The Best Episodes Directed by Clark Johnson


#1 - Betrayal

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 5 - Episode 12

Frank and Tim investigate the death of a young girl whose abused body was found by the side of the interstate. Brodie goes to an interview with a new potential roommate. Kellerman finally gets his day in court, where he is supposed to take the 5th amendment. Frank and Tim disagree with their pursuit of the investigation. Frank tries a different approach with the mother and she tells him the story-- only they won't be able to get a murder one conviction. Julianna comes down to the courthouse to offer Mike some moral support. He sees Connelly come out of the courtroom and thinks things are going bad, so he prepares to give it all up. However, his appearance before the grand jury doesn't go quite as he expected. Brodie walks out of the building with his new roommate. The detectives try to celebrate Kellerman's freedom, though he has different thoughts about the situation. Tim tries to come to grips with the child abuse he experienced in his past and also tells Frank he doesn't want to be

star 9.00
55 votes
Family Meeting

#2 - Family Meeting

The Shield Season 7 - Episode 13

Officers in the Barn investigate a woman's disappearance and the arrival of a large drug shipment; lives change forever.

star 8.73
1243 votes
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#3 - -30-

The Wire Season 5 - Episode 10

McNulty and Freamon face the consequences of their actions, while Carcetti tries to save face.

star 8.64
2655 votes
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#4 - Pilot

Lights Out (2011) Season 1 - Episode 1

Former heavyweight boxing champion Patrick "Lights" Leary struggles to find his identity after retiring from the sport. He also wonders how he is going to support his medical resident wife Theresa, and their three daughters. The series premiere begins five years after Leary's retirement following a controversial split-decision loss to Richard "Death Row" Reynolds. The Learys' once charmed life is on shaky ground; the IRS is determined to take away their mansion, and Patrick's brother/manager Johnny wants him to make a comeback, despite him showing signs of pugilistic dementia.

star 8.46
476 votes
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Map of the Heart

#5 - Map of the Heart

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 4 - Episode 19

A prominent attorney is murdered and the murderer presents himself to Pembleton and Bayliss with a videotape that implicates him. Brodie works on increasing his self-image. Kellerman is determined to find out who's the ""lunch bandit."" The NSA steps in on Pembleton's murder investigation and provides him with a guilty party, even though they know he didn't do it. Bayliss' disgust with the interference doesn't sit well with Gaffney who wants to charge him with insubordination.

star 8.40
139 votes
In the Saddle

#6 - In the Saddle

Alpha House Season 1 - Episode 11

When another senator dies unexpectedly, Gil John is asked to organize the funeral arrangements. Louis wins the Nevada primary but Robert has to face off in a Pennsylvania debate to cool the competition.

star 8.39
169 votes
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Valentine's Day

#7 - Valentine's Day

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 5 - Episode 16

Brodie suggests that a classmate of his named Schack should be a suspect in the death of the student that Munch believes committed suicide. Frank and Mary meet with their marriage counselor and they begin to air some issues. Bayliss and Kellerman try to link together two deadly bombings. Schack attacks Brodie, but he can't prove it. He does offer a way to get Schack to admit to the murder. Frank tells Mary that he will agree to getting Olivia baptized. Mike connects the two bombings; the victims were both connected through the death of the Korean grocer who was murdered by a man who worked for Luther Mahoney. They suspect that there may be more bombs, including one at the courthouse where Meldrick and Julianna are waiting to meet with Judge Aandahl and Danvers, both of who were associated with the Korean grocer case. Frank arrives late to the baptism; Mary takes this as a sign and tells him she is leaving him for a while.

