The BEST episodes directed by Daisuke Eguchi

Kyoro on the GJ String
39 votes

#1 - Kyoro on the GJ String

GJ Club - Season 1 - Episode 3

Kyoya calls Shion a genius and gets lectured on why she doesn't like being called one. Mao plays a prank on Kyoya which he falls into. On a later date Mao plays the same prank on Kyoya, which he falls into again causing him to sulk, making the girls feel bad. Kyoya sees Kirara talking with a cat. Mao finds an old TV that when booted up was playing a Tigers game which is Kirara's favorite team.

The Seed of Blanc Aile VI
47 votes

#2 - The Seed of Blanc Aile VI

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 10

Tartarus, a gigantic, man-made island, floats on the Pacific Ocean. It is both the adversary of society, and the castle of Heath Oslo, Yuuji Kazami's mortal enemy. Oslo quietly awaits the moment Yuuji Kazami, the final key he needs to fulfill his ambitions, appears before him once more.

Raison d'être
89 votes

#3 - Raison d'être

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 1 - Episode 6

Michiaki Sakaki, Mihama Academy's chairman, makes use of his influence and summons JB to his side. He becomes fed up that the academy he specifically created to put Yumiko, who is supposed to succeed the Sakaki home's headship, in line isn't fulfilling its purpose. He decides to borrow the strength of JB's "company" to do so.

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The Girl Who Loved Wheat and the Girl Loved by Azuki Beans
44 votes

#4 - The Girl Who Loved Wheat and the Girl Loved by Azuki Beans

Is the Order a Rabbit? - Season 1 - Episode 2

While getting ready for the first day of school, Cocoa runs into a new friend at the park. Cocoa's and her friends decide to bake bread and visit Chiya's coffee house.

The Truth About Miku
76 votes

#5 - The Truth About Miku

Date A Live - Season 2 - Episode 9

Shido almost got caught until Miku makes an entry as she commands the Spirits to join the battlefield just to collect Tohka. Origami in a convention suit partners with Mana. While Shido and Miku argue, he reveals that Kurumi learned how Miku acquire her Spirit power from Phantom (like Kotori), she finally tells that she used to be a splendid singer Tsukino Yoimachi, but one day she rejected a TV producer's career offer due to disgrace, then bad rumors spread with no help from her agency and fans, she tried to reconnect with her fans, but suffers psychogenic aphonia, resulting in her losing her voice; this cause Miku to tension condemn humanity. Shido vows to keep his promise. Origami, Ratatoskr, terrorizes the territory to subdue Ellen. Westcott makes his appearance when Shido and Miku find Tohka. Shido is stabbed by Ellen with Tohka watching she goes berserk.

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174 votes

#6 - Megiddo

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Season 2 - Episode 10

The battle for revenge has begun. Benimaru and his trusted companions carry out their respective missions, while Hakurou and his party face Shogo and Kyoya once again. And Rimuru's fury rains down upon the army from Falmuth.

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76 votes

#7 - Manifestation

Date A Live - Season 2 - Episode 4

The woman stalking Tohka and Shido before, Ellen, finally reveals her true colors and orders a pack of mechs called Bandersnatch units after Tohka in an attempt to capture her. During the clash, Tohka gets incapacitated and captured only for Shido to call upon her sword to break the Bandersnatch off her. Meanwhile, Kannazuki and his crew on board the Fraxinus gets attacked by an enemy airship. Kannazuki launches a counterattack after deflecting several shots, leading to a full-scale dogfight between the two ships. Back at Shido's battle, Ellen falls down into a pit trap (oddly enough) dug by Ai, Mai, and Mii allowing Shido and Tohka to escape. Running to Kaguya and Yuzuru, he summons Tohka's power to intervene the duel and convinces both the girls to forget about becoming Yamai and focus on enjoying their lives together. Noticing the airship that attacked the Fraxinus, the twins combine their powers and eviscerate the ship with one massive blast. After the incident, Shido successfully seals the Yamai twins' powers, unfortunately stripping them of their clothes just as Tohka arrives. Meanwhile, Kotori learns from a strange man that Shido has manifested a spirit's power and that she might have to kill Shido if the situation worsens.

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Kill the Three Beasts - Second Half
314 votes

#8 - Kill the Three Beasts - Second Half

Akame ga Kill! - Season 1 - Episode 8

Liver and Bulat engage in a battle, while Tatsumi fights Nyau. Liver unleashes his Teigu, Black Marlin, which manipulates and controls preexisting liquid, and lands some attacks on Bulat, causing the latter's Incursio armor to gradually lose strength. Liver notices Bulat's determination despite this growing disadvantage and uses a special attack that finally wears out Incursio. Now without Incursio, Bulat decides to engage Liver in a sword fight. Liver tries recruiting Bulat to Esdeath's army, but he refuses, realizing that his former general's views have changed. The two fight, and both eventually wound each other. Mortally wounded, Liver reveals before dying that the reason he joined Esdeath is simply because he admired her. Though victorious, Bulat finds that his wounds are poisoned from a last-resort attack inflicted by Liver. He subsequently entrusts his Incursio to Tatsumi so the latter could use it against Nyau, who taunts Tatsumi and doesn't believe he will be compatible with the Imperial Arm. However, Tatsumi proves to be compatible with Bulat's Incursio, and with it, he kills Nyau. Despite Tatsumi's victory, Bulat succumbs to his wounds, and Tatsumi mourns for his mentor. Elsewhere, a girl, Kurome, is informed that she has been chosen to be a part of a new group, and she believes this could be a chance to see her sister again.

