The Best Episodes Directed by Ken Girotti

The Eden Road

#1 - The Eden Road

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future Season 1 - Episode 17

When Dread unknowingly shuts down a crucial part of the route to Eden 2, the team must brave a biohazard filled disaster area to make contact with a representative with the new route.

star 9.00
2 votes
The Ides of March

#2 - The Ides of March

Xena: Warrior Princess Season 4 - Episode 21

Callisto returns from Hell with a double mission: corrupt Xena and make Julius Caesar emperor, but plans change when Caesar's allies turn on him and when Roman soldiers capture and crucify Xena and Gabrielle.

star 8.89
93 votes
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The End

#3 - The End

ReGenesis Season 2 - Episode 13

The antidote created to cure the national guards isn't doing its job properly as the guards fall even more ill with another disease. Caroline, still investigating what Weston did, finds that the White House is mixed into it.

star 8.75
122 votes
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A Spontaneous Moment

#4 - A Spontaneous Moment

ReGenesis Season 3 - Episode 1

What happened to Bob, Mayko, David, Jill and Caroline ? 6 months after the explosion, NorBac is still rebuilding itself. The team has to deal with the deaths of several of their friends and colleagues and the arrivals of new people for the team.

star 8.53
111 votes
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Frozen in Time

#5 - Frozen in Time

The Invisible Man Season 1 - Episode 19

Kate Easton (The Value of Secrets) is on the run from Allianora. Easton is grabbed before Darien can get her to safety and put into cyrogenic suspension by Allianora's (as yet unidentified) employers. The people Allianora work for are collecting scientists for future use under their control. The Agency manages to capture Allianora, but she proves impossible to crack. So Darien secretly cuts her a deal: he'll betray the Agency and help her escape if she'll betray her bosses and help him rescue Kate. Both of them end up double-crossing each other, and Darien ends up in a cyrogenic tube when Allianora scrambles his tracking signal. He manages to escape using his invisibility and rescue Kate. However, when he returns with the Agency, the warehouse and the remaining scientists are gone.

star 8.50
2 votes
Bait and Switch

#6 - Bait and Switch

Fairly Legal Season 2 - Episode 3

Judge Nicastro forces Kate to take a case over an insurance dispute and suggests that Lauren begin dating.

star 8.42
730 votes
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The Lord's Prayer

#7 - The Lord's Prayer

Vikings Season 2 - Episode 10

Ragnar and King Horik return to Kattegat; Ragnar places his trust in those who have stood by him.

star 8.37
6915 votes
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Ghost of a Chance

#8 - Ghost of a Chance

The Invisible Man Season 1 - Episode 16

Darien, the Keeper and Hobbes head south of the border to Santa Ruego to convince the Prime Minister to vote against installing the Biox chemical weapon system. How? By having Fawkes pretend to be a ghost and persuade the superstitious Minister to vote against the system's installation. Unfortunately, another "spirit" is haunting the Minister: "La Llarona," a ghost who can drown men with a kiss. She confronts Darien and it is revealed she is a member of a shadowy organization that bio-engineered her with the ability to breathe water and exhale it under pressure. In the battle over the Prime Minister's vote, Darien eventually manages to drive her off and get the vote, despite the mutual attraction the two "freaks" share.

star 8.33
3 votes
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#9 - Crossroads

Lights Out (2011) Season 1 - Episode 7

As the fight with Morales nears, Lights finds himself at a crossroad in his life and career. He is about to attempt a comeback both in the ring trying for his 36th win, and at home trying to gain the support of his family. But when he asks Theresa to be in his corner for the fight, he instead gets unwanted support from an unlikely ally.

star 8.31
343 votes
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Relativity Theory

#10 - Relativity Theory

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 4 - Episode 6

Biologist Teresa Janovitch (MELISSA GILBERT) is a civilian among military men, traveling on the Resource Survey Vehicle Cortez to Tau Ceti Prime in search of minerals for an Earth that has squandered its own. Initial signs indicate that the planet is both uninhabited and rich in mineral resources, which could mean a million dollar payday for both the crew and the company that owns the Cortez. But on the first exploration, the crew is attacked by gigantic and apparently primitive aliens. After the command falls to Janovitch, she is overpowered by her crew: Sgt. Adam Sears (Jeremy Ratchford), a veteran of pacification missions on Earth, who favors annihilation of the new race and an ambiguous Corporal Charles Pendelton (Tim Guinee). Sears leads a patrol that hunts down and kills the aliens, in the process seizing a golden object that appears to be a religious totem. As he celebrates his slaughter, Janovitch examines his victims and makes a shocking discovery.

star 8.24
72 votes
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The Dead

#11 - The Dead

Vikings Season 3 - Episode 10

Season Finale: With one last chance to take Paris, Ragnar, and his Vikings troops take a daring chance. Ragnar asks Bjorn for a favor that could change the course of Viking history.

star 8.21
6196 votes
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Talk Radio

#12 - Talk Radio

Playmakers Season 1 - Episode 7

Leon and Robin's decision to go public leads to legal problems; DH makes a charity appearance; Coach George sees a doctor; McConnell and Wilbanks' daughter make a bet.

star 8.20
5 votes
Entangled Bank

#13 - Entangled Bank

Orphan Black Season 1 - Episode 8

Sarah's actions pit the Orphans against each other as she tries to plan her next move. As Paul tries desperately to cover up Sarah’s existence, Alison takes vengeance on her suspected monitor, which could cost her everything she holds dear.

star 8.10
4126 votes
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Old Flame

#14 - Old Flame

Earth: Final Conflict Season 1 - Episode 5

Boone is caught in the middle of his double life when his old flame comes back in his life claiming to be working against the companions.