star 8.30
83 votes
Full Court Press

#8 - Full Court Press

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 6 - Episode 18

Munch and Gharty probe the death of a high-school athlete who appeared to have everything going for him. Pembleton and Bayliss have only one lead to a potential suspect, a pager number; however, Bayliss has a plan that should lead to the apprehension of their suspect. Kellerman and Ballard get a case with a drug dealer that Kellerman is less than enthusiastic to work. The victim is one of Georgia Rae Mahoney's lieutenants and there are four other unsolved murders in the last two weeks where the victims were members of the Mahoney organization. Pembleton and Bayliss apprehend the wrong suspect, but the fact the suspect was trafficking 200 Kg of narcotics gets them a commendation. Meanwhile, using the information provided to him by Falsone, Lewis has had members of the Mahoney organization under surveillance. Is Lewis involved in these murders? Kellerman receives some good news for a change; passing a tape of his conversation with Judge Gibbons onto the FBI won't be necessary. The FBI is

star 8.30
83 votes
The Twenty Percent Solution

#9 - The Twenty Percent Solution

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 7 - Episode 4

A woman brings to the homicide unit her mystery-writer husband's videotaped declaration that his literary agent is responsible for his murder. Ballard and Gharty catch the case -- only there is no body or crime scene. Meanwhile, Munch and Bayliss investigate the death of an elderly woman that occurred during a break-in -- was it a homicide? Munch would rather leave for his weekend rendezvous with Billie Lou. Ballard and Gharty's investigation becomes a red-ball as they find evidence in the writer's office that a crime was committed. A break leads to the arrest of the literary agent and his accomplice, although Danvers can't guarantee a conviction. Falsone asks Ballard if she would like to go out Saturday night; just then the jury comes back. And a sharp-eyed juror insures that justice is done.

star 8.30
83 votes
Krieg Nicht Lieb

#10 - Krieg Nicht Lieb

Homeland Season 4 - Episode 11

Carrie puts her life on the line to get her team out of Pakistan.

star 8.09
4844 votes
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Nature or Nurture?

#11 - Nature or Nurture?

Third Watch Season 1 - Episode 16

Dealing with the aftermath of gang warfare, Doc and Carlos disagree over reaching out to prevent an eleven year old boy from following his brother into a gang; Bosco's decision to turn the tables on two men who try to rob him when he's off-duty could cost him his badge when the two men turn up at the precinct to report the crime; as he continues his losing streak, Jimmy gets deeper and deeper into his bookie, which puts Joey in danger; Kim begins to worry about how much time she spends with Joey after he gets into trouble at school.

star 8.06
208 votes
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#12 - Javelin

Kings Season 1 - Episode 11

When David is arrested for treason, Silas hands the trial to Jack to deal with.

star 8.05
163 votes
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#13 - Nebraska

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 8

Rick and the others try to restore order in the aftermath of a terrible discovery. Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears, Rick and Glenn must follow him into town.

star 8.02
12695 votes
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The Vest

#14 - The Vest

Homeland Season 1 - Episode 11

In the wake of the explosion, Saul finds Carrie hospitalized and manic, but realizes her chaotic theories have merit; before his congressional campaign begins, Brody takes his family on a weekend trip to Gettysburg, where he retrieves an important item.

star 8.01
11252 votes
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You Know My Steez

#15 - You Know My Steez

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 1 - Episode 13

With all of Harlem bearing witness, Luke takes on the fight of his life in hopes of emerging as the defender his city needs.

star 7.98
4404 votes
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I Smell Emmy

#16 - I Smell Emmy

Breakout Kings Season 2 - Episode 6

A female prison volunteer is attacked by a rough female inmate. On the way to the court hearing that is a result of that attack, the inmate takes ill at a very precise time. The transport is forced to turn into a rest stop, where the inmate escapes. When the inmate shows up at the home of the volunteer and stabs her husband it appears tragic, until it's learned the volunteer and inmate had been working together. The Breakout Kings are in hot pursuit of this "Thelma and Louise-like" duo as they make a run for it.

star 7.96
975 votes
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Double Down

