The Best Episodes Directed by Takahiro Majima

Zeroth Dragon

#1 - Zeroth Dragon

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 9 - Episode 4

Wandering around in Relics, Chrono and the rest encounter the vanguard of an Apostle, Gastille. At the same time, Taiyou battles against Valeos and the Zeroth Dragon on the surface.

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1 votes
Evil Deity Bishop, Gastille

#2 - Evil Deity Bishop, Gastille

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 9 - Episode 11

Chronos who were holding a Christmas party for Arata who returned to Japan. However, behind the scenes, Ibuki and Gastir's life-threatening fight begins.

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1 votes
Rogue Athena

#3 - Rogue Athena

Campione! Season 1 - Episode 4

Mariya Yuri and Amakasu continue to try and seal the Gorgoneion at a shrine. However, Athena has already found them. Easily taking the Gorgoneion from them Athena uses it to transform herself into Rogue Athena. Unfortunately Yuri absorbs some of the Death Wind released from Athena returning to her true form. Now dying Yuri attempts a long shot to turn the tide. Godou confronts Athena while the key to victory lies with Erica. However, even if he wins Godou will still have to face Yuri's wrath for his latest (and extremely misinterpreted) indiscretions.

star 8.73
71 votes
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A Time for Battle

#4 - A Time for Battle

Hiiro no Kakera ~ The Tamayori Princess Saga Season 1 - Episode 12

Tamaki and the guardians prepare for the battle to protect to last two artifacts from Logos.

star 8.43
63 votes
The Last Day of Summer Break!

#5 - The Last Day of Summer Break!

High School D×D Season 3 - Episode 5

With Loki defeated, Rias and her household return to the human world to finish up their last days of summer. A pile of homework awaits Issei, but he goes on a date with Akeno instead! Akeno throws herself at Issei, hoping to forget her terrible past.

star 8.38
215 votes
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There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It

#6 - There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Season 1 - Episode 5

Now that Sayaka's wish came true by making a contract with Kyubey, her mind is clear and she doesn't seem to regret becoming a magical girl.

star 8.23
217 votes
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#7 - Avenger

Absolute Duo Season 1 - Episode 3

On the day after the official duos have been determined, Rito Tsukimi informed her students in the classroom of the upcoming New Blade Battle which will be held in the next couple of days. In preparation for the battle, Tooru and Julie trained themselves and practiced their combat skills with their Blazes. Later at the sport stadium, Tooru found Miyabi, exhausted, running along the track when she suddenly collapsed. Unconscious, she is picked up and carried back to her dormitory by Tooru. On the way, she wakes up and Tooru encouraged her to keep training in order to become stronger. On the next day, late afternoon, the New Blade Battle starts at 5 o'clock. The duos have 2 hours to survive and eliminate all other duos to win the battle. As the battle continues, the defeated duos are eliminated from the battle. The three last duos remaining are Tooru's, Tomoe's and Tora's. Tomoe and Miyabi are eventually defeated by Tooru and Julie. Tooru and Julie continue and move on to find the other remaining duo. By the time Tooru and Julie gets there, Tora and his partner are found injured lying on the floor. Momentarily, Rito shows up and suddenly attack Tooru, revealing that she is the person who injure Tora and Tatsu. Then she explains that it is her duty to eliminate any student who is not up to the task. The fight between Tooru, Julie and Rito carries on. Afer learning from Rito that by breaking enemy's Blaze the enemy's soul will be damaged, Tooru uses his Mjolnir punch to break Rito's Blaze and end the fight. The next morning, still recovering from the injury, Tooru and Julie sit at the table and have their usual morning tea. They are then visited by Tomoe and Miyabi who bring them refreshments. That night, Tooru wakes up from the repeating nightmare about the past incident. The noises wake Julie up as well. She shows him the scar on her back, revealing that she is an Avenger like Tooru.

star 8.05
117 votes
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A Girl's Heart is Complicated

#8 - A Girl's Heart is Complicated

High School D×D Season 4 - Episode 8

The Gremory family is now in full training mode for the upcoming Rating Game. However, Issei has a lot of other things on his plate. There's a school festival to prepare for and a press conference to overcome. On top of that Rias is acting strange?!

star 7.86
49 votes
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Next Generation

#9 - Next Generation

Fairy Tail Season 1 - Episode 30

There seems to be a problem with the Master. Is his age finally catching up to him?

star 7.81
439 votes
New York's JoJo

#10 - New York's JoJo

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) Season 1 - Episode 10

In 1938, 49 years after Jonathan Joestar's death, Speedwagon and Straizo travel to Mexico, where they discover an underground room filled with similar looking masks and a petrified body believed to be the being who created them.

star 7.80
203 votes
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A Place Lost

#11 - A Place Lost

Rewrite Season 1 - Episode 7

Five days after losing contact with Inoue, Akane suddenly announces that occult club activities have been suspended.

star 7.05
22 votes
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Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 2

#12 - Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 2

Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU Season 1 - Episode 10

Knowing Satoko's painful past, Keiichi becomes more concerned about Satoko than ever before. One day, Satoko suddenly misses school. Keiichi and his friends are trying to hear from Rika...

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Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 2

#13 - Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 2

Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU Season 1 - Episode 19

Satoko, who enjoyed her happy life in Hinamizawa Village, is told by Rika that she has a dream that she has kept in her heart for many years. Although it was Satoko confused a sudden confession ....

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