The Best Episodes Directed by Terry Ingram


#1 - Bliss

Earth: Final Conflict Season 2 - Episode 17

Lili becomes infected by a highly addictive drug called Bliss. Liam and Sandoval go to Ireland to investigate the drug's origin, where they meet Dr Cox, and a cult of "Taelonists" who deny knowledge of Bliss. They discover a lab where Ma'el worked on an antidote for Bliss, suspecting the Taelonists found the lab and are spreading Bliss.

star 8.26
88 votes
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Watercolors, Wishes, and Weddings

#2 - Watercolors, Wishes, and Weddings

Chesapeake Shores Season 4 - Episode 6

Abby's official first date with Jay gets awkward when they show up to the same restaurant as Trace and Emma. Trace receives an offer to produce an album with Emma but is conflicted about their romantic relationship. A snag in Jess and David's B&B opening threatens to derail David's romantic plans. When planning their future, Kevin and Sarah try to find common ground. With her play opening imminent, Bree is approached by an agent. Both Connor and Abby consider new professional paths. Meanwhile, Mick and Megan try to avoid the relationship mistakes they made the first time around.

star 8.19
78 votes
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All the Time in the World

#3 - All the Time in the World

Chesapeake Shores Season 4 - Episode 5

Abby reconsiders her priorities and the future of her career with Jay's support. Trace rebuilds his trust with Emma and offers to buy Mick's share of The Bridge. Despite Abby and Trace's new relationships, each still holds a special place in the other's heart. Jess and David receive guests at the B&B earlier than anticipated. Kevin and Sarah navigate their future including trying to figure out how many children they want. Nell offers advice to Mick and Megan when they encounter issues in their newly rekindled relationship. Meanwhile, Bree prepares for the premiere of her play, and Connor pursues a new job.

star 8.14
71 votes
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#4 - Assessment

Total Recall 2070 Season 1 - Episode 18

On their way to investigate a report about berserk androids, Farve and Hume are ambushed and captured by a rouge section of the assessor's office. They seek Hume's help in discovering Farve's part in what they see as a plot by machines to eradicate humans.

star 8.08
13 votes
The End Is Where We Begin

#5 - The End Is Where We Begin

Chesapeake Shores Season 4 - Episode 1

Trace and Abby's future is uncertain when Trace returns from tour. While they contemplate their relationship, Abby takes on a new client and Trace takes notice of a new musical talent at The Bridge. Kevin plans a special outing with Sarah. Although Jess is happy in her relationship, running the inn David's family bought them is not living up to their expectations. Bree meets with potential producers for a new play. Meanwhile, Mick discovers one of his contractors has engaged in suspicious business practices, and Connor questions his career.

star 8.07
89 votes
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They Can't Take That Away From Me

#6 - They Can't Take That Away From Me

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 - Episode 5

As work continues on his hotel, Evan and Abby learn a bit more about each other. Evan stays a night at Jess's B&B.

star 8.03
32 votes
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What a Difference a Day Makes

#7 - What a Difference a Day Makes

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 - Episode 9

Evan finds himself wondering if he has feelings for Abby. Luke is threatened with going back to prison. Connor sacrifices to help Luke and Bree.

star 8.00
26 votes
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Isle of Bliss

#8 - Isle of Bliss

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 1 - Episode 21

The of the Nomad journey to the Isle of Bliss in order to find the singing sword so that they can use it to get Master Dim Dim back. Things go horribly wrong when they encounter a giant snake and the crew must fight for the life of Doubar.

