The Best Episodes Directed by Yoshihiro Mori

The Fairies' Subculture (2)

#1 - The Fairies' Subculture (2)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 4

Y, the mediator and her assistant are stuck in a strange manga world. They soon discover that if they act dramatically enough, they can materialize a printed sound effect.

star 9.38
42 votes
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The Fairies' Secret Tea Party (1)

#2 - The Fairies' Secret Tea Party (1)

Humanity Has Declined Season 1 - Episode 11

The mediator recounts her first years at school as a target of bullying, and she thinks about all the unique people she met growing up.

star 9.22
41 votes
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The Secret Base

#3 - The Secret Base

IS: Infinite Stratos Season 2 - Episode 6

Laura appears in the nick of time to protect Ichika and Madoka flees. Some time later, Charlotte is assigned to perform some escort job and with the other girls all busy, Ichika offers himself to assist her. While dealing with some attackers, Ichika protects Char from an explosion and back at the academy, his Byakushiki is confiscated after displaying some abnormal behavior. With instructions to not fill the others about it, Char decides to watch over Ichika by herself as long as he is defenseless, but she comes into another predicament when her panties vanish mysteriously. Charlotte then discovers that changing her underwear does not solve the problem as it vanishes as soon as she puts it on, thus she is forced to keep going commando even at the risk of Ichika figuring out. Noting that something is wrong with her, Houki, Cecilia and Lingyin manage to have her reveal all the truth and the three start fighting for the right of becoming Ichika's bodyguard until Tatenashi appears to reprimand them for causing a commotion inside the school. Just when Charlotte decides to reveal the truth to Ichika, Laura appears and confirms that her panties had returned as the interference causing malfunctions of both Ichika and Charlotte's IS had subsided. Back at their room, Laura points out to Charlotte that all her troubles could be averted if she had put on a bloomer instead of panties, much to her chagrin.

star 9.22
60 votes

#4 - RAVEN'S NEST Bonds

Tokyo Ravens Season 1 - Episode 5

Harutora makes friends with his classmates after the battle of the familiars, which upsets Natsume. However, when Natsume is in danger, Harutora and his new friends fight to save her.

star 9.07
107 votes
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#5 - Temptation

Guilty Crown Season 1 - Episode 7

Shu returns to school with Inori since his arrest by the GHQ. Thanks to a cover story that he was interviewed by the GHQ for finding one of their cellphones and the student council president Arisa Kuhouin supporting Shu and defending him against malicious rumors, his classmates welcome him back with open arms. Shu also learns from his friends Hare Menjou and Souta Tamadate that Yahiro hasn't been back to school since his arrest. Later, Shu's mother Haruka comes back home and welcomes Inori living with them with open arms. Meanwhile, the Undertakers are running out of supplies and need a new supply route which Gai knows someone who will help them. The next night, Arisa and her grandfather, the head of the Kuhouin Group attend a party on a cruise ship where Shu and Gai have snucked in to make a deal with Arisa's grandfather. However, the Anti Bodies learn about the deal from an "informant" and sends Daryl, Segai and Rowan to work with GHQ Colonel Dan Eagleman whom the latter plans to shoot down the ship with Surface to Air missiles. After Gai flirts with Arisa and makes his business proposal with her grandfather, Shu learns from Tsugumi about the attack and tells Gai about it in order to save the passengers on the ship which include his mother. With Gai's help of bringing Arisa to the upper deck, Shu is able to extract her Void and use it to shield the ship from the missile which Colonel Eagleman orders his men to fire all of their missiles which are stopped thanks to Shu. With the threat over, Arisa's grandfather agrees to help supply the Undertakers which unaware to everyone but Gai and Shinbugi, Gai was the GHQ informant. Before leaving, Gai comments to Arisa despite the tough image she gives out, she is very shy when being doted on by others. As Shu and Inori leaves for school the next day, Shu admits to her that this is the first he was glad to use Voids while Haruka looks at a photo with her, her son Shu and the girl from Shu's memories.

star 8.35
169 votes
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#6 - Isolation

Guilty Crown Season 1 - Episode 13

Two weeks since the outbreak, the GHQ continues their search, rescue and aid of survivors in Tokyo. A large number of teenage refugees is sent to Tennouzu High, which has been set up as a shelter. Unable to find the rest of the Undertakers, Shu, Inori, Tsugumi and Ayase stay at Tennouzu High.

