The BEST episodes of Relic Hunter

Every episode of Relic Hunter ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of Relic Hunter!

An unorthodox American archaeologist and her more reserved British assistant, investigate lost, stolen, and rumored relics, artifacts, and antiquities which often leads to danger.

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Nine Lives
93 votes

#1 - Nine Lives

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired 2/26/2000

Event: EGYPT 1895 Elizabeth Ruckeyser, the curator of New York's Crawford Institute, summons Sydney and Nigel to track down a ancient Egyptian relic, the sacred statue of the cat goddess Mafdet that Sydney found and returned once before. An age-old curse on the golden figurine claims that anyone who steals it will die by the claws of the cat. The hunt delves into Manhattan's ring of art thieves, turning up dead bodies covered with marks. Is Mafdet seeking revenge, or is someone fulfilling the prophesy?

Directors: Paolo Barzman
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Nothing but the Truth
59 votes

#2 - Nothing but the Truth

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired 5/20/2000

Event: THE BARBARY COAST 1534 Sydney's former mentor, Professor Chandler, passes away before finishing recovering the Ruby Chalice of Truth, his life's work, a long-fabled relic imbued with truth-inducing powers. The chalice eventually fell into the hands of a French diplomat. Sydney, Nigel and Stewie Harper, track the goblet to a cooking academy in Paris, with a parchment written in Berber and the professor's notes. As students, the three chef it up during the day and scourge the school by night. A masquerading rival and students at every turn, the threesome must fulfill Professor Chandler's life mission.

Directors: John Bell (XI)
Writer: Bill Taub
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A Vanishing Art
63 votes

#3 - A Vanishing Art

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired 3/11/2000

Event: BUDAPEST 1897 Magician Rex Rolands seeks out Sydney's expertise to locate a jewel-encrusted staff that belonged to the Hungarian royal family, Hungary's Cursed Scepter. The journal of a Scotland Yard investigator brings Sydney, Nigel and Rex to The Magic Mansion in Atlantic City. Someone on the inside clues into their search and is determined to stop Sydney and Nigel, while they navigate the mansion's secret passageways, labyrinths and hidden chutes.

Directors: Ian Toynton
Writer: Naomi Janzen
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The Last Knight
66 votes

#4 - The Last Knight

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired 4/29/2000

Event: PARIS, FRANCE CIRCA 1300 Sydney and Nigel are off to Paris to authenticate both the find and the legend behind, after monks deliver a Knights Templar medallion to Dr. Jaebert, curator at the French Institute of Antiquities. In 1307, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, trusted the future of the Templars to his aide by commanding him to hide sacred documents and the Grand Master's sword, believed to make the Grand Master invincible, from their enemies. Sydney and Nigel and an unlikely expert rush to puzzle the ancient clues together, before a greedy Relic Hunter can beat them.

Directors: Ian Toynton
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Love Letter
59 votes

#5 - Love Letter

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired 5/6/2000

Event: A SMALL VILLAGE SOUTH OF PARIS 1789 Sydney and Nigel's graduate student Nicole Chamfort is convinced that young lovers from her ancestral hometown in France, were secretly married on the eve of the French Revolution, moments before the happy groom was murdered by revolutionaries. If true, the bride's illegitimate son would be the rightful heir of the de Bourdin family. With the imminent sale of St. Agnes Sur-Loire to land developers, the race is on to Sydney and Nigel to conjure up centuries-old church records believed to have been burned by anti-clerics during the Revolution. The land developers will go to any lengths to stop them.

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Affaire de Coeur
62 votes

#6 - Affaire de Coeur

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired 3/4/2000

Event: SCOTLAND 1430 Sydney and Nigel head to the Scottish Highlands searching the missing half of the twine-ing rings that belonged to lovers from the 15th century. In legend whoever wears the rings will find everlasting love together, and their employer, who's got one of the two, is anxious to test the myth. Sydney faces more than a decaying castle and secret passageways, when she discovers that her own lost love, rival Relic Hunter Francois du Marier, is also in pursuit of the ring for far less romantic reasons.

Directors: Steve DiMarco
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French Connection
55 votes

#7 - French Connection

Season 2 - Episode 16 - Aired 2/24/2001

Event: CHURCH OF CORDIERS SALON, FRANCE 1600 Sydney and Nigel are thrown into an international intrigue, when one of Nostradamus' prophecies predicts that a Fox will stop a royal assassination. Sydney and Nigel must crack the prophet's cryptic code to identify the assassin in time, armed only with need to know information and a 16th century riddle.

