The Best Episodes Directed by Ed Bianchi

Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

#1 - Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 6

Dizzee has a new experience at a secret party in the city. As the guys gear up for an explosive DJ battle, Zeke boards a political rollercoaster.

star 8.61
790 votes
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Only from Exile Can We Come Home

#2 - Only from Exile Can We Come Home

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 11

While the B-boy community rallies in defense of the get down. Mylene's musical fate hangs in the balance, and Zeke receives some life-altering news.

star 8.37
418 votes
Gamble Everything

#3 - Gamble Everything

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 10

Mylene has a fateful encounter with her idol, the Cruz family reaches a critical juncture, a revelation strikes Ra-Ra, and Shao takes rash action.

star 8.19
415 votes
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#4 - Secrets

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 6 - Episode 20

Ballard and Munch catch a case involving the death of a prominent businesswoman. Pembleton and Bayliss catch a similar case. Both deaths might be the suicides they appear to be, but as the detectives begin their investigations the facts reveal otherwise. Lewis attends his disciplinary hearing and receives his punishment and is allowed to return to duty in the Homicide unit. Falsone and Lewis investigate another Mahoney related death. The situation within the Mahoney organization may be getting out of control as jury selection begins in the civil suit. The judge dismisses the civil suit, just as he told Kellerman tbat he would. Kellerman confronts him after the trial about the FBI's investigation in front of several witnesses. Bayliss joins Ballard for dinner and he reveals some of his secrets.

star 8.12
136 votes
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Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames

#5 - Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 2

The guys seek spiritual advice from a grandmaster. Mylene's future might be in the hands of her father and politically powerful uncle.

star 8.10
939 votes
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#6 - Bulldog

The Killing (2011) Season 2 - Episode 11

A return to the casino winds up sending Sarah and Holder on the run, while Stan and Richmond face life-altering decisions.

star 8.08
1737 votes
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The New King (Part 1)

#7 - The New King (Part 1)

Kings Season 1 - Episode 12

After imprisoning Jack and David for treason, Silas continues with his plan to hand over Port Prosperity to long-time enemy Gath. Meanwhile, Michelle seeks a way to keep David alive.

star 8.07
238 votes
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#8 - Bugs

Ray Donovan Season 7 - Episode 9

With his back against the wall, Ray turns to Judge Scholl to clear his name with Detective Perry. Daryll is pushed to the edge by the Sullivan family. Mickey continues to chase Jim’s money. Smitty tries to justify his betrayal to Bridget. Terry makes an unexpected friend at physical therapy.

star 8.06
524 votes
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#9 - Boy-The-Earth-Talks-To

Deadwood Season 2 - Episode 12

Swearengen's shrewd manipulation of the rumor mill pays off in a Yankton counter-offer that requires only slight amending. Meanwhile, George Hearst's arrival in Deadwood has shaken up the camp's status quo from Wu to Farnum to Wolcott. Tolliver, for his part, seeks to avoid marginalization by offering the tycoon damning nuggets about his engineer's nasty habits.

star 8.06
1655 votes
Forget Safety, Be Notorious

#10 - Forget Safety, Be Notorious

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 4

After a citywide blackout, Papa Fuerte takes a shine to mayoral candidate Ed Koch. Shao finds himself on the outs with Flash and tries to make amends

star 8.04
777 votes
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A Thundering

#11 - A Thundering

Yellowstone (2018) Season 2 - Episode 1

Kayce settles into his new role at the ranch. A damaging article threatens to expose John. Rainwater pitches his new plan to the tribal council.

star 7.99
752 votes
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A Boy and a Bike

#12 - A Boy and a Bike

Seven Seconds Season 1 - Episode 10

As the trial edges toward its conclusion, KJ and Fish search for a way to hold the defense accountable and Brenton's parents prepare for what's next.

star 7.97
337 votes
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With or Without You

#13 - With or Without You

Billions Season 2 - Episode 10

Axe deals with a major family disturbance involving Lara and the kids. Chuck considers the potential pitfalls of his personal life while being vetted for political advancement. Wendy tries to right a wrong she committed against Axe. At an impromptu dinner Chuck and Wendy open up to each other.

star 7.96
3864 votes
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Red, Red Wine