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Daily Life
87 votes

#9 - Daily Life

Date A Live - Season 2 - Episode 1

Shido wakes up by the troubles of both Tohka and Yoshino and somehow resolves it, meanwhile Origami got suspended for two months by the AST. While eating their breakfast, Shido receives a text from Origami and they discuss about the event that happened a month ago, While cleaning the room of Shido, Tohka notice a suitcase (for their schooltrip) that is a resemblance of a drama sequel on the television. Tohka got worried and rushes to find Shido and found Shido with Origami. While Shido tries to make it up with Tohka by getting her some kinako bread and got home, he notice that the lock of his suitcase was broken, so he went out and meet up with Origami again. While Tohka imagines another scheme of the show she rushes again to find Shido. And this time he caught Shido and Origami together and imagines that both of them are leaving. Tohka gets jealous and gain of her powers and runs of while carrying Shido's suitcase. By the spirit power of Tohka, she activated a spacequake. Shido rushes to find Tohka and finds her in their special place and Tohka (misunderstands everything) tries to prevent Shido from leaving but he explains that all is a misunderstanding, while Tohka cannot control her powers and hit Shido with shockwaves but Shido is determined and sealed Tohka power again. While Isaac and Ellen scheming a plan for Tohka, meanwhile Kurumi have some other plans and that is to kill the first spirit.

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Kill Pandemonium
303 votes

#10 - Kill Pandemonium

Akame ga Kill! - Season 1 - Episode 20

The prime minister creates an elite unit headed by his son, Syura. Despite reassuring Wave of her health, Kurome collapses and falls unconscious. Night Raid plan to invade the capital's palace to kill the prime minister; Mine and Leone investigate tunnels underneath the capital, while Najenda, Susanoo, and Akame meet with resistance spies. In order to support the Revolutionary Army's break-in from within the palace, Tatsumi and Lubbock covertly meet up with a member of the resistance, but are ambushed by Syura and his men. Syura reveals that he was the one behind the modified Danger Beasts and teleporting Esdeath and Tatsumi to the island. Commander-in-chief Budou appears and battles against Tatsumi, while Lubbock battles Syura. Lubbock manages to get the upper hand, but is stabbed in the back by a member of the resistance, who was being blackmailed by Syura. Syura then teleports Lubbock into an abyss, but Lubbock manages to drag him with him using his Imperial Arms. He then kills Syura and they are promptly teleported back, high above the palace. Lubbock's Imperial Arm breaks and he falls to his death, being impaled on spikes as Tatsumi, who has been captured, watches. Tatsumi is set to be publicly executed and Esdeath, who was away on an expedition, returns and volunteers to do the job herself.

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130 votes

#11 - Octagram

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Season 2 - Episode 24

Clayman awakened as a true demon lord. The fight between Rimuru and the puppet master continues, but the difference in strength is very evident. The battle and its aftermath bring profound changes to the Ten Demon Lords.

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She's Their Birth Mother?!
23 votes

#12 - She's Their Birth Mother?!

Engaged to the Unidentified - Season 1 - Episode 5

Kobeni learns about a member of the Mitsumine family coming over, along with the fact that Mashiro is nine years old. Whilst shopping for supplies for her guest, Kobeni comes across a young woman who had gotten lost on her way somewhere and helps her out. This woman turns out to Mashiro and Hakuya's mother, Shirayuki, who casually lets slip that their family isn't human. This causes Kobeni to have another fever as she remembers more things about her past, where Hakuya was allegedly a dog. Shirayuki later tells Kobeni that her constant fevers are the result of Hakuya giving her half of his inhuman power to save her life. Before taking her leave, Shirayuki gives Kobeni her thanks for treating Hakuya well, mentioning how he picked up his habit of stroking her head from her.

Visitor Arc I
73 votes

#13 - Visitor Arc I

The Irregular at Magic High School - Season 2 - Episode 1

Two months after the Scorched Halloween incident, Tatsuya and his friends hold a going-away party for Shizuku who will be studying abroad in America. With the start of the new semester, an exchange student from America arrives at First High School.

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Trade with the Animal Kingdom
172 votes

#14 - Trade with the Animal Kingdom

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Season 2 - Episode 2

Despite the initial conflict, Eurazania and Tempest have deemed each other to be worthy of establishing friendly relations, and diplomacy between them officially begins. Tempest agrees to share its industrial techniques in return for Eurazania's agricultural techniques, and Rimuru decides to use the apple brandy produced as a result of this exchange to seek friendly relations with the Armed Nation of Dwargon next. He's accompanied by Shuna and Shion along with the former residents of Dwargon, Kaijin and the three Dwarf brothers, who are welcomed back to their home nation as state guests.

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The Promise I Made with You
21 votes

#15 - The Promise I Made with You

Rewrite - Season 1 - Episode 13

As the song of destruction echoes across the skies, monsters appear and nature runs amok, destroying the world. Meanwhile, the gang rejoices at Kagari's returning to her senses, but that's when Esaka shows up...

Where Youth Begins
34 votes

#16 - Where Youth Begins

Rewrite - Season 1 - Episode 2

Kotarou meets the academy witch, Senri Akane, and joins the occult research club. He starts taking part in occult club activities and gathering club members in order to prove that supernatural phenomena exist.

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