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At age 10, best friends Musashi and Kojiro sat in excited silence as Kojiro's father spun tales of evil demons who preyed on the innocent, and the warriors who defeated them. Practicing swordplay, the two swear an oath to become the strongest in the world. But as they grow up, Kojiro turns cynical, and Musashi comes to realize that he can't turn back 150 years of demon rule on his own. He's being called a prodigy with a pickaxe, and he's almost ready to settle for a life of labor. Yet he can't shake the feeling that he still has a responsibility to act…and, soon, the injustices of his world will force his hand…

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A Vow
16 votes

#1 - A Vow

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired 9/27/2022

The Uesugi Band
16 votes

#2 - The Uesugi Band

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired 7/12/2022

Musashi, Kojiro, and Tsugumi meet up with the gathering Uesugi Alliance in an effort to learn more about Kojiro's father. But with a battle against the Kishin of Awaji Island looming, the assembled forces might not be in the mood to indulge outsiders...

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Memories of Stone
16 votes

#3 - Memories of Stone

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired 8/9/2022

Two of the Obsidian Eight are assaulting the Uesugi castle with Yamata no Orochi, while a third member kidnaps Musashi and tries to convince Michiru to kill him.

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The War God's Mantle
16 votes

#4 - The War God's Mantle

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired 8/2/2022

With the connection between Musashi and Michiru, the location of the Goddess Obsidian ends up being discovered by Yataro, who immediately warns the Black Dogs, and the group assembles a strategy to recover her.

A Matter of Trust
14 votes

#5 - A Matter of Trust

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired 8/23/2022

Naoe Kanetatsu of the Uesugi Bushi is facing off against Inukawa Seiroku of the Obsidian Eight. But how can he hope to defeat someone whose power seems to be inflicting physical trauma at will?

Tactician Battle
15 votes

#6 - Tactician Battle

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired 8/16/2022

Battle lines are drawn, with the Obsidian Brotherhood out to defend Yamata no Orochi and capture the Obsidian Goddess, while Musashi works with the Uesugi Band to slay the Kishin and rescue his friends.

The Obsidian Goddess
24 votes

#7 - The Obsidian Goddess

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired 2/24/2022

Shiro offers to help Musashi overcome his difficulties with Kitetsu Blades and get stronger, but can he be trusted?

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You Can't Survive Underwater
24 votes

#8 - You Can't Survive Underwater

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired 2/17/2022

Musashi and Kojiro are out to obtain the Kitetsu Blades they'll need to fight oni, but a mysterious ritual involving the mystical swords might prove to be an unexpected hurdle.

15 votes

#9 - Equals

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired 7/26/2022

Musashi's troubles in the Shimazu Unit seem to get worse and worse, with accusations of desertion and espionage thrown his way. At least he can turn to the gentle Michiru to take his side... or can he?

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Leaving Your Mark
15 votes

#10 - Leaving Your Mark

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired 8/30/2022

Shiro's unique powers are enough to overwhelm an entire group of Bushi by himself. Does Naotora really stand a chance?

Greatsword of the Black Goddess
16 votes

#11 - Greatsword of the Black Goddess

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired 9/20/2022

Getting Stronger
25 votes

#12 - Getting Stronger

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 2/10/2022

Tsumugi struggles with deciding what to do next, and Musashi encounters a mysterious, and unhinged, Bushi in black.

A Bushi's Way of Life
23 votes

#13 - A Bushi's Way of Life

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired 3/3/2022

As Shiro preys on the other Bushi who have gathered to hunt a Kishin, Musashi has to find a way to escape the lava pit and help his friends.

Shipboard Disgrace
16 votes

#14 - Shipboard Disgrace

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired 7/19/2022

After volunteering to take part in a duel for the leadership of his unit, Musashi is confronted with a grim reality.

The Kosameda Band
31 votes

#15 - The Kosameda Band

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 1/27/2022

Musashi and Kojiro's journey runs immediately into trouble when a mysterious girl steals their vehicle.

The Goddess's Power
26 votes

#16 - The Goddess's Power

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired 3/10/2022

Musashi, Kojiro, and Tsugumi face off against Nanao and Shiro, and their only hope for victory might be the mysterious entity inside of Musashi.

What's in a Katana
26 votes

#17 - What's in a Katana

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired 3/24/2022

With the help of the obsidian goddess, the Kanemaki Bushi have managed to survive the attack by Shiro and Nanao. Before setting out for the next stop in their journey, there's one last thing Musashi needs to do.

Bushi's Pride
34 votes

#18 - Bushi's Pride

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 1/13/2022

Musashi and Kojiro try to tackle the powerful Kishin that has appeared, but will the two of them really be able to stand up to the class of oni that has dominated Hinomoto for over a hundred years?

The Outside World
32 votes

#19 - The Outside World

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 1/20/2022

With the arrival of the Takeda Bushi band, Musashi is desperate to defeat the Kishin before they can.

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Choosing Tomorrow
29 votes

#20 - Choosing Tomorrow

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired 2/3/2022

Musashi and Kojiro are forced to find a way to escape the Kosameda Castle prison, while Tsumugi is trapped between her desire to protect her friends and the commands of her domineering father.

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Clash of the Shimazu
13 votes

#21 - Clash of the Shimazu

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired 9/6/2022

It's up to Musashi's squad to defeat Yataro, but the Shimazu siblings heading up their assault don't seem to be on the same page anymore.

Where This Road Leads
28 votes

#22 - Where This Road Leads

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired 3/24/2022

Musashi, Kojiro, and Tsugumi are lost in the wilderness when a chance encounter sets them on course for a new adventure.

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Older and Younger Brothers
16 votes

#23 - Older and Younger Brothers

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired 9/13/2022

The struggle to keep the white serpent from empowering Yamata no Orochi becomes desperate, as the truth behind the friction among the Shimazu brothers is revealed.

Musashi & Kojiro
49 votes

#24 - Musashi & Kojiro

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 1/6/2022

With the appearance of otherworldly oni, headed by the massively powerful Kishin, humanity has been forced to serve their new demonic masters. After 150 years of oni rule, the only force left to fight for human freedom are bands of Bushi. This is the story of two young men and their dream of forming the strongest Bushi band!

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