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Mihama Academy—on the surface, a closed learning environment established to nurture students who find themselves at odds with the world around them; in actuality, an orchard-cum-prison built to preserve fruit that has fallen too far from its tree. Yet with the arrival of the institute's first male student, the nearly preposterously opaque Kazami Yuuji, the students at Mihama begin to fall out of step with their predetermined rhythms. Will Yuuji prove to be the element the girls around him needed to take hold of their lives once more, or will the weight of their pasts prove too steep a wall to overcome?

The Seed of Blanc Aile IV

#1 - The Seed of Blanc Aile IV

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Jun 7, 2015

On the day of their operation, the girls make their final preparations; Makina rents a hotel suite where she prepares her sniping position, Michiru meets up with a member of Yuuji's organization and picks up a "toy" that Thanatos requested, Sacchi goes to the grocery store and buys ingredients to make non-explosive smoke bombs and Yumiko discusses their plans with Thanatos. Meanwhile, in a military base in Okinawa, Milliela Stanfield, now a pilot, seduces her fellow pilot in a toilet and steals his uniform. By sunset, the operation begins as Yuuji is being transferred to Akasaka to await trial. The armored car carrying Yuuji is attacked by Oslo's men who kidnap him after killing the soldiers and strap a bomb on his wrist that is set to detonate in six hours or if his vitals weaken. Makina then causes a distraction on the road takes out their cars' engines with anti-tank bullets. As they unload Yuuji, Sacchi uses her hand-made smoke bombs to blind them allowing her knock them out with ease as she is wearing a gas mask to cover her nose and eyes. As backup arrives for Oslo's men, Amane arrives as well and drives them all, along with Makina and Michiru, through the route she was taught and eventually out of the city. Along a mountainous road surrounded by a forest, they are ambushed by Oslo's men in a helicopter. Just as they are almost shot and killed, Millie arrives on a helicopter she stole from her fellow pilot earlier and takes down Olso's helicopter. James Okada communicates with the girls and explains that Thanatos' core, Kazuki, can be saved. While all this was taking place, JB arrives in the Thanatos System's room and frees Kazuki from the system with James' help and they make plans to meet up with the girls on Kazuki's "ship" that just arrived. Amane turns on a turbo feature on her car and launches them all to the sea where they land exactly on top of their houseboat, the roof of which had been greatly reinforced in order to accommodate the weight of a fal

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76 votes
Field of Fire:10 Centimetres

#2 - Field of Fire:10 Centimetres

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 28, 2014

Yūji accompanies Amane to the site of the accident so that she can finally put the incident to rest. On the way, Yūji is stopped by a man who claims to be Amane's greatest fan. After she pays her respects to her dead friends, Amane leads Yūji to a location on the map that Kazuki gave her where they find a note hinting that Kazuki is still alive. Meanwhile, the man who accosted Yūji has entered the Academy and taken the other girls hostage and demands Amane's presence. When they return home, Amane prepares to give herself up and Yūji, having been able to listen to the goings-on in the school via cell phone, comes up with a plan to end the standoff. The hostage taker is revealed to be the father of Chiaki Sakashita who has not been able to deal with the death of his daughter and wants to kill Amane for surviving. Having decided that shooting Amane would be too easy a death, Sakashita removes her to the washroom to have his way with her. Yūji is able to snipe Sakashita through a 10 cm wide field of view from over 900 m away, ending the hostage situation and reuniting him with the girls. Following a time skip of one year, an unidentified boat enters Japanese waters. One of two passengers fires a rocket at the Coast Guard cutter and helicopter. The other opens a music box.