#14 - Red, Red Wine

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 7 - Episode 5

Ballard is annoyed when she finds out that the fact that she had a date with Falsone is around the squad room. Munch has a doctor's appointment and he's not talking about it. Dr. Griscom calls on the homicide unit when he sees a number of deaths that are related by a poison named phosphozine. The FBI steps in on the poisonings and they put MGee in charge of a task force; they consider it an act of domestic terrorism. One of the victims was a priest; two others were his parishioners. Gharty suspects the communion wine. Following this idea, wine bottles are collected from churches around the city. A needle hole is found through one of the corks. A citywide canvassing of all places where wine can be purchased is launched. Gee disagrees with the bureau's policy of keep information from the public. One possible suspect is captured; however, strange as he is, he's not the one. Through an internal leak, the media is alerted and warns the public, sparking chaos. MGee suspects the source of the

star 7.94
133 votes
The Good Soldier

#15 - The Good Soldier

The Killing (2011) Season 4 - Episode 3

Reddick digs deeper as Linden and Holder struggle to keep their investigation from going cold.

star 7.93
1120 votes
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Part 13

#16 - Part 13

Bloodline Season 1 - Episode 13

John, Kevin and Meg try to get their lives back in order as the family comes to grips with the truth about Danny.

star 7.93
882 votes
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The Beat Says, This Is the Way

#17 - The Beat Says, This Is the Way

The Get Down Season 1 - Episode 8

Zeke's Ivy League meeting goes off the rails. Ra-Ra has a bold proposition for Fat Annie, resulting in an explosive musical showdown at Les Inferno.

star 7.93
441 votes
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Amalgamation and Capital

#18 - Amalgamation and Capital

Deadwood Season 2 - Episode 9

Eagar for the latest news from Yankton, Swearengen enlists Farnum to keep tabs on Blazanov and his telegrams, and admonishes Merrick for over-hyping the Montana rumors in his paper. Wolcott gets a new moniker; Jane and Joanie continue their unlikely alliance; Sweargengen strikes a departure deal with Miss Isringhausen; and Fields and Hostetler attempt to tame a wild horse for the cavalry with damaging results.

star 7.92
1740 votes
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Boxed Devil

#19 - Boxed Devil

Seven Seconds Season 1 - Episode 7

As community outrage over Brenton's death grows, Latrice's grief takes her down a dark path. Meanwhile, KJ makes a painful confession.

star 7.91
328 votes
If I Could, I Surely Wood

#20 - If I Could, I Surely Wood

Men of a Certain Age Season 2 - Episode 1

Although determined to get himself back in shape on the golf course, Joe finds that getting up early to practice is having wear on his body. Unfortunately, Joe also finds out that his new house is in the same neighborhood as his former bookie. Owen takes over as manager of his father's auto dealership, but is starting to doubt his decision to hire Terry, as it doesn't seem like he's able to handle a nine-to-five job.

star 7.91
289 votes
Marriage and Hunting

#21 - Marriage and Hunting

Boardwalk Empire Season 4 - Episode 9

Nucky refuses to back Chalky in his conflict with Narcisse. Julia considers her options after Gillian makes her custody case in court. In Cicero, Van Alden stands up to Capone and comes clean to O’Banion. Rothstein looks to trade an insurance benefit for a cash infusion.

star 7.91
2013 votes
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New Beginnings

#22 - New Beginnings

Yellowstone (2018) Season 2 - Episode 2

Kayce and Rip come to blows. Beth starts buying up land to protect the ranch. Monica begins a new chapter at the university.

star 7.90
742 votes
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Matthew 22:10

#23 - Matthew 22:10

Brotherhood Season 1 - Episode 11

A hit is ordered on Michael. Marty Trio works with the FBI to get Freddie by wearing a wire. Declan thinks his partner might be a dirty cop.

star 7.89
95 votes
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Part 11

#24 - Part 11

Bloodline Season 1 - Episode 11

After John confronts Carlos about Danny’s illicit behavior, John, Kevin and Meg figure out a plan to save the family.

star 7.89
829 votes
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The Chimes At Midnight

#25 - The Chimes At Midnight

Brotherhood Season 3 - Episode 6

Tommy's plan to extricate himself from political entanglements hits a snag when Speaker Danatello seeks his help passing the budget. Declan learns more about Tommy's involvement in the Waterfront Project and connects Tommy to Nozzoli. Michael's jealousy over his mother's attachment to Colin adds fuel to his paranoia about Colin and Kath.

