The Best Episodes Directed by Adam Bernstein


#1 - Gina

The Job Season 2 - Episode 4

Mike scams his way into taking over Ruben's moonlighting as a security guard for Gina Gershon; Frank and the rest of the squad follow suit and jump on the personal security business bandwagon; Adina suspects Pip is cheating on her; Jan discovers Al has a surprising sideline.

star 9.17
6 votes
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#2 - Boss

The Job Season 2 - Episode 5

Mike suspects that Toni is cheating on him with her boss; Frank heads to the track with Tommy to place bets using police department money; Jan and Ruben both vie for a gorgeous apartment left vacant by a murder.

star 9.00
6 votes
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#3 - Alienated

Running Wilde Season 1 - Episode 11

Emmy gets Migo involved when she champions immigrant rights, and this tests Migo's loyalty to Steve as Migo is thrown into the limelight of fame.

star 8.74
66 votes
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#4 - Parents

The Job Season 2 - Episode 7

Toni blackmails Mike into meeting her parents; Jan dates a cop with a secret; Tommy courts a rageaholic.

star 8.43
7 votes
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Half Measures

#5 - Half Measures

Breaking Bad Season 3 - Episode 12

Jesse lashes out. Fearing for Jesse's safety, Walt takes drastic action to intervene. A tragic event leads to a shocking confrontation.

star 8.41
14148 votes
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Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again

#6 - Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again

Orange Is the New Black Season 4 - Episode 13

Corporate bureaucracy and simmering anger work against Caputo's efforts to keep a sensitive situation under control.

star 8.33
3732 votes
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#7 - Winner

Better Call Saul Season 4 - Episode 10

Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus' operation; Mike is forced to make a difficult decision.

star 8.30
3004 votes
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The Nuptials

#8 - The Nuptials

Alpha House Season 2 - Episode 10

As the election returns come in, Gil John meets with a presidential campaign advisor, while Robert wonders if he still has a job. Katherine and Julie discover their wedding has been turned into a major political event -- after they arrive.

star 8.29
158 votes
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The Apartment

#9 - The Apartment

Californication Season 3 - Episode 8

Hank's in for a hedonistic night to remember when Jackie and two stripper friends arrive at his doorstep, unannounced. The next morning, before Hank can escort his new friends from the apartment, Charlie shows up with a verbally abusive Rick Springfield. Hank’s forced to hide the hung-over party girls all over the house after Jill and Felicia pay surprise visits. The charade reaches its boiling point when Dean Koons arrives on the scene, resulting in a messy catharsis by fire.

star 8.22
3608 votes
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The Crocodile's Dilemma

#10 - The Crocodile's Dilemma

Fargo Season 1 - Episode 1

A ruthless, manipulative man meets a small-town insurance salesman and sets him on a path of destruction.

star 8.19
8096 votes
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Shades of Gray

#11 - Shades of Gray

Homicide: Life On The Street Season 7 - Episode 10

A white bus driver striking a black female pedestrian sparks a riot. The driver is killed, and some distance away from the riot another body is found. MGee and Gharty look into the death of the driver while Lewis and Sheppard look into death of the other body. Lewis finds a clue at the scene, a button (later discovered to be missing from a police uniform). Gharty and MGee actively debate whether race was the motivation for the driver's beating death; MGee suspects the incident wasn't racially motivated. The bus riders are interviewed to find out what they know. Lewis and Sheppard approach a house looking for their witness (without backup). For her trouble Sheppard keeps hold of her suspect, but loses her gun and is severely beaten. Ballard is recalled from her hiking vacation. Lewis lays down the law for the residents of ""Little Jamaica""; he wants Sheppard's gun returned tonight. The witness Sheppard caught identifies Hellriegel as the murderer, and the men who beat the driver to death

star 8.17
136 votes
Box Cutter

#12 - Box Cutter

Breaking Bad Season 4 - Episode 1

Walt and Jesse face the deadly consequences of their actions. Skyler deals with a puzzling disappearance, as Marie struggles to help Hank with his recovery.

star 8.15
13820 votes
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#13 - ABQ

Breaking Bad Season 2 - Episode 13

Walt's lies have pushed Skyler to her limit. Jesse self-destructs after a personal blow, forcing Walt to come to his aid. Donald's grief leads to tragedy.

star 8.15
13989 votes
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...And Justice for All

