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Last Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Network: USA Network

Nikita is a drug-addicted juvenile delinquent who was accused of killing a police officer in cold blood during an attempted robbery of a pharmacy. She is later arrested and sentenced to death by lethal injection, upon which she was secretly drugged by the government, faking her death. Nikita is then "recruited" by a secret government organization and transformed into a highly skilled assassin who cannot be traced.

Four Light Years Farther

#1 - Four Light Years Farther

Season 4 - Episode 22

Michael and Nikita have been traveling from place to place, keeping one step ahead of Section One's attempts to find them. When George is eliminated from the picture after leaking intel to Red Cell in order to discredit Section One, the newly-empowered Operations and Madeline finally track down Michael and Nikita. They bring them back to Section. Just as Michael and Nikita are about to be cancelled, all of Section's systems suddenly stop. Mr. Jones, the mysterious head of Center, is on his way to Section One in order to conduct an evaluation, and has put Section in stasis. When Jones arrives, he is really Nick Shtoppel Nikita's neighbor and Section informant. He reveals that Nikita has been secretly working for Center for the last three years. Nikita assists Jones with his evaluation, and things change radically. Operations is forced to remain at Section One for the next seven years. Madeline takes her own life rather than be cancelled. Walter is transferred to the Farm, where he will

star 8.29
17 votes
Up the Rabbit Hole (2)

#2 - Up the Rabbit Hole (2)

Season 4 - Episode 21

Michael escapes Red Cell and is assigned to meet Nikita and kill her, however she doesn't show up and an Alpha Team is assigned to track her down. Michael leads the team with Kate Quinn. Before the mission, Michael discovers Quinn is Nikita and that he could leave Section. The Alpha Team is wiped out and Michael escapes with Nikita.

star 8.11
18 votes
Directors: Terry Ingram
Writers: Lawrence Hertzog, Peter M. Lenkov
End Game (2)

#3 - End Game (2)

Season 2 - Episode 22

With Adrian's help, Nikita manages to breach the most sensitive area of Section and secure a file, code named Gemstone, which contains evidence which will bring down Operations and destroy Section One. Meanwhile, Operations forces Michael to identify the Section operative most likely to work with Adrian to undermine Section, Nikita. Michael confronts Nikita in order to try to find a way to protect her, but she denies any association with Adrian. Now Michael is forced to kidnap both Nikita and Adrian and bring them back to Section, knowing that Nikita and Adrian will be cancelled and that the incriminating Gemstone file will be permanently erased.

star 8.04
26 votes
Directors: Joseph Scanlan
Writers: Robert Cochran, David Ehrman
The Evil That Men Do

#4 - The Evil That Men Do

Season 5 - Episode 6

Nikita and Mr. Jones have The Collective's "mole" narrowed down to four suspects: Operations, Quinn, Walter and the late Marco O'Brien, but Mr. Jones has a fifth possibility that Michael Samuelle is still alive, and that he is the "mole." While granting to Mr. Jones the theoretical possibility that Michael may be alive, Nikita denies that he would never be the "mole" for The Collective, Graff and Haled. Meanwhile, Operations sets out personally to see to it that an anti-Collective mission goes according to plan, but it's The Collective that is poised to blow Operations' plane out of the sky! Can and will Nikita save Operations' butt, one last time or should she even bother?

star 8.00
20 votes
Opening Night Jitters

#5 - Opening Night Jitters

Season 3 - Episode 3

To flush out Vacek, Operations and Madeline order Michael to poison Elena, but Michael can't bring himself to do it. So Section poisons Elena anyway, while Michael is out on a mission, and her survival will depend on whether Vacek has enough conscience to visit his daughter in her time of need. Meanwhile, Section moves sleazy informant Mick Shtoppel in as Nikita's neighbor.

star 7.92
26 votes
In Through the Out Door

#6 - In Through the Out Door

Season 5 - Episode 3

After the explosion at the house of Nikita's father, Nikita enlists Walter, and then Jason Crawford, to decript its contents. The result; the location of the convelecence home where Michael took Adrian after the "Gelman Process" mess. And this just happens to coincide with Nikita's physical deterioration because of her experience with the "Gelman Process." Has Michael or Nikita's real father given her the information she needs to beat these after effects? Or is Nikita inevitably heading to the same place Adrian ended up, namely the grave? Meanwhile, O'Brien betrays Nikita, by revealing her deteriorating health to Operations, but unsure that O'Brien will be able to resist Nikita's "charms" any more than Michael did. Operations 'shadows' O'Brien with his very own 'pit bull' operative, Golliak. And Section One continues to try and crack "The Collective."

star 7.89
19 votes
Not Was

#7 - Not Was

Season 2 - Episode 13

Michael is captured and interrogated by terrorists, then loses his memory and does not know who he is.

