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Nikita is a drug-addicted juvenile delinquent who was accused of killing a police officer in cold blood during an attempted robbery of a pharmacy. She is later arrested and sentenced to death by lethal injection, upon which she was secretly drugged by the government, faking her death. Nikita is then "recruited" by a secret government organization and transformed into a highly skilled assassin who cannot be traced.

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A Time for Every Purpose

#1 - A Time for Every Purpose

Season 5 - Episode 8 - Aired Mar 4, 2001

Michael's son, Adam is a hostage of The Collective. Michael must save his son in a trade proposed by The Collective. Meanwhile, Haled is confronted by Michael on an offer to get rid of Graff, then leading Haled to become the head employee. Nikita & Michael do so, but this isn't good because Haled isn't alive anymore. This doesn't look too good for Michael. Two new candidates, Myra Mauk & Kelley are hoping for a spot at Section. Walter didn't have the best history with Myra, so he asks Jason Crawford to take her out of the running, he does so. More trades are offered later in the episode. Nikita is now running Section One, she lets Michael go to spend time with his son. Nikita says good-bye to Michael & continues are duties at Section One.

star 6.21
151 votes
A Girl Who Wasn't There

#2 - A Girl Who Wasn't There

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 14, 2001

Nikita finds clues about why she was recruited into Section. Is it possible her father was an operative, codenamed Flavius, and that she has a sibling with the initial "M" who is somewhere in the covert world she lives in? Quinn redesigns Birkoff's Artificial Intelligence program to build a holographic replica of Madeline, complete with Madeline's memories and psychological profile. Although Operations is greatly pleased to have Madeline at his side once more, it soon becomes clear that despite it's complex programming, it is just not capable of being Madeline because it doesn't have her instincts.

star 6.92
81 votes

#3 - Nikita

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 13, 1997

Nikita, a girl living on the streets, is wrongly accused of a murder she did not commit and sentenced to life in prison. After the government arranges to fake her suicide, Nikita wakes up at Section One, a top-secret agency that aims to train her to become an anti-terrorist operative. Nikita wants to resist, but in order to stay alive, she has no choice, but to comply with their plans.

star 7.08
260 votes
Directors: Jon Cassar
Writers: Cyrus Nowrasteh
Threshold of Pain

#4 - Threshold of Pain

Season 3 - Episode 12 - Aired Jun 6, 1999

Nikita, along with two other operatives Mark and Angela, are kidnapped by a two-person sibling terrorist team. Both Mark and Angela are tortured, but Mark breaks during the torture and tells the terrorist duo the location of a Section sub-station. After being rescued, Nikita plans with Mark to lie to Section and try to defeat the brother/sister team on their own. But when her plan fails, Mark blames Nikita for revealing the information, and she is put under trial.

star 7.08
89 votes
He Came From Four

#5 - He Came From Four

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 2, 2000

Seeking a lost command clone (a computer-like device that apparently allows the user to command a Section without outside aide) that was apparently captured by Red Cell and then stolen by another terrorist group, George and Oversight orders Section one to work together with an agent from Section Four to search for the missing "command clone." What is Section Four? Apparently, it's the Section where people/agents with extrasensory abilities are developed. So, who is the agent from Section Four? None other than a 12-year old boy by the name of Gerome. Of course, with his extrasensory abilities, Gerome soon overwhelms the ability of Madeline and Operations to control him. Can Nikita bring Gerome under control before he destroys Section One?

star 7.15
52 votes
Before I Sleep

#6 - Before I Sleep

Season 3 - Episode 15 - Aired Jun 27, 1999

This time, Section is out to get an outfit by the name of The Alliance, and Section's way in is a psychotic courier by the name of Jan Bailin. Bailin has other plans and she kills herself before the Section can use her. So, as a backup, Section employs a meek, terminally ill lookalike for Bailin by the name of Sarah Gerrard. As she trains her, Nikita starts to get suspicious, did Section purposely make Sarah ill to make it easier for Section to convince Sarah to work for them? And if so, will Section even let Sarah live if she completes the mission?

