The BEST episodes written by Tatsuya Takahashi

Aim for the King!
60 votes

#1 - Aim for the King!

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 19

Nagi, having woken up after noon for all of spring break, resolves to rid herself of her hikikomori lifestyle. After Hayate accidentally breaks his cell phone, Hayate and Nagi go shopping in Shinjuku to replace it. Nagi gets lost, although she vehemently denies it, and is directed to the lost child section of the electronics store. Nagi challenges the boys there to a duel with the Hayate the Combat Butler Trading Card Game; she wins and tells the boys to call her "boss", after which Hayate arrives to pick her up. On March 29, Sakuya reminds Hayate that her birthday is on April 3. Knowing that Hayate cannot afford to buy her a present, she asks for a good laugh. In an attempt to learn how to be funny, Hayate forces himself to try and jab at Maria but instead trips and face-plants her chest. Nagi beats up Hayate as a result, and Sakuya gets the laugh that she asked for, although she tells Hayate that she still expects something on her actual birthday.

Seed of the World Tree I
87 votes

#2 - Seed of the World Tree I

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 1 - Episode 8

Yuuji suddenly announces that he'll be Makina's father. Everyone around gets confused and looks at them skeptically, but the two of them act like father and daughter very dilligently. Yuuji even becomes a rather Spartan father at the end of the term. He attempts to drive all the knowledge he possesses into Makina, from hand-to-hand combat techniques to marksmanship.

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Seed of the World Tree II
88 votes

#3 - Seed of the World Tree II

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 1 - Episode 9

Yuuji is urgently summoned to headquarters by JB only to find an assassination directive for Makina Irisu waiting for him. Makina is the eldest daughter of the Irisu family which controls the country from behind the scenes, and knows all of its dark secrets.

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Chihaya pretending to be Chihaya
90 votes

#4 - Chihaya pretending to be Chihaya

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 4

Chihaya is having trouble finishing her manga in time. Meanwhile, Ibuki and Yoichi demonstrate sword fighting by sparing in front of Ibuki's four students and Ayame. Yoichi accidentally rips Ibuki's clothes across the chest with a sword swing. Ibuki punishes Yoichi and her students for seeing her in that state. Chihaya decides to interview Yoichi for her manga. Chihaya takes Yoichi into her room and shows him her manga. He praises her and then Chihaya seduces him. Ibuki walks into the room and she beats Yoichi up. Yoichi is chased by Ibuki for indecently touching her and crashes into Kagome, breaking her craft's project. Ibuki beats Yoichi up again for making Kagome cry. Ibuki orders Yoichi to bring Chihaya, who is at cram school, her notebook. Meanwhile, Yoichi overhears three boys talking about Chihaya behind her back and hints at ruining her work. Yoichi runs into the classroom and sees Chihaya with her torn manga draft. Chihaya pushes Yoichi out of the classroom and locks herself in and then cries about people putting down her work. Yoichi hears her crying and beats up the three boys.

The Cocoon of Caprice II
48 votes

#5 - The Cocoon of Caprice II

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 2

Asako's poor health begins to interfere with her work. Yuuji senses her change in condition, and as he covers for her, he starts to think he may have found his life's meaning. Asako tries to respect Yuuji's resolve, but JB, who watches over both of them closely, is apprehensive about Yuuji's attempts to return to that violent world.

The Cocoon of Caprice IV
49 votes

#6 - The Cocoon of Caprice IV

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 4

Yuuji moves forward on his path as a soldier to protect "an important woman": Asako. However, she leaves his side without waiting until he's reached maturity. Yuuji is yet again tormented by a sense of helplessness, but is saved by Asako's parting words and begins to be able to walk on his own two feet once more.

The Cocoon of Caprice III
48 votes

#7 - The Cocoon of Caprice III

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 3

Yuuji goes to America to follow the same path as Asako, and through his rigorous military life meets and forms a deep bond with war buddies who go through the same joys and sorrows.