Directors: Paolo Barzman
Writer: Peter Mohan
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Mr. Right
56 votes

#8 - Mr. Right

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired 9/24/2001

Event: BALI, INDONESIA 1459 A.D. After recovering an artifact in Bali, Sydney meets an old friend, Gray, and decides to remain there on vacation with him while Nigel heads back to the states. Unfortunately, another old ""friend"", intrepid CIA agent Derek Lloyd, is in Bali seeking a relic: a bowl that will reveal the user's true love. He wants to recover it so the U.S. government can give it to the Indonesians to win political points, but the Chinese are also looking for it. Sydney is forced to step out on Gray repeatedly, unable to resist the urge to go looking for another relic. She and Derek manage to find it, but Gray has always been captured by the Chinese agent. Syd manages to beat up the agent and recover the bowel for the U.S. Gray appears to realize that hunting relics will always come first for her, but that's still no reason they can't be romantically involved.

Directors: John Bell (XI)
Writer: Kris Dobkin
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Memories of Montmartre
60 votes

#9 - Memories of Montmartre

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired 5/27/2000

Sydney's grandmother Isabelle's trunk of things sparks a trip into the past for Sydney, who's been fascinated with Isabelle who once sang at Paris' Moulin Rouge. Falsely accused of stealing a locket actually given to her by her lover, Isabelle lost everything. Her paramour, Philip Ashcroft, believed to be an English secret agent, smuggled a tiara, the Heart of Europe, out of Russia, but was murdered in Paris before it could be delivered. It was never recovered. Setting out to find the locket and clear Isabelle's name, mission uncovers clues to an international intrigue, turning into a dangerous hunt for a relic.

Directors: Paolo Barzman
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91 votes

#10 - Possessed

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired 5/13/2000

Event: LIBYA 1300'S Sydney and Nigel rush off to Brussels to search for Zeus' sacred sundial, at the request of Sydney's old friend, author Eric Dalt. Eric is convinced that his girlfriend is a vampire descended from Zeus' lover Lamia, a lamae. In Greek mythology, Hera turned Lamia into a serpent to keep her away from Zeus. Since, her descendants have mesmerized their men. The spell can only be broken by the great god's sundial. In Brussels, Sydney and Nigel discover lamae, one of whom has set her sights on Nigel. Sydney must take on the female coven - alone.

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Fire in the Sky
79 votes

#11 - Fire in the Sky

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired 1/28/2002

Event: PACIFIC NORTHWEST 1398 A.D. Sydney is approached by a businessman, Bobby Green, who wants Sydney to investigate the finding of a strange piece of a metal in a dig in Washington State. Sydney and Nigel head there, only to find the local sheriff, Dark Feather, hostile. Government agents are also on their trail. Fleeing the Feds, Sydney eventually finds that Dark Feather is sympathetic to her cause, and they track down a site holding ancient relics of his tribe. One of them is a series of marking that match the piece of metal, which Sydney and Green believe to be from an alien spacecraft that met with the tribe's shamans centuries ago. Green claims to have been an alien abductee, and believes this evidence will substantiate his claim. The Federal agents, headed by a Major Hillhurst, confront Sydney, Nigel, and Dark Feather at the cave site. Things look bad until Dark Feather's deputies come to the rescue. However, in the ending Sydney's office is ripped apart and the metal relic an

Directors: Jorge Montesi
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Out of the Past
56 votes

#12 - Out of the Past

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired 2/3/2001

Event: EGYPT 30 B.C. Sydney and Nigel laugh it off when Claudia claims to have known Cleopatra in a past life. They begin to listen when her claims reveal a secret compartment in the Egyptian queen's golden jewelry box. Claudia's memories lead to Alexandria, and they begin to hunt for a 50-carat diamond necklace given to Cleopatra by Marc Antony. Back at the university, Nigel has to face down University Auditor Maxine Schneider with unexpected results.

Directors: Paolo Barzman
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Gypsy Jigsaw
31 votes

#13 - Gypsy Jigsaw

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired 10/28/2000

Event: ROMANIA 1830 Sydney receives a mysterious package after her old friend, Garrett Burke, is killed in Bucharest, sent before his death. Burke was hunting an ancient gypsy treasure, the Crown of Roma, when a Relic Hunter's worst nightmare, the Vulture, fatally intervened. With authentic Tarot cards and Claudia's expertise on the subject, Sydney, Nigel and Claudia go to Romania to ensure that Burke didn't die for nothing.

