The BEST episodes directed by René Bonnière

The Witch of Avonlea
97 votes

#1 - The Witch of Avonlea

Road to Avonlea - Season 1 - Episode 11

With Aunt Hetty as the Avonlea schoolmistress, Felix is feeling like the "dunce" that she tells him he is. With the help of Peg Bowen, the Witch of Avonlea and a "magic stone" Felix hopes to win the spelling bee, but then he loses the stone. His sister, Felicity sees her dream of becoming the Spelling Champion vanish, when it is Felix who wins. Felix learns that he always had the ability to win and he only needed a bit of self-confidence, just as the wise Peg Bowen wanted him to learn.

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Last Act
82 votes

#2 - Last Act

Forever Knight - Season 1 - Episode 4

A young woman dies, and all evidence points to suicide. Nick, however, has a gut feeling that it was murder, but seems unable to prove it. Added to his stack of unsolved crimes, it makes Nick question his own feelings of self-worth, especially after hearing about another, real suicide: that of one of his "old friends". Nick must search through his memories of their relationship of centuries past to determine why she killed herself, and why he shouldn't.

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86 votes

#3 - Undesirables

First Wave - Season 1 - Episode 16

"One man seeks a leap to the distant stars/ Through a rift on the Northwest Sea / A forbidden love finds a safe shore / And removes battle lines between foes." Eddie and I buried the Nostradamus book. Sealed it in a cooler, put it in a kevlar case, covered it with clay, and then dried the clay with a fire. That book has led us to all manner of Gua activity over these past few months & it's become invaluable to the crusade. But the aliens have targeted the book and seem intent on claiming it for their own. We're making sure the aliens are never gonna find it. And if Eddie or I ever get nabbed by the Gua, that book is our insurance policy. Consider it buried treasure. Eddie scanned all the quatrains into his database where they're encoded and secured. As we were doing all this, one quatrain caught my eye. Eddie called it a lucky guess, but it connected to theoretical physicist James Dutton, who lived on the "northwest sea" of Cape Charles, Washington.

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It's Just a Stage
70 votes

#4 - It's Just a Stage

Road to Avonlea - Season 2 - Episode 11

Pigeon Plumtree, is a famous actress and Sara's cousin, who has decided to make a stop in Avonlea. Sara has stars in her eyes when Pigeon claims that she has the making of becoming a great actress. Pat Frewen, resident pig farmer is enchanted by Pigeon, much to the distress of Dorathea, who has waited 20 years for Pat to propose to her. Sara sorts out this odd love triangle and decides to stay in Avonlea.

56 votes

#5 - Brainwash

La Femme Nikita - Season 1 - Episode 20

When Nikita is sent to investigate a bartender at a posh club who may be a terrorist contact, he responds to her questioning by leaping from the 65th floor window to his death. A search of his apartment turns up a strange helmet-like device, which Section later discovers is used for brainwashing. Unfortunately, Nikita has used the device several times in an effort to discover what it is, and now it is in control of her mind. When Nikita and other operatives are assigned to protect the Premier of China from other similarly brainwashed individuals, Section has no idea that the greatest threat to the Premier is Nikita herself.

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57 votes

#6 - War

La Femme Nikita - Season 1 - Episode 17

The stolen Directory has ended up in the hands of Red Cell, and operatives are being hit around the world. Section is being forced to evacuate. In order to learn Red Cell's next move, Nikita and Michael attempt to capture Red Cell's next move, Nikita and Michael attempt to capture Red Cell's counterpart to Birkoff, but instead, they themselves are captured and tortured. Neither of them are willing to divulge Section's current location, but when Michael admits his love for Nikita, she breaks, because she can not stand to see Michael tortured any further. Far from destroying Section One, Nikita quickly discovers that this was the intended plan all along, and Section has a big surprise for Red Cell.

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Approaching Zero
57 votes

#7 - Approaching Zero

La Femme Nikita - Season 2 - Episode 4

Section believes that terrorists are after the nuclear power source of a downed satellite. They later discover the terrorists are actually after it because it is a military satellite and it will give them access to the Pentagon if they are able to salvage it and crack the codes. Nikita grows closer to Jurgen and Section uses it to their advantage.

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Of Corsets and Secrets and True True Love
39 votes

#8 - Of Corsets and Secrets and True True Love

Road to Avonlea - Season 2 - Episode 4

Dora and Davy Keith come to live at Green Gables, with Marilla, a distant relative, after their parents die. Only a temporary arrangement, until a uncle could be located, Marilla is faced with the prospect of turning two children over to an orphanage or losing the friendship of Rachel Lynde, because Davy has proven to be a handful. Rachel makes matters worse beacause she is suffering from a tooth ache, but refuses to go to the doctor... and then there is that naughty pig.

Someone Else's Shadow
60 votes

#9 - Someone Else's Shadow

La Femme Nikita - Season 3 - Episode 2

Nikita has a new mission, to get David Henderson Williams, Vacek's associate. She also learns more about Michael's history with Elena & Simone. Elena offers Nikita to stay with her & Michael. Nikita accepts, but she doesn't feel too cozy after her thoughts & memories get the best of her. More problems come about as Vacek misses a meeting.