91 votes


Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 13

Hinagiku wakes to see Hayate, and after noticing the time, becomes enraged at Hayate's tardiness. She begins to attack Hayate with the Masamune Bokken she received from Isumi, and after a while, Hinagiku loses control of her emotions due to the sword and cries in Hayate's chest. Later, Hinagiku becomes embarrassed due to losing control of her emotions, and when she asks Hayate for her present, Hayate gives her some cookies he baked. Hinagiku then proceeds with telling Hayate about how her family also left her and her sister behind with a debt of 80 million yen and how she can relate to Hayate. Hayate leads Hinagiku to the terrace and makes her look at the view to make her feel better. After seeing the beautiful sight of the city at night, Hinagiku finally realizes that she is in love with Hayate.

The Cocoon of Caprice I
54 votes

#9 - The Cocoon of Caprice I

The Fruit of Grisaia - Season 2 - Episode 1

Asako Kusakabe rescues a young Yuuji from terrorists on a certain mission. She has evaded death as a soldier time and time again, and on a whim decides to become Yuuji's guardian. Although she partially forces it, and despite her coworker JB's concerns, the awkward female soldier and young man begin to live under the same roof.

Wa-san is coming
117 votes

#10 - Wa-san is coming

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 6

Washizu's attempt to return Ibuki's handkerchief fails because Ibuki hits him while chasing after Yoichi, who nosebled while looking at naked female sculptures. Toriyaka takes Washizu to the school infirmary. Washizu day dreams about confessing to Ibuki and returning her handkerchief by putting a letter into her shoe locker. Washizu performs the mission. The letter ends up in Yoichi's hand because Washizu put the letter into the wrong locker. Yoichi misinterprets the letter and thinks that Washizu is interested in learning martial arts from Ibuki. Washizu returns the handkerchief to Ibuki via Yoichi. Meanwhile, the Dark Crow Clan sends their successor and assassin, Nuezume Jinjyuro, to kill Yoichi. Toriyaka accompanies Washizu to Ibuki's dojo. There they meet Ibuki's four other students. Ibuki greets them all and assigns Yoichi to teach Washizu. With extra money from Chihaya's manga reprinting, Kagome and Chihaya buy food and drink for the "newcomer". In the dojo, Yoichi hits Washizu with a stick every time his attention wavers from his seiza position. Ibuki beats Yoichi up for his severity of his teaching method. As punishment and training for Washizu, both Washizu and Yoichi perform a thousand push ups in front of the students, with the students and Ibuki counting for them. Ayame comes in to the dojo to check out the commotion. After they both collapse at a thousand push ups, Kagome and Chiyaya arrive with food for dinner and they all eat together. Ibuki feeds Washizu because his hands are too tired to hold chopsticks. Ayame does the same with Yoichi.

Welcome to Yokko!
92 votes

#11 - Welcome to Yokko!

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 2

After Ibuki reads Yoichi's lewd haiku about her, she sends him flying into Ayame's room. Ibuki and Ayame takes Yoichi to Yokko Private High School. Coincidentally, he is in the same class as Washizu and Ibuki. When Ibuki noticed Yoichi being asked questions by female students she takes him out in the hall and beats him once again. Washizu, wanting to redeem his reputation, challenges Yoichi to a match, with most of the school watching. Yoichi easily defeats him without weapons but catches a fever afterwards. The academic rivalry between Ayame and Ibuki is revealed. Later, Yoichi and Ibuki apologise to each other for their actions earlier in the day, to which Ayame's dismay.

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Money's Tiger
118 votes

#12 - Money's Tiger

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 2

As stipulated, Hayate is to be fired as Nagi's butler, but as Klaus fears getting fired himself for this, he sends Hayate off to be trained at the Tiger's Den for Butlers to show his worth. Hayate meets a Catholic sister on the train, Sister Fortesia, and he later meets her again at a church which doubles as the location of the Tiger's Den. The next day, Hayate must find three others to go on a Butler Quest in an underground dungeon as a part of his training. Nagi is quick to join, and Yukiji and Wataru also join in.

