The BEST episodes directed by Don Mccutcheon

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#1 - Storm

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - Season 1 - Episode 9

Black Hole energy interferes once again. While the Janitor senses something will soon occur, the members of the Science Club continue their exploration of the paranormal phenomenon which afflicts the school. But secrets concerning strange phenomenon at BHH are given to Victor Pearson by Vaughn. As a result, Vaughn is in a bad mood. Which literally produces a strange occurrence! Do his emotions cause the catastrophic storm above his head? How will Vaughn make the gray clouds, which follow him all the time, disappear for good?

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Artful Detective
225 votes

#2 - Artful Detective

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 8 - Episode 18

During a hunt for a killer who collects macabre trophies, Murdoch becomes a target.

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Up From Ashes
313 votes

#3 - Up From Ashes

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 11 - Episode 1

A jailed Murdoch must prove his innocence amid police and government corruption after the constables are ambushed, Ogden is kidnapped, and Brackenreid goes missing.

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Murdoch Air
226 votes

#4 - Murdoch Air

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 6 - Episode 1

Murdoch investigates the crash of a flying machine that killed a man, uncovering conspiracy and sabotage.

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Reader Pride
67 votes

#5 - Reader Pride

Corner Gas - Season 6 - Episode 8

Brent has trouble proving to Lacey and Hank that he's a true Roughriders fan. Davis enlightens Wanda to the unwritten rules of mixed CDs, while Karen volunteers to read books at the seniors' home and has some unlikely fans in Oscar and Emma.

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Tattered and Torn
286 votes

#6 - Tattered and Torn

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 4 - Episode 1

When a strange case crosses his desk; body parts – a foot, a hand and a headless torso - have surfaced along the Don River. Ogden’s replacement, Dr. Francis Philpott, insists the body parts are from one murder victim. But Murdoch has his doubts and contacts Ogden. Initially reluctant, Julia can’t help but be intrigued by the case. Murdoch secretly ships her the evidence and Ogden’s examination reveals they are dealing with three different victims but likely one killer.

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A Murdog Mystery
299 votes

#7 - A Murdog Mystery

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 10 - Episode 11

While investigating the death of a championship show dog, Murdoch discovers a hidden affection for canine companions.

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Evil Eye of Egypt
267 votes

#8 - Evil Eye of Egypt

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 5 - Episode 3

When Detective Murdoch investigates a series of deaths linked to an exhibition of Egyptian antiquities, Constable Crabtree is convinced a Mummy's curse is to blame.

Drawn in Blood
76 votes

#9 - Drawn in Blood

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 15 - Episode 10

Murdoch suspects the murder of a nasty, satirical cartoonist has links to city politics.

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Me, Myself and Murdoch
287 votes

#10 - Me, Myself and Murdoch

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 3 - Episode 5

A family celebration of Alexander Reynolds' 60th birthday is dampened when he's found with a knife plunged into his chest. Murdoch is called in and soon discovers the victim was universally despised by his kin. Reynolds' family instantly falls under suspicion but the field of suspects narrows considerably when daughter Charlotte Reynolds appears in a blood soaked dress and confesses to killing her father.

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A Study in Sherlock
229 votes

#11 - A Study in Sherlock

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 6 - Episode 4

A man claiming to be Sherlock Holmes is the prime suspect in a murderous gang of armed robbers.

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Merlot Mysteries
251 votes

#12 - Merlot Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 11 - Episode 2

After a wine connoisseur is poisoned, Murdoch and Watts uncork fraud and a fledgling industry.

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Murdoch Knows Best
78 votes

#13 - Murdoch Knows Best

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 15 - Episode 8

While investigating a stabbing, Murdoch and Brackenreid inadvertently discover spy Terrence Meyers’ hidden civilian life.

Down for the Count
510 votes

#14 - Down for the Count

Beauty and the Beast (2012) - Season 4 - Episode 3

While attempting to be normal newlyweds, Cat and Vincent grapple with how to overcome the danger lurking. They find themselves in the fight of their lives when their happiness becomes jeopardized.

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Republic of Murdoch
241 votes

#15 - Republic of Murdoch

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 7 - Episode 8

Detective Murdoch investigates the death of Peter Farrelly who had a loud altercation with someone the night before his body was found. Dr. Grace determines he was beaten to death. She also found chloral hydrate in his system - a bottle of which they found in the victim's luggage. They believe both the victim and his killer are from Newfoundland and so Murdoch and Crabtree head off to St. John's in the hopes of finding the suspected killer Ezekiel Farrelly. Crabtree was actually raised in St. John's by several aunts who, it turns out, have an interesting occupation. The solution to murder lies with finding an old pirate treasure map.