star 7.88
84 votes
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King of Norway

#26 - King of Norway

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 - Episode 5

Chalky returns to Atlantic City. Nucky arranges a meeting with Maranzano. Eli reunites with June.

star 7.88
1639 votes
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#27 - Adventure

Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 - Episode 5

Cameron bristles under a new manager as Joe and Gordon attempt to procure a key piece of new technology for the computer.

star 7.87
1913 votes
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The Milkmaid's Lot

#28 - The Milkmaid's Lot

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 - Episode 9

Nucky vows to eliminate his nemesis. A high-profile bootlegger is arrested. Emily's birthday party is scaled down. Gillian blames Harrow for Tommy's trouble. Gyp decides to buy a town's silence.

star 7.86
2542 votes
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The Last Supper

#29 - The Last Supper

Bates Motel Season 3 - Episode 7

Norman agrees to get help. Dylan learns disturbing news about Emma's health.

star 7.86
1472 votes
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I Hate These People

#30 - I Hate These People

Damages Season 1 - Episode 11

Patty offers Ellen her job back, however, Ellen declines but volunteers to keep helping Patty with the Frobisher case. Lila is back, and bringing more havoc into David and Ellen's lives. Patty uses the newly acquired evidence to blackmail Ray, and offers him an ultimatum.

star 7.85
954 votes
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#31 - Plunge

Bates Motel Season 2 - Episode 6

Dylan is asked to manage an explosive situation; Norma and Norman's relationship is threatened by a growing secret; Emma lands in a dangerous situation.

star 7.85
1600 votes
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A Lie Agreed Upon (1)

#32 - A Lie Agreed Upon (1)

Deadwood Season 2 - Episode 1

Swearengen and Bullock have a violent confrontation; Bullock and Utter discover that mistaken identity led to a fatal shooting at Nuttall's.

star 7.84
1786 votes
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A Boy and His Dog

#33 - A Boy and His Dog

Bates Motel Season 1 - Episode 8

A mysterious stranger causes problems for Norma; Bradley is not happy when rumors spread at school; Dylan and Remo go on a fateful road trip; Norman takes up a grisly hobby.

star 7.82
2044 votes
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What Does the Bee Do?

#34 - What Does the Bee Do?

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 - Episode 4

During Mayor Bader's birthday party, Nucky's attorney comes up with a solution that might help Nucky in his election-rigging case. With a liquor surplus likely, Jimmy and Mickey travel to Philadelphia to search for buyers while Nucky makes a surprising deal to try and get alcohol into Atlantic City. Eli is concerned over the Commodore's ability to lead. Margaret decides to give her staff bonuses. Chalky is cornered while at work and home. Owen takes his munitions expertise and uses it. Van Alden's agents set their eyes on Mickey's warehouse. Richard lets his guard down in the name of art. And Gillian thinks of the first time she was ever with the Commodore.

star 7.82
3466 votes
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#35 - Meltdown

Bates Motel Season 2 - Episode 8

Romero digs deeper into the murder of Miss Watson; the conflict between the drug families leaves Dylan facing an impossible choice; Norma refuses to tell Norman the truth about his blackouts.

star 7.82
1611 votes
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The Cage

#36 - The Cage

The Killing (2011) Season 1 - Episode 2

The investigation into Rosie’s killer begins as Sarah and Holder question the missing girl’s parents, Stan and Mitch, as well as Rosie’s friends and City Councilman Richmond. Rosie’s school becomes a potential murder site when Sarah and Holder uncover shocking evidence on campus. Heartbroken and grief-stricken, Mitch and Stan face the aftermath of losing their daughter.

star 7.82
1873 votes
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The Wire

#37 - The Wire

The Wire Season 1 - Episode 6

"..and all the pieces matter." - Freamon Brandon's bloodied body is discovered in a lot that coincidentally is located next to Poot and Wallace's home. Wallace in turn, reports this to D'Angelo, and tells him about how seeing Brandon's boy has started to bother him. D'Angelo tells Wallace that he needs to get over it, but Wallace is still unsure about all he is involved in. Wallace gets even more unsettled about the situation after Avon rewards D'Angelo and him with extra cash for their parts in getting Brandon taken care of in the first place.