There's No Legend After All
118 votes

#13 - There's No Legend After All

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 2 - Episode 3

Hayate and his party members continue to go on the butler quest. Hayate is poisoned by a poisonous spear after saving Nagi's life. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Isumi are on the quest to help Hayate and exorcise this evil spirits, respectively. Hayate's group encounters the now-dead, ghost priest of the church, Rin Regioster, who points out Sister Fortesia to be a fake. The sister is takes control of a plug-in giant size robot to enact her revenge against the Sanzen'in family. While Fortesia and Hinagiku are fighting, Yukiji is possessed by an evil spirit, and attacks the others, also using the giant robot. Hayate exudes more power and destroy the robot, while Isumi exorcises the spirit possessing Yukiji. Back at the mansion, Hayate collapses after the butler quest.

Let's go on a Date!
116 votes

#14 - Let's go on a Date!

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 5

Yoichi is invited to a date by Hinagata Yui. Ibuki, afraid that Yoichi will damage the Soaring Wind reputation, invites Yoichi to a practice date. She gets him to wear "normal" clothes during the date and takes him to a toy shop, where she shows keen interest in a plushie. Meanwhile, Ayame and her friends are buying clothes. They comment about Ayame's breast size to her chagrin. She sees Ibuki and Yoichi together and follows them. Ibuki and Yoichi goes bowling. They are secretly watched by Ayame, Chihaya and Kagome. Washizu and Torigaya see Ayame walking out of the bowling place and Washizu thinks about Ayame's possibility for being his sister-in-law. Meanwhile, while walking along a street, Ibuki attempts to take Yoichi's hand. He turns around and she shies away, tripping over a stone and they both fall into a fountain. Yoichi gives Ibuki the plushie she wants and thanks her for the practise date. Ibuki realizes that this is not a real date and rushes off to buy drinks, with Chihaya and Kagome hiding in bushes, watching them. Hinagata meets Yoichi near the fountain and Yoichi declines her request for a date. She fights him with a three section staff. Yoichi ruins Hinagata's uniform and she runs away. Meanwhile Ibuki is confronted by two men who criticise her for being with Yoichi. Yoichi, Chihaya and Kagome hear Ibuki's voice and rush to her aid to find that she has defeated her assailants.

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Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival
63 votes

#15 - Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 9

When Yoichi hits Washizu for daydreaming, he runs out of the dojo. Washizu shouts his confession to Ibuki. Ayame overhears this and thinks that Washizu is confessing to her. Washizu returns to the dojo and is paired up with Ayame and they spar aggressively with bokkens. After everyone is dismissed from the dojo, Washizu and Torigaya sees a poster for the local festival. The night of the festival arrives. Torigaya and Washizu made a rigged ballot. Torigaya mixed up the draw and the resulting groups are: Ayame and Washizu, Yoichi and Ibuki, with Chihaya, Kagome and Washizu are in the final group. During the course of the festival, siblings of the Saginomiya clan plot against Yoichi. It is a running gag that Yoichi is interested in a stall, runs ahead and leaves Ibuki to search for him. Meanwhile, Yoichi runs to a shooting gallery, a store run by the Saginomiya clan, and futilely tries to shoot a prize. Ibuki catches up to him and hits the main prize for a family to go to a hot springs, with a little help from the Saginomiya girl. At the same time, Ayame constantly hurls abuse at Washizu until he clears up Ayame's misunderstanding of his confession. Washizu sees Ibuki and Yoichi in the distance. He rushes off with Ibuki to leave Yoichi to Ayame. Meanwhile, Washizu finds that the person he rushed off with isn't Ibuki but Tsubasa with a haunted house mask. It is revealed that the reason why the Saginomiya clan tricks Ibuki into winning the hot springs trip is because of Ukyo's crush on Ibuki.

Tommorow's Yoichi!
63 votes

#16 - Tommorow's Yoichi!