#17 - Double Down

Breakout Kings Season 2 - Episode 3

Travis Muncey, actor and stool pigeon, escapes from prison. The Breakout Kings quickly find and snatch him back, only to discover that Travis is the key to capturing an even bigger fish. Things get serious when one of the team is kidnapped, and no holds are barred to make the team whole again.

star 7.96
991 votes
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One by One, Into the Dark

#18 - One by One, Into the Dark

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 9

Confronted by ultimatums, Zeke and Mylene each must make a tough choice. Annie Pitches a deal to skeptical a Shao and a resentful Cadillac.

star 7.93
416 votes
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Lori Gilbert

#19 - Lori Gilbert

King (2011) Season 1 - Episode 1

Detective Jess King must find a missing girl and prove to Chief Graci that she can handle her new job as head of the Major Crimes Task Force.

star 7.93
438 votes
Pax Bostonia

#20 - Pax Bostonia

City on a Hill Season 2 - Episode 8

Decourcy pursues justice in and out of the courtroom. Despite his maneuvering, Jackie discovers he can't escape his past, and Jenny finally confront hers. Cathy says goodbye to the root of her struggles. Siobhan has sights on a new dream.

star 7.91
207 votes
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Something Wicked This Way Comes

#21 - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Still Star-Crossed Season 1 - Episode 7

When Rosaline returns to Verona and tries to prove Benvolio’s innocence, Paris decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Lady Capulet’s relationship with Paris comes to a head, and a shocking discovery about Lord Montague’s past is revealed.

star 7.91
67 votes
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#22 - Pilot

The Shield Season 1 - Episode 1

While the Strike Team ramps up their control of the streets, David tried to crack corruption in the Barn by recruiting Terry to help him take down Vic, only to result in Terry's death. Meanwhile, Dutch and Claudette investigate the murder of Nancy Reborg only to discover her missing daughter has been sold off by her addict father to a child molester.

star 7.90
2266 votes
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#23 - Flares

Mad Dogs (US) Season 1 - Episode 4

After a failed trip to the US Embassy, the Mad Dogs hunker down in the villa overnight. Surrounded by enemies outside the perimeter wall and deprived of food and water, the guys are forced to confront the dark secrets of each others' pasts and place a value on the worth of their own lives.

star 7.90
328 votes
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The World Is Yours

#24 - The World Is Yours

Snowfall (2017) Season 2 - Episode 7

Franklin attempts to reinforce that business comes first when an employee steps out of line. Teddy and Matt run into some unexpected company when trying to get their business back on track. Lucia and Gustavo make an offer.

star 7.89
682 votes
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#25 - T-Bone

King (2011) Season 1 - Episode 2

Homicide is trying to convict two major drug traffickers, the Barrata Brothers, of murder. But when the Drug Squad nails a wise guy named DeMarco for possession, they unwittingly take Homicide's only lead off the streets. Graci hands the mess to Jess, ordering her to solve the murders and bring peace to the cop shop. At the Don Jail, Jess identifies DeMarco's unlikely confidante, a biker named T-Bone, and promises him a break on his own assault sentence if he agrees to act as an undercover agent for the police. Jess puts her trust in her volatile informant, but when T-Bone goes AWOL, he jeopardizes the case and Jess’ reputation.

star 7.86
339 votes
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#26 - Apophasis

City on a Hill Season 2 - Episode 7

Assuming the involvement of the Campbell brothers at the Copeland territory shootout, Jackie confronts Grace, who can no longer sidestep her sons’ criminal activity. Resenting the outcome of a negotiation that he could not take part in, Decourcy finds comfort in the strength of Siobhan, who keeps her head even after tragedy strikes. Jenny insists on helping Maeve, whether or not that means defying Jackie.

star 7.86
205 votes
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The Yoga Play

#27 - The Yoga Play

Homeland Season 3 - Episode 5

Carrie puts her mission on the line to do a risky favor. Saul is forced to rub elbows with his adversary, Senator Lockhart, on a hunting trip. Still on the run, Dana makes a shocking discovery.