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80 votes
Angelic Howl III

#3 - Angelic Howl III

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 21, 2014

Two weeks pass and no rescue is in sight and the injured and malnourished girls start dying one by one. When their teacher returns without help, all remaining hope is lost. When sensei claims to have hunted down a deer, Kazuki is suspicious and decides to set out with Amane in tow. She shows Amane that the 'venison' that the others ate was in fact something else and that the remaining survivors have gone mad and are active participants or do not care. When the others close in on the fleeing pair, Kazuki stays behind as a decoy to let Amane escape. At first hailed as a miracle survivor, Amane soon faces questions as to why she was the only one who survived. Suffering from nightmares, the relentless public pressure convinces her that she must be punished for living when everyone else died and that Yūji is the person with the greatest right to punish her. She even asks Yūji to kill her. Yūji instead asks her to live for his sake as her punishment in the hope that since he has accepted her, even knowing her past, she will come to forgive herself.

star 9.68
80 votes
The Seed of Blanc Aile VI

#4 - The Seed of Blanc Aile VI

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Jun 21, 2015

Yuuji invades Oslo's ship alone and takes out several of the latter's men. Meanwhile, Agnes and JB inform Yumiko that they are currently working on disarming the bomb Oslo planted earlier. Kazuki and Amane are seen in a dark room where the former is inside a capsule-like chamber where she deactivates the Thanatos System and asks Amane about her desire to associate with Yuuji after learning everything about him. On the deck of Oslo's ship, Yuuji meets a man who looks just like him but with white hair. The look-alike, who calls himself Du Pont, also refers to himself and Yuuji and Kazuki's brother. The two engage in an intense and fast paced fight to the death. Yuuji appears to have the advantage at first until Du Pont injects himself with a booster drug and tries to make Yuuji do the same but he refuses. With the drug boosting his physical abilities, Du Pont gains the advantage which forces Yuuji to take the drug as well. The two fight evenly but Yuuji ultimately wins and kills Du Pont. Despite his exhaustion and injuries, he finally arrives in Oslo's office. Oslo welcomes him warmly but after seeing that Yuuji has no interest in listening to what he has to say, Oslo prepares to fight and draws a katana that once belonged to Asako. They engage in combat but Yuuji, in his current state, can only dodge. Eventually, Oslo disarms and stabs Yuuji who uses remaining strength to push Oslo to his desk where Yuuji grabs a pen and stabs Oslo behind the neck, killing him. Yuuji removes the bomb that was strapped to his wrist using the key Oslo had and slowly walks away from the ship as it explodes. Just as he gives up all hope of escaping, he sees a vision of Asako and finds an exit just as the bomb detonates and destroys the ship. Two years after Yuuji's battle with Oslo, the girls have settled down on Yuuji's island. Makina is seen collecting some eggs from the chickens while Sacchi goes fishing on the beach as Amane arrives by plane, having gone to a supermarket in the ma

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44 votes
The Cocoon of Caprice IV

#5 - The Cocoon of Caprice IV

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired May 10, 2015

Asako's health is quickly deteriorating. Meanwhile, Yuuji is assigned to various missions by JB after he officially inherits Asako's old codename is CIRS, 9029. While on a guard duty mission in Colombia, Yuuji receives a call from JB informing him that Asako has collapsed causing him to rush home. Yuuji reveals that Asako suffers from a kind of venous thrombosis and that the original cause was a capillary rupture that happened after Asako took a shot from a high-caliber riffle. While such a condition would normally be survivable, Asako, despite her periodic treatment, regularly used booster drugs which made her body fragile. The doctors concluded that there was nothing they could do for her. Now on her death bed, Asako welcomes Yuuji home and he tries to will her into living and eventually breaks down in tears. Asako tells Yuuji to live for his own sake as he is now capable of accomplishing anything. Asako and Yuuji briefly reminisce about a brief moment in his past which he has forgotten. Asako then falls asleep and passes away peacefully. Grieving over the death of her best friend, JB recalls when they first met in an orphanage as children. She then invites Yuuji to live with her in her luxurious apartment which he does. Eventually, Yuuji decides to go on a soul searching trip which he and Asako originally planned on years ago albeit in a different location. After returning home, he visits the grave he made for Asako near their old home where decides to "do his youth over" and enroll in a "normal school" which resulted in his transfer to Mihama Academy and his current situation. As Yuuji finishes his life story narration, JB's assistant, Chiara Farrell, enters the room which prompts Yuuji to leave and return to the academy but as he leaves, his given a mission to assassinate someone called Ethan Glow but is then revealed to be Heath Oslo, the terrorist who took Yuuji in as a child after his mother died. This sudden realization causes Yuuji to lose his composure