star 8.00
1 votes
The Rock Is Going To Roll

#9 - The Rock Is Going To Roll

Chesapeake Shores Season 3 - Episode 3

Trace and Abby hit an unexpected hiccup in their family dynamic after Trace takes on more of a father figure role. While Trace reading bedtime stories to the girls is a milestone in his relationship with Abby, the moment has an unexpected consequence when the girls question his role in their lives. Bree joins Jess on a trip to visit David and his parents, but Jess continues to harbor hurt feelings over Bree’s manuscript. Jess needs Bree’s support more than ever, though, when she discovers the real reason David’s parents want to meet her. Mick sees striking similarities between his troubled relationship with his brother and his sons’ relationship with one another when Kevin and Connor feud over Kevin’s meddling in Connor’s relationship. Meanwhile, Nell ramps up her persuasive tactics to convince the mayor to keep the wish fountain.

star 7.97
98 votes
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Love Is Here to Stay

#10 - Love Is Here to Stay

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 - Episode 6

Jess and David's wedding is here, but the O'Brien family still has a lot to face before the celebration. Abby and Evan get into an argument over his hotel, threatening the entire project.

star 7.97
30 votes
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In Memory

#11 - In Memory

Earth: Final Conflict Season 3 - Episode 9

Lili awakens as a beam locks on to the shuttle. A Jaridian enters the shuttle as a Taelon warship arrives, engaging the shuttle in battle. Later, Lili finds herself to be a patient at a military hospital. Dr Reed tells Lili that she has been in a coma and that her CVI has been removed. Liam arrives to tell Lili that she has lost 3 years of her life and that the Taelons are gone after the Jaridians defeated them. She also learns she is responsible for saving Earth and Sandoval is scheduled to be executed. After Colonel Bramson debriefed her, Lili learns that Sandoval's last request is to speak with her. She agrees when she realizes that this will be her only chance to find out why Sandoval sent her out on the shuttle. However, Sandoval only reveals to Lili that he now has his own resistance, made up of faithful Taelon followers, who will kill her. Meeting Augur, Lili finds out that he is the CEO of a large company with a wife and a child. Watching Lili and Augur, Dr Reed and Bramson dis

star 7.93
115 votes
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#12 - Begotten

Odyssey 5 Season 1 - Episode 15

With the still-grieving Chuck having taken off on a road trip, the rest of the crew have to deal with the synthetic that Kurt has created.

star 7.92
49 votes
The Hand of God

#13 - The Hand of God

Mutant X Season 3 - Episode 7

The Mutant X team embarks on a mission to locate and capture a powerful super-mutant who possesses god-like powers.

star 7.88
8 votes
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All Our Tomorrows

#14 - All Our Tomorrows

Chesapeake Shores Season 3 - Episode 8

Abby develops an unexpected friendship with a client, while Trace faces conflict at The Bridge. Though initially hesitant to work with her ex-husband’s fiancé, Abby helps her out tremendously and builds a new rapport with her while on a project. Trace, however, has a more difficult time at work and considers putting his friendship with Mick in jeopardy during a professional disagreement. Kevin graduates from his EMT program, but the reality of he and Sarah moving apart looms over the happy occasion. When Connor’s ex-girlfriend offers him a job, he senses familiar romantic feelings developing. At Nell’s urging, Bree shares her manuscript with Megan and begins to realize there are two sides to every story. Meanwhile, Jess receives devastating news about the inn that she fears will impact her whole life – including her future with David.

star 7.87
95 votes
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Once Upon Ever After

#15 - Once Upon Ever After

Chesapeake Shores Season 3 - Episode 4

Abby joins Trace on tour with his band away from Chesapeake Shores but discovers that Trace’s fame may impact her family’s privacy. Though she enjoys seeing Trace in his element performing, Abby is shocked when paparazzi photos of them together surface and worries the attention will only get worse as Trace’s celebrity rises. Mick and Megan spend more time together as they help Thomas prepare for his vow renewal ceremony and experience a closeness they haven’t felt in years. The vow renewal ceremony also brings Connor and Kevin closer together, as Nell assigns them a time-consuming task that forces them to work out their differences. Meanwhile, Jess considers starting a life with David away from Chesapeake Shores, but Bree makes a troubling discovery about David’s mom that causes both of the O’Brien sisters to question Jess’ relationship.

