The BEST Episodes of Earth: Final Conflict

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Last Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Network: Syndication

An androgynous alien species called the Taelons arrive on earth, claiming to be companions of humanity, putting an end to crime, illness, and famine. Some are suspicious of the Taleons, and form a resistance movement. The resistance soon learned that the force that sustains the Taelons are breaking down, and they are using humans as test subjects in experiments to help save their species. The initial focus of the show was Commander William Boone and his partner, Captain Lili Marquette, who worked for both the Taelons and the resistance. After Boone was killed, the show introduced a new protagonist, Major Liam Kincaid, and began to play on the strengths of it's ensemble cast.

Point of No Return

#1 - Point of No Return

Season 4 - Episode 22

The Taelons' fate - and possibly Liam's - is decided after Liam and Renee find Ma'el's regeneration chamber. The discovery of the secret location causes the surviving Taelons and Jaridians to seek the mechanism, which promises to restore their draining energy. Street, meanwhile, solves the riddle of Ma'el which will allow the Taelons and the Jaridians to join.

star 8.18
33 votes
The Summit

#2 - The Summit

Season 4 - Episode 12

Liam is implanted with a neural surveillance device to track Da'an, who leaves earth on a mysterious final journey.

star 8.03
30 votes
Directors: Bruce Pittman
Writers: George Gieger

#3 - Gauntlet

Season 2 - Episode 11

Lili is taken hostage as a Jaridian escapes from the Taelons in a shuttle. Liam pursues and both shuttles are drawn into a alien vessel. Liam explains that the vessel is a repository for the Kimera's accumulated knowledge. In order to leave, they must go to the vessel's core. Da'an confronts Zo'or about the Jaridian's escape, and challenges his authority. The Jaridian reveals his race and the Taelons were one until the Taelons separated. Now the Taelons want to force a union with the Jaridians by using humans as soldiers against them.

star 8.03
36 votes
Time Bomb

#4 - Time Bomb

Season 3 - Episode 17

A Roman citizen is awoken uboard Ma'el's ship to pronounce jugement against the taelons.

star 7.97
33 votes

#5 - Epiphany

Season 4 - Episode 20

The Taelons' decision to enter death stasis causes a rift between Zu'or and Da'an, who refuses to share the core energy he has accumulated. Meanwhile, Liam learns that he only has days to live.

star 7.97
29 votes

#6 - Dimensions

Season 2 - Episode 4

Liam and Augur are thrown into a parallel dimension when their shuttle flight is sabotaged by Doors. Maiya captures them and brings them back to her Imerian Resistance camp, where they start to find counterparts of people they know. The counterpart Taelons capture the colony and takes them to the mothership.

star 7.95
38 votes
Directors: James Head
Writers: Paul Gertz, Jonas Moise, Allan Swayze
Message in a Bottle

#7 - Message in a Bottle

Season 2 - Episode 21

A probe crashs on earth. The Resistance finds the probe, before Sandoval arrives, and takes it to a hideout. The hideout is ambushed and they are taken to a 'Dark Knight' base. The Resistance deals with this unexpected new player as they try to stop a Jaridian probe from an assault on Earth. The probe takes the shape of Augur, and delivers a message to humanity.

star 7.94
36 votes
Directors: James Head
Writers: Gabrielle G. Stanton

#8 - Limbo

Season 4 - Episode 4

The Murder of General T'Than on board the mothership leads Liam to descover the taelons darkest secret, while the late Jonathan Doors rturns in cyber form to addminister a deadly attack upon them.

star 7.94
35 votes
Directors: Brenton Spencer
Writers: John Whepley
Second Chances

#9 - Second Chances

Season 2 - Episode 13

Zu'or sponsors a "fountain of youth" program, called Second Chances, which makes old and ailing people young again. The resistance are trying to replace Doors as leader. Pearl Bell says that she had no previous use for the Taelons before she undergoes the first public transformation. While being interviewed afterward she states how Taelons had before helped her son live. Resistance talks with Doors about the need to go underground again. At a press conference, a Resistance member challenges new transformation group, which provokes one of them to fire a gun into the crowd. The Resistance grabs Pearl, and find that her brain scan reveals memory alternations but they need to prove that they have become Taelon supporters.

star 7.94
34 votes
Directors: Milan Cheylov
Writers: Paul Gertz
Trapped by Time

#10 - Trapped by Time

Season 4 - Episode 16

The fate of the earth and the taelons may be revealed when three astronauts from the future are discovered in stasis hidden in a government base.

star 7.93
30 votes
Directors: Martin Wood
Writers: George Gieger
The Cloister

#11 - The Cloister

Season 3 - Episode 10

The Companions are invited to join with a religious order in a ceremony. The group is made up entirely of women and seeks that special spiritual connection with the Taelons that will bring them to an enlightened state. Liam finds a former resistance member, Elizabeth, in the group. During the ceremony, the Companions share their energy with The Cloister. Worried about the possible security leak, Liam and Renee have to stop Elizabeth from telling the cult everything.

star 7.93
27 votes
The Vanished

#12 - The Vanished

Season 3 - Episode 2

Liam and Augur discover that Volunteers all over the world are breaking into homes and arresting civillians. Meanwhile, Sandoval genetically alters Lili and sends her off into space.

star 7.92
40 votes
Directors: Allan Kroeker
Writers: Cory Tynan
The Forge of Creation