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137 votes

#10 - Hypnotic

First Wave - Season 1 - Episode 4

Quatrain 45. Century 3. "The trickster seeds the mind with paralyzing terror / Bearing false witness to the bitter truth at hand." I've seen the bitter truth. The aliens are here, among us, laying the ground work for a massive invasion to come. Crazy Eddie believed this Nostradamus quatrain suggested alien interference in a most unlikely place, an alien abduction therapy group. I went to meet Dr. Rita Hagen, a nationally known expert on "alien abductions," thanks to the huge success of her best-selling book Sexual Contact: True Stories of Alien Contact. Were the patients at Hagen's clinic really abducted? Or was somebody trying to cover up the bitter truth? That's why I journeyed to Hagen's group, in the '65 Mercury I bought for 300 bucks at a junkyard. After 43 days on the run, I could've used a good shrink. I met the other abductees from the clinic. Evan and Nicole, a young couple consumed with flashbacks of their alien contact experiences, seemed to have lost any hope they'd ever ge

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9 votes

#11 - Wasteland

Mutant X - Season 3 - Episode 8

Jesse is forced to reconnect with his former fiancée when the Mutant X team learns that her company is involved in the genetic manipulation of crops.

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Rendezvous in a Dark Place
46 votes

#12 - Rendezvous in a Dark Place

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 25

An old woman with an obsession with death attends funerals for entertainment. One night when an injured thief breaks into her home, she lets him die and waits for Death to come and collect him.

The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon
37 votes

#13 - The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 1

An old man known as Uncle Edgar is ordered by a mysterious voice to collect junk in his apartment to keep the world in balance.

Under the Bed
190 votes

#14 - Under the Bed

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 1 - Episode 11

When a little boy is abducted the only witness, his sister, claims that someone or something under the bed took him.

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Toys in the Basement
48 votes

#15 - Toys in the Basement

La Femme Nikita - Season 4 - Episode 18

While on her mission, Nikita gets shot. She was badly injured. Michael goes to the spot where she fell of the building's roof, but she isn't there. A man by the name of Henry takes out the bullet from her body, declaring he is a doctor. This guy won't let her go because he thinks she would want to stay after he helped her. She tries to break free, but she gets recaptured by him & his mother. Michael decides to go out to find Nikita. Henry wants to marry Nikita now, she wakes up in a wedding dress. He expects her to marry him after he rescued her from dying. Michael comes in time to help Nikita. He takes her with him to a serene campsite.

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35 votes

#16 - Possibilities

Mutant X - Season 3 - Episode 11

Brennan and the Mutant X team join forces with a time traveling mutant to diffuse a bomb threatening devastating consequences.

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Blind Eye
9 votes

#17 - Blind Eye

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - Season 1 - Episode 13

When Peter's blind stepmother is attacked, it is up to Caine to help her use her other senses to identify her attacker.

Kandinsky's Vault
34 votes

#18 - Kandinsky's Vault

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 16

A man refuses to sell his old bookstore.

Romance Machine
34 votes

#19 - Romance Machine

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 4 - Episode 14

Sometime in the future, a brilliant scientist who is not very good with woman creates a cyborg to do the romancing for him.

34 votes

#20 - Twist

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 12

A wealthy model agency owner's husband believes his wife is terminally ill and makes plans for a future with one of her models.

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Pen Pal
34 votes

#21 - Pen Pal

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 4 - Episode 2

A man that a woman has been a pen pal with for some years escapes from prison.

Don't Sell Yourself Short
34 votes

#22 - Don't Sell Yourself Short

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 4 - Episode 6

Some Wall Street brokers devise a scheme to make their first million.

Appointment on Route 17
18 votes

#23 - Appointment on Route 17

The Twilight Zone (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 15

After finishing a heart transplant, a man finds his personality has changed. He also discovers that he has a strange attraction to a waitress at a road diner.

A Stolen Heart
34 votes

#24 - A Stolen Heart

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 3 - Episode 4

A doctor questions medical ethics when a wealthy patient is given preferential treatment.

So Shall Ye Reap
63 votes

#25 - So Shall Ye Reap

Highlander: The Raven - Season 1 - Episode 5

A scientist is killed while working on some kind of agricultural project. It turns out he is the son of Charlie, an old man and a normal mortal who knew Amanda (and found out she was Immortal) back in the 1960's. Charlie was a spy back then. He believes his son was murdered, so Amanda ropes Nick in to investigate. It turns out the scientist, Charlie's son, was only one of several people working on a project who have died mysteriously. The Federal government is involved in some manner, and Nick and Amanda have to duck spook-killers repeatedly. They eventually find out that the government was working on a project to create estrogen-laced wheat seeds that can be used against enemy nations to render them literally sterile. Nick and Amanda turn the evidence over to the media to avoid being killed by the agents. The head agent, who was responsible for the death of Charlie's son, gets off from the grand jury, and Charlie kills him at the cost of his own life, leaving only Amanda to mourn. C

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Crime and Punishment
90 votes

#26 - Crime and Punishment

Highlander: The Raven - Season 1 - Episode 7

A DA is murdered by a vengeful ex-ball player who was put away for manslaughter. Nick was the man who put him away, and now the ballplayer, Ray Bonita, is after Nick. Nick digs up the old case files and soon realizes that Bonita may have been innocent. The police refuse to review the case. Amanda gets involved, trying to warn Bonita away. Ray gets killed by his old buddy Darryl Keenan, who framed Bonita for the murder so he'd have the only shot at getting a big contract. Amanda goes undercover as a blackmailer. When Keenan shoots her, she grabs the evidence and Keenan is put away, with Bonita's name cleared. Copyright 2002 Steve Crow

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My Enemy
4 votes

#27 - My Enemy

The Hitchhiker - Season 3 - Episode 24

Hollywood actress Jane Ambergris is so desperate to escape what her life has become she creates a new identity for herself, but it isn't long before she finds out that the person she tries to become is far worse than the person she is leaving behind.