star 7.83
100 votes
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It's Just Business

#16 - It's Just Business

Chesapeake Shores Season 3 - Episode 7

Trace discovers that The Bridge has fallen into debt while he was on tour in and tries to repair the damage. Trace’s discovery prompts Mick to reconsider the terms of their partnership and to put aside friendship and family when business is at stake. Abby works to try and balance her stressful workload with being a “super mom” to keep up with Wes’ new fiancé. Jess is suspicious when David’s sister arrives in town looking for help with the business. Bree asks Nell to read her manuscript, but realizes the real test will come when she gives it to Megan. When Kevin doesn’t receive a job offer near Chesapeake Shores, Sarah considers relocating for a dream job. Facing relationship troubles of his own, Connor goes up against an ex-girlfriend in court. Meanwhile, Megan plays hardball when the mayor eliminates her job at the Arts Council.

star 7.83
93 votes
It's Always Nashville

#17 - It's Always Nashville

Chesapeake Shores Season 2 - Episode 4

Trace hits the road to record an album with his ex-girlfriend but has trouble channeling creative inspiration while he is away from Abby. A well-intentioned Jess creates trouble for Bree when she advertises that a famous author will attend a book reading at Bree’s new bookstore.

star 7.78
300 votes
 Leap of Faith

#18 - Leap of Faith

Chesapeake Shores Season 4 - Episode 2

As Trace searches for his purpose in Chesapeake Shores, a friend tries to persuade him to return to his music career. Abby puts her work life in jeopardy investigating a client's dubious business practices, and Connor also faces professional consequences after making an impulsive decision. Mick is pulled into a former business partner's legal trouble. Jess and David try to return to where it all began. Bree worries that her chemistry with Simon doesn't live up to that of the characters in her autobiographical play. After saving the life of a beloved coach, Kevin contemplates the impact he'd had in his life and the community. Meanwhile, Megan jumps at a new opportunity to help Kevin and Sarah.

star 7.76
85 votes
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Man In Motion

#19 - Man In Motion

Playmakers Season 1 - Episode 6

Coach George lectures the team; DH's drug abuse comes to a head; domestic abuse rumors involving Leon appear; McConnell arranges a boys night out; Olczyk cannot forget about Beth.

star 7.71
7 votes
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Photographs and Memories

#20 - Photographs and Memories

Chesapeake Shores Season 2 - Episode 3

As Abby sends her girls off to their first day at a new school, conflict arises between Trace and Wes about their roles in the family—complicated further by a Nashville recording label taking interest in Trace’s new demo with a former flame. Mick butts heads with his brother over family land.

star 7.71
286 votes
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A City Under Plague

#21 - A City Under Plague

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 2 - Episode 13

Death riders imprison suspected plague victims, including Sinbad and crew.

star 7.67
3 votes
Old Habits

#22 - Old Habits

La Femme Nikita Season 2 - Episode 16

Section is trying to stop a terrorist group from engaging in suicide bombings, and Nikita is assigned to recieve information from an agent known as Formits, who, unbeknownest to Nikita, is in fact a serial killer.

star 7.57
86 votes
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Up the Rabbit Hole (2)

#23 - Up the Rabbit Hole (2)

La Femme Nikita Season 4 - Episode 21

Michael escapes Red Cell and is assigned to meet Nikita and kill her, however she doesn't show up and an Alpha Team is assigned to track her down. Michael leads the team with Kate Quinn. Before the mission, Michael discovers Quinn is Nikita and that he could leave Section. The Alpha Team is wiped out and Michael escapes with Nikita.

star 7.57
53 votes
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The Bully

#24 - The Bully

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 1 - Episode 17

The crew battle a cyclopse as well as a demon from Sinbad's past.