star 9.59
44 votes
The Cocoon of Caprice II

#6 - The Cocoon of Caprice II

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 26, 2015

Asako tells JB that Yūji is no longer a virgin and that they have been doing it many times since his birthday. Asako convinces JB to also sleep with Yūji and prevents her from backing down. Sometime later, when Asako's health begins to deteriorate for an unknown reason, Yūji ends up taking her place at some missions, which greatly upsets JB when she finds out. Eventually Yūji decides to also work for the same organization as Asako, and JB eventually agrees. Yūji and Asako travel to America and Yūji is enrolled at a military academy, where he befriends the slightly older Daniel Born. Yūji ends up constantly helping Danny with his training. When Yūji wins the first place in marksmanship, he is challenged by second place winner Milliela Stanfield to a shooting contest. When Yūji makes a shot thats impossible to Millie, she falls in love with Kazami and starts following him everywhere. Yūji, Danny and Millie are eventually assigned to the same platoon.

star 9.58
45 votes
Angelic Howl II

#7 - Angelic Howl II

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 14, 2014

The survivors of the crash continue to make do as Kazuki continues to care for the wounded. As the days pass, they bury their dead and continue to gather what little food they can find. Their teacher, having scouted around, takes half of the food and leaves, promising that he will return with help. Despair sets in when he does not return after a couple of days. Malnourished, some of the girls start acting strangely. Finally, the pet dog of one of the girls perishes and is butchered to provide the survivors with sustenance.

star 9.55
83 votes
Raison d'être

#8 - Raison d'être

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Nov 9, 2014

Michiaki Sakaki, Mihama Academy's chairman, makes use of his influence and summons JB to his side. He becomes fed up that the academy he specifically created to put Yumiko, who is supposed to succeed the Sakaki home's headship, in line isn't fulfilling its purpose. He decides to borrow the strength of JB's "company" to do so.

star 9.54
85 votes


Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 2, 2014

Michiru tries to run away from reality after losing Meowmel and does something impulsive. Yuuji finds her quickly, and she survives without issue thanks to him. The next day, Michiru acts as cheerful as can be, like what happened the day before was all a lie. She's the same tsundere and idiot as always...

star 9.53
83 votes
The Cocoon of Caprice III

#10 - The Cocoon of Caprice III

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired May 3, 2015

The episode starts with Danny's funeral with Yuuji, Millie, and Danny's family present. According to Yuuji, he had died in an accident. Flashback to their days in the army, Yuuji and his group meet with their platoon's new member, Robert Wallson aka "Immortal Robbie". Yuuji learns that the "Immortal" is mistakenly taken from the Japanese word "Imouto" which means "little sister" as Robbie is known for being an otaku who plays erotic games featuring little sisters. Later, their platoon is dispatched in a jungle where Yuuji gives a brief summary of his companions' past. Daniel Born, aka Danny, is a former car thief who was born in Arizona, Milliela Stanfield, aka Millie, was an impoverished prostitute who sold herself in bar bathrooms in order to pay for her daily meals, Robbert Wallson, aka Robbie, is an otaku who only loves two dimensional women and Yuuji who describes himself as a sniper who is unable to kill. They are later introduced to another new platoon member Edward Walker who Yuuji coached in shooting practice before and their platoon leader Justin Mikemeyer, a military physician who wishes to be called "J". After a somewhat awkward speech, Justine renames their platoon into the Bush Dog Platoon. Some time later, during one of their night missions, their platoon engages with an enemy group during which Yuuji forces himself to snipe and kill 9 people after some words of encouragement from his friends but he becomes sick and vomits with each person he kills. Despite this, his efforts saved their platoon and they all retreated safely. Eventually, he overcomes this weakness and becomes accustomed to killing in battle. A period of time passes and Yuuji returns to Japan after his platoon's duties have ended. Millie and Danny see him leave and it is revealed that Millie confessed her love to Yuuji only to be rejected yet she continues to hope and pray for his good fortune. Yuuji reunites with Asako in their old mountain home and decides to give his life to her but