star 8.05
232 votes
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Civil Disobedience

#15 - Civil Disobedience

The Border Season 1 - Episode 11

When his daughter Zoe is arrested during a protest at the border, Kessler is suspected of leaking classified information. With his career in peril, and forced to withdraw from the case, Kessler struggles to protect his daughter from nuclear saboteurs.

star 8.05
38 votes
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#16 - Home

Supernatural Season 1 - Episode 9

Dean and Sam return to their home of Lawrence, Kansas, where a new family has moved into the Winchester's old home. The family begins seeing and hearing frightening things, and the brothers think it might be haunted by the thing that killed their mother.

star 8.05
3451 votes
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Feasibility Study

#17 - Feasibility Study

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 3 - Episode 17

The residents of a suburban neighborhood have their lives turned upside down when a four block section of their subdivision is ripped from the earth by a mysterious force and transported to a distant planet. Thrown together in crisis, Joshua Hayward, his daughter Sarah and their neighbors try to understand what has happened to them -- why their neighborhood now ends abruptly in an invisible force-field. Sarah gains some insight when she comes across Adrielo, a horribly disfigured alien who tells her that they have been brought here by another group of aliens. Guiding Sarah through a gap in the force-field, Adrielo begs for her help in curing the disease that is turning him and his people to stone. Meanwhile, Joshua makes an even more startling discovery when he is pulled through the force-field and comes face to face with his captors, the Triunes. These big-brained, feeble-bodied creatures subject Joshua to strange and painful tests and explain without apology, that he and his neighbor

star 8.03
187 votes
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#18 - Rage

Odyssey 5 Season 1 - Episode 19

Chuck and the rest of Odyssey 5 remember a riot in a Houston suburb, and the date is approaching. People in the town are becoming angry, even to the point of killing loved ones - and afterward, they can't remember why. The rush is on to discover what's causing this rage, and how to avert the riot.

star 8.02
48 votes

#19 - Reload

Beautiful People Season 1 - Episode 3

Sophie and Nicky compete against each other in a school's midterm project, which is run by Julian. Sophie chooses to focus her's on the B.P'.s and Nicky tries to get Karen to help him out. Lynn has trouble finding a new job and has dinner with Mr. Stein. Also, Karen makes a drastic decision involving her nightclub job.

star 8.00
1 votes
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#20 - Fishy

ReGenesis Season 2 - Episode 11

Despite David's public statement that gmo fish has no bearing on some illnesses, the dad of a young boy is convinced that his son is ill due to eating a the mutant fish. When an entire squadron of national guard falls ill, bio-terrorism is suspected, the team must work on the case.

star 7.99
148 votes
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Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things

#21 - Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things

Orphan Black Season 2 - Episode 7

When a rehab confidante betrays Alison and threatens to expose the truth about Aynsley’s death, she goes into free fall on the eve of Family Day. With Donnie and the kids set to visit, it’s all clones on deck to contain the fallout.

star 7.98
3170 votes
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The Choice

#22 - The Choice

Vikings Season 2 - Episode 9

Ragnar's warriors march on to King Ecbert's villa and are met with a surprisingly vicious welcome party.

star 7.98
7052 votes
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A King's Ransom

#23 - A King's Ransom

Vikings Season 1 - Episode 7

Three Viking ships sail upriver towards the very heart of power in eastern England: the Royal Villa of King Aelle. Ragnar Lothbrok has come looking for ransom in exchange for peace. However, King Aelle has a different plan in mind for these northern heathens.

star 7.97
8621 votes
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#24 - Mercenary

Vikings Season 3 - Episode 1

Ragnar and Lagertha's fleets depart Kattegat once more for Wessex but this time they bring settlers. King Ecbert hosts the Vikings and proposes a deal. Despite the misgivings of some of the other leaders, Ragnar leads his forces into battle once more, but this time as allies of Wessex.

star 7.95
6496 votes
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Eye for an Eye

#25 - Eye for an Eye

Vikings Season 2 - Episode 4

A meeting between two great men may pave the way for future compromise as Ragnar and Ecbert come face to face. Jarl Borg now rules Kattegat and with an iron fist and Rollo must now become the leader his people need in Ragnar's absence.

star 7.95
7236 votes
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#26 - Treachery

Vikings Season 2 - Episode 3

The Wessex Viking raid is in full swing and King Ecbert finds himself facing an entirely new kind of foe. While Ragnar races to dominate in the West, Jarl Borg has his own plans in store for the future of Kattegat.

star 7.93
7296 votes
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Breaking Point

#27 - Breaking Point

Vikings Season 3 - Episode 9

The Vikings go all out for a second assault on Paris. Recognizing the desperate state of affairs for his city, Emperor Charles must make a difficult decision. In Wessex, Judith is compelled to make a difficult decision of her own.

star 7.92
6088 votes
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#28 - Head

Rescue Me Season 7 - Episode 5

Tommy has his badge revoked when his latest tirade goes national. But Sheila’s two-pronged attack hits Tommy’s critics where they least expect it, vindicating Tommy and clearing the Gavin family name.

star 7.92
419 votes
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Exposed (2)

#29 - Exposed (2)

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 - Episode 1

A local FBI case involving two murdered women and a sea of powerful men turns into a manhunt for the dangerous leader of a far-reaching criminal enterprise.

star 7.91
348 votes
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#30 - Interface

Mutant X Season 1 - Episode 16

Emma reunites with an old friend who possesses telecyber powers. The reunion turns dangerous, however, when Michelle tries to turn Emma over to the GSA.