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 12

Yoichi, Kagome, Chihaya and Ayame arrive at the Saginomiya residence, a pagoda-shaped castle. They cross the river surrounding the castle using a raft built from surrounding trees. Ukyou orders Sakon to chase Yoichi's group away. She reluctantly accepts. Yoichi's group enters the castle and sees Sakon standing on the top of a staircase. She reveals that Ukyou plans to marry Ibuki today. Then Sakon's maids attack the party, to which Yoichi successfully blocks. Sakon's use of sleeping gas backfires and causes her maids fall asleep. Yoichi pleads Sakon to return Ibuki. Sakon slaps Yoichi and dissapears. Yoichi's group encounter more guards. Luckily, Washizu, Tsubame, Angela and Torigaya intervene. Torigaya gives Washizu his metal-spiked gloves. Yoichi, Kagome, Chihaya and Ayame chase Sakon into the chapel, where Ukyou is preparing his wedding. Ukyou and Ibuki escapes through a hidden platform. Yoichi follows Ukyou to the rooftop, where they fight each other. Ibuki recovers her memory but falls off the roof. Both Yoichi's group and Ukyou attempt to follow but Ukyou is held back by Sakon hugging his legs. Yoichi's group falls into a river. Yoichi grabs onto Ibuki's breast to stop himself from drowning. Ibuki makes him fly with one punch. Yoichi sent a letter to his father of his wishes to stay at the Ikaruga dojo.

Sorry About the Other Time
65 votes

#17 - Sorry About the Other Time

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 8

Washizu is determined to confess to Ibuki using a love letter. Washizu walks into a shop to buy something to drink, only to see Ayame choosing the same bottle. They argue over it. After training in Ibuki's dojo, Washizu fails to give the love letter to Ibuki. Ayame also fails to give Yoichi a towel. Washizu's love letter falls out of his keikogi and Ayame picks it up. Washizu tears the letter up before she can read it and falls on top of her. At the same time, Tsubasa is on a ramen delivery run for the dojo and opens the dojo door to see Washizu on top of Ayame. Tsubasa gets flustered, drops the boxes of ramen and flees. While eating ramen, Yoichi comments on Washizu's mellowness. It is revealed that Washizu has beaten up the toughest high school gang in the area. The gang walks into the dojo and kidnaps Ayame to use her as a hostage. The gang confronts Washizu and, threatening to rape Ayame, they beat Washizu up. Yoichi intervenes and together they beat up the members of the gang.

A Samurai Is Coming!
147 votes

#18 - A Samurai Is Coming!

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 1

After 17 years of learning Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay in the mountains, Yoichi Karusuma is ordered to experience life in the city with the Ikarugas by his father, as he has nothing more to teach him. After he arrives in the city, Yoichi is ridiculed by Washizu for his samurai clothes and easily defeats him. The Ikarugas wait in the city to pick up Yoichi. Later in the day, Yoichi chases after a thief, causing mayhem in a shopping centre. During his pursuit, Yoichi unknowingly encounters the Ikarugas in embarrassing situations. After he successfully stops the thief, he returns a lost Kagome to Ibuki. Outside the shopping centre, Ibuki asks Yoichi if he is Yoichi. He agrees. The police arrest Yoichi for causing mayhem but releases him afterwards. Ibuki takes Yoichi to her dojo and introduces him to her sisters

What Ibuki-san Received
61 votes

#19 - What Ibuki-san Received

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 11

Due to the Saginomiya siblings' medicine, Ibuki's mind has reverted to one of a 4-year-old's. Yoichi and the Ikaruga sisters have a hard time dealing with Ibuki's sudden change. Her refususal to acknowlege Kagome's existance and her clumsyness makes her a burden to those around her. A far cry from the authoritative person she once was. Ukyou and Sakon arrive at the dojo with the proposal and trial of the Ikarugas to live like a "first-class celebrity" for Ibuki. Meanwhile, Washizu and Torigaya finds Ibuki lying face-down in front of her dojo. Washizu buys Ibuki new clothes and play with her at a park. Ukyou forces Yoichi to learn swordcraft with Angela. At the same time, Ibuki is kidnapped and Washizu is stunned by the Saginomiya. By the end of the day, the novelty of the celebrity lifestyle has worn out. Chihaya and Ayame discover that Kagome is missing. A short search around the house leads to Kagome's room. They find Kagome in her room, crying while hugging a broken doll. This gives Yoichi, Ayame and Chihaya initiative to find Ibuki. Yoichi tells Angela to wait for him. Yoichi, Ayame, Kagome and Chihaya leave the dojo in search of Ibuki. Meanwhile, Tsubasa finds Washizu and carries him to a hospital.