star 9.49
43 votes
The Cocoon of Caprice I

#11 - The Cocoon of Caprice I

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 19, 2015

The girls at the dormitory find themselves with a lot of guilt about learning Yūji's past, but continue to read regardless. The flashback starts with Yūji in the hospital and being visited by Asako Kusakabe and her friend JB where Asako declares that she will be his god from that point on and takes him with her to her home. Here they find all the scars from his previous wounds. At dinner Yūji accidentally kills a fly and shows signs of trauma from killing people. Shortly after, Asako is seen trying to feed Yūji but he declared that her cooking is too horrible to be considered edible. Asako gifts Yūji a dog which Yūji names John and they become constant companions. Asako trains Yūji in all sorts of things in which he takes a liking to sharpshooting. At a later date while Asako is away, the house is attacked by a bear which kills Yūji's dog. Yūji chases after the bear to save his dog but is not able to pull the trigger, specially after seeing it was just feeding its cubs. When Asako arrives he tells her that he was completely useless but Asako consoles him by saying that he is fine just the way he is. Later that day when they bury John Asako tells Yūji that he is not allowed to die unless he saves 5 people and tells him that he should become someone who can pull the trigger for others rather than himself.

star 9.48
50 votes
The Seed of Blanc Aile III

#12 - The Seed of Blanc Aile III

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired May 31, 2015

JB explains to her assistant, Chiara Farrell, that she has been confined due to her being the person in charge of Yuuji. She believes it is to keep her from giving an unwanted testimony and that Yuuji may be executed for his supposed attack on the consulate. She also announces that she will have a different job after her return to Langley but Chiara reasons that it is only to keep JB quiet. JB then warns her from speaking too much as they are under surveillance. Back on the girls' houseboat base, Kazuki/Thanatos announces that Yuuji will be transferred from the holding facility on August 6 at 6:00 p.m and that the girls must prepare an extremely large sum of 100 million before then. To this end, she created a series of plans in order for them to earn the amount within a day and assigns the girls to do various jobs. Yumiko uses her laptop to sell one of Makina's possessions online and uses an auction site to buy and sell. Amane rents a car and is made to memorize a very specific but complex route around the town. She once again finds Thanatos' voice familiar but cannot recognize it as Kazuki's most likely due to the fact that several years had passed since the two separated. Sacchi opens a private bank account for the girls and later accompanies Makina to a gun maker were she picks up a specially made, pink colored sniper riffle which was ordered ahead of time by Thanatos. The shop's owner, Morishima, strongly hints that he knew Asako, Yuuji's late mentor and guardian, since she was a child as Makina strongly reminded him of her. Michiru, surprisingly, was assigned the most tiring task wherein she literally traveled to different countries within the day engaging in a variety of transactions that allowed her to earn billions by following Thanatos' detailed instructions but was ultimately left with just enough money to meet the required sum after which Thanatos explains their plan to rescue Yuuji through a raid. Meanwhile, Chizuru, the now-closed Mihama Academy's pr