star 8.28
163 votes
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#7 - Sisters

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Season 1 - Episode 4

Nagi is thinking of being an idol in order to gain followers since her powers are going to be reduced by the tree being cut down. Jin encounters a famous idol who turns out to be Nagi's goddess sister.

star 8.24
115 votes
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You Can't Play Tag by Yourself, and It's Fun to Play With Others

#8 - You Can't Play Tag by Yourself, and It's Fun to Play With Others

How to Keep a Mummy Season 1 - Episode 4

Tazuki encounters a child oni on his way home from work. Though the oni appears to be beat up pretty badly, Tazuki refuses to take him in.

star 8.11
9 votes
Episode 11

#9 - Episode 11

Love and Fortune Season 1 - Episode 11

star 8.00
5 votes
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Episode 6

#10 - Episode 6

Love and Fortune Season 1 - Episode 6

star 7.91
11 votes
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Episode 7

#11 - Episode 7

Love and Fortune Season 1 - Episode 7

star 7.91
11 votes
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Tragic Irony

#12 - Tragic Irony

Black Bullet Season 1 - Episode 6

Early one morning, Tina asks to meet up with Rentaro. Afterwards Tina's employer informs her of Seitenshi's next meeting and names Kisara as the next target in order to remove the Tendo Security Agency from the equation. Rentaro later meets up with his sponsor, Miori Shiba who warns him about the sniper's high skill level after which he has her research Sogen as a prime suspect in the assassination attempt. Sumaire later summons Rentaro and Enju and reveals more information about the New Humanity Creation Plan including the likelihood that Rentaro may find himself faced with highly ranked mechanized soldiers should he start pursuing his origins. Elsewhere, Tina appears before Kisara at the Tendo headquarters and attempts to kill her. However Rentaro arrives and stops Tina's attempt, with both shocked to see the other before Tina escapes. Afterwards, Rentaro escorts Seitenshi to another meeting and barely manages to protect her when Tina makes another assassination attempt. As Enju volunteers to go after Tina herself, Seitenshi quickly informs Rentaro about Enju's disadvantage due to Tina's mechanization and high 97th rank. Finally when Rentaro tries calling Enju, Tina answers her phone much to his horror.

star 7.88
213 votes
Can I Please Do It?

#13 - Can I Please Do It?

Kanokon Season 1 - Episode 6

Japanese New Year has come, and while Kouta at first is enjoying a quiet stay at home alone, Chizuru soon comes and tries to heat things up by distracting him while he is writing, or taking off her kimono to reveal a school swimsuit. They eventually play a love dice game where the players get to do perverted things to each other. Nozomu shows up at the end and gets in Chizuru's way, and Kouta suggests they go to take part in hatsumōde. At the shrine, they meet up with Chizuru's brother and other friends from school. At the end of the day at the shrine, they all go back to Kouta's house.

star 7.76
168 votes
Fate Begins to Turn

#14 - Fate Begins to Turn

Rewrite Season 1 - Episode 9

Kotarou brings Kagari to the city to help her "find herself" after she gets amnesia.

star 7.76
25 votes
The Gears Spin Out of Control

#15 - The Gears Spin Out of Control

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 1 - Episode 12

The Orc army, led by the Orc Lord, continues its conquest throughout the Great Forest of Jura. The crisis has spurred Treyni of the Dryads, the caretakers of the forest, to take action. She has had her eye on Rimuru after noticing his rise to prominence in the forest, and she wants Rimuru to defeat the Orc Lord.

star 7.69
170 votes
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Hit & Away

#16 - Hit & Away

Knight's & Magic Season 1 - Episode 11

Cristobal leads a large force of Silhouette Knights and airships to crush the Kuschperchan forces at their stronghold and capture Eleonora. Meanwhile, Ernie has developed an anti-aircraft weapon.

star 7.63
88 votes
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You Can't Put a Price on Honor ~ The Critical Running Battle on Victoria Island I ~

#17 - You Can't Put a Price on Honor ~ The Critical Running Battle on Victoria Island I ~