star 7.81
3953 votes
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Full Faith and Credit

#38 - Full Faith and Credit

Deadwood Season 3 - Episode 4

While Alma officially opens the bank of Deadwood, Langrishe asks Joanie whether she is willing to sell the Chez Ami, so he could make it into a theatre. Stapleton sets his eye on one of the new actresses in town and Jane receives a telegram from Fields. Hostetler and the latter arrive in camp and engage Steve with regard to the ownership of the livery, forcing Bullock to intervene. Meanwhile, Al delegates Adams to represent him in his affairs with Hearst and Tolliver.

star 7.80
1420 votes
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#39 - Ritual

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 5 - Episode 14

The investigation into the death of a young boy who appears to be the victim of a ritualistic killing leads to the discovery that he was one of many children smuggled from Nigeria to be sold into slavery

star 7.79
171 votes
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All In

#40 - All In

Boardwalk Empire Season 4 - Episode 4

Nucky gets to know Arnold Rothstein over a card game, and sizes up an unexpected partner for his Tampa land deal. A newly promoted Eddie Kessler gets detoured after making a train-station delivery. When one of their collectors is incapacitated, Al and Frank Capone decide to finish his route, enlisting a reluctant Van Alden to tag along. Agent Knox fills Hoover in on the Thompson operation, vowing to exploit Nucky's weakest link. Chalky is intrigued by Daughter Maitland’s presence. Dunn Purnsley goes to Harlem, and is courted by Valentin Narcisse. Willie and his college roommate, Clayton, carry a practical joke too far.

star 7.78
2274 votes
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A Lie Agreed Upon (2)

#41 - A Lie Agreed Upon (2)

Deadwood Season 2 - Episode 2

Alma and Bullock face an abrupt decision about their future; Swearengen prepares for another showdown with Bullock; Calamity Jane returns to camp.

star 7.77
1707 votes
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#42 - Ding

Ray Donovan Season 3 - Episode 2

Paige Finney calls Ray to protect a quarterback. Lena considers quitting.

star 7.76
2232 votes
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Matthew 5:6

#43 - Matthew 5:6

Brotherhood Season 1 - Episode 4

The Caffee's Sunday dinner is interrupted by Treasury Agents looking for the conterfeit money. Michael takes care of the guy who "ratted" him out and Tommy looks to the speaker for help on a bill that will help his real estate deal.

star 7.75
211 votes
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Ging Gang Goolie

#44 - Ging Gang Goolie

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 - Episode 6

Nucky is detained in Washington. Margaret copes with Teddy's demons. Owen investigates a suspicious fire. Richard makes a connection with a veteran and his daughter.

star 7.72
2611 votes
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Adapt or Die

#45 - Adapt or Die

Magic City Season 2 - Episode 3

Ike goes to Cuba to retrieve Maria's ashes and set his plan to oust Ben in motion. Stevie is lured deeper into Ben's world. Stevie offers a chemical solution when Vera struggles with exhausting rehearsals.

star 7.72
291 votes
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The Starting Line

#46 - The Starting Line

Hawthorne Season 2 - Episode 2

Christina pays a visit to the ethics committee when she opposes the hospital's refusal to treat a heroin-addicted patient. Elsewhere, a mother reveals a game-changing secret to her adopted son; and Camille forges a bond with hospital worker Marcus.

star 7.72
190 votes
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Collateral Damage

#47 - Collateral Damage

The Wire Season 2 - Episode 2

"They can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out." -- McNulty After the case gets dumped back in Russell's lap, McNulty offers to help, ensuring that it boomerangs back to Rawls; after Sobotka chews the Greeks out about the bodies in the containers, the Greeks do a little investigating of their own and discover that McNulty's floater was killed by a ship's crewman in front of the other girls, who were then killed to ensure their silence; Brianna urges her brother to take care of business, especially D'Angelo; Valchek strikes a deal with Burrell in exchange for his help in waging war on Sobotka, and Sobotka strikes back by handing the BPD a major embarrassment; Daniels decides to put in his papers; Wee-Bey complains to Avon about his treatment at the hands of C.O. Tilghman; Bunk and Lester are ready to kill McNulty after Landsman puts the fourteen whodunits under their names on the Board.