star 9.48
44 votes
The Seed of Blanc Aile V

#13 - The Seed of Blanc Aile V

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Jun 14, 2015

Amane is extremely thrilled to see Kazuki again and becomes emotional as the latter reminds the former of the promise they made years ago. Yuuji regains consciousness inside a room and reunites with his old platoon leader Justin Mikemeyer who has been promoted to Captain. Jimmy's wife, Zoey Graham, a member of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, enters the room and reveals that her father, a journalist who once pursued Oslo, was one of Yuuji's dead victims when he still worked for Oslo. Zoey then admits her desire to kill Yuuji in revenge but he warns her that should he die right now, the bomb Oslo's men attached to him will explode and kill everyone on the ship. However, he declares that he will return and die by her hand after he settles the score with Oslo. Zoey is skeptical but she accepts as she does not want Yuuji to die before Oslo is killed. On the deck, Kazuki introduces Chizuru Tachibana as the ship's new owner and has it renamed as Mihama Academy. Yuuji, having recovered, meets Kazuki on the deck and asks her about her plans. She reveals that there is privately-owned island in Micronesia that once belonged to Asako who had its ownership transferred to Yuuji in the event of her death thus making him its current official owner. Yuuji then slaps Kazuki for worrying him so much for years and she apologizes. Now under considerable stress and pressure, Yuuji cries on her chest and Kazuki gives him two options: cut off his arm to remove the bomb and take refuge with her on the island for the rest of their lives or settle things with Oslo himself. She then comforts Yuuji which convinces him to go after Oslo and asks Kazuki to locate him. They then share a moment with each other. Yuuji then reunites with Millie and comically punches her in the face on reflex having learned that she threw away her promising military career for him. He then reveals his plans to face Oslo to the girls and promises to survive and return. Michiru's second personality emerges and kiss

star 9.48
44 votes
The Seed of Blanc Aile I

#14 - The Seed of Blanc Aile I

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired May 17, 2015

The girls question Chizuru about what happened to Yuuji but all she tells them is a message left by Yuuji himself telling them not to look for him or to get too deeply involved if he suddenly disappears as this is how his "company" works. Chizuru gives a brief explanation of Yuuji's relationship with Heath Oslo causing Yumiko to hypothesize that the government may be using Yuuji to bargain with Oslo as he considers Yuuji to be very important. Chizuru warns them not to do anything that might worsen Yuuji's situation. She also announces that Mihama Academy will be closing soon due to Yumiko's father, the school's main sponsor, losing his position and because Makina's family has stopped giving contributions to the school. Later that night, the girls enter Yuuji's room and find diary-like entries about the girls written all over his walls and floor including one that appears to be a suicide note. JB suddenly calls them and confirms that the news of Yuuji being a terrorist is false but he is still under suspicion and is being kept in a holding facility. The girls then gather information about Yuuji and Heath Oslo using Yumiko's information network and learn that Oslo had smuggled a weapon of mass destruction into Japan. Yumiko herself confirms this when she meets one of her connections who is none other than Robbert Wallson, Yuuji's old friend and comrade in the army. Robbie, now known as James Okada, is a former intelligence operative and has opened his own soba restaurant after retiring. James reveals Yuuji's location and gives Yumiko a detailed explanation about the Thanatos System, a semi-organic computer capable of hacking into every internet-capable device and can be considered the "brain" of the nation itself. James explains that acquiring the Thanatos System is Oslo's true goal and since the government cannot hand it over, they turned Yuuji into a bargaining chip after Oslo attacked the Consulate. Meanwhile, the other girls were reflecting on their future plan

