turn to Britain, as the 456 announce, 'We are here'. As a pillar of fire descends upon London, the members of Torchwood must battle to protect their own families, as the fight gets personal. But will Clem's memories destroy everything?

star 7.92
1408 votes
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The Ones We Leave Behind

#13 - The Ones We Leave Behind

Marvel's Daredevil Season 1 - Episode 12

Fisk seeks revenge while Karen is haunted by recent events. Daredevil makes a startling discovery about Fisk's financing.

star 7.90
4860 votes
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The Ladybird

#14 - The Ladybird

Upstairs Downstairs (2010) Season 1 - Episode 2

With no sign of a thaw in relations between Lady Agnes and Maud, Hallam finds his diplomatic skills put to the test at home as well as at work. The servants are intrigued by a mysterious new addition to the household, while a restless Lady Persie embarks on a dangerous flirtation, and is drawn to the thrill of radical politics.

star 7.86
387 votes
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Episode 5

#15 - Episode 5

Broadchurch Season 1 - Episode 5

As Hardy and Ellie come under fire, the people of Broadchurch start to turn against each other.

star 7.84
2680 votes
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Tooth and Claw

#16 - Tooth and Claw

Doctor Who (2005) Season 2 - Episode 2

Location: Torchwood House, Scotland, Earth Date: 1879 Enemies: Werewolf, The Monks Landing in 1879, Scotland, the Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria, travelling with her to spend the night at the Torchwood Estate. However, a group of warrior monks have sinister plans for the monarch, and the full moon is about to summon a creature out of legend.

star 7.77
2981 votes
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Episode 2

#17 - Episode 2

Happy Valley Season 1 - Episode 2

After spotting Tommy Lee Royce, Catherine is determined to find him and comes close to busting the kidnapping plot in the process. Kevin, who is overcome with guilt at seeing Nevison's despair, confesses everything to his shocked wife Jenny, who urges him not to take anymore money from Ashley. However, Kevin is reluctant to say no to money when they are in desperate need of it. Catherine becomes distressed when her ex-husband Richard continues with his refusal to accept Ryan.

star 7.75
859 votes
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Episode 4

#18 - Episode 4

Broadchurch Season 1 - Episode 4

The aftershocks of Danny's murder continue to ripple through the town, as friends and neighbors' lives come under scrutiny.

star 7.72
2496 votes
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Fifteen Million Merits

#19 - Fifteen Million Merits

Black Mirror Season 1 - Episode 2

Set in a sarcastic version of a future reality, 15 Million Merits is a satire on entertainment shows and our insatiable thirst for distraction. In this world, everyone is confined to a life of strange physical drudgery. The only way to escape this life is to enter the 'Hot Shot' talent show and just pray you can impress the judges.

star 7.72
10753 votes
Episode 1

#20 - Episode 1

Kiri Season 1 - Episode 1

Miriam is a dedicated social worker who arranges for Kiri, a young black girl, to have an unsupervised visit with her birth grandfather, Tobi, and his second wife before her white foster family officially adopts her. However during the visit Kiri tragically goes missing and as the search for her intensifies Miriam is very publically blamed by the police, the press, and even her colleagues for putting the girl at risk.

star 7.68
206 votes
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Episode 3

#21 - Episode 3

Broadchurch Season 1 - Episode 3

The discovery of the murder scene leads Hardy and Miller to arrest a startling suspect in Danny's murder.

star 7.68
2701 votes
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Episode 2

#22 - Episode 2

Kiri Season 1 - Episode 2

Tobi searches for his son, Nate, the prime suspect in the case, and faces up to some uncomfortable truths about his relationship with him. The witch-hunt is intensifying around Miriam as she’s under pressure to admit she is to blame for what happened to Kiri, while Kiri’s foster family of Alice, Jim and Si also find themselves in the media spotlight.

star 7.64
182 votes
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The End of the World

#23 - The End of the World

Doctor Who (2005) Season 1 - Episode 2

Location: Platform 1 (A space station orbiting Earth) Date: 5,000,000,000 AD Enemy: The Lady Cassandra The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time: to the year five billion, when the Sun is about to expand and swallow the Earth. She is cautious and soon starts to question her reasons for joining The Doctor. But amongst the powerful alien races gathering to watch on Platform One, a murderer is at work. Who is controlling the mysterious and deadly metal spiders?

star 7.62
4147 votes
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The Fledgling

#24 - The Fledgling

Upstairs Downstairs (2010) Season 1 - Episode 1

Set in 1936, this lavish three-part series invites viewers old and new across the threshold of television’s most famous address - 165 Eaton Place. Diplomat Sir Hallam Holland (Ed Stoppard) moves into the iconic townhouse along with his wife, Lady Agnes (Keeley Hawes). With the help of former parlormaid Rose Buck (Jean Marsh), they launch a whole new era for the sumptuous home at the heart of Upstairs Downstairs.

star 7.56
349 votes
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Episode 3

#25 - Episode 3

Kiri Season 1 - Episode 3

Alice and Jim are shocked to hear from DI Mercer that the police case against Nate might not be straightforward after all and everything may not be as it seemed. A reeling Alice goes on the offensive, with Miriam in particular in the firing line. Meanwhile Tobi is furious with the police for the way they’ve treated his family, as DI Mercer has more bad news for him.