star 7.72
3138 votes
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I'll Let You Know When I Get There

#48 - I'll Let You Know When I Get There

The Killing (2011) Season 1 - Episode 10

Richmond rises in the polls; a surprising individual turns himself in.

star 7.69
1780 votes
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Time After Time

#49 - Time After Time

The Wire Season 3 - Episode 1

"Don't matter how many times you get burnt, you just keep doin' the same." -- Bodie A wave of urban reform brings down the notorious Franklin Terrace public housing towers, forcing the Barksdale drug crew to find a new home on the streets of West Baltimore. Stringer Bell sets up shop using a new sales strategy for Bodie, Poot, Puddin and the rest of the gang, as he awaits the return of Avon from prison. McNulty, Greggs and the detail look to make a case against Stringer with a wiretap on a drug ring run by his ally, Proposition Joe. Assigned to the Western District drug unit, Carver and Herc notch up the pressure on street dealers. Burrell is caught in a power play by First District Councilman Tommy Carcetti, an ambitious young man with roots deep in the ethnic politics of Baltimore. Mayor Clarence Royce, facing re-election next year, puts Burrell on notice that crime stats, and murders in particular, must come down - whatever it takes. The order from on high has put police commanders on the hot seat during the new Comstat meetings, where they are held up to aggressive criticism by Rawls and others before their peers. Daniels, too, is confronted by the reach of City Hall, as his promotion to major appears to be derailed because of his estranged wife's political ambitions. A rash of murders cuts short Bunk's day at the ballpark, as Bubbles and Johnny lose big in their latest caper for cash. On the eve of his parole, Cutty Wise is offered a new start on the outside by Avon, but after being released, he finds the drug life has changed.

star 7.69
3049 votes
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The New Guy

#50 - The New Guy

Men of a Certain Age Season 1 - Episode 4

Owen and Melissa join Joe’s ex-wife, Sonia, and her new boyfriend, Harold, for a charity function at their children’s school. Terry does his annual duty as auctioneer for the event and meets an old flame, while Joe winds up hanging out with his bookie, Manfro.

star 7.68
290 votes
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Ghosts of the Past

#51 - Ghosts of the Past

The Killing (2011) Season 2 - Episode 5

Sarah receives a message from the dead that may shed light on the identity of Rosie's killer. Meanwhile, Mitch befriends a young runaway; and Richmond has grave doubts about his future in politics.

star 7.66
1924 votes
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The Jungle

#52 - The Jungle

The Killing (2011) Season 3 - Episode 1

Sarah makes a grim discovery in regards to her past; Holder catches an unsettling case; Seward shows his true colors.

star 7.65
1596 votes
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What Jesus Said

#53 - What Jesus Said

Boardwalk Empire Season 5 - Episode 3

Chalky heads in a new direction. Margaret finds herself in a quandary.

star 7.65
1578 votes
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Part 14

#54 - Part 14

Bloodline Season 2 - Episode 1

Meg learns her father kept a secret from the family for years. A voice from the past threatens John's plan to frame Wayne Lowry.

star 7.63
905 votes
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Broken Engagement/Trashman

#55 - Broken Engagement/Trashman

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 - Episode 7

Stone and Sanchez, dealing with the fallout from their personal attraction, are assigned with Fitch to investigate the murder of successful executive Abigail James from Detroit's "Tech Town." At the same time, Longford and Washington need to piece together the back story of another fresh murder case -- the lifeless body of a young drug dealer, "Toucan," is discovered in a trash bin.

star 7.63
236 votes
No Other Sons or Daughters

#56 - No Other Sons or Daughters

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 9

With annexation looming, Swearengen calls a meeting to set up an informal government. Bullock and Alma compare notes on Ellsworth, and each other; Farnum gets a special-delivery letter from Hickok; Utter offers Jane a job; and Stubbs prepares to make a go on her own, with Tolliver's avowed blessings.

star 7.63
1731 votes
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Leviathan Smiles