Heavy Object Season 1 - Episode 20

The Legitimate Kingdom stages an operation at Victoria Island including Baby Magnum and two other Objects, Snow Quake and Active Sledge, to ambush Indigo Plasma and stop the man behind it, Prizewell City Slicker. As Indigo Plasma also uses infantry as part of its tactics, just like Qwenthur and Havia had assisted Baby Magnum on past occasions, several detachments were sent to assist on the mission. After helping to deal with an enemy platoon, Qwenthur and Havia discover that the soldiers are dispersing some sort of gas that triggers a massive explosion once ignited by the enemy Object's Plasma Cannons, putting both Baby Magnum and Snow Quake in a disadvantage. To make matters worse, the Legitimate Kingdom forces are informed that the Active Sledge is ambushed and sunk by six other Objects which appeared by surprise, and quickly regroup with Indigo Plasma, whose pilot, who is no other than City Slicker himself, demands them to surrender.

star 7.63
24 votes
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Hero King, Gazel Dwargo

#18 - Hero King, Gazel Dwargo

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 1 - Episode 5

Thanks to Rimuru's skill, Kaijin was able to finish all the longswords and deliver them to the king, so the two of them celebrate by heading to a bar staffed by lots of elf girls. One of them reads Rimuru's fortune for fun, and sees an image in her crystal ball of someone she believes Rimuru is destined to be with. As everyone wonders who this person could be, Vesta shows up and starts to hassle Rimuru...

star 7.62
187 votes
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New & Old

#19 - New & Old

Knight's & Magic Season 1 - Episode 7

Ernie and the Order of the Silver Phoenix bring an impressive show in front of the laboratory and spectators with their new Silhouette Knights. Meanwhile, the King and Prince have a request for Ernie.

star 7.60
93 votes
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Scrap & Build

#20 - Scrap & Build

Knight's & Magic Season 1 - Episode 3

Ernie is summoned by the King who wants to reward him any prize for defeating the Behemoth. Much to the court and his grandfather's shock, Ernie asks for the classified schematics of an Ether Reactor, the heart of a Silhouette Knight. When Ernie explains he wants to make his dream Silhouette Knight and ride it as his hobby, the King is amused with his answer and agrees to Ernie's request if he can build an improved Silhouette Knight first.

star 7.59
98 votes
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Evil Creeps Closer

#21 - Evil Creeps Closer

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 1 - Episode 18

Phobio can't restrain his anger toward Milim. He finds himself faced with Footman and Tear, two masked members of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, who suggest that he become a Demon Lord to take revenge on Milim. They tell him that he can accomplish this using the power of Charybdis. Meanwhile, the Jura Tempest Federation sends Youm out on a journey to make the world believe he was the champion who defeated the Orc Lord.

star 7.49
168 votes
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Episode 12

#22 - Episode 12

Love and Fortune Season 1 - Episode 12

star 7.40
5 votes
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The Song of Destruction

#23 - The Song of Destruction

Rewrite Season 1 - Episode 12

Kagari begins to act strangely. Elsewhere, Midou shows up with his Earth Dragon and destroys the barrier around where Kotarou's group is staying.

star 7.24
21 votes
Episode 1

#24 - Episode 1

Love and Fortune Season 1 - Episode 1

star 7.17
12 votes
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Episode 2

#25 - Episode 2

Love and Fortune Season 1 - Episode 2

star 7.00
11 votes
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Occult Club Activity Log

#26 - Occult Club Activity Log

Rewrite Season 1 - Episode 6

With Chihaya and Lucia's disagreement resolved, the occult club resumes activities.

star 6.88
24 votes
Trying Too Hard

#27 - Trying Too Hard

Hinako Note Season 1 - Episode 8

Hinako's first summer break as a high school student has begun. She's helping out at the used bookstore for that very reason, but when a customer comes in, her nervousness peaks and she freezes up like a scarecrow. When Chiaki and Mayuki return from an outing, Hinako takes a break to have tea with them, and then Yua pops in to lend Hinako some DVDs with her favorite small troupe performances as well as acting lessons. Hinako can't help but smile at Yua's kindness. The next day, as she's helping out at the coffee shop, Hinako collapses while serving a customer...

star 6.75
4 votes
A Surprise From Afar

#28 - A Surprise From Afar

How to Keep a Mummy Season 1 - Episode 10

Sora’s dad sends him another gift. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous in any way, but it sure is talkative.

star 6.63
8 votes