star 7.82
7904 votes
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Six Meetings Before Lunch

#28 - Six Meetings Before Lunch

The West Wing Season 1 - Episode 18

Mendoza is confirmed by the Senate; Mandy needs Toby's help to replace a dead panda bear; Sam angers Mallory when she reads a position paper that he wrote supporting school vouchers; Josh meets with Jeff Breckenridge, who is irritating certain Congressmen with his stance on slavery reparations.

star 7.81
892 votes
Day 457

#29 - Day 457

The Good Fight Season 2 - Episode 8

Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart represent an African-American undercover cop, Rashid Clarkson, who was left crippled after being shot by another Chicago police officer in the line of duty. The case’s opposing counsel is legend Solomon Waltzer, whose tactics have the firm questioning the legitimacy of his evidence. Diane finds herself at a crossroads with both Kurt and Tully.

star 7.80
1105 votes
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Part Six

#30 - Part Six

Your Honor (US) Season 1 - Episode 6

Adam spends the day with a dangerous new love interest, while Michael searches for his blackmailer. Lee ramps up her involvement in Kofi’s case.

star 7.79
1055 votes
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High on the Looming Gallows Tree

#31 - High on the Looming Gallows Tree

City on a Hill Season 1 - Episode 8

Jackie celebrates a win in front of the cameras but, behind closed doors, he reaches a new low. A shining moment from Decourcy promises a potential future in politics, but any pride Siobhan feels for her husband is squandered by an unexpected betrayal. The Grand Jury reconvenes, and this time Sheik doesn’t get off easily. Thanks to Signa’s detective work, the Ryan family is now under the watchful eye of the Suffolk DA.

star 7.77
447 votes
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Dog and Pony

#32 - Dog and Pony

Terriers Season 1 - Episode 2

Desperate for quick cash, Hank and Britt set out to capture escaped convict Mongo for a big reward.

star 7.77
729 votes
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Part Five

#33 - Part Five

Your Honor (US) Season 1 - Episode 5

Michael attempts to return to business as usual until he discovers that someone is blackmailing him. Jimmy Baxter and Gina Baxter remain committed to avenging their son’s death.

star 7.75
1116 votes
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#34 - C.O.D.

Person of Interest Season 2 - Episode 9

When the machine names a New York cabdriver as a person of interest, any of his passengers could be a part of the impending crime.

star 7.74
4952 votes
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Blind Spot

#35 - Blind Spot

Homeland Season 1 - Episode 5

Brody confronts the lone survivor among the insurgents that held him, leading Carrie to believe she may be proved right about Brody once and for all - but Brody's reunion with his captor surprises everyone; the agency is hot on the trail of the lovers who bought a house near the airport with funds from a stolen necklace.

star 7.73
11200 votes
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#36 - Confession

SIX Season 1 - Episode 6

SEAL Team Six makes a bold decision that could lead to Rip’s rescue but could also have grave consequences.

star 7.72
2592 votes
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U Is for U.F.O.

#37 - U Is for U.F.O.

Evil Season 2 - Episode 9

Bishop Marx tasks the team to investigate a UFO sighting, spotted by an air force pilot.

star 7.71
407 votes
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The Pager

#38 - The Pager

The Wire Season 1 - Episode 5

McNulty's detail finally gets "clone" pagers to track Barksdale and his gang.

star 7.71
4195 votes
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#39 - X.

