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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Network: Discovery

Through re-enactments of high profile cases involving the FBI, the show reveals how agents solve these crimes behind the scene. The show producers work with FBI special agents and examiners in high tech crime labs to portrait each case accurately. You will learn how the FBI protects the lives of Americans and brings the most notorious criminals to justice. The FBI was originally established to address crime that covered cities, counties, and spread across state lines. The country needed a federal law-enforcement entity to do those investigations. And over the years, as the country has grown and as the world, by the same token, has grown smaller, the FBI's mission has changed to meet the various threats.

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Atlanta Prison Riots

#1 - Atlanta Prison Riots

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired Aug 3, 2004

In 1987, Cuban prisoners at the Atlanta Federal Prison used homemade weapons to overthrow the staff. Soon, the inmates controlled most of the buildings, taking over 100 hostages. The FBI was forced to negotiate with the hostiles to end the standoff.

star 9.80
5 votes
Independence Day Breakout

#2 - Independence Day Breakout

Season 7 - Episode 14 - Aired Feb 24, 2006

On July 4, 1987, seven inmates broke out of a high-security prison in New Mexico. Murderer William Wayne Gilbert orchestrated the escape. In a manhunt, authorities and scientists used the Bureau’s crime laboratory to catch these dangerous criminals.

star 9.57
7 votes
Robin the Hood

#3 - Robin the Hood

Season 7 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 17, 2006

When notorious bank robber Byron Chubbuck escaped from New Mexico State Penitentiary in 2000, he almost immediately began stealing again. Though he claimed the stolen loot went to the poor, it was clear to the FBI Chubbuck was no folk hero.

star 8.78
9 votes

#4 - Firefight

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Mar 26, 2000

A series of brutal bank robberies and murders led to an exhaustive eight-month investigation by the FBI. What followed was the bloodiest firefight in FBI history.

star 8.56
16 votes
The Great Philadelphia Mob War

#5 - The Great Philadelphia Mob War

Season 7 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 19, 2005

In 1990s Philadelphia, a ruthless grab for power led to a full-scale mob war. Using informants and high-tech surveillance, the FBI infiltrated the most powerful mob family in the city and sought to bring it down before innocents were killed.

star 8.43
14 votes
John Gotti: Convicted

#6 - John Gotti: Convicted

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Feb 23, 1999

By December 1985, John Gotti had assumed his place as the new Don of the Gambino crime family in New York with the assassination of his boss, Paul Castellano. When the FBI convinced Gotti's underboss, Salvatore Gravano , to testify against him, the jury came back with their verdict: guilty on all counts, including the murder of Castellano.

star 8.37
19 votes
The Shootist

#7 - The Shootist

Season 7 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 26, 2005

In the 1980s, the FBI targeted a sharp bank robber known as the Shootist. He had performed more than 50 robberies across California, Texas and Washington with military precision, claiming the longest string of unsolved bank robberies in history.

star 8.33
9 votes
Without Mercy

#8 - Without Mercy

Season 6 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 30, 2004

In Richmond, VA, two bank robbers escaped after opening fire on officers responding to the call. When the FBI arrived, agents found one bank teller dead, another wounded; the bank’s security guard had been shot four times, yet was still alive.

star 8.25
12 votes
Unlawful Flight

#9 - Unlawful Flight

Season 4 - Episode 7 - Aired Jan 15, 2002

Two transported prisoners fleed from a sheriff's department.They moved from state to state in a wave of abduction and car theft. Now the FBI agents believed believed the pair were growing more violent and more victims would cross their path.

star 8.18
11 votes
Held Hostage

#10 - Held Hostage

Season 5 - Episode 9 - Aired May 6, 2003

Three Black men take Amy Shaw's family hostage at her parents SC home. Jeburk forces Amy to return to the bank were she worked in GA and break into the vault.

star 8.17
6 votes
Deadly Influence

#11 - Deadly Influence

Season 5 - Episode 18 - Aired Dec 2, 2003

A marine salvager found the bodies of three drug dealers floating in a river. FBI agents suspected that a group of cops might be involved in illegal drug busts.