star 7.50
2 votes
Star of Nadir

#25 - Star of Nadir

Relic Hunter Season 3 - Episode 6

Event: PALACE OF THE TALIBS, ENDOSTAN 1423 A.D. Sydney and Nigel travel to the Middle East to meet an old friend of Sydney's, who is now a queen, only to discover that she has died in a mysterious accident. Assassins are still after the sultan, who Sydney rescues. The queen was looking for the Star of Nadir, which is a token of true rulership. If the Sultan has it, he can put down the various conservative Arabic factions united against him. Until then, he has commited his daughter Alia to marriage with Jamal, the son of Hakim Mustafa, one of the leading conservatives. Alia has other plans, much to Hakim's distaste for a non-traditionally acting woman. Alia, Sydney, and Nigel go looking for the Star, and discover that the castle head of security was the one responsible for the death of the queen, and has been working in cahoots with Hakim. They find the Star and get taken prisoner by the head of security, but Sydney gets the upper hand. Jamal turns against his father, who is forced to g

star 7.40
57 votes
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Three Rivers to Cross

#26 - Three Rivers to Cross

Relic Hunter Season 2 - Episode 7

Event: THREE RIVERS, CHINA 1245 AD Randal Fox, Sydney's father and a hydrodam-building engineer, beckons his daughter to China so that he can keep his word to monks. The holy men refuse to abandon Three Rivers for the dam's opening, believing their long-lost statue, the Jade Empress, is hidden in the valley. Sydney, Nigel, Randall and his young fiancée Jenny follow a trail over 700-years-old, knowing that failure means a watery death.

star 7.40
30 votes
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#27 - Incognito

Relic Hunter Season 3 - Episode 9

Event: NEW GUINEA 1522 A.D. Sydney and Nigel are on the run from headhunters after recovering a lancet, which Nigel cuts himself with. They are confronted by a rival Relic Hunter who is a dead ringer for Nigel. The man gets himself killed in a trap and the duo escape. While Sydney is at a conference, Nigel is contacted by Cate Hemphill of Interpol. Nigel's lookalike was a relic plunderer named Ian Worthingham, who was planning on selling the lancet. She wants Nigel to pretend to be Ian and find out who they buyer was. Nigel goes along with the plan, and starts displaying incredible strength. With it, he is soon able to dispel any doubts that he might be ""Nigel Bailey."" Nigel soon makes contact with Anjou, a member of the Grel N'toz, a secret society (from ""Sydney at Ten""). Anjou sees through the deception, and grabs Nigel upon whom the effects of the lancet have worn off. Anjou uses the lancet to give himself super-strength, and even a newly-arrived Sydney proves helpless. Nigel cuts h

star 7.37
52 votes
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Fertile Ground

#28 - Fertile Ground

Relic Hunter Season 2 - Episode 5

Event: HAWAII 1779 At the reunion, Sydney is surprised that her high school sweetheart Tony has more on his mind than before. He's on the trail of Hawaii's Idol of Lono, stolen by Captain Cook's men in 1779. The trail leads to Madagascar, where Sydney will have to outwit a rival, if they hope to get the national treasure back.

star 7.30
60 votes
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Hunting with the Enemy

#29 - Hunting with the Enemy

Relic Hunter Season 3 - Episode 14

Event: CAMBODIA 1952 While waiting to meet with Professor Cho in Cambodia, Sydney and Nigel are hijacked by Masters, a demolition expert who takes them to meet with Sydney's nemesis Fabrice De Viega (from ""Sydney at Ten""). De Viega wants them to help him recover an urn containing the ashes of Confuscius, located in an underground chamber beneath a mine field that is about ready to be bombed in four hours. To assure their cooperation, De Viega has had Karen kidnapped. Masters helps Nigel escape a mine but is then killed by another booby-trap. With their expert gone, the three take to a stream to bypass the mine field and get to the underground tunnels. They get hold of the urn but when Deviega ends up on the wrong side of a pitfall with time running out, Sydney forces him to send the signal to free Karen in return for helping him escape. Karen is freed, and Sydney and Nigel manage to escape long enough to take refuge in an abandoned tank as the mine field is detonated by the bombing whi

star 7.27
82 votes
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#30 - Technology