Half Exposed One Piece Bikini
91 votes

#20 - Half Exposed One Piece Bikini

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 7

Ibuki, Ayame, Chihaya, Kagome, Yoichi, Angela, Tsubasa and Ibuki's four students meet up at an empty beach after winning a lottery ticket. Yoichi arrives on the beach wearing a loincloth. Ibuki persuades him to wear swimming trunks. Two siblings, students of Saginomiya's Steering Techniques are assigned to defeat Yoichi. One of the brothers release a trained bird to attack the gang, which causes Yoichi to embarass everyone. Everyone goes into the water to play with the exception of Kagome. When Ibuki questions her, Kagome runs into the forest. Masashi-kun follows Kagome in pursuit. Kagome falls down a cave and breaks her fall by landing on top of Masashi-kun, who earns himself a bruise. Kagome tells Masashi to close his eyes and she dresses his injury with cloth. After a while, the rest of the gang searches for Kagome and Masashi-kun. Meanwhile, Masashi-kun and Kagome rushes out an exit to the cave only to find out that it leads to a ledge on a cliffface. Masashi-kun falls and manages to grab on to a tree branch but soon relinquishes his grip. The gang catches up to Kagome and Yoichi dives into the water to save Masashi. At that moment, the two brothers greet the gang on surfboards, and they challenge Yoichi to fight. Angela throws Yoichi a bokken, which lands away from Yoichi, and Chihaya throws Yoichi a life ring. Kagome dives in the water to save Mashashi-kun and throw the bokken to land in Yoichi's hand. Yoichi defeats the brothers with his swordplay. It is revealed that Kagome's refusal to participate in water activities is due to her embarrassment about her budding breasts. She continues to bind them with cloth.

Secret Hot Springs Death Match!
62 votes

#21 - Secret Hot Springs Death Match!

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 10

Yoichi and the gang go to a hot springs for free due to Ibuki winning a prize at the festival last episode. The gang is overwhelmed by the grandeur of the hot springs. While the girls enjoy the hot springs and its facilities, Yoichi walks around the area and thinks about his former life in the mountains. Yoichi and the gang eat dinner with their host. The host say that ghosts in the cave behind the inn is the reason why there are no other guest in the inn. Yoichi and Ibuki volunteer to exorcise the ghost in return of the hospitality they received and they start walking to the cave. Chihaya relays this to Ayame, who feigns ignorance and walks out of the inn. Immediately after, Ukyo and his sister, disguised as the host, release a sleeping gas throughout the inn. Arriving at the entrance to the cave, Yoichi and Ibuki fall into a hole and both gets knocked unconcious. Yoichi wakes up and finds Ayame next to him, who starts seducing him. Meanwhile, Ibuki wakes up and sees Ukyo, who tries to rekindle their friendship. When Ibuki sees Ayame seducing Yoichi, she says that it cannot possibly be Ayame. Yoichi reaches the same conclusion but voices his reason that Ayame's breast aren't that big. Ibuki beats Yoichi. Sakon takes off her Ayame mask and releases another dose of the sleeping gas. Ibuki instantly falls asleep but Yoichi is able to resist the effects of the gas to an extent. Ukyo and his sister take Ibuki away, leaving Yoichi struggling to get back to the inn. When he gets inside the inn, Yoichi is faced with a series of assailents. Yoichi beats up all of them, leaving himself weak and open for Nuezume Jinjyuro. Ayame saves Yoichi and helps defeats all the remaining opponents. Ayame and Yoichi finds Kagome and Chihaya, wakes them up. Together they search for Ibuki. When they do find her, she appears to be hypnotised.

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The Sword and DEAD
638 votes

#22 - The Sword and DEAD

High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 9

Saeko and Takashi find a new vehicle to evade the horde of undead in between them and Saya's home.

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39 votes

#23 - Wish

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 6

Obsidian binds Vermeil into his service! But the now berserk demoness is too powerful to control, and that means consequences for everyone. Especially for Alto.