star 7.89
27 votes
Let No Man Put Asunder

#8 - Let No Man Put Asunder

Season 5 - Episode 7

The situation is dire as The Collective, still led by Graff and Haled, is cleaning Section's clock. But, just in time, Michael asks Nikita to help him return to Section, where his re-emergence is viewed with suspicion by both Mr. Jones and Operations. While new missions continue against The Collective with Michael's return, Nikita admits that she lied to him in "Four Light Years Further," and that she does indeed love him. Operations discovers that The Collective has infiltrated Section's mainframe to try to locate and kidnap Michael's son Adam, in attempt to re-assert control over him. Can Operations foil The Collective's plans?

star 7.88
25 votes

#9 - Choice

Season 1 - Episode 10

The CIA believes that a rogue element of their agency is responsible for a recent massacre of heroin dealers, performed in order to steal money and drugs as part of an embezzlement scheme. Section One is brought in to clean the house quietly, but Nikita's continued involvement with architect Gray Wellman is tampering her ability to be a reliable operative. As Section One's operation reaches a fever pitch, Nikita is unable to balance both sides of her life, and is forced to make a choice between the organization that controls her life and the one man that she's ever loved.

star 7.85
27 votes
Writers: Michael Loceff

#10 - Innocent

Season 1 - Episode 12

A live nuclear warhead is smuggled into the states and the only witness to the act is a mentally challenged pizza driver named Rudy who witnessed the transfer. A transmission claiming that the warhead is armed in a random city and will detonate in 24 hours is intercepted and Section uses Rudy to determine who the man is that brought the warhead into the country - a traitor in the Agency. The location is discovered and with Rudy's help, Birkoff is able to determine the code that will disarm the bomb in time. Rudy is allowed to live due to his help and is allowed to leave Section with Nikita's assurances that he will never tell anyone of Section or it's whereabouts.

star 7.82
28 votes
Writers: Michael Loceff

#11 - Noise

Season 1 - Episode 16

While on a mission to tag a stockpile of Stinger missiles, the Section van is breached, and Birkoff is forced to defend himself for the very first time. Now, his fear of being killed on future missions is interfering with his ability to protect Section operatives, unless Nikita can help him overcome this fear, Birkoff is in danger of being cancelled.

star 7.82
22 votes

#12 - Voices

Season 1 - Episode 19

While working undercover near a Central European Consulate, Nikita is confronted by a known serial rapist. Nikita easily subdues the man, leaving him battered and bruised. O'Brien, the police detective on the case, has been pursuing the man for years, and realizes that the rapist's victim was no ordinary woman. With the help of a witness he manages to break through Nikita's cover story and track her down. O'Brien now knows the truth about Nikita, he will have to be cancelled, unless Nikita can turn the situation around to her advantage.

star 7.81
26 votes
Writers: Maurice Hurley
Looking for Michael

#13 - Looking for Michael

Season 3 - Episode 1

Operations believes Nikita is a threat to Section, and wants to kill her during a mission. She survives his plot, and when she returns to Section, she looks into the disappearance of Michael, and finds what she didn't expect.

star 7.80
25 votes

#14 - Friend

Season 1 - Episode 2

Section One is assigned to protect Jovan Mijovich, a politician attempting to negotiate peace among opposing forces in his section of the world. When Nikita meets with a contact to find out who has attempted to assassinate Mijovich, Nikita is recognized by Julie, a childhood friend. Nikita attempts to protect Julie's life by creating a new identity for her, but Julie is actually an operative for the organization attempting to assassinate Mijovich.

star 7.79
58 votes
Directors: Guy Magar
Writers: Naomi Janzen

#15 - Brainwash

Season 1 - Episode 20

When Nikita is sent to investigate a bartender at a posh club who may be a terrorist contact, he responds to her questioning by leaping from the 65th floor window to his death. A search of his apartment turns up a strange helmet-like device, which Section later discovers is used for brainwashing. Unfortunately, Nikita has used the device several times in an effort to discover what it is, and now it is in control of her mind. When Nikita and other operatives are assigned to protect the Premier of China from other similarly brainwashed individuals, Section has no idea that the greatest threat to the Premier is Nikita herself.

star 7.78
23 votes
Writers: Peter Bellwood
Face in the Mirror (1)

#16 - Face in the Mirror (1)

Season 4 - Episode 20

When Nikita fails to assassinate Grenet, a Red Cell agent, and is unknowingly injured, Michael goes to her apartment to have dinner. It ends in disaster, when his water is poisoned and Nikita hands him over to Red Cell in exchange for his cornia files. She deletes herself from Section's databases and escapes to where they can't find her.