#57 - Leviathan Smiles

Deadwood Season 3 - Episode 8

Merrick and Blazanov delivers the day's edition of The Pioneer around camp. A stagecoach arrives accompanied by the sound of gunfire as two strangers (Wyatt and Morgan Earp) come into town, unsettling the Sheriff and Al who wonder if they're Hearst's men. Swearengen talks to Wyatt Earp, evaluating his story, while Fields prepares for his departure. Jack tells his ailing friend, Chesterton, that he will move him to the theater that day. Lastly, Hearst finds an unexpected doctor for his back problems as he awaits an important "package."

star 7.62
1424 votes
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#58 - Epinephren

Get Shorty Season 1 - Episode 6

An unexpected visitor on the studio lot changes Miles’s plans with his visiting family, and the wider production team is tasked with entertaining the guest.

star 7.62
316 votes
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Things Have Changed 1:7-8

#59 - Things Have Changed 1:7-8

Brotherhood Season 2 - Episode 10

Freddie tries to get Nozzoli's help involving Michael. Tommy goes after the Speaker's chair. Eileen has had enough and confronts Tommy about his relationship with Dana. After losing someone close to them Colin and Rose become closer. The US Attorney's office investigates Freddie's furlough.

star 7.61
83 votes
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The Whores Can Come

#60 - The Whores Can Come

Deadwood Season 2 - Episode 11

Bullock's corroboration of the Montana offers complicates Commissioner Jarry's counter-efforts - and sends Blazanov's telegram lines to Yankton to overdrive. Swearengen uses a Deadwood tragedy to delay an altercation between Wu and Lee, while buying time to improve his own standing with the Hearst delegation.

star 7.61
1591 votes
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The Trial of Jack McCall

#61 - The Trial of Jack McCall

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 5

Swearengen transforms the Gem into a courtroom as Deadwood is forced to make its own laws to try a murderer; with Jane off on a bender, Swearengen employs Trixie to help Alma with the Metz Child; Doc Cochran fears Cramed's illness might threaten the camp; Tolliver sends Cramed to take air in the woods, where he meets Jane; and Bullock decides to take the law into his own hands.

star 7.60
1939 votes
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Ebb Tide

#62 - Ebb Tide

The Wire Season 2 - Episode 1

"Ain't never gonna be what it was." -- Little Big Roy McNulty makes sure to pay back Rawls for reassigning him to the marine unit by sticking City Homicide with the stone cold whodunit floater he fishes out of the harbor; it's the stevedores versus the police when Sobotka beats out Valchek for the honor of providing a donor-themed stained glass window for the local church; Bodie and Bell take separate business trips; Ziggy makes a fool of himself as Nick negotiates a deal with the Greeks to steal a container from the docks; the Greeks renege on the deal, leaving Russell to discover that the abandoned and broken-sealed container contains the bodies of thirteen women.

star 7.60
3214 votes
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Cold Calls

#63 - Cold Calls

Men of a Certain Age Season 2 - Episode 3

Joe inadvertently ends up dating two women at the same time. Owen forces his father to stop undermining this authority at the dealership, while Terry makes a wager with Marcus over who can sell the most cars in one day.

star 7.60
289 votes
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Castles Made of Sand

#64 - Castles Made of Sand

Magic City Season 1 - Episode 3

Ike tries to bribe officials to legalize casino gambling. An old friend visits Vera, and Ben wonders if his wife is faithful. Ike contacts his wealthy ex-sister-in-law for a favor.

star 7.56
616 votes
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#65 - Vengeance

The Killing (2011) Season 1 - Episode 7

Mitch questions the validity of the police investigation while Richmond has to deal with a negative ad. It's discovered that Rosie was at Bennett's apartment the night she died.

star 7.55
1952 votes
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The Shot

#66 - The Shot

Lights Out (2011) Season 1 - Episode 3

Lights struggles to help train his father's young fighter, Omar "The Armenian Avenger" Assarian for the middleweight championship against Monte "The Hurricane" Harris. Omar may be the best hope for Leary Gym of becoming a champion since Lights retired. However, promoter Barry K. Word is only interested in getting Omar into the fight if Johnny agrees to a deal involving Lights' return. Meanwhile, Patrick's family makes him a memory book for his 40th birthday and he spends the rest of the night watching the outcome of the fight.

star 7.54
406 votes
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Caught in the Suck