Black Sails Season 2 - Episode 2

Flint gives Dufresne some advice. Silver must make himself indispensable. Eleanor is asked to depose a captain. Rackham gets ambitious.

star 7.71
3148 votes
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Planets Aligned

#40 - Planets Aligned

Flashpoint Season 1 - Episode 9

The SRU attempts to rescue a kidnapped girl who is being held at a booby-trapped house, but while on the job they learn that one of the abductors is a teen who went missing several years earlier.

star 7.70
748 votes
It's Alright Mama

#41 - It's Alright Mama

Memphis Beat Season 1 - Episode 1

Memphis detective Dwight Hendricks, a Southern charmer with a passion for his city and blues music. In the series opener, Dwight investigates the abuse of an elderly female disc jockey, but his loose crime-fighting manner irritates his disciplined boss.

star 7.69
619 votes

#42 - Al-Fatiha

Sleeper Cell Season 1 - Episode 1

A federal agent goes undercover in Los Angeles to try and infiltrate a group of Islamic terrorists. Darwyn al-hakim finds an Islamic extremist guy named Farik. Farik asks him the join Sleeper Cell's plan to attack Los Angeles.

star 7.69
274 votes
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Double Trouble

#43 - Double Trouble

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 - Episode 12

Carol and Barb prepare for war. Linda auditions inmates for a prison PR video. Alex makes a deal with Badison to keep Piper out of trouble.

star 7.68
1078 votes
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Part Four

#44 - Part Four

Your Honor (US) Season 1 - Episode 4

Complicit in multiple lies and agonized by guilt, Adam moves from one dangerous liaison to another as tensions escalate. Elizabeth steps in to protect her grandson. Family dinner at the Desiatos is plagued by secrets and lies.

star 7.67
1117 votes
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Damn the Torpedoes

#45 - Damn the Torpedoes

Last Resort Season 1 - Episode 11

A typhoon, a mutiny and a Washington coup d'etat will force Marcus and his crew into unlikely alliances. As Sam's grief strains his loyalty to Marcus, will Sainte Marina get the supplies it so desperately needs? How far will Marcus go to ensure the crew's survival -- will it cost him his life?

star 7.65
1796 votes
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#46 - XII.

Black Sails Season 2 - Episode 4

Flint threatens Vane. Eleanor chooses a side. Rackham learns what Max is capable of. Silver reunites with an old friend.

star 7.64
2945 votes
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The Empty Locket

#47 - The Empty Locket

Copper Season 1 - Episode 4

October 2, 1864. Corcoran uncovers a new piece of evidence that provides clues about his daughter’s mysterious death and the disappearance of his wife. As he investigates the trail behind this new discovery, he finds a tragic personal link to a current murder investigation of one of Five Points’ most infamous women. Meanwhile, Doctor Matthew Freeman faces personal challenges of his own as his ex-boxer uncle, Marcus Freeman, uses his friends to execute his planned return to the ring.

star 7.64
736 votes
In the Hands of an Angry God

#48 - In the Hands of an Angry God

Copper Season 1 - Episode 3

September 26, 1864. Racial tensions in Five Points come to a head as the body of an Irishman is discovered lynched and hanged. While all evidence points toward a black pastor as the murderer, Corcoran has doubts. As the people of New York cry for a hanging, Corcoran is forced to question every piece of evidence with the help of Doctor Matthew Freeman. The Morehouse family attempts to capitalize on the situation by eyeing new parcels of land in the Points that may become available if the city panics. Meanwhile, the search for Corcoran’s missing wife unexpectedly lands in the hands of Eva Heissen – though Corcoran is entirely unaware.

star 7.64
941 votes
A Clockwork Swiss

#49 - A Clockwork Swiss

Taken (2017) Season 1 - Episode 5

Christina orders the retrieval of sensitive documents in Zurich needed to prevent economic and political disaster. But the mission to break into a bank vault turns into a three-way battle, and a race to escape safely. Meanwhile, Asha's trust in Elena proves to be misplaced and leaves Bryan vulnerable.

star 7.63
2212 votes
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The New Guy

#50 - The New Guy

The Shield Season 6 - Episode 4

Claudette gives Vic a chance to save his job if he agrees to train his potential replacement. An unsolved rape case from the past that Dutch and Claudette were working on resurfaces. Meanwhile, Aceveda meets someone that can help him further his political career.

star 7.61
1158 votes
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The Detail

#51 - The Detail

The Wire Season 1 - Episode 2

McNulty feels the heat when a witness who testified against D'Angelo is killed.

