The BEST episodes directed by Yoshihiro Yanagiya

The Seed of Blanc Aile VI
47 votes

#1 - The Seed of Blanc Aile VI

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 10

Tartarus, a gigantic, man-made island, floats on the Pacific Ocean. It is both the adversary of society, and the castle of Heath Oslo, Yuuji Kazami's mortal enemy. Oslo quietly awaits the moment Yuuji Kazami, the final key he needs to fulfill his ambitions, appears before him once more.

The Cocoon of Caprice I
54 votes

#2 - The Cocoon of Caprice I

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 1

Asako Kusakabe rescues a young Yuuji from terrorists on a certain mission. She has evaded death as a soldier time and time again, and on a whim decides to become Yuuji's guardian. Although she partially forces it, and despite her coworker JB's concerns, the awkward female soldier and young man begin to live under the same roof.

In For a Penny, In For a Pound
71 votes

#3 - In For a Penny, In For a Pound

Durarara!! - Season 2 - Episode 30

Izaya is overjoyed at Mikado’s behavior, which has greatly exceeded his expectations, and grows more excited at the future uproar he is ushering in. Masaomi and Chikage talk through things, while Saki and Anri break the ice.

76 votes

#4 - Collage

Gatchaman Crowds - Season 1 - Episode 12

Chaos ensues with more citizens using Crowds and fighting against each other as OD calls Katze out to the Gatchaman's hideout for a showdown. As Katze makes his way to meet OD, Hajime talks with him and promises him she will not kill him, inviting him on a "date" after everything is settled. Katze and OD fight, and although OD is heavily damaged by Katze, he manages to retrieve Rui's NOTE and deliver it to him. Rui then sends every GALAX user a Crowds app to take part in a "Tachikawa Crowds Game", setting up various types of games to encourage users to help out the community and defeat the Neo Hundred Crowds. After the situation is dealt with, Hajime gives her mother a call and reassures her that no matter what happens she will always be herself, and then goes to meet with Katze for their "date" showdown. A year later, the use of Crowds has become widespread, and Hajime, now in her third year of high school, makes her way to school while talking with Katze, whose voice comes out from Hajime herself.

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95 votes

#5 - Avant-garde

Gatchaman Crowds - Season 1 - Episode 1

Hajime Ichinose is a rather eccentric schoolgirl who is obsessed with notebooks. One day, she is approached by a mysterious man named JJ who pulls out a journal called a NOTE from her body, declaring her to be the new member of the elusive Gatchaman team. She later follows the words appearing in her NOTE to the mall, where a Gatchaman named Sugane Tachibana manages to defeat an alien that had disguised herself as a human. Later that day, Sugane brings Hajime to the Gatchaman's hideout where she meets the other members, Jou Hibiki, O.D., Utsu-tsu, and their leader, Paiman. Sugane explains that their duty is to protect Earth from a hostile alien race known as the MESS. Hajime and Sugane are soon called upon by JJ to fight a MESS at the bus station, during which Hajime transforms for the first time, whilst a mysterious figure watches.

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Proof of Good Faith
102 votes

#6 - Proof of Good Faith

91 Days - Season 1 - Episode 10

Having succeeded Don Vanetti, Nero decides to send a shipment of Lawless Heaven to Don Galassia to make way for the family's expansion. While the rest of the family searches for Corteo, Nero assigns Avilio to the task. He boards a boat to Chicago with his trunk. But where is Corteo? And what was the motivation behind the one who sent him the letter?

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Fundamentals are the Weakness
22 votes

#7 - Fundamentals are the Weakness

Baby Steps - Season 1 - Episode 22

Yu Nabae matches up with Eiichirō and realizes they really are two players that are virtually the same. He realizes that what Eiichirō lacks is experience with the fundamentals, as he has never played anyone like himself, and after losing the first set Nabae begins to pull away and goes up 5-2.

Putting the Pieces Together
21 votes

#8 - Putting the Pieces Together

Baby Steps - Season 1 - Episode 14

It is match 10 of a 1-set match, and Eiichirō leads 5 games to 4. Eiichirō begins to up his speed against Hiromi, and with it he stays even at 30-30. Just then Hiromi's legs cramp up, allowing Eiichirō to get two easy aces and win the match 6-4. After the match Hiromi announces he is going to focus less on tennis and start drawing more on the canvas. However he tells Eiichirō that he appears to have the same desires to go Pro that a lot of the other top 4 do, even though he is currently only playing for the fun of it. Eiichirō scouts Araya only for Araya to win 6-0 and then tell Eiichirō he will crush him in the next match. The semifinals are set to occur in 2 days time, so Eiichirō uses that evening and the next day to practice. Coach Miura tells Eiichirō he needs to focus on his tennis style instead of trying to play to Araya's game and makes him take practice easy. The day of the semifinal comes, and Miyagawa comes to cheer for Eiichirō. Miyagawa helps Eiichirō realize that looking for an opponents weakness actually helps that opponent improve, so Eiichirō decides to ask Takuma what Araya's weakness is. When he finally finds them, he sees Araya whispering something to Takuma that could change the entire outcome of the future.

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Face of Conviction
23 votes

#9 - Face of Conviction

Baby Steps - Season 1 - Episode 4

Eiichiro finds himself in a contest with Takuma. Eiichiro has fifty tries to return Takuma's serve. One successful return and Eiichiro wins. However, despite Eiichiro's best attempts to follow his notes and stick to the basics, he can do nothing against one of the strongest serves in the country.