star 9.42
45 votes
Seed of the World Tree II

#15 - Seed of the World Tree II

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 30, 2014

Yūji takes the job JB gave him but only so that he can protect her. To do so, he and Makina leave the Academy so as to present a moving target and Sachi gives Makina an apple sapling as a parting gift. The efforts of the organization to get hold of Makina are fruitless as Yūji is able to dispose of every agent sent after them. As they flee, Yūji becomes aware of Makina's recurrent nightmares involving her father. It is revealed that a few years earlier Makina's father found evidence of the Irisu Group's corruption and was killed in front of Makina on his wife's orders. Makina spent a number of years in a hospital recovering from the trauma. It is further revealed that she has a near photographic memory and had read some of the incriminating documents before her father's death. It turns out that Makina's mother ordered the hit on Makina because she phoned her mother and threatened to reveal the corruption unless her younger sister was kept safe. When their latest hideout is compromised, Yūji manages to get them away but Makina forgets her sapling. Despite Yūji's admonition to forget about it, Makina returns to the hotel to search for it and is shot. Yūji shows up in time to take her to a hospital but is intercepted by JB. In the hospital, Makina's mother shows up and, to JB's horror and disgust, asks if Makina's internal organs are unharmed because Sarina is in need of an organ transplant. Later, a disguised Yūji shows up at the Irisu Group's HQ and shoots Makina's mother. With the contractor for the hit out of the picture, and with hard evidence of the Irisu Group's corruption in the hands of the organization, Yūji and a recovering Makina return to the Academy.

star 9.42
86 votes
Angelic Howl I

#16 - Angelic Howl I

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 7, 2014

JB drops Yūji off at the Academy after a job but before he can exit the car she kisses him on the cheek, much to his discomfort. To complicate matters, he finds that Sachi has witnessed the kiss but promises not to say anything. Yūji returns to his room to find Amane waiting for him. Following their usual banter and a shower, Yūji sits down to dinner when Amane receives a picture of JB kissing him (Sachi took 'saying' literally), which arouses her jealousy. Yūji asks Amane why she is so persistent in pursuing him to which she responds it was love at first sight. He is not satisfied with her answer and presses her. She breaks down and to Yūji's shock mentions his sister's name. She reveals that she and Yūji's sister, Kazuki, were both freshmen on the same basketball team in middle school. As they talk further Yūji finally agrees to allow her to act as his girlfriend provided that he does not have to act as her boyfriend. Amane then retrieves a journal from her room and gives it to Yūji to read. The journal documents the tragic events that befell the basketball team as Amane, the sole survivor, remembers them.

star 9.41
82 votes
Where You Aim the Silver Bullet

#17 - Where You Aim the Silver Bullet

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 26, 2014

During his morning jog, he met Michiru sitting on the grass with a cat on her lap starring at the sea and had a light conversion with her. Next morning, he saw Michiru drink a 100% Vitamin C drink and later saw Makina and Sachi watching cartoon while doing push ups. Later that night, the rest of people except Michiru discussed about Michihiru and her behavior. Later that night, Sachi, Yumiko and Yūji witnessed Michiru yelled in pain as the hair dye drips onto the floor. Next day in the evening, Amane asked Yūji on the subject of friendship between men and women. When Michiru was asked of it, she run off after responded to it. She became a different person when Yūji found her. She then kissed Yūji after a short conversion and then returns to normal. One morning, after Yūji demonstrated to her what she did to him yesterday, she ran off to calm herself down and chased the cat away. She ended up finding the cat together with Yūji to found out that the cat lying beside the road dying. They went into the cab and witness the cat died as they take a trip on the cab. Michiru then cried while hugging the dead cat.

star 9.41
86 votes
Seed of the World Tree I

#18 - Seed of the World Tree I

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 23, 2014

Yuuji suddenly announces that he'll be Makina's father. Everyone around gets confused and looks at them skeptically, but the two of them act like father and daughter very dilligently. Yuuji even becomes a rather Spartan father at the end of the term. He attempts to drive all the knowledge he possesses into Makina, from hand-to-hand combat techniques to marksmanship.

star 9.40
85 votes
Letter of Happiness

#19 - Letter of Happiness

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 16, 2014

Sachi: the classmate dressed as a maid who will grant any wish. However, to achieve that end she will employ any means necessary. Everyone at the academy knows Sachi has that dangerous side to her, and are careful not to be humble when they speak to her. One day with summer close at hand, Michiru carelessly tells Sachi to make the tests go away while preparing for finals.