star 7.88
42 votes
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Escape Velocity

#31 - Escape Velocity

Killjoys Season 1 - Episode 10

Tensions boil over when the Company arrests a friend; peace in the Quad hangs in the balance; the Killjoys must choose a side.

star 7.88
1820 votes
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Semper Fidelis

#32 - Semper Fidelis

Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 - Episode 7

Murdock and Foggy take on the DA in the trial of the century, but their client refuses to play along. Murdock struggles to balance his dual identities.

star 7.87
4732 votes
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The Stigmata of Progress

#33 - The Stigmata of Progress

Orphan Black Season 4 - Episode 3

As Sarah reels from the shocking discovery of Neolution’s biotech, she’s desperate to find answers. Rachel receives a visit from her keeper and takes a fraught step forward towards recovery. Meanwhile, Helena is mistaken for “Mrs. Hendrix” when she answers a visit from suspicious visitors.

star 7.86
2569 votes
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#34 - Portage

Vikings Season 4 - Episode 8

Defeat for the Vikings calls Ragnar's leadership into question as they evacuate their camp and move back down river. Ragnar remains inscrutable until he orders the fleet to beach at a cliff face and unveils an ingenious plan. Rollo and Gisla have news that strengthens Rollo's position at the French Court whilst Count Odo fails to identify his true enemies, with fatal consequences.

star 7.86
7403 votes
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Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

#35 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

Orphan Black Season 3 - Episode 7

Alison must secure a store front in order to take her and Donnie’s business to the “next level”. But things don’t go according to plan when her mother, Connie, proves to be a major hindrance. Cosima is facing familiar health issues and calls upon beleaguered Alison for a favor. But with Alison working to save an imperiled Donnie from the merciless hands of a drug lord, it’s Cosima who ends up doing a favor. An unassuming Scott gets closer to the greatest discovery of all, when he sits down with beleaguered clone Rachel.

star 7.84
2246 votes
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Lady's Man

#36 - Lady's Man

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 8 - Episode 11

Goren and Eames investigate the killing of a man who became famous for dodging a murder conviction because of a mishandled trial. The man spun his notoriety into a TV show but turned up dead on his birthday.

star 7.84
196 votes
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#37 - Untethered

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 7 - Episode 9

Goren investigates when his nephew, a prisoner who's bipolar, claims that inmates are being abused to the point of murder.

star 7.82
229 votes
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In the Blood

#38 - In the Blood

Marvel's Daredevil Season 1 - Episode 4

Two vicious Russian brothers working for Fisk strike back against Daredevil. Fisk moves to further consolidate his power in the criminal underworld.

star 7.81
5607 votes
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#39 - Obstruction

FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 - Episode 11

After a double murder takes place in a small town, the team goes after the vigilante who relies on internet sleuths to exact revenge on suspects in the name of justice. Jess and Sarah’s relationship continues to grow, but not everyone approves.

star 7.81
353 votes
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The Gallows

#40 - The Gallows

Frontier (2016) Season 1 - Episode 6

Chaos ensues at Fort James when Michael and Sokanon conspire to free Harp from Benton's grip.

star 7.81
944 votes
Brother's Keeper

#41 - Brother's Keeper

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 6 - Episode 15

Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a well-known televangelist's wife after a rally, but Goren is preoccupied with dealing with his mother's medical condition and the reappearance of his long-lost brother.

star 7.81
156 votes
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The Headless Nun

#42 - The Headless Nun

Relic Hunter Season 1 - Episode 3

Event: NOVA SCOTIA 1600'S Sydney crash lands at a convent in Nova Scotia, while returning from an expedition. The Sisters of Mercy ask for help in finding the remains of Sister Evangeline, whose body has been missing for over 400 years. Enlisting Nigel's help, Sydney finds there is more than a person seeking the body of the murdered nun and discovers that the Sisters are guarding lost jewels and pirate treasure.

star 7.81
154 votes
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#43 - Karate

Rescue Me Season 3 - Episode 8

Lou turns to new-age techniques in his efforts to change his life. Sean and Maggie come to a surprising decision. Tommy and Angie continue to see each other, which quickly leads to an embarrassing scene with Janet.

star 7.80
320 votes
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#44 - Satisfaction

Rescue Me Season 3 - Episode 7

While Tommy and Johnny have another encounter, Janet and Angie re-establish their acquaintance. Meanwhile, Sheila is unhappy when she sees Tommy and Angie together. Maggie wants to get back together with Sean. Mike hooks up with a woman at a bar, making his roommate, Chris, jealous. Franco finds out about Jerry's second job at the pub, and the money in the no-smoking jar goes missing.

star 7.80
325 votes
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All Change

#45 - All Change

Vikings Season 1 - Episode 9

At the behest of King Horik, Ragnar assembles a small party to travel to Gotaland (modern day Sweden) to resolve a land dispute with the area’s leader, Jarl Borg. Ragnar’s renown precedes him and Jarl Borg is intrigued – has he found a new ally or is Ragnar just a puppet of the king? Meanwhile in Kattegat, with a plague taking its toll on the village, the people look to Lagertha to help appease the gods.

star 7.78
7854 votes
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First Born

#46 - First Born

The Strain Season 3 - Episode 3

The Occido Lumen is gone. Stolen. Setrakian and Fet race to recover it. Gus and Angel try to hide a secret houseguest while avoiding a police sweep, and Quinlan’s thirst for vengeance is revealed.

star 7.78
3517 votes
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What Might Have Been

#47 - What Might Have Been

Vikings Season 4 - Episode 6

Ragnar declares another raid on Paris at the Thing in Kattegat; Ecbert also has a journey in mind as he dispatches Aethelwulf and Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome.