star 7.15
84 votes

#7 - Gambit

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Jun 29, 1997

Section was informed that the water of the city would be polluted if the United Coalitions needs weren't met. Gregor Kessler, the one with many aliases and disguises, steals the Cobalt 60. Kessler was offered money to get the Cobalt 60, reported by a spy of Section. Gregor dresses up as an aged lady to get through South American Customs. Kessler manages to capture the Cobalt 60, but Madeline confronts him. Some how, he knows about her past and starts intimidating her. Section takes Kessler's daughter in hope to retreive the Cobalt 60. This doesn't work for him because he kills her, so Section can't hurt her. Meanwhile, Nikita finds out more about Madeline's past & what she did to her sister. Madeline never wanted anyone to know about it. Kessler now wants Madeline, Section doesn't want her to go by herself, so they stand by in a nearby distance. Madeline falls into a hole where Gregor is. He grips her up by the neck, but she breaks free. It wasn't really her, it was Michael dressed up

star 7.17
120 votes
Directors: Jon Cassar
Writers: Michael Loceff
Love, Honor and Cherish

#8 - Love, Honor and Cherish

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Aired Feb 27, 2000

Nikita continues on the mission she was sent on in, "Man in the Middle," which is to marry Helmut Volker, a man with several ties to Red Cell, but she finds out that she is not the only one with secrets, her new husband has a big secret of his own.

star 7.17
53 votes
Kiss The Past Goodbye

#9 - Kiss The Past Goodbye

Season 4 - Episode 13 - Aired Jun 25, 2000

Michael is keeping track of Elena and Adam, and he becomes concerned when a new man enters their life. Sure enough, the man turns out to be a Secion One "Valentine Operative" by the name of Robert Corliss whom Operations has sent into to get Elena's Uncle, Stefan Vacek. It seems Uncle Stefan is taking over Elena's father's old terrorist business. Can Michael protect Elena and Adam once again without being exposed as still being alive? And can Corliss be trusted with Elena and Adam?

star 7.17
82 votes
Open Heart

#10 - Open Heart

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Apr 5, 1998

On an assignment to capture a Red Cell agent known as Jenna, with valuable information, Nikita is arrested and brought to jail in order to serve time, where Jenna is also serving time. But she is forced to betray the trust she has with Jenna when she must escape the jail along with her, only for Jenna to be captured and interrogated.

star 7.18
88 votes
Hell Hath No Fury

#11 - Hell Hath No Fury

Season 4 - Episode 12 - Aired Apr 23, 2000

Section One is finally moving hard against Red Cell. Their objective is to capture Chief Strategist (Madeline's opposite) in Red Cell, a man code-named Leon. Once captured, Leon and Madeline begin a dangerous game of mental and emotional cat and mouse. Is Madeline actually developing an emotional attachment to Leon that is interfering with her objective? And what is with the incision that Birkoff discovers behind Madeline's ear? Meanwhile, Birkoff is giving Walter the cold shoulder, and continues to investigate the whereabouts of his twin brother, Jason Crawford.

star 7.19
52 votes
Time Out of Mind

#12 - Time Out of Mind

Season 4 - Episode 19 - Aired Aug 13, 2000

Nikita is injected with a psychotic drug. It causes her to think & see things that don't happen. For instance, when she was eating in a restaurant, she sees a guy coming with a knife towards the other man, but it never happens. She sees blood on her hands one minute, then the next, it is gone. She was given this drug to help her get into the institution, where Crystal French's son, David French, is at. Nikita still has the drug in her body, so Michael gets her out of mission before something bad happens. She receives electroshock therapy causing her to forget the mission. Nikita falls asleep, thinking she is still in the Institution, but she is safe in her apartment again.

