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Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022

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In early 1990s Boston, Assistant DA Decourcy Ward forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rhodes. Together, they take on a case that ultimately changes the city's entire criminal justice system.

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Pax Bostonia

#1 - Pax Bostonia

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired May 16, 2021

Decourcy pursues justice in and out of the courtroom. Despite his maneuvering, Jackie discovers he can't escape his past, and Jenny finally confront hers. Cathy says goodbye to the root of her struggles. Siobhan has sights on a new dream.

star 7.89
215 votes
Directors: Clark Johnson
Writers: Haley Cameron, Jorge Zamacona
The Deaf Sage of Pompeii

#2 - The Deaf Sage of Pompeii

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Aug 11, 2019

When an unlikely source confides in Decourcy, the Massachusetts State Police hatch a plan that promises arrests without the help of the FBI. However, keeping out of the way is not exactly Jackie’s strong suit. The Genesis Coalition pitches a new strategy to curb Boston’s crime rate. Jenny opens up about her past to a sympathetic ear.

star 7.89
433 votes
Directors: Adam Bernstein
Writers: Matthew Nemeth
Is the Total Black, Being Spoken

#3 - Is the Total Black, Being Spoken

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 11, 2021

Jackie uncovers one of Decourcy’s informants and hatches a plan to use him as a pawn to discredit the Assistant DA. Siobhan receives some welcome news, in the midst of plotting her run for City Council. Jimmy Ryan faces problems far worse than a guilty conscience.

star 7.87
240 votes
Writers: J.M. Holmes
Mayor Curley and the Last Hurrah

#4 - Mayor Curley and the Last Hurrah

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Aug 18, 2019

Jackie celebrates another moment in the spotlight, though an unfamiliar pang of guilt leaves him reflecting on his legacy. Decourcy considers the best course of action to finally carry out justice for the murdered guards. Jimmy is desperate to weasel his way out of the mess he’s created, even if it means putting his brother’s future into question. Jenny faces what has been haunting her all these years. Season finale

star 7.87
430 votes
Writers: Chuck MacLean
East of Eden

#5 - East of Eden

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 25, 2021

U.S. Attorney Karen Shimizu tries to get rid of her troublesome agent once and for all. Jackie schemes his way into a new mission. At the Suffolk County Courthouse, Decourcy and Siobhan spar on opposing sides of a legal battle. Meeting dead-ends at every turn in the effort to help her son, Grace does something desperate. Jenny surprises Benny with some rebellious fun. Cathy re-ups her supply by going straight to the source.

star 7.84
231 votes
Writers: Jorge Zamacona

#6 - Apophasis

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired May 9, 2021

Assuming the involvement of the Campbell brothers at the Copeland territory shootout, Jackie confronts Grace, who can no longer sidestep her sons’ criminal activity. Resenting the outcome of a negotiation that he could not take part in, Decourcy finds comfort in the strength of Siobhan, who keeps her head even after tragedy strikes. Jenny insists on helping Maeve, whether or not that means defying Jackie.

star 7.82
215 votes
Directors: Clark Johnson
Writers: Matthew Nemeth
There Are No F**king Sides

#7 - There Are No F**king Sides

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Jul 28, 2019

With the gang’s arms dealer in custody, Jackie thinks he’s a step closer to glory. But Decourcy is the one in a position to negotiate and he’s considering cutting off the gun supply rather than going after the buyers. Jimmy and Frankie must find a new dealer as they prepare for their next job. Cathy and Jenny struggle to comfort their daughters who’ve undergone trauma. When Michaela falls into some trouble, Rachel decides to take her investigation into her own hands.

star 7.82
471 votes
Directors: Kyra Sedgwick
Writers: Emily Ragsdale, J.M. Holmes
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City

#8 - It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Jul 21, 2019

Decourcy is a step closer to connecting the stolen guns to the Revere robbery when an insider agrees to talk. Jenny no longer can ignore Jackie's indiscretions after they show up on her doorstep. Money problems worsen for the Ryan family.

star 7.79
478 votes
Directors: Metin Hüseyin
Writers: Jorge Zamacona
Don't Go Sayin' Last Words

#9 - Don't Go Sayin' Last Words

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired May 2, 2021

Kelvin struggles to lead the Braxton Boys. Jackie homes in on Grace. Decourcy finds himself at a disconnect with Siobhan, as he seeks vengeance while she focuses on recovery. Cathy pays a visit to old friends.