star 7.78
7066 votes
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The Profit and the Loss

#48 - The Profit and the Loss

Vikings Season 4 - Episode 7

In England, King Ecbert's true ambitions are revealed as he plans to gain the crown of Mercia. While outside Paris, the Vikings attack with considerable force, but can they overcome Rollo's defenses? Meanwhile, Harbard, the mysterious wanderer, returns and causes a stir amongst the women of Kattegat.

star 7.76
7297 votes
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Home Invasion

#49 - Home Invasion

White Collar Season 1 - Episode 11

With Fowler off his back for the time being, Neal turns his focus to the music box. His first step is to contact Alex Hunter, a beautiful high-end fence who may know the whereabouts of the coveted antique.

star 7.76
2974 votes
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A Vast and Fiendish Plot

#50 - A Vast and Fiendish Plot

Copper Season 1 - Episode 10

November 25, 1864. Corcoran is racing the clock to keep his life and New York City intact. Joining forces with Robert Morehouse, Eva Heissen, and the coppers of the Sixth Precinct, Corcoran prepares for his biggest fight since the Draft Riots. Doctor Matthew Freeman is forced to make a difficult decision when wife Sara takes her well-being into her own hands, placing their family at risk. Morehouse discovers the true nature of his father’s involvement with his new business associates. With little time and no options, he calls upon the one person he trusts implicitly – Corcoran. The worlds of Corcoran and Morehouse collide with explosive fallout that could change the face of New York City – and the trajectory of the Civil War – forever.

star 7.75
639 votes

#51 - Sacrifice

Vikings Season 1 - Episode 8

The traditional pilgrimage to Uppsala to thank the gods brings a torrent of emotions for Ragnar, Lagertha, and Athelstan. Ragnar, pulling farther away from his wife goes to make peace with the death of his unborn son. Lagertha, still reeling from her miscarriage, wants to find out from the gods if more sons are in her future. As the Vikings come together to sacrifice and give thanks to their gods, Athelstan discovers just how strong his Christian faith still is.

star 7.75
8037 votes
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Not Your Father's Organized Crime

#52 - Not Your Father's Organized Crime

Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 1 - Episode 2

Bell and Stabler welcome two new faces to the task force, and they investigate two seemingly unrelated crimes in hopes they'll be connected back to their case.

star 7.74
305 votes
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Dust in the Wind

#53 - Dust in the Wind

ReGenesis Season 3 - Episode 2

NorBac must find a cure to a bacterium that will surely kill David and Bob if they do not succeed. They also need to engineer the cure so that it eradicates the bacterium that was probably transported by the wind after the explosion of the lab in Utah.

star 7.74
19 votes
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The Wanderer

#54 - The Wanderer

Vikings Season 3 - Episode 2

Lagertha and Athelstan help to establish the Viking settlement in Wessex. Harbard, a mysterious wanderer, arrives in Kattegat, realizing the forewarned dreams of Aslaug, Siggy and Helga.

star 7.73
6237 votes
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#55 - Toxic

FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 - Episode 13

The team tracks two brothers set on getting revenge against members of the company that caused their town’s environmental destruction. Sarah meets the rest of the LaCroix family, including Jess’ sister, Louise.

star 7.71
348 votes
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Good Advices

#56 - Good Advices

Covert Affairs Season 2 - Episode 2

Annie meets Mossad agent Eyal Lavin again when they both try to turn a secretary working at the Syrian embassy in Paris into an asset.

star 7.70
1673 votes
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#57 - Animal

Rescue Me Season 4 - Episode 9

The Gavin clan stages an intervention after several disturbing family calls; the mysterious woman (Gina Gershon) from the restaurant leaves Tommy wanting more; Janet must take matters into her own hands to get her baby back; and a depressed Mike calls Tommy in a moment of despair

star 7.70
251 votes
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Ride Hard or Go Home

#58 - Ride Hard or Go Home

Saving Hope Season 1 - Episode 12

Alex and Shahir bring Charlie to the O.R. for a last resort procedure, but Charlie must first face his past before he can wake up. Meanwhile, Joel performs a risky surgery on a female jockey and Gavin crosses the line when he meets an Alzheimer's patient.

star 7.67
443 votes
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Looking Glass

#59 - Looking Glass

Nikita Season 2 - Episode 5

Michael discovers Cassandra, a woman he once romanced under Division orders, is in danger. Feeling guilty for how things ended, he wants to help her but Nikita suspects there is more to it than easing his conscience. Amanda manipulates Alex into helping her on a mission but Sean gets caught in Amanda's web of lies and begins to doubt Division's true motives.

star 7.67
2249 votes
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Bringing Up Bombshell

#60 - Bringing Up Bombshell

Bomb Girls Season 1 - Episode 4

Blue Shift claims the honour of building Victory Munitions' millionth bomb, and film director Russell Joseph is searching for the perfect poster-girl to star in his recruitment newsreel. While he has eyes on Gladys, Management chooses Betty who, urged by Kate, accepts. Meanwhile, a rise in factory hankypanky prompts Lorna to pitch Harold on a factory "code of conduct" governing relations between men and women. Bolstered by Russell, Gladys finally finds the courage to confront her fiancé James about his past — only to be hit with an unexpected confession.

star 7.65
247 votes
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#61 - Getaway

FBI: Most Wanted Season 1 - Episode 14

When a father and son bank robbing duo escape from a prison transport van on their way to trial and pick up where they left off, the team must hunt them down before they steal enough money to escape the country. Jess draws on his own personal history to profile the duo’s father-son dynamic.

star 7.64
320 votes
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#62 - Silkworm