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Season 2 - Episode 8

Marshall gets into the cell phone business, but when his business partner, Tyler, wants to use Marshall's special smiley code to cheat on a test, Marshall actually complies. Marshall feels guilty afterwards and Tyler warns him not to tell, but Marshall's new invention turns against him: he can no longer talk understandably. To make matters worse, Professor Z and Principal Durst know Marshall cheated on the test with Tyler...

star 7.25
4 votes
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Whiter Shade of Pale

#31 - Whiter Shade of Pale

Mutant X Season 1 - Episode 11

A New Mutant with the power of invisibility is working against both Eckhart and Adam, despite the fact she was involved with Adam in the past.

star 7.22
45 votes
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Nothing Like the Real Thing

#32 - Nothing Like the Real Thing

Total Recall 2070 Season 1 - Episode 3

An accountant kills a deliveryman for seemingly no reason and then falls into a trance. Marks on his head suggest he had bought a cheap black-market memory implant, and Hume and Farve have to find the seller before more people get hurt.

star 7.02
127 votes

#33 - Nutrition

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High Season 2 - Episode 11

Vaughn gets beaten at an arm wrestling match and Lucas is jealous of the amount of attention Josie pays to Vaughn. But when Lucas and Vaughn gain confidence in themselves after Vaughn wins another arm wrestling match and Lucas beats a rival at chess, could these new health bars play a factor? After the two score very poorly on their midterms and lose self confidence, Josie convinces Professor Z that Lucas and Vaughn need to get a better diet.

star 6.75
4 votes
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The Monster

#34 - The Monster

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 2 - Episode 9

A gentle giant, Uruk, is helped by Sinbad and friends to break free from the evil wizard Kumar.

star 6.50
2 votes
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The Beast of Basra

#35 - The Beast of Basra

The Adventures of Sinbad Season 2 - Episode 8

A werewolf's bite passes the curse to Doubar and Sinbad must kill his brother to save Bryn from a gruesome death.

star 6.00
1 votes
Honey, I'm Kung Fu Fighting

#36 - Honey, I'm Kung Fu Fighting

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Season 3 - Episode 6

Ninjas invade Matheson, and Team Szalinski is in for a lot of kung fu fighting to save the town. The ninjas first arrive at a restaurant while the Szalinkis are having dinner with Jake. When they attack, Wayne fights back and the ninjas retreat, warning that they'll be back. A monk, Master P'tui, appears to help Wayne and teach him martial arts. Wayne has several fights with the ninjas as he tries to protect his family and friends. Meanwhile, Nick, tired of being bullied into doing other people's homework, invents a spray that can turn anyone into a kung fu expert. Lord Bilious, an odd British fellow, wants Diane to defend him after he tried to bribe town officials and landowners to sell him the town. Turns out Lord Bilious is as crazy as he is rich. After Amy sees his manservant, Neato, giving money to the ninjas, Lord Bilious admits he hired the ninjas to take over the town so he could build an empire. When Lord Bilious kidnaps Diane and Amy, Wayne and Nick rush to fight Bilious and

star 0.00
0 votes
Honey, I'm Spooked

#37 - Honey, I'm Spooked

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show Season 3 - Episode 18

At the beginning of the show we see two men in the 1800s digging a trunk that they claim was haunted. Now back to the trunk, Diane somehow comes in possesion with the so called haunted trunk. Strange things begin to happen, a cable bit Wayne, Nick turns into a plant, and Amy gets posessed. Thieves attempt to steal the trunk, but did not successful. Now the family has to figure out how to get Nick back to normal and get rid of the spooky things that are happening. With the help of an expert, will they succeed?

star 0.00
0 votes