star 7.79
224 votes
Writers: Emily Ragsdale
High on the Looming Gallows Tree

#10 - High on the Looming Gallows Tree

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Aug 4, 2019

Jackie celebrates a win in front of the cameras but, behind closed doors, he reaches a new low. A shining moment from Decourcy promises a potential future in politics, but any pride Siobhan feels for her husband is squandered by an unexpected betrayal. The Grand Jury reconvenes, and this time Sheik doesn’t get off easily. Thanks to Signa’s detective work, the Ryan family is now under the watchful eye of the Suffolk DA.

star 7.74
455 votes
Directors: Clark Johnson
Writers: Stephen Day
Overtime White and Overtime Stupid

#11 - Overtime White and Overtime Stupid

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 18, 2021

Jackie reckons with the destructive consequences of his actions. Rickey Townsend prepares to testify against Decourcy. With violence intensifying between the Copeland Crew and the Braxton Boys, Decourcy, Anton and Siobhan face off in the interrogation room. Left reflecting on her role as a mother and leader in the community, Grace makes an unfortunate miscalculation. Jenny makes fast friends with the mysterious woman from Belfast.

star 7.74
241 votes
Directors: Benny Boom
Writers: Regina Porter
Bill Russell's Bedsheets

#12 - Bill Russell's Bedsheets

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 28, 2021

When an assistant U.S. attorney overdoses and ends up left for dead, Decourcy Ward suspects Jackie Rohr's involvement. In turn, Jackie goes after the BPD for a questionable drug arrest at a federal housing project. Community activist Grace Campbell recruits Siobhan Quays to work on behalf of Braxton and its residents, but their efforts are subverted as tensions flare between rival gangs.

star 7.66
262 votes
Directors: Kevin Bacon
Writers: Chuck MacLean
If Only the Fool Would Persist in His Folly

#13 - If Only the Fool Would Persist in His Folly

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 30, 2019

Jackie searches for his absent informant. Searching for purpose, Jenny revisiting her passion to become a teacher. Decourcy works up a plan to overcome the town’s infamous 'Code of Silence' and get a few suspects to talk. Minogue is assigned a big case, but not the one he actually cares about. Jimmy skips town to visit his kids and finds that, even a thousand miles away, he’s not safe from his problems back home.

star 7.61
593 votes
Writers: Emily Ragsdale
I Need a Goat

#14 - I Need a Goat

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 4, 2021

As Decourcy increases pressure on the Justice Department, Jackie counters by looking into his adversary’s romantic past. While Jackie’s digging up dirt, Siobhan is planning ahead, focused on starting a family even as Decourcy remains preoccupied by the escalating conflict. Jenny realizes she can’t keep ignoring her mother after an unsettling phone call. With business at the salon all but dead, Cathy Ryan turns to an unlikely income source.

star 7.60
249 votes
Directors: Ed Bianchi
Writers: Tamara P. Carter
The Wickedness of the Wicked Shall Be Upon Himself

#15 - The Wickedness of the Wicked Shall Be Upon Himself

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 7, 2019

Jackie strong-arms Jimmy to get a step closer to finding the armored truck guards. Decourcy rattles a suspect called to testify before the Grand Jury. Siobhan learns something unsettling about a leader of the Coalition.

star 7.60
529 votes
Directors: Hagar Ben-Asher
Writers: J.M. Holmes
What They Saw in Southie High

#16 - What They Saw in Southie High

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jun 23, 2019

After an eventful Sunday at church, Decourcy finds out he has a new powerful enemy in town—one that puts his wife in an awkward position. Jackie is stirring up trouble in his own home, and his distrustful mother-in-law is onto him. Investigators Hank Signa and Rachel Behnam look into an unsolved missing persons case connected to the robbery in Revere. That could mean trouble for Frankie Ryan, who’s busy laundering his most recent loot and, with the help of his brother, getting carried away in the process.

star 7.57
665 votes
Directors: Ed Bianchi
Writers: Chuck MacLean
The Night Flynn Sent the Cops on the Ice

#17 - The Night Flynn Sent the Cops on the Ice

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 16, 2019

In early ‘90s Boston, racism is endemic and crime is widespread. Jackie Rohr, a renowned FBI agent whose methods are not exactly by the book, does not mind the status quo. But Decourcy Ward, the new Assistant District Attorney in town, wants to uproot the corrupt system. The two form an unlikely, and obligatory, alliance to take down a gang of armored truck robbers from Charlestown.

star 7.55
811 votes
Directors: Michael Cuesta
Writers: Chuck MacLean
From Injustice Came the Way to Describe Justice

#18 - From Injustice Came the Way to Describe Justice

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Jul 14, 2019

Jackie and Decourcy continue to hunt down the weapon connected to the Revere robbery. Local reporter gets a tip that could lead her down a treacherous path. Siobhan questions whether doing what is right is ultimately what is for the best.

star 7.54
495 votes
Directors: Alex Zakrzewski
Writers: Michele McPhee