#67 - Caught in the Suck

Rubicon Season 1 - Episode 8

The CIA asks Miles and Tanya to oversee the interrogation of a captured Al Queda member. Will looks into Atlas MacDowell. Katherine receives a mysterious envelope.

star 7.54
1184 votes
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Who by Fire

#68 - Who by Fire

TURN: Washington's Spies Season 1 - Episode 2

To prevent Anna being blamed for the murder of a Royal Officer, Abe must find the culprit; Ben and Caleb interrogate Simcoe.

star 7.53
815 votes
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A Man of Letters

#69 - A Man of Letters

Get Shorty Season 1 - Episode 5

Rick struggles with the casting process as Amara considers future film investment opportunities. Katie and Emma visit Miles in Los Angeles.

star 7.52
333 votes
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You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant

#70 - You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant

Damages Season 2 - Episode 9

As Patty goes on the offensive against the FBI, Ellen discovers troubling news about the investigation. Meanwhile, Patty's husband gets an intriguing offer

star 7.52
999 votes
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Genesis 27:29

#71 - Genesis 27:29

Brotherhood Season 1 - Episode 2

Michael plays a game of Russian roulette with the mentally challenged brother of a neighborhood store he wants to take over. Tommy is working on keeping a highway spur from going through the hill by wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. Eileen gets some upsetting news at the doctor's office.

star 7.50
167 votes
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Let Rome into Tiber Melt

#72 - Let Rome into Tiber Melt

Brotherhood Season 3 - Episode 3

A fire in an abandoned mill that kills several Latino squatters and a firefighter causes political fallout for Tommy. Colin begins drinking heavily because of a love triangle. Declan's investigation bears fruit and is expanded.

star 7.44
85 votes
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Time and Tide

#73 - Time and Tide

Magic City Season 1 - Episode 8

Lily and Stevie's affair becomes dangerous for them both and Judi finds herself in Klein's hands.. meanwhile, Mercedes and her father receive some bad news.

star 7.43
555 votes
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Jump, Push, Fall

#74 - Jump, Push, Fall

Heroes Season 4 - Episode 2

Claire and her new friend Gretchen investigate the death of Claire's roommate Annie, while Noah comes to Peter for assistance. Samuel and Edgar recover the compass, Hiro realizes his new destiny, and Matt is tormented with mental images from a dangerous foe.

star 7.42
1108 votes
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The Harder They Fall

#75 - The Harder They Fall

Magic City Season 1 - Episode 6

Ben and Ike bet heavily on a boxing match and Vera receives another cancellation from Jackie Kennedy. Meanwhile, Danny receives photos intended for Stevie and the DA makes an important discovery.

star 7.41
532 votes
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Feeding Frenzy

#76 - Feeding Frenzy

Magic City Season 1 - Episode 2

Ike Faces the disappearance of Mike Strauss while DA Klein attacks organized crime through Ike's law-student son. Meanwhile, Stevie Evans' affair with Lily Diamond heats up.

star 7.38
793 votes
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Marriage of Figaro

#77 - Marriage of Figaro

Mad Men Season 1 - Episode 3

Pete Campbell returns from his honeymoon with tall tales and a big grin on his face. He does tell Peggy Olson that their fling before his marriage was for one night only. Don Draper runs into an old army buddy who knows him under the name of Dick Whitman. He also takes a tour of Rachel Menken's store but in a private moment, their mutual attraction becomes evident. The Drapers have friends over for their daughter's birthday party, including the divorcée who lives down the street. Don however is obviously unhappy with his lot in life and seems to be carrying a burden that is not apparent.

star 7.30
3275 votes
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Dear Landlord 1:3-4

#78 - Dear Landlord 1:3-4

Brotherhood Season 2 - Episode 5

Tommy doesn't get support from the usual places while struggling to stay on track. Michal looks to make some changes in his life. Colin searches for his father. Freddie asks Declan for help in finding someone.

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Father's Fraternity

#79 - Father's Fraternity

Men of a Certain Age Season 1 - Episode 7

Joe goes to see his retired father, who gives new meaning to the word grumpy. Owen’s wife and mother get upset when a commercial for the auto dealership implies that Owen’s co-worker, Marcus, is actually Owen Sr.’s son. And Terry becomes obsessed over finding out why he has been rejected for a youth mentoring program.

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