star 7.19
52 votes
Directors: Brad Turner
Writers: David Ehrman
Love and Country

#13 - Love and Country

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 21, 1999

Section goes after Nikolai Markali, a politician whom Operations correctly believes is connected to the terrorist organization, Badenhein, although the suspicions at first appear to be unfounded. Other than these suspicions, he appears to be a man whose only crime appears to be being married to Operations' "widow," Corinne - the woman Operations was married to when he "died" upon his recruitment into Section. Madeline, posing as a therapist taking over Corinne's case, and Michael, posing as a therapist slowly drive Corinne insane using a highly addictive "medication" which makes her extremely unstable and an altered videotape making it appear Nikolai was having an affair with Nikita. According to the mission profile, Corinne takes her husband's life.

star 7.19
57 votes
Directors: Ted Hanlan
Writers: Lawrence Hertzog
Under the Influence

#14 - Under the Influence

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 25, 1999

Brothers Karl and Simon Peruze are responsible for some of the most vicious attacks on civilians ever recorded. Eliminating both of them proves difficult, since neither brother would ever give up the other. Section One kidnaps Karl, wipes clean his short-term memory, and places Nikita with him when he comes to, so she can pose as his fiancee and lead Section to Simon. Strangely, the more Nikita learns about Karl's cruel history, the more she is drawn to him, falling in love with him. However, Nikita's slowly dawning realization that her mind is being controlled by Section threatens to unravel the entire mission.

star 7.20
86 votes
Directors: Rick Jacobson
Outside the Box

#15 - Outside the Box

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired Apr 4, 1999

A new operative with a photographic memory is brought in to "remember" the directory of a terrorist organization. When he is made a permanent recruit, Nikita looks into her own recruitment, wondering if it was planned or not.

star 7.20
54 votes
Double Date

#16 - Double Date

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired Jun 28, 1998

Michael and Nikita are sent on a mission along with former hit man David Fanning, but during the mission he takes Nikita hostage and demands that Michael return his wife, or Nikita will be killed.

star 7.20
88 votes
Hand to Hand

#17 - Hand to Hand

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired Jun 20, 1999

On an operation to get industrialist and terrorist financier Charles Meyer, Nikita is sent to a "modeling agency" run by Amalin Anagar, which is in reality, not just a brothel, but also an arena where beautiful girls are forced to fight each other to the death in a place called "The Pit" While undercover at Anagar's, Nikita tries to protect a naive young girl named Sondra from fighting in "The Pit," while also trying to figure out a way to save all the girls at Anagar's (an objective which is not in the mission profile). Meanwhile, Madeline appears to be jealous of Renee from Oversight who is visiting Section One. She may have reason to be, as Renee immediately puts moves on the very willing Operations.

star 7.21
56 votes
Last Night

#18 - Last Night

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Aug 9, 1998

Operations orders a raid to capture the leader of a terrorist group, which turns out to be a sentient computer.

star 7.22
60 votes
Directors: Clark Johnson
Writers: Robert Cochran

#19 - Recruit

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Jun 22, 1997

Nikita is assigned to evaluate Karyn, a recruit who is nearing the end of her two year training period. During her first live mission, Karyn kills her mentor, Brian, in cold-blood. When Nikita confronts her, Karyn confides that Brian had repeatedly raped her during her training. This reason, coupled with the fact that everyone in Section One seems to like Karyn, makes Nikita more insecure about her decision whether Karyn should have full status or be cancelled. Nikita realizes that Karyn is definitely not Section material when Karyn exhibits psychotic behaviors during a mission and decides that Karyn should be cancelled. Operations and Madeline inform her that Karyn was already set for cancellation, they were just testing Nikita and if she had made the wrong decision, she too would have probably been cancelled.

star 7.23
120 votes
Directors: Reza Badiyi
Writers: Larry Raskin
I Remember Paris