Rock Stars
95 votes

#16 - Rock Stars

Corner Gas - Season 6 - Episode 9

Brent signs up for guitar lessons, causing Oscar to relive some unpleasant parts of his childhood; Wanda becomes a reporter for The Howler, writing under a pseudonym so she can really speak her mind; Hank follows Karen's workout plan, then tries to prove that he's stronger than Emma.

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263 votes

#17 - Hangman

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 3 - Episode 11

Cecil Fox, a hateful reprobate convicted of killing Justice Horace Mead, is led to the gallows at the Toronto Court House. Murdoch, there on witness duty, winces as Pleasant pulls the trap door handle and sends Fox to his maker. When she carries out the post mortem, Ogden notices a curious puncture wound in the throat. Puzzled, she leans in for a better look and Fox's eyes open! Before Ogden can react, Fox knocks her unconscious and runs out.

Afterlife and Death
93 votes

#18 - Afterlife and Death

Relic Hunter - Season 1 - Episode 13

Event: EGYPT 1425 B.C. Sydney and Nigel go to Cairo to chase down the real tomb raider, when Sydney's old friend Bruce Farrow is framed for plundering the tomb of Thutmose III and pocketing the Pharaoh's diamond. The theft of the gem, believed to have fallen from the sky inside a meteor, lures mercenary Avery Ko, a rival Relic Hunter, from the shadows. The trail leads to Amsterdam, where the stone is to be cut and sold. Sydney, Nigel and Bruce discover that the rock is not a diamond, and if cut by laser, will unleash a force that could cause major destruction like the tomb's hieroglyphs described.

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Winston's Lost Night
218 votes

#19 - Winston's Lost Night

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 6 - Episode 2

Detective Murdoch suspects a soldier after a veteran is slain by a sword.

Back and to the Left
246 votes

#20 - Back and to the Left

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 5 - Episode 2

Detective Murdoch must tread carefully when he pursues a Catholic suspect in the murder of an Alderman, killed during the attempted assassination of the city's Protestant Mayor.

The Black Hand
202 votes

#21 - The Black Hand

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 4 - Episode 9

When Murdoch is called to the scene of a murder Joe Prestia, a handsome thirty-something, he discovers that he once had a relationship with the victim’s beautiful fiancée, Anna Fulford. Dr. Ogden discovers evidence suggesting Joe was the victim of a skilled assassin. Anna has no idea who would have wanted to kill Joe. Matters take a frightening turn when the assassin makes an attempt on Anna’s life. Why would anyone want Anna dead too? Murdoch’s investigation reveals that the murdered man had a much darker past than anyone knew.

Meat Wave
127 votes

#22 - Meat Wave

Corner Gas - Season 6 - Episode 4

Hank’s mockery of Brent’s air conditioner temperature lands him in hot water at Corner Gas. Karen and Davis win a meat draw but trouble starts when they have no where to store it and trust Oscar and Emma with their stash. Lacey and Wanda unleash their maternal instincts on an unwanted pet left at the Ruby.

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Midnight Train to Kingston
275 votes

#23 - Midnight Train to Kingston

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 7 - Episode 9

Detective Murdoch, Inspector Brackenreid, Dr. Ogden and several others are transporting serial killer James Gillies to the prison in Kingston, Ontario where he is scheduled to be executed the next day. It creates a bit of a stir among the passengers when they learn who is being transported. Among them are Aaron Rauls, a late arrival on the train and Nathaniel Henry. Both come under suspicion when the police find a dead man, Dennis Bolton who was released from the Don jail just a week ago. There's no direct connection between Bolton and Gillies but both were in the same jail at the same time. As tensions rise, it becomes evident that Gillies has arranged for several ex-convicts to be on the train - all part of his plan to escape.

Crab Apple Cooler
64 votes

#24 - Crab Apple Cooler

Corner Gas - Season 6 - Episode 16

Brent and Hank decide to take a trip down memory lane stealing crab apples from a neighbour’s yard that gets Hank in trouble. No one wants Oscar on their charades team, until he proves his skills. Davis and Wanda find reasons to write angry complaint letters to companies in hopes of getting free stuff.

