The BEST episodes directed by Ross Clyde

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#1 - Crossfire

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 22

While Doors is holding a press conference, Liam sees a man videotape the room. When Liam confronts him, the man runs from the building. Both exchange gunfire, and the man turns his weapon on himself and is vaporized. Augur discovers the man had a Taelon warrior implant. Julia gets a tip of the implant and an arms dealer named Margolis. Julia and Augur questions Margolis about the deal with the warrior implant. They find the weapons are undetectable by security. One of the warriors bursts in and vaporizes Margolis. Julia and Augur can't seem to stop the warrior and finally escape by racing off in a car. Liam suspects the Resistance is being set up, and is reluctant to put members in danger at the next public debate. Julia secretly offers her unit's protection to Doors for the debate. Liam arrives at the debate and is furious to find Julia armed. Liam discovers three warriors, disabling two of them while a third escapes. Julia and her team respond to the alert and find they have been set up.

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#2 - Volunteers

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 16

A "volunteer" squad of specially trained Taelon implanted teen-agers attacks an abandoned warehouse where a Resistance cell meets. Lili, Liam and Augur are surprised when Julia shows up with an unconscious Amanda. Dr Park removes Amanda's implant and tells them that her implant is killing her. Resistance sends Julia undercover to join the Taelon Volunteer Program. Julia warns Liam and Lili about a massive assault, who mobilize the Resistance for a counter attack. Liam learns that recruits are being sent through portals after an unknown enemy in another galaxy.

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#3 - Moonscape

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 5

Augur is arrested for treason in Russia and condemned to death by hanging. However, he is blackmailed into participating in a Taelon experiment as advanced warriors and is implanted with a CVI. Maiya confuses Sandoval for her lover, Jason, from her dimension thus attracting Sandoval. For protection, Maiya takes the identity of Isabel Martinez. Liam helps Augur break his CVI and bring him back from the rage. Lazarus, the overseer of the program, was brought back to normal by Da'an.

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#4 - Sleepers

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 6

A Jaridian probe crashes into earth and disrupts the Commonality, leading the Taelons to round up suspected Resistance members to be harvested for their life force energy to feed the draining Commonality. As Augur, Maiya and the others lie near death, their souls are in a dream world. Liam, in a comatose state, finds them and tries to bring them back, but they are happy in their dreams and refuse to return. Lili and Sandoval locate the probe in Australia.

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#5 - Defector

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 19

Two unidentified Taelon piloted shuttles appear, unscheduled, in earth airspace, dogfighting. Liam wonders why Da'an took off to an unknown location. Sandoval is sent to locate the surviving Taelon, noted to be unco-operative. Zu'or disrupts Da'an's Karpag on the moon base home world recreation. Liam finds Ba'li, who claims to have come to help humans retake earth. Augur severs Ba'li's commonality link. Ba'li fingers Da'an as the architect of Taelon strategy across the galaxy to defeat the Jaridians. Ba'li turns into an Atavus and goes to kill Da'an.

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#6 - Destruction

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 1 - Episode 21

A holographic image of Rayna, who was consumed by an alien probe, tells Augur that the Taelons are dismantling the probe which will kill her, and they will learn about the Resistance's secrets. Hearing of Rayna's appearance, Sahjit is determined to bring her back. The Taelon lab is under intense security and Augur hires a special operative, Michael Sloane, to lead the resistance team to infiltrate the Taelon compound to destroy the alien probe.

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#7 - Valentine

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal - Season 3 - Episode 14

Case File #443-987 Alone on Valentine's Day, Lindsay Donner visits a neighborhood after-hours club, where she catches the attention of the bartender. Despite the attraction Donner leaves and is called back to the vicinity the following morning when a body is found in the alley.

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Death at Sunset / Collision
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#8 - Death at Sunset / Collision

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal - Season 1 - Episode 21

Case File #693142: ""Death at Sunset"" A mysterious illness claims its victims at sunset Case File #793144: ""Collision"" The soul of an accident victim possesses the driver who killed her.