#20 - I Remember Paris

Season 3 - Episode 16 - Aired Jul 18, 1999

After an operation against a terrorist group, Michael brings one of the terrorists back to the Section for questioning. The "capture" is a plant, and he knocks Madeline out during interrogation and runs amuck in Section One's HQ. Before Michael finds and eliminates the man, he successfully uploads many of Section One's crucial files, including the Registry (which is at least encrypted, and will take the terrorists several days to decipher) and the exact location (un-encrypted) of Section's HQ (located in Paris). Operations orders the evacuation and destruction of Section One's HQ. With Section in temporary quarters, Operations takes over the counter-operation personally, and goes out on a mission with a less than thrilled Nikita. Will Operations be able to find the terrorist base before the terrorists decode The Registry?

star 7.23
88 votes
Line In The Sand

#21 - Line In The Sand

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired Jul 2, 2000

Birkoff may have stumbled on Section One's biggest coups yet, a chance to nab a top Red Cell operative by the name of "The Cardinal", who has eluded Section One for more than 15 years. Unfortunately, Birkoff's arch-nemesis Greg Hillinger is convinced that Birkoff is wrong, and Hillinger convinces George that Operations and Section One are walking into a trap. Based on Hillinger's intellect, George moves against Operations on the assumption that the operation against The Cardinal is bogus. Is Birkoff right after all? And if Birkoff is wrong, is this the end of Operations, and Birkoff too?

star 7.23
52 votes
In Through the Out Door

#22 - In Through the Out Door

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 21, 2001

After the explosion at the house of Nikita's father, Nikita enlists Walter, and then Jason Crawford, to decript its contents. The result; the location of the convelecence home where Michael took Adrian after the "Gelman Process" mess. And this just happens to coincide with Nikita's physical deterioration because of her experience with the "Gelman Process." Has Michael or Nikita's real father given her the information she needs to beat these after effects? Or is Nikita inevitably heading to the same place Adrian ended up, namely the grave? Meanwhile, O'Brien betrays Nikita, by revealing her deteriorating health to Operations, but unsure that O'Brien will be able to resist Nikita's "charms" any more than Michael did. Operations 'shadows' O'Brien with his very own 'pit bull' operative, Golliak. And Section One continues to try and crack "The Collective."

star 7.23
82 votes

#23 - Simone

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 27, 1997

Glass Curtain is a high-tech terrorist organization that attracts new members via internet chat rooms. Posing as a new recruit, Nikita is taken to Glass Curtain headquarters, where she discovers that Michael's wife Simone is being held hostage. A former Section One operative, Simone was believed killed years before. Now, Michael's continued love for Simone may threaten the success of Section One's attempted infiltration of Glass Curtain.

star 7.23
111 votes
Writers: Michael Loceff
Time to Be Heroes

#24 - Time to Be Heroes

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Aired Apr 16, 2000

Operations gives Michael and Nikita an almost impossible task; they must get five absolutely, brand spankin' new recruits (Aaron Ashmore, Clé Bennett, Kira Clavell, Megan Fahlenbock, Brian Poth) up to full, field-level operatives, in a very short amount of time! They must go up against new terrorist group, Crystal Sky (who recently did a number on Section Eight). Nikita doesn't think it can be done. Is this another of Operation's gambits, in which the five new recruits are cannon fodder for some mission? If so, can Michael and Nikita save them from this fate? And, if these recruits aren't ready by the time of the mission, could their inexperience also put Michael and Nikita themselves in peril?

star 7.24
51 votes
Sympathy For The Devil

#25 - Sympathy For The Devil

Season 4 - Episode 7 - Aired Mar 5, 2000

Operation calls Michael and Nikita out on a favor, he orders them to protect a Vietnam vet by the name of Willie Cain, a man who is now little more than a drifter and a bum, from the thugs who are out to get him in a deal gone bad. Operations believes that he would not have survived capture and torture in Vietnam without Willie's help. What Nikita and Michael don't know is that they are embarking on a mission that will mix them up with Operations' Vietnamese torturer, Fan Van Lin, Carlo Bonaventure the head of a Mafia Crime Family. Meanwhile, Birkoff develops a sudden interest in how he became part of Section, the place he has been in all his life. An interest leads him to the discovery of an unknown twin brother, and a duplicitous history involving Walter.

star 7.24
55 votes