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White Whale
311 votes

#25 - White Whale

The Listener - Season 5 - Episode 8

The IIB team investigates a mayoral candidate for murder after Becker becomes zealously interested in Toby’s gift.

The J-Word
102 votes

#26 - The J-Word

Corner Gas - Season 5 - Episode 12

Brent gets tired of hearing Oscar using the same name for everyone, and decides to use what he thinks is a fool-proof way to put a stop to it. Lacey finds out some not-so-nice things about her future when she visits a psychic. Davis finds that it is possible to scare yourself silly, while Wanda and Emma have some difficulties organizing a party.

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Full Load
102 votes

#27 - Full Load

Corner Gas - Season 6 - Episode 1

When Brent enters a reluctant Lacey into an eating contest, it tarnishes his reputation and results in a very offended Davis. At the Leroys’, Emma’s new MP3 player allows Oscar to get away with a bit too much. Karen’s auctioneering experience pits Hank and Wanda in a battle of vehicles.

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Outside The Box
131 votes

#28 - Outside The Box

Corner Gas - Season 5 - Episode 13

Hank and Davis run afoul of Emma in her new job promoting a call center. Wanda finds a morbid new hobby, and when Oscar finds out about it, he joins her. Karen and Brent become suspicious of a mysterious box in Lacey's house.

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The Stranger
2 votes

#29 - The Stranger

Animorphs - Season 1 - Episode 12

Rachel's dad wants Rachel to go with him to the famous gymnast. He wants Rachel to move away with him -- as thoughts of ""should I or shouldn't I?"" run through her head, Ax is being captured by the Yeerks! Knowing they can't let the Yeerks take another Andalite host, let alone one of their close friends, the Animorphs move in. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a trap, and they're caught in a net and Visser Three began to move in! All seems lost - until a mysterious glowing blue man called an Ellimist shows up, stopping time. He gives them a choice; they could stay and fight or go to another world with their families. After seeing the future, they wanted to stay because the future seemed that the Yeerks have taken over Earth. They were able to get away from the Yeerks, using a knife from the scene showed by the Ellimist. Rachel morphed a Lion to defeat the Controllers while the rest save Ax.

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My Name Is Erek
1 votes

#30 - My Name Is Erek

Animorphs - Season 2 - Episode 2

After Jake and Marco witnessed a kid their own age perform a feat of super-human strength, they are stunned. The kid just ran in front of a car to save a dog, and he did not even get a scratch, and the car was destroyed. Ax, has become a television-obsessed alien who can not stop watching television and imitating everything that is produced from the stations. They are even more surprised when the kid follows them back to Cassie's barn and reveals his secret after Jake and Marco morphed dogs to find out that he had no human scent, he is part of an android race called the Chee, which was created by the Pemalites for non-violent creatures. Now the android, Erek, needs their help. The Yeerks have stolen the Chee hologram crystal and plan to use it to hide Yeerk pools from human eyes; so all the humans can only see a hologram. Erek can't touch the crystal himself; it would destroy his hologram, that is why he needs help from the Animorphs. Jake, Rachel, and Erek try to find the crysta

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Thank You Very Much
113 votes

#31 - Thank You Very Much

Relic Hunter - Season 1 - Episode 5

Event: GERMANY 1960 A musician appeals to Sydney to help him find his lost guitar given to him by Elvis Presley. The three head first to Nashville, then Germany. Sydney fans an old flame for information, and discovers that the guitar has more than sentimental value for interested parties, including a Cold War spy.

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R2 BEE Too
90 votes

#32 - R2 BEE Too

Corner Gas - Season 6 - Episode 15

Jealous of Hank's new toy robot, Davis places an order online but is surprised when his robot arrives. Despite Emma’s warning, Lacey's quest to expand Brent's culinary horizons and turn Brent into a food critic from hell. Wanda suits up to help Oscar combat a beehive.

Diamond in the Rough
128 votes

#33 - Diamond in the Rough

Relic Hunter - Season 1 - Episode 6

Event: FENWAY PARK, BOSTON 1946 Arrogant baseball star Frank Newhouse hires Sydney to find the magical glove of former baseball great Jimmy Jonesboro, stolen more than 50 years ago. Sydney and Nigel track the glove to the sewers of pre-Revolutionary war Boston, while unwittingly being tailed by Sydney's former rival, Kurt Reiner.

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