star 7.58
5288 votes
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#52 - Hands

Zero Hour (2013) Season 1 - Episode 11

Injured and disoriented from his recent car accident, Hank awakens on Plum Island in the hands of Melanie Lynch, a.k.a "Mother", and the 41 Trust. With the stakes higher than ever, Hank's father agrees to continue his work for "Mother" to ultimately save his son's life. While Beck frantically assembles a rescue team in an attempt to find Hank, Laila is impatient and secretly heads out on her own.

star 7.56
493 votes
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Life is Priceless

#53 - Life is Priceless

Lie to Me Season 1 - Episode 9

In the wake of a building collapse in a small town outside Washington, DC, Lightman is brought in to determine who is at fault, and discovers a massive cover-up. Meanwhile, the team is hired by a "dot-com" billionaire to determine if his girlfriend loves him for the right reasons.

star 7.56
2939 votes
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#54 - Struck

Hell on Wheels Season 5 - Episode 4

Cullen solves a Chinese labor strike in the wake of violence. Meanwhile, Durant pulls Mickey deeper into Union Pacific business.

star 7.54
1097 votes
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For Pete's Sake

#55 - For Pete's Sake

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 - Episode 9

Hunkered down in a makeshift safe house, Luke and Misty butt heads over how to handle Mariah. Meanwhile, long-buried family secrets come to light.

star 7.52
1260 votes
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Bear Man

#56 - Bear Man

Hell on Wheels Season 4 - Episode 6

Following an attack by a bear, Elam struggles to survive in a Comanche village and find his way back to Cheyenne.

star 7.51
1516 votes
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Playing Tight

#57 - Playing Tight

The Shield Season 3 - Episode 1

The Strike team's attempt to play by the book comes to an abrupt end when they discover that two gangs, the Byz Latz and the One-Niners are attempting to alter the balance of power by acquring MP5s. Claudette and Dutch investigate the murders and feet decapitation of 4 Armenian men by the Armenian mob in their search for the stolen cash from the money train. Meanwhile, Danny who is doing temp work at a high school while waiting for an appeal, discovers she might me be able to get her old job back.

star 7.50
1368 votes
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Blood and Water

#58 - Blood and Water

The Shield Season 3 - Episode 2

Tension within the group begins to mount as the Strike Team attempt to rectify a mistake Vic made when he decided to use some of the cash from the stolen money train during a botched gun-running sting. Meanwhile, Dutch and Claudette seek the help of a college honor student named Esteban who was the only survivor in the murder of two latin gang members, one of them being his close friend.

star 7.50
1234 votes
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O'Leary's Cow

#59 - O'Leary's Cow

The Chicago Code Season 1 - Episode 5

Detective Wysocki and Evers encounter uncooperative locals while investigating the death of a teenager in Chinatown; Teresa's brother-in-law gets involved with a shady business deal; Liam goes deeper under cover.

star 7.49
774 votes
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The Target

#60 - The Target

The Wire Season 1 - Episode 1

Baltimore detective Jimmy McNulty gets assigned to a new task force.

star 7.48
7254 votes
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Asking For Flowers

#61 - Asking For Flowers

Flashpoint Season 1 - Episode 4

When a cop is being held hostage by an enraged family member, the team have to set aside their own feelings to resolve the situation. However, the tables turn when the hostage may not be who the team thinks.

star 7.48
800 votes
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Tower of David

#62 - Tower of David

Homeland Season 3 - Episode 3

As Brody finds himself in increasingly desperate straits, he returns to his faith for guidance in an unexpected way. Carrie struggles to connect with Saul when a mysterious man offers to help her, but at a great cost.

star 7.48
7752 votes
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#63 - Blowback