Directors: Larry McLean
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The Emperor's Bride
68 votes

#14 - The Emperor's Bride

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired 2/12/2000

Event: HUANG RIVER, CHINA 1000 B.C. Sydney and Nigel investigate a Chinese antiquity that washed ashore in Alaska, more than 3000 miles from its origin being lost over 3000 years. In legend a Chinese Emperor carved a sarcophagus for his bride, who wore a necklace of gold, even in death. But bandits raided the funeral and stole the coffin. In Moose Bay, Alaska, Sydney and Nigel find that two rival Relic Hunters and former beaus of Sydney's are on the case. They'll have to outsmart the adventurers and a local intent if they want to return the relic to its rightful place.

Directors: Stefan Scaini
Writer: Julie Lacey
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The Headless Nun
158 votes

#15 - The Headless Nun

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 10/9/1999

Event: NOVA SCOTIA 1600'S Sydney crash lands at a convent in Nova Scotia, while returning from an expedition. The Sisters of Mercy ask for help in finding the remains of Sister Evangeline, whose body has been missing for over 400 years. Enlisting Nigel's help, Sydney finds there is more than a person seeking the body of the murdered nun and discovers that the Sisters are guarding lost jewels and pirate treasure.

Directors: Ken Girotti
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Flag Day
118 votes

#16 - Flag Day

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 10/16/1999

Event: CALIFORNIA 1846 Sydney and Nigel see an old photo of the Pioneer's Bear Flag of California, believed to have been destroyed during the struggle to control the state in 1846. Tracking the flag to Larivee, California, they meet an old miner, Jake Whitney, claiming to know where the flag is. When Sydney and Nigel find him dead in an abandoned gold mine, they suspect that he was murdered while trying to capture the flag. They must unearth the banner before meeting Jake's fate.

Directors: David Wu
Writer: Ian Toynton
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All Choked Up
51 votes

#17 - All Choked Up

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired 11/19/2001

Event: GREECE 800 B.C. Sydney is grabbed by mysterious men, who lock a necklace on her. The next morning, under the influence of Carson Inez, she declares an indefinite leave of absence and departs for Greece with Inez. Karen and Nigel are shocked, and Nigel soon ascertains that the amulet has mind-control powers. He travels to Greece, where he finds that Sydney is willingly helping Carson to locate the tomb of Athena. Despite his best efforts, Sydney remains under Carson's thrall. Nigel is captured and reluctantly helps the two women. He later escapes, and Carson and Sydney make a try for the statue. Sydney realizes something is amiss and during moments of clarity manage to inscribe the incantation that binds the necklace wearer. Sent to kill Nigel, she manages to get it to him and he frees her. They capture Carson and avoid her men by putting her under the necklace's control.

Directors: Holly Dale
Writer: James Thorpe
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Afterlife and Death
92 votes

#18 - Afterlife and Death

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired 2/19/2000

Event: EGYPT 1425 B.C. Sydney and Nigel go to Cairo to chase down the real tomb raider, when Sydney's old friend Bruce Farrow is framed for plundering the tomb of Thutmose III and pocketing the Pharaoh's diamond. The theft of the gem, believed to have fallen from the sky inside a meteor, lures mercenary Avery Ko, a rival Relic Hunter, from the shadows. The trail leads to Amsterdam, where the stone is to be cut and sold. Sydney, Nigel and Bruce discover that the rock is not a diamond, and if cut by laser, will unleash a force that could cause major destruction like the tomb's hieroglyphs described.

Directors: Don McCutcheon
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A Good Year
89 votes

#19 - A Good Year

Season 1 - Episode 17 - Aired 4/22/2000

Event: PARIS 1792 The discovery of a hidden scroll sparks a mission to recover the lost crown jewels of France. The message points Sydney and Nigel to a winery, Chateau Halezan founded by Jerome Halezan, long considered as Marie-Antoinette's lover. It's possible Halezan hid the jewels in a wine bottle. The treasure hunt winds through a Parisian black market and the city's famed underground catacombs, in addition to pitting Sydney and Nigel against thieves and crime lords.

Directors: Paolo Barzman
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133 votes

#20 - Transformation

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired 11/6/1999

Event: SALZBURG, AUSTRIA 1946 A military officer persuades Sydney and Nigel to join him on an undercover mission to locate the Paracelsus scrolls, fabled to contain the formula to turn lead into gold, in Peruvian jungle. With minimal information, Sydney and Nigel find themselves caught in the crossfire between two government spies, claiming that the other is a rogue agent. Sydney must make a decision that could get her and Nigel killed and allow the alchemist's secret to fall into unsavory hands.