FBI: Most Wanted Season 1 - Episode 10

After a former counter-intelligence officer is caught leaking classified information to a foreign government and attacks his former partners, the team must track him down before he escapes the country.

star 7.62
316 votes
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#63 - Carrot

Rescue Me Season 5 - Episode 18

A no-nonsense woman, looking for a date, shows up at the firehouse talking trash; Janet offers Tommy an ultimatum; Needles and Lou concoct a battle of the sexes; Sean's medical condition moves lower on his body.

star 7.62
413 votes
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Ain't No Sunshine

#64 - Ain't No Sunshine

Haven Season 1 - Episode 8

Audrey and Nathan learn of a ghost story that wanders the Haven clinic and takes the lives of sick people before their time.

star 7.61
2982 votes
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Pax Americana

#65 - Pax Americana

The Crossing Season 1 - Episode 3

A wounded Reece faces off with her pursuers miles away, while Jude’s plan to spend quality time with his son leads to a terrifying ordeal. Back at the camp, Hannah escapes to get her first look at the outside world as Dr. Sophie Forbin arrives to assess the larger threat presented by Leah’s unusual virus. Meanwhile, Emma discovers unsettling information which makes her question who she’s really working for.

star 7.61
1334 votes
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Gone But Not Forgotten

#66 - Gone But Not Forgotten

The Strain Season 3 - Episode 4

Things have changed. The infection enters a new phase. Fet wants to celebrate, but Setrakian and Eph are worried there's more work to be done. Justine conscripts a new, unwilling army in the fight while Eichhorst angrily lashes out with a plan to strike back.

star 7.61
3436 votes
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Inside Out

#67 - Inside Out

La Femme Nikita Season 2 - Episode 17

Section falls into a trap when a mission to take out a Red Cell munitions base causes a virus to be spread throughout Section.

star 7.60
89 votes
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Scorpions Dream

#68 - Scorpions Dream

Earth: Final Conflict Season 1 - Episode 9

The "Skrills" have been bio-engineered on the Earth to be a weapon for the humans who assist the Companions. A "skrill" from the first generation infests a bio-engineer who goes underground, bent on freeing all "skrills" from the oppression of the Companions.

star 7.59
201 votes
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I'm Afraid of What I'll Find

#69 - I'm Afraid of What I'll Find

Damages Season 5 - Episode 8

Ellen begins to uncover the truth about her attacker. Chris Sanchez approaches McClaren with information.

star 7.59
732 votes
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The Refuge

#70 - The Refuge

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 2 - Episode 11

""What is reality?"" is the question before Raymond Bava after he collapses during a blizzard and awakens in a private refuge run by Sanford Valle. Valle's companions include his son and daughter-in-law, Thomas and Justine, and Gina Beaumont. Ray, drawn to the gentle Gina, recoils from the callous corruption displayed by the all-controlling Valle and the other inhabitants. Then, following a moment of violence, Ray begins to doubt reality when all the characters, including Gina, reverse roles and personalities. When he is suddenly freed from Valle's control, Ray finds he has been locked in a cryogenic-induced nightmare, but one he must return to fulfill his love for Gina.

star 7.57
159 votes
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Day 4: 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

#71 - Day 4: 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

24 Season 4 - Episode 7

Jack takes Audrey to ID the man she recognized at the compound, but the terrorists get there soon after and pin them down. Jack must call on an old friend to help him escape. Heller puts Edgar in charge of dealing with the nuclear override, while Driscoll's daughter takes a turn for the worse. Dina is wounded when she helps Behrooz flee from Navi. Navi's boss orders him to kill his wife and son before the day is over.

star 7.56
1647 votes
Terminal City

#72 - Terminal City

First Wave Season 3 - Episode 21

Final Omega Quatrain. Eddie called it the last chance. ""Into the void must go the Twice Bless'd Man. Seek the hammer, as the seeker has sought before. In the courage to end, find the beginning, or death and darkness befall mankind."" The hammer is the ultimate Gua weapon, able to move matter through a vortex in time and space. It could deliver an alien army to our doorstep in a heartbeat. Our only salvation was that the hammer had been lost in a vortex, beyond Mabus' grasp. Or so we thought. Joshua intercepted a Gua transport carrying a locator, a device meant to help the Gua locate the missing hammer. Our only hope was finding the weapon before Mabus did. Eddie and Joshua rigged a device to get me into the vortex; once inside, the locator would lock onto the energy of the hammer and guide me toward it. Downside: There was no way back. Only the hammer could bring me home. It was succeed or die. And if Mabus got there first, there wouldn't be much to come home to. Joshua asked me if I wa

star 7.56
77 votes

#73 - Brownies

Rescue Me Season 7 - Episode 4

What starts as a controlled interview takes a turn for the worse, ending in a full-on brawl. The beef continues even after the guys survive a harrowing scenario at a call.

star 7.55
358 votes
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#74 - Honor

New Amsterdam Season 1 - Episode 4

John Amsterdam is called in to investigate the rape of an Indian supermodel, Amartya Vikram, who is reluctant to testify against her attacker. She finally does so over the objections of her conservative family, but the rapist, Phillip Long, is freed on a technicality. After Long apparently murders Amartya for revenge, John must ensure the killer is brought to justice while dealing with memories of his own past and another time he confronted a rapist.

star 7.55
142 votes
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Soul Beneficiary

#75 - Soul Beneficiary

The Dresden Files Season 1 - Episode 6

An otherwise healthy man experiencing premonitions of his own demise seeks Harry's help but ends up croaking right in his office. As the dark circumstances surrounding his death are revealed, Harry finds himself in the crosshairs of a dangerous magic-user; meanwhile, the crime that got Bob condemned to living in his own skull for all eternity finally comes to light.