star 8.14
7 votes
Shattered Shield

#12 - Shattered Shield

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Dec 14, 1999

Lured by the easy wealth of the narcotics industry, crooked cops in the New Orleans Police Department began breaking the laws they were sworn to uphold in the early 1990s.

star 8.08
12 votes
The True Story of Mississippi Burning

#13 - The True Story of Mississippi Burning

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 23, 1999

On June 21, 1964, three civil rights workers, who set out to educate southern blacks about receiving the right to vote, disappeared in Mississippi. The FBI gained the trust of an informant, whose information led to the conviction of seven local Ku Klux Klan members.

star 7.75
20 votes
The Crazy Don

#14 - The Crazy Don

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Dec 8, 1998

The reputed boss of the Genovese crime family, Vince Gigante wandered the streets of New York wearing only pajamas and a bathrobe, but the FBI was convinced he was anything but crazy. The FBI helped convict Gigante of murder and murder conspiracy.

star 7.74
19 votes
Hunter's Game

#15 - Hunter's Game

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Nov 23, 1999

The bodies of several young women began turning up in shallow graves in the Alaskan wilderness. FBI profilers mapped the criminal's mind.

star 7.73
11 votes
The Dixie Mafia

#16 - The Dixie Mafia

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Dec 7, 1999

A Judge and his politician wife were brutally murdered in their home. The FBI uncovered a corrupt local government and a group of violent criminal conspirators.

star 7.67
15 votes
Terror for Sale

#17 - Terror for Sale

Season 7 - Episode 6 - Aired Aug 30, 2005

In the 1980s, gangs ruled the streets of Chicago. Led by Jeff Fort, the dangerous, power-hungry El Rukn gang attempted to conspire with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism for money.

star 7.60
5 votes
Murdering Cowboy

#18 - Murdering Cowboy

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Feb 2, 1999

Claude Dallas lived the life of a cowboy -- a loner and distrustful of authority. When two game wardens confronted Dallas about his deeds, they were shot and killed. After a massive manhunt , Dallas was captured and convicted, but he escaped prison within months.

star 7.59
17 votes
Hired Gun

#19 - Hired Gun

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 12, 1999

A multiple murder-for-hire plot that was meticulously planned and executed. A mother, her 8-year-old son, and a live-in nurse were brutally murdered by an assassin. the FBI was able to zero in on Larry Horn, the father of the 8-year-old.

star 7.58
24 votes
Killer Abroad

#20 - Killer Abroad

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired Apr 2, 2000

The bodies of several women began turning up in and around the city of Vienna, Austria. Viennese police turned to the FBI for help.

star 7.56
9 votes
Deadly Payout

#21 - Deadly Payout

Season 7 - Episode 8 - Aired Aug 25, 2005

In 1980, a maid discovered that a copy machine, placed in a busy Las Vegas casino, was actually a bomb. Agents and bomb experts were called in to disarm the deadly device and stop the dangerous extortionist who built it.

star 7.56
9 votes
Stolen Identity

#22 - Stolen Identity

Season 7 - Episode 12 - Aired Oct 1, 2005

When an 80-year-old woman is found barely conscious next to the body of her murdered son in an abandoned van, the FBI was brought in and linked the crime to a teenager and middle-aged man.

star 7.50
8 votes
Rebellion in Paradise

#23 - Rebellion in Paradise

Season 7 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 1, 2005

The Los Macheteros terrorist organization sought to end U.S. rule of Puerto Rico through extreme violence. When the group claimed they attacked 18 unarmed servicemen traveling near San Juan, the FBI was called to investigate the ruthless killers.

star 7.50
10 votes
The Killing Zone

#24 - The Killing Zone

Season 6 - Episode 5 - Aired Aug 17, 2004

In the 1980s, an illegal drug operation known as the “K Street Crew” opened its doors in Washington, DC. Leader Vincent Hill ran the organization without mercy. The FBI created a task force to put an end to their deadly dealings.

star 7.50
10 votes
Polly Klaas: Kidnapped

#25 - Polly Klaas: Kidnapped

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Oct 20, 1998

Polly Klaas was kidnapped from her own slumber party and murdered, lasers helped the FBI identify and find the perpetrator. It took 200 FBI agents two months to find Richard Allen Davis, who was convicted and sentenced to death.

star 7.47
43 votes