The BEST episodes written by Elizabeth Baxter

Love Letter
58 votes

#1 - Love Letter

Relic Hunter - Season 1 - Episode 19

Event: A SMALL VILLAGE SOUTH OF PARIS 1789 Sydney and Nigel's graduate student Nicole Chamfort is convinced that young lovers from her ancestral hometown in France, were secretly married on the eve of the French Revolution, moments before the happy groom was murdered by revolutionaries. If true, the bride's illegitimate son would be the rightful heir of the de Bourdin family. With the imminent sale of St. Agnes Sur-Loire to land developers, the race is on to Sydney and Nigel to conjure up centuries-old church records believed to have been burned by anti-clerics during the Revolution. The land developers will go to any lengths to stop them.

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Don't Go Into the Woods
55 votes

#2 - Don't Go Into the Woods

Relic Hunter - Season 2 - Episode 17

Event: CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS 1711 A.D. Author and conspiracy theorist Vladimir Bugos contacts Sydney and Nigel to locate the Golden Falcon of Maribor, a relic last seen the night Crown Princess Natasha, its owner, disappeared about 400 years ago. Not impressed by Bugos' reputation, they are swayed by a map he has discovered, and they head into the Carpathian Mountains despite of werewolves to bag the Falcon.

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Eye for an Eye
219 votes

#3 - Eye for an Eye

Highlander: The Series - Season 2 - Episode 5

When MacLeod and Richie are witness to a terrorist attack on an Ambassador, Richie dives in like a Superhero, cocky with Immortality. In the resulting confusion, one of the terrorists is killed, and another, Annie Devlin, an Immortal, is captured. She swears revenge on Richie, and when she escapes from custody, MacLeod takes on the task of educating Richie so that he will have a chance in combat against her. Meanwhile, Flashbacks reveal an earlier friendship between MacLeod and Annie. Mac renews the friendship, and the two Immortals who have both recently lost their lovers find solace in one another. In the end, Richie defeats Annie but can't bring himself to kill her, and MacLeod convinces her to pursue the blood debt no further.

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Saving Grace
169 votes

#4 - Saving Grace

Highlander: The Series - Season 1 - Episode 17

Grace Chandel has been a Good Immortal, working for the betterment of mankind as a midwife, doctor, and scientist over the centuries. Her one weakness is another Immortal, Carlo Sendaro, a former lover who is obsessed with her and refuses to let her go. He slays Grace's current (mortal) lover and, when she refuses to run off with him, frames her for the killing. She turns to her old friend Duncan MacLeod for help.

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Reasonable Doubt
125 votes

#5 - Reasonable Doubt

Highlander: The Series - Season 3 - Episode 20

When a valuable DaVinci sketch is stolen from a friend of MacLeod's in a robbery that killed two guards, MacLeod offers to act as go-between to ransom it back. He discovers the sketch was stolen by Kagan, an Immortal he faced once before, when Kagan was a bank robber in 1930 Paris and MacLeod killed his mentor. Meanwhile, Maurice asks MacLeod to talk to his troubled niece, Simone. Simone turns out to be more troubled than Maurice knows -- she's a prostitute and Kagan's accomplice. MacLeod goes after Kagan, who protests his innocence in the deaths of the guards and who promises MacLeod that he'll change his ways if MacLeod will help him. When Simone, the only one who knows Kagan is the killer, is killed, MacLeod realizes that Kagan could never really change and confronts Kagan, taking his head.

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156 votes

#6 - Reunion

Highlander: The Series - Season 4 - Episode 6

Running for his life from Immortal Terence Kincaid, Kenny runs straight into Anne Lindsey's emergency room. Stashing Kenny in the hospital chapel, Anne calls MacLeod for help. MacLeod agrees to harbor him for one night only, but when MacLeod gets him home, Kenny discovers his long-lost teacher there -- Amanda!

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Living a Lie
2 votes

#7 - Living a Lie

The Hitchhiker - Season 4 - Episode 15

Pharaoh's Daughter
183 votes

#8 - Pharaoh's Daughter

Highlander: The Series - Season 2 - Episode 18

MacLeod feels the Buzz coming from an ancient sarcophagus and opens it to find Nefertiri, Cleopatra's handmaid, buried 2000 years ago with her mistress. Now revived, she pursues a vendetta against the Immortal Marcus Constantine, who was her lover and her enemy. Mac believes Constantine, who claims that he no longer wishes to fight Nefertiri -- this former Roman General has turned his back on battle and is now a curator, working to preserve history and its lessons. But Nefertiri can't let go of the old grudge, and for the first time, MacLeod is forced to face a woman he loves in Immortal combat.

90 votes

#9 - Inferno

Highlander: The Raven - Season 1 - Episode 15

An explosion at a chemical plant involves Immortal Talia, and Nick gets hired by Garrett, the owner of the factory. Garrett claims that a prototype plastics formula was stolen. Amanda investigates Talia, an acquaintance, and is told that Garrett, Talia's lover, had a sample of her blood and plans to chemically duplicate immortality. It turns out that Talia, a former revolutionary (and who saved Amanda's life during the French Revolution) is now simply in it for the money, and stole a viral plague from Garrett. She plans to sell it to terrorists. While Nick defuses a bomb Talia has planted as a distraction, Amanda fights Talia. She spares Talia's life because she owes her one, but when Talia comes after her anyway, Amanda takes her head. The resulting Quickening destroys the virus for good. Copyright 2002 Steve Crow

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Bless the Child
121 votes

#10 - Bless the Child

Highlander: The Series - Season 2 - Episode 13

Charlie and MacLeod come to the aid of Sara Lightfoot, an Indian woman on the run with a baby. She tells them Avery Hoskins is trying to steal her baby. Hoskins and his brothers come after them, and they are forced to flee overland. After a rugged flight through a mountain canyon, MacLeod learns that the baby is in fact Hoskins' son, taken by Sara in retribution for her own child, killed by runoff from Hoskins' mines.