#14 - ...And Justice for All

Californication Season 4 - Episode 12

As Hank awaits sentencing, the lines between his real life and the movie based on his life blur as the film's star hits on his ex-wife and he feels stirrings of passion for the actress hired to play Karen.

star 8.05
4206 votes
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Gloves Off

#15 - Gloves Off

Better Call Saul Season 2 - Episode 4

Jimmy's actions unexpectedly create waves for Kim. Mike cautiously weighs a lucrative proposal that might bring about dire consequences.

star 8.03
6411 votes
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#16 - Mandala

Breaking Bad Season 2 - Episode 11

Saul proposes a new business partner. Skyler makes a disturbing discovery. Jesse divulges his real profession to Jane.

star 8.03
14281 votes
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Just a Little Crazy Talk

#17 - Just a Little Crazy Talk

The Brink Season 1 - Episode 9

Walter seeks to make a deal with Zaman's highest-ranking general. A grounded Zeke and Glenn find a way to pass the time. Rafiq's translation helps Alex determine how to go about implementing Walter's "Plan B".

star 8.00
803 votes
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Hazard Pay

#18 - Hazard Pay

Breaking Bad Season 5 - Episode 3

Walt and Jesse put a business plan into action. Walt confesses a secret to Marie.

star 8.00
11826 votes
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Live Deliberately

#19 - Live Deliberately

Ed Season 1 - Episode 16

A brush with death inspires a local man to change his life and do things he's never done before such as scale a wall, bowl naked, and go out with Molly. Meanwhile, Ed tries to recapture his youth by doing things he did when he was 18, and Warren becomes inspired by Thoreau's call to ""simplify"".

star 7.98
90 votes
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Downloaded Child

#20 - Downloaded Child

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 15 - Episode 19

After a single mom is arrested for leaving her young daughter alone for days, Sgt. Benson suspects the woman may have been abused in her own childhood.

star 7.95
366 votes
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Bryce Will Play

#21 - Bryce Will Play

United States of Tara Season 3 - Episode 9

The discovery of Tara's new dangerous alter makes Dr. Hattaras and Tara consult another professional. Marshall finds out that his short film hurt his father's feelings and Charmaine connects with "chic moms," while Kate tries to make her relationship with Evan work.

star 7.94
728 votes
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Nana Gallagher Had an Affair

#22 - Nana Gallagher Had an Affair

Shameless (US) Season 1 - Episode 10

The children's paternity is put into question and Frank needs Carl's help.

star 7.92
4016 votes
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All Weapons Red

#23 - All Weapons Red

Alpha House Season 1 - Episode 3

As the re-election battles heat up the four senators travel to Afghanistan as part of a Congressional Delegation.

star 7.91
231 votes
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Caballo Sin Nombre

#24 - Caballo Sin Nombre

Breaking Bad Season 3 - Episode 2

Walt takes drastic action to bring his family back together. With Saul's help, Jesse makes an unexpected investment.

star 7.91
14234 votes
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The Deaf Sage of Pompeii

#25 - The Deaf Sage of Pompeii

City on a Hill Season 1 - Episode 9

When an unlikely source confides in Decourcy, the Massachusetts State Police hatch a plan that promises arrests without the help of the FBI. However, keeping out of the way is not exactly Jackie’s strong suit. The Genesis Coalition pitches a new strategy to curb Boston’s crime rate. Jenny opens up about her past to a sympathetic ear.

star 7.91
429 votes
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#26 - Slip

Better Call Saul Season 3 - Episode 8

Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures. Nacho picks up a skill. Mike explores an alliance. Kim stands up to Hamlin.

star 7.90
6456 votes
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Tracy Does Conan

#27 - Tracy Does Conan

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 7

It's a star showdown when a dazed and confused Tracy bumps Jenna from her scheduled appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" which sends both actors into a tailspin. Meanwhile, Liz realizes she needs to break up with Dennis.

star 7.90
1952 votes
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The Rooster Prince

#28 - The Rooster Prince

Fargo Season 1 - Episode 2

Molly begins to suspect that Lester is involved in the murders, but her boss points her in a different direction. Meanwhile, Malvo investigates the plot against a man known as the Supermarket King.

star 7.88
6785 votes
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Famous Last Words