The Shield Season 1 - Episode 5

David insists that Vic take uniformed cops in with them to bust an Armenian gang's drug delivery. After the bust, Julien sees the Team take a portion of the drugs for themselves. But in the end Shane ends up having the drugs and the vehicle they're in stolen from them. While the search for the drugs and the truck goes on, Mackey learns that his son is autistic.

star 7.47
1567 votes
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Hog Butcher

#64 - Hog Butcher

The Chicago Code Season 1 - Episode 2

Following the shocking events related to a fallen officer, Teresa and Jarek vow to bring whoever is responsible to justice. In the meantime, Alderman Gibbons pays a visit to the victim’s family to offer his condolences and plant a few seeds of betrayal, implicating members of the Chicago Police Department. As every officer in the city hits the streets to avenge this cop killer, Jarek and Caleb follow up on some of Liam’s leads, while Vonda and Isaac are promoted to the organized-crime task force.

star 7.43
965 votes
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#65 - Al-Baqara

Sleeper Cell Season 2 - Episode 1

Darwyn is trying to start a new life with his family but ends up back in another LA sleeper cell. Farik refuses to give up any information despite interrogation, and Darwyn's female FBI handler is kidnapped and beheaded in the sudan by terrorists.

star 7.35
139 votes
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The Spread

#66 - The Spread

The Shield Season 1 - Episode 3

In a routine sweep to nab every outstanding suspect, the detectives divvy up the warrants. But when they cast their nets, they bring up far bigger fish than expected. Danny and Julien uncover a gun-smuggling operation; and Mackey and his team encounter a pro-basketball star who's in town to play the Lakers, when they bust in on drug dealers. Meanwhile, Claudette and Dutch try to catch a man who has been raping women in an attempt to procreate.

star 7.34
1628 votes
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Release the Beast

#67 - Release the Beast

The Purge Season 1 - Episode 4

Jane must leave the office while Lila consoles Jenna. Penelope is thrust into the Carnival of Flesh.

star 7.24
879 votes
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Judgment Day

#68 - Judgment Day

Kings Season 1 - Episode 6

Today is Judgment Day, an annual tradition in which Silas will preside over 10 cases by it's end. David and Michelle are divided when both want the 10th case spot. Elsewhere, the king's nephew is released from exile, and Jack and Katrina find themselves growing closer during their quest for power.

star 7.23
142 votes
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Last Night

#69 - Last Night

La Femme Nikita Season 2 - Episode 19

Operations orders a raid to capture the leader of a terrorist group, which turns out to be a sentient computer.

star 7.22
60 votes
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#70 - Cardiac

Eleventh Hour (US) Season 1 - Episode 2

Dr. Hood is called to Georgia, when several 11 year old boys mysteriously die of heart attacks.

star 7.18
490 votes
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Sophomore Jinx

#71 - Sophomore Jinx

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 1 - Episode 6

After a female student is murdered at a local college, Benson and Stabler turn their attention to the school's basketball team. However, the college blocks their investigation at every turn because they are not willing to risk the negative publicity that the investigation could bring to the school and the upcoming championship.

star 7.12
546 votes
Lucky Luciano

#72 - Lucky Luciano

NYPD Blue Season 7 - Episode 18

A woman reports to Russell and Kirkendall that her twin sister is missing and the body is found in the trunk of a car an hour later. The car only reveals one fingerprint, that of Marcus Potter. Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones meet Anthony a boy-looking man who lives across the hall who has a few opinions for the detectives regarding their investigation into the murder of a man's wife. The woman's son comes into the squad and establishes his alibi with Fancy. The son was at a convention for the vitamin company that Fancy's wife was working for a few years ago and Sipowicz still has an issue with why Fancy wouldn't sell him any of those vitamins. Meanwhile, the husband and his cousin are brought in for questioning and Sipowicz doubts the husband is really Italian. Russell and Kirkendall get Marcus Potter brought in so they can question him about the body in the trunk. With help from Medavoy and Jones, Potter reveals what he knows about the trunk. Sipowicz and Sorenson eventually ge

star 6.80
95 votes