The Helmet of Will
65 votes

#24 - The Helmet of Will

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 5

On the verge of death, Will takes an oath to Grace Feel and stands up again to challenge Stagnate. However, Stagnate deceives Will and disappears, aiming directly at Brad and Marie. Will, who realized the intention and returned to the temple in a hurry, saw that Stagnate was about to reach out to the two who were full of wounds ...

It's Amazing When You Take It Off
91 votes

#25 - It's Amazing When You Take It Off

Samurai Harem - Season 1 - Episode 3

Angela and Tsubasa arrive in the city to defeat Yoichi at the request of a man who is willing to pay them money for the revival of their martial arts school. Tsubasa, a clumsy and shy girl, transfers to Ibuki and Yoichi's class. When Yoichi comments on Tsusaba's cuteness, Ibuki quickly beats him. It is revealed that Tsubame used to live in the mountains, learning martial arts, without any luxury. After school, Angela strips Tsubasa's clothes in front of Ibuki and Yoichi ti transforms Tsubasa into a skilled martial artist. Then, she attacks Yoichi. Washizu interrupts the fight, covers Tsubasa with his jacket and offers to fight Yoichi for her. This puts Tsubasa out of her stupor and she flees the scene, crying. Later, she tells Angela that she hates martial arts and Angela. Later, Angela meets Tsubasa on a road and they apologise to each other. The next day, Angela and Tsubasa appears to have started working at a restaurant, with Tsusaba making deliveries and Angela cooking.

36 votes

#26 - Rampage

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 5

Chris is no match for a suddenly empowered Rex, but how did he become so strong? Something sinister is happening at the academy.

A Dragonrider’s Beating Heart
40 votes

#27 - A Dragonrider’s Beating Heart

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 3

The Student Council is absurdly powerful, and Alto and Vermeil’s antics have landed them in the crosshairs of one member in particular: Chris, captain of the Dragonriders.

The Desperate Magician and the Imprisoned Disaster
49 votes

#28 - The Desperate Magician and the Imprisoned Disaster

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 1

All Alto wanted was to graduate. Next thing he knows, he has a familiar with no regard for personal space.

The Mage of Heaven's Will
30 votes

#29 - The Mage of Heaven's Will

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 9

All they need to do to pass the practical exam is pour their mana into a flame. Simple, right? Wrong.

For a Precious Stage
5 votes

#30 - For a Precious Stage

Idoly Pride - Season 1 - Episode 6

Hoshimi Productions' Sunny Peace and Moon Tempest have their debut concert at Hoshimi Festival. Kohei and Mana look back on the day of Mana's debut concert.

60 votes

#31 - Whitesails

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 9

Will and his friends, who travel with Bee and Tonio, finally arrive at the target "City of White Sails (White Sails)". Will is impressed by the big city he sees for the first time and the people who live there. When healing the tiredness of his travels, the bell of an emergency rings. Looking out in a hurry, a big black shadow crosses over their heads--

76 votes

#32 - Payday

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 3

Turning 15, Will challenges Blood to a fight with real swords as his coming-of-age ceremony, but Gus asks Will to lose on purpose. Will doesn't get a chance to ask Gus about what happened that day in the ruins before he must head into his battle against Blood.

Running in the DEAD
739 votes

#33 - Running in the DEAD

High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 4

After being separated from the group Takashi and Rei discover that the living dead aren't the only threat to their continued survival.

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Embarassing School Comedy
87 votes

#34 - Embarassing School Comedy

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens - Season 1 - Episode 9

When rumors about the Daitetsu and Jin being a homosexual couple start to spread, Zange decides that the best solution to the problem is for Jin to officially date a girl.

A Creeping Madness
39 votes

#35 - A Creeping Madness

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 4

It's not a question if Vermeil's interested in Alto. It's a question if her demonic nature means she's interested in him or only in his mana.

I thought once you reincarnated, you still get another chance?
72 votes

#36 - I thought once you reincarnated, you still get another chance?

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? - Season 1 - Episode 5

Ako asks to play a different game during the club meeting, and Kyoh suggests a first-person shooter. Ako feels threatened when she thinks Nanako is interested in Hideki, and withdraws from both school and her friends.