star 9.39
84 votes
The Seed of Blanc Aile II

#20 - The Seed of Blanc Aile II

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired May 24, 2015

After riding on a train, the girls arrive at their new home, a boathouse owned by Yumiko who believes it best to be able to move around, hideout and all, should the need arise. In the holding facility, Yuuji confirms that the hologram is indeed Kazuki after she answers his question. She then reveals that Oslo had smuggled a new kind of nuclear bomb that can cover a radius of 50 kilometers should it explode. She also explains why Yuuji is valuable to Oslo; Yuji is the only survivor of a human experiment to create the ultimate soldiers through various experiments, drug administration, and testing. However, the side effects of the booster drugs used on the test subjects produced adverse side effects which resulted in the experiments' deaths within 2 years but Yuuji survived thus making him a valuable project sample. Meanwhile, Michiru finds a cellphone in her bag which then rings and Kazuki's voice is heard despite the number belonging to Yuuji's phone. She introduces herself as Thanatos offers the girls her assistance to rescue Yuuji in order to disrupt Oslo's plans. Despite their doubts, they decide to cooperate with her not knowing who she really is but Amane seems to find the voice familiar but could not remember properly. The next day, Kazuki provides each of them all with special cellphones in order to contact each other without being traced. Before explaining her plan, she convinces Yumiko to admit her feelings for Yuuji in order to test her resolve. Back at the Thanatos System's holding facility, Kazuki reveals the truth of what happened to her during the bus accident years ago after Amane had escaped while she was left behind.

star 9.38
45 votes
School Killer Sakaki

#21 - School Killer Sakaki

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 12, 2014

Yumiko Sakaki attempted to cut Yūji with a blade but fails each time in doing that. He somehow got along with Makina, who is actually quite shy, after he helped her to catch the crayfish. He then visits the principle's office for advice on resolving Sakaki's hostility towards him. He also found out that all of the students, including him, have special circumstances that are sensitive. Yūji's guardian and work boss, JB comes to pay him a visit outside of school. This caused his classmates to question him of JB's identity, especially Amane who is concerned whether Yūji has a girlfriend or not. Later, in the evening, he was ambushed by Yumiko with a blade and he responded by grabbing the hand which is holding the blade. He then tell her that he is not her enemy and intended to be her friend. From that day onwards, Yumiko is no longer hostile towards him and treats him as another student in the academy.

star 9.31
89 votes
Sweet Diet

#22 - Sweet Diet

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 19, 2014

Early in the morning, after his morning jog, Yūji saw Amane is hacking into his room and immediately intended spy on her to know her intend to do so. He later found that she wanted to give him a morning kiss. Amane then jumped onto his bed and masturbate after smelling his unwashed clothes. He later then make a song for Makina to tease Amane as he, Amane and Makina runs to the classroom for their late departure to the classroom. Amane later then raise her concern on Makina as she is starting to imitate Yūji's actions after they requested Sachi to buy them drink. Later, he heard a voice that sound somewhat erotic and found out that it is from Michiru, who is playing with the cat and lying on the ground. Next day, he was caught into a situation where Sachi is making him a shark pouch with glitters for him and Michiru somehow got him out trouble by giving it to Makina. After that, during their exercise time, he carried Amane to the nurse room to treat her injured leg. Amane then requested Yūji to become her boyfriend and subsequently his older sister. He agreed to the latter proposal. Next day, Amane and Makina take their lunch with Yūji and he then realize that he had been avoiding people since his "master"'s death.

star 9.27
90 votes
An Ordinary School Life

#23 - An Ordinary School Life

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 5, 2014

Kazami Yuuji is picked up by the police as a suspicious person after arriving in town. He is later released after a computerised search on his name reveals that he seems to have some connection with the Ministry of Defence's special department. He is picked up at the station by the school principal Tachibana Chizuru and brought to Mihama Academy, where his wish to have a "normal school life" is supposed to be fulfilled. The nature of the school is explained to him, there being only six students, including himself. He meets four of the other five students, all of whom seem in their own way to be rather strange.

star 9.24
94 votes