star 7.55
437 votes
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Ghost in the Machine

#76 - Ghost in the Machine

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 - Episode 5

The city of Atlantis becomes host to the minds of disembodied Replicators, led by someone very close to the team.

star 7.55
2576 votes
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A Day to Give Thanks

#77 - A Day to Give Thanks

Copper Season 1 - Episode 9

November 24, 1864. It’s Thanksgiving Day but Corcoran finds himself in an ungracious state. The fallout of recent murders and a shocking discovery leaves the detective shaken to the core. Robert Morehouse’s latest business entanglement takes a dire turn as his associates attempt to bring his father into the deal. Sensing what this could mean for Norbert, Morehouse must act quickly to keep his father out of the scheme.

star 7.55
683 votes
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Undisclosed Conditions

#78 - Undisclosed Conditions

Nurses (2020) Season 1 - Episode 2

Wolf is assigned to a patient that has lost hope that she will receive a life-saving lung transplant in time. Keon confides in a former football friend about a traumatic incident. Naz is assigned as Sinead's assistant.

star 7.54
142 votes
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I Can't Quit You Baby

#79 - I Can't Quit You Baby

Covert Affairs Season 1 - Episode 10

Annie needs to be recruited by smugglers; Arthur and Joan must bring Henry Wilcox back into the fold.

star 7.49
2220 votes
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Day 4: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

#80 - Day 4: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

24 Season 4 - Episode 8

Jack and Audrey hide out with an embittered Tony as Audrey makes a positive ID of the man from the kidnapping. Marianne successfully diverts suspicion from herself, leading Driscoll to torture the wrong person for information. Behrooz takes Dina to a hospital for medical attention, but the doctor becomes suspicious of her gunshot wound and phones the police.

star 7.49
1792 votes

#81 - Solo

Rescue Me Season 4 - Episode 8

Janet plots revenge when she learns what Tommy did with the baby; Franco questions his marriage proposal to Natalie in light of Alicia and Keela's return; and Tommy faces his ghosts.

star 7.46
285 votes
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Broken Ties

#82 - Broken Ties

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 - Episode 3

Ronon once again comes face-to-face with Tyre, one of his people who became a Wraith worshiper -- but who now claims he has broken free of their influence.

star 7.46
2282 votes
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#83 - Jeter

Rescue Me Season 7 - Episode 7

Franco demands a sense of responsibility around the house, but a precarious call puts his leadership skills to the test. Lou delivers Tommy's letters unbeknownst to Tommy.

star 7.44
386 votes
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The Face of the Giant Panda

#84 - The Face of the Giant Panda

Saving Hope Season 2 - Episode 5

Alex must become the unlikely advocate for a violent young prisoner brought in to Hope Zion Hospital, while Joel connects with a disfigured refugee and tries to convince Dr. Dana Kinney to come back to operate on him. Meanwhile, a spirit who is familiar to many Hope Zion doctors shows up in the morgue when Charlie is about to do routine procedure.

star 7.43
394 votes
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The Surrogate

#85 - The Surrogate

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 7 - Episode 4

A struggling artist signs up for a surrogate birth program.

star 7.38
39 votes
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Black Box

#86 - Black Box

First Wave Season 3 - Episode 19

Omega Quatrain 2. ""In the west, near the rock mount, a load stone pulls opposing sides closer. The fallen signals war and guidance for the coming maelstrom."" A loadstone is a magnet, which may connect to a powerful magnetic anomaly Eddie detected in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. We suspect it's the source of several mysterious satellite blackouts that have been baffling authorities. Could the loadstone be a Gua weapon designed to disable earth's defenses? I was starting to have doubts, until something dropped out of the sky. Had a feeling ""the fallen"" that ""signals war"" just made its first appearance. With Eddie complaining all the way, we hiked deep into the mountains. Found a device putting out high-magnetic readings but no one running it. Left the device and headed in the direction of the crash site. Found a fire, something had crashed, could have been a satellite or maybe a ship? Couldn't tell which yet. And we found something ... or someone, too. Joshua -- nothing like a little dest

star 7.38
48 votes

#87 - Elements

Warehouse 13 Season 1 - Episode 5

The theft of a sculpture leads Myka and Pete to a sacred Indian cave holding an ancient secret of creation... and destruction.

star 7.36
4166 votes
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#88 - 344

Rescue Me Season 7 - Episode 6

A day at ground zero inspires Tommy to write letters to his loved ones. When Lou betrays his trust, Tommy returns to ground zero with an old friend.

star 7.34
360 votes
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Maximum Insecurity

#89 - Maximum Insecurity

Unnatural History Season 1 - Episode 10

When a gang of thieves try to steal a WWII computer, Maggie, Jasper and Henry are cornered in the museum, unable to escape.

star 7.34
212 votes
Fuzzy Logic

#90 - Fuzzy Logic

La Femme Nikita Season 2 - Episode 15

Section captures a mathematician in order to decode a code that is aiding terrorists in their attacks.

star 7.34
56 votes
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#91 - Flux

Odyssey 5 Season 1 - Episode 10

Marc faces expulsion from the Astronaut Training program. Paul takes Sarah to court because of her apparently irrational obsession that their son will get cancer. Taggart suffers from the effects of a Sentient-designed virus.

star 7.33
49 votes
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#92 - Gray