Burn the Sound of Life
3 votes

#37 - Burn the Sound of Life

Idoly Pride - Season 1 - Episode 11

Moon Tempest is up against LizNoir for the semi-finals. Kotono is informed of Mana's ghost. Rio shares her past experiences surrounding Mana to Kotono.

Shining Smile
3 votes

#38 - Shining Smile

Idoly Pride - Season 1 - Episode 7

Sunny Peace and Moon Tempest start out strong, winning all the concert battles so far. Set to enter the Next Venus Grand Prix, they enjoy a day off before the intensive training kicks off.

Embrace the Courage You've Been Given
3 votes

#39 - Embrace the Courage You've Been Given

Idoly Pride - Season 1 - Episode 9

Sakura reveals that she believes her heart is Mana's heart. Kohei confesses that he thinks that too and tells Sakura that Mana is around as a ghost.

And you thought there is never a girl online?
95 votes

#40 - And you thought there is never a girl online?

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? - Season 1 - Episode 1

Hardcore otaku Hideki Nishimura enjoys playing a net game with other members of his online guild, and finally agrees to marry one within the game. However, when he finally meets his "wife" in real life, she is not exactly what he expects.

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The Faraway Paladin
63 votes

#41 - The Faraway Paladin

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 12

Will and his friends are addicted to the traps of the demons and have routed. After seeing the seriously injured Menel, Will realizes that he has unknowingly put his companion in a dangerous eye, and realizes the difference in ability between his surroundings and himself. It was Menel who showed anger that stood in front of Will who was going to defeat the demon beast alone.

33 votes

#42 - Past

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 11

When the ignorant act on their fears and hatred, the result is a tragedy of their own making.

Archer of Beast Woods
71 votes

#43 - Archer of Beast Woods

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 6

After leaving the city of the dead, Will embarks on a journey into the unseen world. He walked through the woods for days, and the first person he met was a hunter and half-elf Menell. Even after parting from him, Will still has the joy of talking to people of his age. However, there was a revelation from Grace Feel that night--

The Goddess of Lights
70 votes

#44 - The Goddess of Lights

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 4

Suddenly, the Immortal God Stagnate tries to take Brad and Marie away, but it is Gas who dispels them. However, I was relieved that a black mist cut through his chest for a while. Stagnate laughs invincibly to Will, who stands up without doing anything, saying, "Thanks to you."

38 votes

#45 - Confession

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 7

Something has changed between Alto and Vermeil since their encounter with Obsidian; something important.

Separate Lights, One Feeling
5 votes

#46 - Separate Lights, One Feeling

Idoly Pride - Season 1 - Episode 5

Kohei splits up the group, designating Sakura and Kotono as leaders and announces the addition of two new members, Haruko and Rei. Sakura's group struggles with Rei's strict dance practice.

The Boy from the City of the Dead
70 votes

#47 - The Boy from the City of the Dead

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 1

Will was born in the city of the dead, where he was raised by three undead. Although he was nurtured with love, Will questions his existence in this life-forbidding place where he is the only human alive. He discovers his three parents are secretly hiding something that may explain this mystery, and as if this weren't puzzling enough, he has yet to discover that still more secrets lie within him.

I thought if I declared my love, I was sure to succeed
72 votes

#48 - I thought if I declared my love, I was sure to succeed

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? - Season 1 - Episode 6

Hideki is nervous about revealing his true feelings for Ako before summer vacation. When the first term's final exams draw near, everyone rallies behind Ako, who is in danger of flunking the term, in order to make sure that she passes.

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The New Term and the Fairy Flower
48 votes

#49 - The New Term and the Fairy Flower

Vermeil in Gold - Season 1 - Episode 2

Vermeil draws the attention of the school’s Dragonriders after she defeats a dragon with a flick of her finger. Later, who will become the second-year representative?

Valley of Despair
59 votes

#50 - Valley of Despair

The Faraway Paladin - Season 1 - Episode 11

Will, who was appointed as a paladin, was responsible for the reconstruction of the village and the extermination of demons. One day, he goes to "Beast Woods" with Reistov and Menel, who have two names, "Tsuranuki", in order to search for a unit that has not returned. He feels something is wrong with the scattered bodies and proceeds to the valley in the back ...