#13 - The Forge of Creation

Season 4 - Episode 1

Lili Marquette gives birth to a half jaridian child, with the help of taelon core energy, that may be the last hope for the taelon and jaridian race. Auger goes into hiding from volunteer investigations, an old friend of his J Street agrees to help Liam and Renee while Auger is on the run. Sandoval tries to destroy evidence of the Jaridian existence.

star 7.92
38 votes
Directors: Mike Robison
Writers: George Geiger
One Man's Castle

#14 - One Man's Castle

Season 2 - Episode 12

With Da'an's help, a handicapped scientist genius, Sparrow, heads a program where disabled persons can transfer their consciousness into a healthy body by creating a biosurrogate with Jaridian replicant programming, and then live normal lives. A reporter sneaks into the lab and his camera flash activates a biosurrogate. Sandoval arrives to find the reporter and a guard dead, and the biosurrogate gone having no consciousness of it's own. Lili finds that Zu'or has tampered with Da'an's research and have programmed the biosurrogates into killing machines. Liam learns that Sparrow has transferred his consciousness into a second biosurrogate.

star 7.91
33 votes
Writers: Melissa M. Park
The Secret of Strandhill

#15 - The Secret of Strandhill

Season 1 - Episode 13

A construction blast unearths a grave marker belonging to a Taelon scout sent to size up earth for Companion occupation thousands of years ago. Boone must find the grave which contains the research, before Sandoval finds the grave. Da'an loses his position as the United Nations Companion to Zu'or, but keeps the American Companionship.

star 7.88
50 votes
Directors: Gordon Langevin
Writers: George Carson

#16 - Crackdown

Season 3 - Episode 1

President Thompson declares a state of emergency to crush the resistance while Liam and Auger try to prove that the resistance was not behind the assasination attempt of President Thompson.

star 7.88
41 votes
Directors: Allan Kroeker
Writers: Paul Gertz, Corey Tynan

#17 - Motherlode

Season 4 - Episode 5

While Liam and Renee investigate the suspicions of false imprisonment and infringement of civil rights, an ammoralist associate of Augur's plans to steal Zo'or's gold onboard the mothership.

star 7.85
34 votes
Directors: Brenton Spencer
Writers: George Geiger

#18 - Highjacked

Season 2 - Episode 18

The Taelon's hire a spindoctor who brings on a reporter onto the mothership. Unfortunately the mothership is at this time hijacked by a replicant who wants to get the ship into Jaridian space.

star 7.85
34 votes
Directors: James Head
Writers: Carleton Eastlake
Dark Matter

#19 - Dark Matter

Season 4 - Episode 13

The mothership is damaged when a peice of dark matter colides with it.

star 7.84
32 votes
Directors: David Winning
Writers: Brad Falchuck
The Scarecrow Returns

#20 - The Scarecrow Returns

Season 1 - Episode 11

At resistance headquarters, Boone meets two molecular biologists, Sahjit Jinnah and his fiancee Rayna Armitraj, who are studying the alien probe captured after it wreaked havoc in an Amish community. A power surge causes Rayna to cut off the top of the probe, which responds by dematerializing her. Unaware of the situation, Sahjit and Boone discuss with Doors and Auger the probe's purpose, recalling its ability to replicate butterflies into killers. Launching the resistance into battle with the probe that may be studying Earth.

star 7.84
51 votes
Writers: Malcolm MacRury
Sandoval's Run

#21 - Sandoval's Run

Season 1 - Episode 12

Sandoval's CVI is degenerating. While Dr Belman works to restore his CVI and save his life, Sandoval, free from his CVI, escapes to reunite with his wife, only to put her life in danger. Boone learns that Sandoval's CVI contained information about the Taelon's mission on earth, and tries to save Sandoval's life.

star 7.84
51 votes
Directors: Milan Cheylov
Writers: Paul Aitken

#22 - Bliss

Season 2 - Episode 17

Lili becomes infected by a highly addictive drug called Bliss. Liam and Sandoval go to Ireland to investigate the drug's origin, where they meet Dr Cox, and a cult of "Taelonists" who deny knowledge of Bliss. They discover a lab where Ma'el worked on an antidote for Bliss, suspecting the Taelonists found the lab and are spreading Bliss.

star 7.84
31 votes
Directors: Terry Ingram
Writers: Sean Jara
Déjà Vu

#23 - Déjà Vu

Season 3 - Episode 4

A new Taelon/Doors venture that allows people to relive their most cherished memories may not be what it appears four people supposedly died from overloaded synapses.

star 7.83
36 votes
Friendly Fire

#24 - Friendly Fire

Season 2 - Episode 15

While Chandler studies a stolen Taelon shuttle, two men burst in, and incinerate the lab while the shuttle escapes. Liam and Lili go the site and find evidence that the attack was an inside job, pointing to a Resistance traitor. During a gun battle at a warehouse, Lili finds Chandler, who asks her to join him and take arms against the Taelons. Lili promises nothing, and lets him escape. Liam and Lili discover that Chandler is planning an attack on the Taelon embassy in Washington.

star 7.83
29 votes
Directors: Vincenzo Natali
Writers: Richard Maxwell
Thicker Than Blood

#25 - Thicker Than Blood

Season 3 - Episode 6

Da'an hires a professional hit man to seek out Augur. Liam and Renee meet with 10 Resistance leaders whose cells have been discovered and destroyed. In order to avoid one cell from crushing the entire network in the future, Liam proposes that he be the only communication link between cells. Sandoval learns that he will die unless he gets a blood transfusion from an immediate family relative.

star 7.83
29 votes