La Femme Nikita Season 1 - Episode 9

Section One's computer security is breached and the directory of all their agents is stolen. Michael goes to Prague to reclaim the directory, but the man who stole it is killed by another terrorist seeking the directory for himself. Nikita discovers that it was randomly left with a civilian passenger on a Prague city bus, architect Gray Wellman. Nikita is assigned to Gray in order to get close to him and retrieve the directory, but when she starts falling for him, her actions not only threaten the mission, but Section One's very existence.

star 7.33
95 votes
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#93 - Incoming

Nurses (2020) Season 1 - Episode 1

Keon assists a patient who goes into early labour. Naz cares for a victim of the terrorist van attack and helps his mother make a difficult decision. Wolf tries to reunite missing fingers with their owner.

star 7.32
158 votes
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Love on Ice

#94 - Love on Ice

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 9 - Episode 8

Four men who have been friends since high school discover they're being blackmailed over the death of another childhood friend. When one of the four turns up dead, it's up to Nichols and Stevens to uncover the truth behind a 22-year-old mystery.

star 7.30
363 votes

#95 - Lesbos

Rescue Me Season 5 - Episode 17

The perfect party becomes a nightmare when a herd of brutish women infiltrate the bar. Tommy's love triangle reaches new heights.

star 7.29
449 votes
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Wanted Man

#96 - Wanted Man

Burn Notice Season 1 - Episode 8

With Michael's assistance, Fiona helps a man who has been framed for the theft of an expensive brooch.

star 7.27
1838 votes

#97 - Self-Made

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 7 - Episode 7

Goren and Eames investigate the death of a writer, and whether her torture has ties to the 'hood she came from.

star 7.26
221 votes
How You Trust

#98 - How You Trust

Bomb Girls Season 1 - Episode 3

A surprise inspection puts VicMu employees under the gun giving Lorna an opportunity to finally rid the factory of Marco, and Gladys must defend herself against a thief to prove Kate’s innocence.

star 7.25
241 votes
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#99 - Rescue

La Femme Nikita Season 1 - Episode 11

During a mission to destroy a Russian chemical plant, Michael is injured and is left behind. Section determines that it is too risky to save Michael, but eventually does go to find him by sending Nikita and Madeline in as travelling cosmetic saleswomen. Meanwhile, Michael kidnaps a nurse, Angie Georgiev and convinces her to help him before the head of the secret police, Egran Petrosian, is able to find him. Madeline and Nikita are able to determine where Michael could possibly be and arrive at Angie's apartment shortly after Petrosian does and extract Michael and Angie with Petrosian in pursuit. The four arrive at an abandoned airstrip to await air transport from Section when Petrosian's forces arrive, killing Angie in the fighting that ensued. It is later revealed that Petrosian is really a Section operative that has been in deep cover for the past 17 years. The "rescue mission" was really means to extract Petrosian from deep cover and bring him back into Section's fold.

star 7.25
121 votes
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Rough Whimper of Insanity

#100 - Rough Whimper of Insanity

Total Recall 2070 Season 1 - Episode 7

Farve starts behaving erratically after he and Hume investigate a service android that attacked two people who walked on the floor he'd just polished.

star 7.24
41 votes
Never Let You Down

#101 - Never Let You Down

Flashpoint Season 2 - Episode 15

The SRU unit must rescue a woman from a delusional man who insists she is his missing daughter.

star 7.23
411 votes
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Still At Large

#102 - Still At Large

First Wave Season 3 - Episode 6

""Quatrain 77, Century 9. Redemption is offered by a woman of scarlet, for the twice bless'd to seek out. Enter the belly of the beast and become one."" There's no more reason to hide. The ruse is over. The way I see it, we didn't have a choice. Eddie received a computer tip from a user known only as ""Red."" She said she knew about the Gua and that she'd found the true file on Hannah's murder and that the ones read at my trial were a fake. Traced the e-mail to a PD in Chicago, I had no choice but to go undercover. A convicted killer walking into a cop station sounds crazy, especially for a ""dead"" convicted killer. If I was recognized it would be feeding time at the zoo. I'm writing this now, so you know that's happened. But I couldn't stay away, the prize was just too huge. There was a secretary in Operations with red hair who hadn't been seen for a few days - she was our best lead. I had a few things going for me there, since the assassination of my clone on live TV the cops weren't look

star 7.22
79 votes
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Inner Child

#103 - Inner Child

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 6 - Episode 11

Anne Reynolds is a cold young woman, estranged from her mother, Laura, haunted by memories of her dead father and terrified of intimacy of any kind. Then one night, while repairing a flat tire she is attacked by a mugger. Severely wounded, she dies on the operating table only to come back to life five minutes later. However, it soon becomes clear that something inside her has changed. Anne learns she was one set of Siamese twins and her mother agreed to an operation that killed her sister, Marie, while allowing Anne to live. Now the remnants of Marie are starting to assert themselves changing Anne.

star 7.21
29 votes
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Presumed Guilty

#104 - Presumed Guilty

Mutant X Season 1 - Episode 17

Adam is framed for murder by a New Mutant with the ability to steal people's memories.

star 7.17
41 votes
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#105 - Ethon

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 15

Daniel is imprisoned on a world under the influence of the Ori, and the Prometheus is caught in a firefight when SG-1 tries to rescue him.

star 7.16
1976 votes
The Scourge

#106 - The Scourge

Stargate SG-1 Season 9 - Episode 17

A tour of an off-world research base for a group of foreign diplomats turns dangerous when an insidious insect species gets loose.

star 7.16
2050 votes
Emotional Rescue

#107 - Emotional Rescue

The Listener Season 1 - Episode 2

After receiving telepathic images of an explosion, Toby rescues his friend Vince from a fire in a block of apartments. Vince insists he didn't start the fire but has no credibility since he is a former drug addict and a meth manufacturer. As the investigation unfolds, Vince and Toby both end up on the suspect list.