star 7.78
18 votes
Hard Landing

#17 - Hard Landing

Season 2 - Episode 1

With Michael's help, Nikita survived the destruction of a Freedom League hideout in the first season's final episode. Since then, she has been on the run from Section One. While working as a waitress, Nikita is captured by the Freedom League and used as bait to lure Section One into a trap. During a raid by a Section team led by Michael, Nikita saves Michael's life and they manage to escape together. Later, on an abandoned ship, Nikita and Michael share a night of passion. However, Michael's lies about Nikita's whereabouts are in danger of being exposed.

star 7.78
27 votes
Directors: Jon Cassar
Writers: Michael Loceff
Adrian's Garden (1)

#18 - Adrian's Garden (1)

Season 2 - Episode 21

When the founder of Section One comes back to destroy her own creation, Nikita must make a choice between the life of Michael or the existence of Section.

star 7.76
25 votes
Directors: Brad Turner
Writers: Michael Loceff
Beyond the Pale

#19 - Beyond the Pale

Season 3 - Episode 13

Operations passes over Michael for Chief Strategist in favor of a smarmy Section operative by the name of Zalman, and Michael is so furious that he plots with Nikita to escape from Section One. Indeed, after stealing a Section One "Field Router" Michael and Nikita successfully disrupt a mission against new Red Cell leader Vincent Tomas, and make their escape. Zalman is going to take the fall for Michael's and Nikita's escape, and he will stop at nothing to find them.

star 7.76
25 votes
The Man Behind the Curtain

#20 - The Man Behind the Curtain

Season 5 - Episode 5

Nikita finally comes face to face with her father, the real Mr. Jones, but rather than being an "emotional" reunion, Mr. Jones is all business, and immediately sets Nikita out on a new mission; finding The Collective's "mole" in Section One! Mr. Jones' two candidates: Operations or Marco O'Brien. Mr. Jones thinks it's the latter, but Nikita suspects the former. So Nikita sets out to find the "mole." Meanwhile, the two co-heads of The Collective, Graff and Haled clash over tactics, and whether to trust their "mole's" intel about Section One. Michael finally turns up, but not until the last scene!

star 7.76
21 votes

#21 - Missing

Season 1 - Episode 18

One of the members of a criminal organization that steals classified information to sell to the highest bidder is Operations' long-lost son, Steven. Section One's mission is to eradicate this group along with a dangerous terrorist that plans to buy a smart missile chip from them, but Operations asks Nikita to keep Steven alive at all costs. Nikita agrees, only if Operations will let her finally leave the Section for good. He agrees, but Nikita threatens to kill Steven if Operations doesn't keep his word. Unfortunately for Nikita, she is unaware of Michael's true role in the mission.

star 7.75
24 votes
Toys in the Basement

#22 - Toys in the Basement

Season 4 - Episode 18

While on her mission, Nikita gets shot. She was badly injured. Michael goes to the spot where she fell of the building's roof, but she isn't there. A man by the name of Henry takes out the bullet from her body, declaring he is a doctor. This guy won't let her go because he thinks she would want to stay after he helped her. She tries to break free, but she gets recaptured by him & his mother. Michael decides to go out to find Nikita. Henry wants to marry Nikita now, she wakes up in a wedding dress. He expects her to marry him after he rescued her from dying. Michael comes in time to help Nikita. He takes her with him to a serene campsite.

star 7.75
16 votes
Writers: Lawrence Hertzog
Approaching Zero

#23 - Approaching Zero

Season 2 - Episode 4

Section believes that terrorists are after the nuclear power source of a downed satellite. They later discover the terrorists are actually after it because it is a military satellite and it will give them access to the Pentagon if they are able to salvage it and crack the codes. Nikita grows closer to Jurgen and Section uses it to their advantage.

star 7.74
23 votes
Writers: Michael Loceff
A Girl Who Wasn't There

#24 - A Girl Who Wasn't There

Season 5 - Episode 2

Nikita finds clues about why she was recruited into Section. Is it possible her father was an operative, codenamed Flavius, and that she has a sibling with the initial "M" who is somewhere in the covert world she lives in? Quinn redesigns Birkoff's Artificial Intelligence program to build a holographic replica of Madeline, complete with Madeline's memories and psychological profile. Although Operations is greatly pleased to have Madeline at his side once more, it soon becomes clear that despite it's complex programming, it is just not capable of being Madeline because it doesn't have her instincts.

star 7.74
19 votes
Déjà Vu All Over Again

#25 - Déjà Vu All Over Again

Season 5 - Episode 1

Nikita is sent back to Section One to destroy a new terrorist threat that only she can deal with which is a summit meeting of representatives from several terrorist groups. She is teamed up with a new level 5 operative, Marco O'Brien. O'Brien was the police officer recruited four years earlier because of a mistake Nikita made, a fact that O'Brien has not forgotten. Nikita finds that besides the terrorists, she must deal with O'Brien & the hostility of much of Section personnel because of her role in Center's evaluation of Section.

star 7.73
15 votes
Directors: Jon Cassar
Writers: Robert Cochran