The BEST episodes written by Kris Dobkin

Mr. Right
60 votes

#1 - Mr. Right

Relic Hunter - Season 3 - Episode 2

Event: BALI, INDONESIA 1459 A.D. After recovering an artifact in Bali, Sydney meets an old friend, Gray, and decides to remain there on vacation with him while Nigel heads back to the states. Unfortunately, another old ""friend"", intrepid CIA agent Derek Lloyd, is in Bali seeking a relic: a bowl that will reveal the user's true love. He wants to recover it so the U.S. government can give it to the Indonesians to win political points, but the Chinese are also looking for it. Sydney is forced to step out on Gray repeatedly, unable to resist the urge to go looking for another relic. She and Derek manage to find it, but Gray has always been captured by the Chinese agent. Syd manages to beat up the agent and recover the bowel for the U.S. Gray appears to realize that hunting relics will always come first for her, but that's still no reason they can't be romantically involved.

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Stand Down
2 votes

#2 - Stand Down

Pensacola: Wings of Gold - Season 2 - Episode 5

Breaker's plane suffers a hydraulic failure and she dies trying to land the plane.

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Bad Boyz
12 votes

#3 - Bad Boyz

Baywatch - Season 11 - Episode 3

During a helicopter training session, both Zack and Carrie fail important tests: an athlete recovering from knee surgery ignores warnings from Jason to not go kite boarding. He runs into a wind surfer and goes down, crashing into a buoy. Jason calls Leigh in the helicopter for back up. Seeing the man in the water and knowing there is no time to waste, Zack immediately jumps in, even though the helicopter is too high and the dive is dangerous. He manages to get hold of the man. Carrie, for her part, freezes and is unable to jump. Sean is apoplectic that his team should be having such trouble following instructions, but he has bigger problems. Jenna, still smarting from their break up and vowing for revenge, has started showing the training center to two men and a realtor who plan to convert it into a lobster restaurant owing to Sean's non-payment of property taxes. Still, the center is in trouble. Leigh wants to help, but Sean insists he can take care of matters himself. Seeing that Sea

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Cats in the Cradle
811 votes

#4 - Cats in the Cradle

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 2 - Episode 20

Grissom and Catherine investigate the stabbing death of an 80-year-old woman who lived in a run-down house full of cats. Nick and Sara comb through the remains of a car bombing that appears to be a murder plot gone awry.

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Personal Effects
14 votes

#5 - Personal Effects

Total Recall 2070 - Season 1 - Episode 20

Olan decides to keep a vial found on corpse in a crashed shuttle out of her report because of concerns of what it might be. Unfortunately, its real owners, Vari Dyne Inc., is willing to go to great length to get it back.

11 votes

#6 - Trapped

Baywatch - Season 11 - Episode 19

Sean and Leigh are in the scarab off of Maui investigating a new man-made reef that is being put in to lure additional tourists. Neither of them is happy with this new development because it has caused a shift in the rip patterns. Nick, a surfer, is also concerned and, for some reason, isn't feeling quite well. His brother Joe is surfing and tombstones. Sean and Leigh quickly jump into action and bring Joe to the beach. He is unconscious and Nick is nearly hysterical. Sean and Leigh try to get him to wait for the ambulance, but he's too caught up in trying to save his brother. The ambulance arrives and Nick hops in to go to the hospital. In the hospital, Joe is fine but Nick turns out to have pneumonia. Sean and Leigh begin to suspect that there is something wrong with the materials that are being used to create the new reef. To complicate matters, Sam Parks has come back. Sean definitely does not trust Sam, and Leigh is loathe to tell him the truth about Sam's status as a Navy Intell

Hunting with the Enemy
85 votes

#7 - Hunting with the Enemy

Relic Hunter - Season 3 - Episode 14

Event: CAMBODIA 1952 While waiting to meet with Professor Cho in Cambodia, Sydney and Nigel are hijacked by Masters, a demolition expert who takes them to meet with Sydney's nemesis Fabrice De Viega (from ""Sydney at Ten""). De Viega wants them to help him recover an urn containing the ashes of Confuscius, located in an underground chamber beneath a mine field that is about ready to be bombed in four hours. To assure their cooperation, De Viega has had Karen kidnapped. Masters helps Nigel escape a mine but is then killed by another booby-trap. With their expert gone, the three take to a stream to bypass the mine field and get to the underground tunnels. They get hold of the urn but when Deviega ends up on the wrong side of a pitfall with time running out, Sydney forces him to send the signal to free Karen in return for helping him escape. Karen is freed, and Sydney and Nigel manage to escape long enough to take refuge in an abandoned tank as the mine field is detonated by the bombing whi

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A Fist Full of Secrets
34 votes

#8 - A Fist Full of Secrets

Melrose Place - Season 7 - Episode 22

Peter travels to Oakhurst to investigate Eve's past. He has a run-in with Kent's parents and the town sheriff, but an old friend of Eve's tells him the truth about the murder case. Eve comes looking for Peter, and he defends her from the townspeople's attacks. Ryan intercepts a drug delivery for Kyle and pushes his brother into flushing the pills. Kyle, Eve and Peter separately accuse Amanda of being a tyrant. Overcome with guilt, she takes Kyle back for some reason. Megan conceals the fact that a computer program pinpointed Ryan as Lexi's perfect mate. Ryan discovers that Megan has her own 800 number. He confronts her with allegations of prostitution, so she comes clean about Lexi's search for Mr. Right. Temporary chief-of-staff Michael promotes Amy to head nurse. A wacko nurse whom Michael had just met claims that he promised her the job in exchange for sex. Peter suspends Michael.

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Sins of the Father
0 votes

#9 - Sins of the Father

Largo Winch - Season 1 - Episode 5

A bomb explodes in a French Group W company. Largo soon finds himself in the middle of a fight for power between rival Japanese Yakuza clans. A lady from the past returns into Largo's life and a news seems to change it completely