star 7.13
799 votes

#108 - Monsters

Blade Season 1 - Episode 11

Agent Ray Collins and Blade team up to take on the vampires. Marcus finally makes his move on the Purebloods by first going after Charlotte first and then the Conclave.

star 7.11
151 votes
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Anasazi Cave / Devil's Triangle

#109 - Anasazi Cave / Devil's Triangle

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Season 1 - Episode 12

Case File #288128: ""Anasazi Cave"" Deaths at an archaeological dig may explain the mystery of the lost Anasazi Case File #199137: ""Devil's Triangle"" A man claims he was adrift in the Devil's Triangle.

star 7.09
35 votes
Forbidden North / Reincarnation

#110 - Forbidden North / Reincarnation

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Season 1 - Episode 14

Case File #26014: ""Forbidden North"" A humanoid beast approaches a leg-trapped logger Case File #610115: ""Reincarnation"" A man undergoing past-life regression predicts the future.

star 7.09
35 votes
Town Without Pity

#111 - Town Without Pity

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 1 - Episode 4

The episode begins in a religious driven small village. a church service has just ended and a man makes a run for the woods. He finds a bridge in the woods and begins to cross it, as he crosses the bridge he gets stopped by some strange invisible force. On the bridge a Reverend approaches him, places his hand on the man's forehead, which kills him. (Obviously people are not allowed to leave the village). At the Legacy House, Nick comes in the conference room and tells Derek that he has uncovered some information on a lost colony from 50 years ago. Nick wants to investigate what happened to it. Derek persuades Nick to take Rachel along. We find that Rachel has had some kind of mid-life break-down, she can't seem to handle and understand what she has witnessed in the last several weeks. She reluctantly agrees to go with him. Nick and Rachel approach the bridge which the man at the start of the episode, died on. They cross the bridge and enter some kind of portal. They seem to be unaware

star 7.07
105 votes
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Forget Me Not

#112 - Forget Me Not

TekWar Season 1 - Episode 14

Jake finds himself alone in an alley beaten and bruised with some memory loss. At Cosmos, it is discovered that memories were taken from Jake and that he must recover his missing memories or he will die. Through the investigation into what happen, Jake and Sam discover that other memories of prisoners were accidentally shared during their cryogenic state. They also find out that Jake's memories were stolen to help another inmate, Lobo to steal a shipment of rock fuel.

star 7.03
32 votes
The Curse / Angel on a Plane

#113 - The Curse / Angel on a Plane

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Season 1 - Episode 11

Case File #631136: ""The Curse"" Death strikes archaeologists who uncovered an Egyptian burial chamber Case File #260122: ""Angel on a Plane"" A mysterious woman safely lands a plane hit by lightning.

star 6.97
32 votes
Ring of Truth

#114 - Ring of Truth

Jeremiah Season 1 - Episode 15

After receiving a message from Theo (from "The Long Road") saying she wants to "thank" Jeremiah and Kurdy for saving her life, they find themselves wrapped up in a world of sex, bare knuckled boxing matches, elephants, and mushrooms? After they arrive at the inn specified in the invite (after taking some hallucinogenic mushrooms), they find it's a cathouse and they've been given the run of the place. Jeremiah's "choice", Penny, wants him to fight in a bare-knuckle match for her freedom but Kurdy overhears that it's a plan to get revenge on Theo by killing them and takes Jeremiah's place. Kurdy manages to win and Polly has them take her to her daughter China at...a local circus (which explains the elephant). While Polly tries to deal with the fact her child's father doesn't want her to have contact with her child, Jeremiah helps recover the elephant and Polly decides to stay on as the circus decides to "go public".

star 6.73
85 votes
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#115 - Analysis

Missing Season 3 - Episode 9

The case - finding a criminal attorney's kidnapped secretary - is complicated by Jess's visions of a recently-deceased agent with similar characteristics. Meanwhile, the entire squad must undergo a psychiatric evaluation, Nicole and Antonio's romance hits a stumbling block, and Pollock's career is in jeopardy.

star 6.57
7 votes
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Falling Star

#116 - Falling Star

The Outer Limits (1995) Season 2 - Episode 19

Pop singer Melissa McCammon is about to commit suicide. With her once meteoric career at a standstill and her husband cheating on her, she sees no hope. Then she encounters Rachael, an ardent fan from the future. Rachael is a time traveler -- and an uninvited tourist in Melissa's body. She persuades Melissa to give life a second chance, but in the process, she changes history. Now, authorities from the future want Melissa dead and will resort to anything -- including murder -- to preserve their version of the past.

star 6.55
123 votes
Double Trouble

#117 - Double Trouble

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 1 - Episode 9

The crew is after and Egyptian obelisk that gives power to whoever possesses it. Rumina disguises herself as Sinbad in order to start a war.

star 6.50
2 votes
Mind's Eye

#118 - Mind's Eye

Poltergeist: The Legacy Season 2 - Episode 17

A woman is being plagued by a poltergeist in her house. She calls in a spiritualist, Jeffrey Star, to help her out, unknown to her he is a fake and a conman. Her son deosn't trust him at all and calls the Legacy and Derek for help. Star is exposed as the fake he is and is thrown in a cell, where he is beaten up by a fellow inmate. After nearly dying in the cell he starts experience images in his head, he starts to believe that he know has real psychic powers. Meanwhile back at the Hoth household Derek and Alex are trying to help out and find out whether or not there really is a spirit in the house and what they can do to remove it if there is.

star 6.06
33 votes
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