star 7.56
181 votes
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Episode 1

#26 - Episode 1

Happy Valley Season 1 - Episode 1

Catherine Cawood is a sergeant in a small town in West Yorkshire, riddled with a drug culture that seems impossible to tackle. Kevin Weatherill is an accountant in a large company run by his late father's best friend, Nevison. When Nevison refuses to pay Kevin's daughter's school fees, which Kevin believes Nevison owes him, Kevin orchestrates a kidnapping plot with local thugs Ashley Cowgill and Tommy Lee Royce against Nevison's daughter, Ann. Only for the whole thing to backfire. Sergeant Catherine Cawood lives with her recovering heroin addict sister and brings up her eight-year-old grandson, Ryan. Whilst visiting Ryan's teacher regarding his behavioural problems, Catherine reveals her daughter was raped by Tommy Lee Royce and so committed suicide shortly after giving birth to Ryan, leaving Catherine to bring Ryan up alone. The episode ends with a very anxious Kevin entering Catherine's West Yorkshire police station to report the kidnapping. But he changes his mind at the last minute.

star 7.49
1044 votes
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The Unquiet Dead

#27 - The Unquiet Dead

Doctor Who (2005) Season 1 - Episode 3

Location: Cardiff, Wales Date: 24th December, 1869 Enemy: The Gelth The Doctor plans to take Rose back through time to Naples, 1860, but instead they arrive in Cardiff, 1869. In Victorian Cardiff, the dead are walking and creatures made of gas are on the loose. The time-travellers team up with Charles Dickens to investigate Mr Sneed, the local undertaker, who's hiding a very big secret. However, this time, The Doctor won't be able to save everyone.

star 7.48
3583 votes
The Idiot's Lantern

#28 - The Idiot's Lantern

Doctor Who (2005) Season 2 - Episode 7

Location: London, England, Earth Date: 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Enemy: The Wire In 1953 London, the police are abducting people from their homes. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronation - but something strange is affecting the signal.

star 7.46
2520 votes
Episode 4

#29 - Episode 4

Kiri Season 1 - Episode 4

Si realises his relationship with Alice has deteriorated and is determined to find out why, while DI Mercer confronts Nate with new evidence about Kiri’s murder. As we work towards the truth about what happened to Kiri, Miriam realises she has to take responsibility for her actions, Alice’s devastation gets the better of her, and Tobi has a choice to make about his son Nate.

star 7.36
170 votes
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Fear Her

#30 - Fear Her

Doctor Who (2005) Season 2 - Episode 11

Location: Earth Date: 2012 Enemy: Chloe Webber/Isolas When the TARDIS lands in 2012, the Tenth Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics. However, ordinary children are vanishing into thin air, a mother living in a seemingly normal British household is trying to hide her daughter's unnatural powers from the world, and a demonic presence lurks in an upstairs cupboard.

star 7.18
2485 votes
Episode 3

#31 - Episode 3

Last Tango in Halifax Season 1 - Episode 3

Celia and Alan's search for a wedding venue leaves them trapped in a haunted mansion.

star 6.33
229 votes
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Episode 1

#32 - Episode 1

Last Tango in Halifax Season 2 - Episode 1

Alan has regained consciousness following his heart scare and Celia promises to never fall out with him again. They decide that they should get married straight away. Caroline and John's relationship becomes fractious after Caroline returns home to discover him and and Judith drunk and in her bed.

star 6.11
193 votes
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Gently Go Man (Pilot)

#33 - Gently Go Man (Pilot)

Inspector George Gently Season 1 - Episode 0

Original pilot TV film. Following the murder of his wife by notorious gangster Joe Webster, Inspector George Gently is pondering retirement. When he hears about a murder in Northumberland that sounds like Webster's handiwork, he delays his retirement to take on this one last case. Paired with local detective DS John Bacchus, he must track down Webster, while at the same time trying to deal with his headstrong young assistant and keep him on the straight and narrow.

star 0.00
0 votes
An Act of God

#34 - An Act of God

Casualty Season 17 - Episode 30

With the power down and the ED in chaos, Harry takes drastic measures to save a patient. As Merlin looks forward to meeting his birth mother, she has second thoughts, and Duffy is in for a shock when a familiar face returns to Holby.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Point of No Return

#35 - The Point of No Return

Casualty Season 17 - Episode 31

Ryan returns and Duffy has to make a life-changing decision. Jack tries to persuade a reluctant Tony to accept Eddie's offer of a kidney, and Simon is shocked when Jane leaves hospital early and refuses to let him care for her. Meanwhile, Anna is devastated when her mum reveals the truth about Merlin.

star 0.00
0 votes
End of the Line (1)

#36 - End of the Line (1)

Casualty Season 18 - Episode 1

First of a dramatic two-part episode which began the 18th series of Casualty. A packed train is derailed to the thunderous sound of screeching brakes and breaking glass. In the chaos that ensues, a multitude of casualties are tended to by the arriving team who are shocked by the catastrophe.

star 0.00
0 votes