Directors: Clay Borris
Writer: Bill Taub
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The Warlord
51 votes

#21 - The Warlord

Season 3 - Episode 20 - Aired 5/6/2002

Event: BEKKASTAN, 1401 A.D. A horse rider asserts her right and ability to lead the clan seated upon a remarkable saddle. Back in the present, Sydney and Nigel uncover a wall-painting of the female rider. Just as they are about to study it, a sound comes from outside and Syd dashes out to find someone stealing their horses. She grabs one horse and pursues the theif leaving Nigel with his camera, laptop and little water in the middle of nowhere. Syd catches up with the theif but is knocked out fighting with him. After an anxious wait for Syds return, Nigel phones Karen and sets off on foot. Syd befriends the theif who turns out to be the twin brother of the leader of a tribe of horse people. Nigel passes out in the desert and is rescued by the aforementioned sister who enlists his help to find the saddle so she can prove her right to lead her people. Syd and the horse theif chap (with whom she has formed a bond) set off in search of the saddle, pausing briefly to sneak into the c

Directors: Chris Bould
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Warlock of Nu Theta Phi
55 votes

#22 - Warlock of Nu Theta Phi

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired 1/14/2002

Event: NEW ENGLAND COLONIES 1692 A.D. Hundreds of years in the past a Wiccan ceremony is interrupted by the locals. In the present, the amulet used in the ceremony is given to Sydney's student Meg, who recites the incantation and goes into a coma. Sydney and Nigel look into the matter and discover the amulet has mystical powers, and will grant the person who invokes it correctly great magical powers. Someone else, a friend of Meg's boyfriend named Blake, is also looking for the amulet and manages to procure it from Karen using hypnotic/magical powers. A seerest, Zanda, warns that they need the amulet to restore Meg. Blake is indeed a warlock, the son of the man who interrupted the opening ceremony, and he has used his magical powers to augment his fraternity house, Nu Theta Phi. Sydney and Nigel manage to interrupt the ceremony in the secret catacombs of the frat house, defeat, Blake, and restore Meg to normal.

Directors: Bruce Pittman
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Faux Fox
50 votes

#23 - Faux Fox

Season 3 - Episode 18 - Aired 4/22/2002

Event: ROYAL PALACE, MADRID 1808 Nigel is making time with a beautiful young student, Lorraine, with an interest in relic hunting in the office when Sydney is hit over the head by a thief, who steals her wallet and crossbow. The duo heads to Madrid to track down the crown jewels of Charles IV, only to find that the professor they were going to meet with is dead...killed with Sydney's crossbow. Framed as criminals, they quickly discover they were impersonated by Lorraine (actually Rayna) and Raoul. The latter killed the professor without Rayna's knowledge, and are now on the track of the crown jewels. After ducking the police, Sydney and Nigel catch up with Rayna and Raoul. Raoul takes Nigel hostage to lead him to the jewels and leaves Rayna and Sydney behind, handcuffed together. They manage to free themselves and stop Raoul as he grabs the jewels. Rayna is apparently tempted to join back up with him, but knocks him over the head and turns herself in.

Directors: Jonathan Hackett
Writer: Peter Hume
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53 votes

#24 - Incognito

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired 11/12/2001

Event: NEW GUINEA 1522 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are on the run from headhunters after recovering a lancet, which Nigel cuts himself with. They are confronted by a rival Relic Hunter who is a dead ringer for Nigel. The man gets himself killed in a trap and the duo escape. While Sydney is at a conference, Nigel is contacted by Cate Hemphill of Interpol. Nigel's lookalike was a relic plunderer named Ian Worthingham, who was planning on selling the lancet. She wants Nigel to pretend to be Ian and find out who they buyer was. Nigel goes along with the plan, and starts displaying incredible strength. With it, he is soon able to dispel any doubts that he might be ""Nigel Bailey."" Nigel soon makes contact with Anjou, a member of the Grel N'toz, a secret society (from ""Sydney at Ten""). Anjou sees through the deception, and grabs Nigel upon whom the effects of the lancet have worn off. Anjou uses the lancet to give himself super-strength, and even a newly-arrived Sydney proves helpless. Nigel cuts h

Directors: Terry Ingram
Writer: Jurgen Wolff
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55 votes

#25 - Antianeiral

Season 3 - Episode 15 - Aired 2/11/2002

Event: ASIA MINOR 1200 B.C. A professor/mentor of Sydney's is killed and a staff piece stolen from him. Sydney and Nigel head off to Istanbul to investigate where they run up against Natasha Tripova, the head of a militant group of Goddess worshippers looking for the Belt of Hippolyte. Nigel is grabbed by Natasha and her women gang, and forced to lead them to the belt. Sydney frees him and the two pursue Natasha to her ship. In a final fight Sydney defeats Natasha and proves herself worthy to the other women, who give up.

Directors: Jeff F. King
Writer: Jeff F. King
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