#29 - Famous Last Words

Oz Season 4 - Episode 16

Hill gets caught in a deliberate attempt to frame him for drug possession. To fight back, he gets some medical info that leads to Supreme's demise. Redding thanks Hill and offers to bring him back to the crew in return. Hill thanks Redding but refuses. The Colonel's attempt to kill Morales backfires. The tides turn on Cloutier who is first stripped of his position in his church and then endures his followers turning against him. After Hughes takes over the solitary ward, Glynn goes in to try and calm him down. Hughes tries to kill Glynn but gets killed himself. Frustrated, hurt and helpless, Glynn transcribes his letter of resignation to his secretary. Murphy offers to be McManus' teammate in the final basketball game. McManus appears on the tv game show and loses in the first round. White gets returned to solitary for starting a fight with other inmates. When McManus confronts him about it, White goes into a rage and stomps McManus. The news of Beecher's parole enrages Schillinger who immediately order's Beecher's murder. Later, Schillinger and Robson try to ambush Beecher in the library only they are shanked by an enraged Said. After talking with his mother, O'Reily decides to change up. He goes to Glynn to warn him of the bomb Connolly plans to detonate. The common room is cleared only for Connolly who holds the bomb as it's timer counts down. The bomb doesn't go off and Connolly's taken by the SORT team. Meanwhile, a guard lights a cigarette in the kitchen causing a major explosion.

star 7.88
452 votes
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All in the Family

#30 - All in the Family

Elementary Season 2 - Episode 13

When a body is found in a barrel, Holmes and Watson launch an investigation into the mafia’s ties to the murder. Meanwhile, Sherlock attempts to make amends with Detective Bell.

star 7.88
4037 votes
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Forget the Herring

#31 - Forget the Herring

Bored to Death Season 3 - Episode 7

Rose Hiney connects with Jonathan on new leads. George and Ray attempt to right their unrightable wrongs.

star 7.87
788 votes
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New Year's Day

#32 - New Year's Day

Billions Season 4 - Episode 10

Wendy and Taylor each prep for a big day. Wags gets in touch with his sensitive side. Axe and Wendy’s bond solidifies as he recalls a pivotal moment. Connerty reconnects with a figure from his past.

star 7.86
1414 votes
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In Case of (Re)Birth

#33 - In Case of (Re)Birth

A Gifted Man Season 1 - Episode 11

Michael and E-Mo clash over a patient's treatment; a teenager abandons her baby at the clinic after giving birth.

star 7.85
472 votes
The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer

#34 - The Case of the Beautiful Blackmailer

Bored to Death Season 1 - Episode 6

Jonathan is enlisted to retrieve a sex tape that a female escort is using to extort money from a married New Jersey man. With Ray and George in tow, Jonathan ends up in a motel room with the escort, who attempts to blackmail him as well. Can the very stoned Ray and George save Jonathan's neck before the woman's enraged brother breaks it?

star 7.84
852 votes
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My Overkill

#35 - My Overkill

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 1

Relationships between the staff of Sacred Heart Hospital have been shaken since Jordan's revelations. Turk is sleeping on J.D.'s bed, after Carla kicked him out of his own. Elliot is having a hard time facing J.D. every day at work. J.D. desperately tries to get Dr. Cox's attention back, unsuccessfully.

star 7.84
2196 votes
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#36 - Grace

Californication Season 7 - Episode 12

Hank makes a life-altering decision. Series finale.

star 7.84
2253 votes
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Arousal Template

#37 - Arousal Template

Billions Season 4 - Episode 2

Axe, still focused on wrecking Taylor and their new company, hits it off with a venture capitalist. Chuck sets his sights on a new position. Wendy asks Chuck to make a change.

star 7.83
1516 votes
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Nothing I Can't Handle by Running Away

#38 - Nothing I Can't Handle by Running Away

Bored to Death Season 3 - Episode 8

In the series finale, George celebrates Emily and Bernard’s wedding; and Ray is comforted by his son, Spencer. Meanwhile, Jonathan considers breaking up with his new girlfriend, but when he’s kidnapped, an army of Super Ray fans spring into action.

star 7.82
668 votes
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Super Ray Is Mortal!

#39 - Super Ray Is Mortal!

Bored to Death Season 2 - Episode 8

A mad stalker imperils Ray on the eve of the Brooklyn Comic Con. With the help of Officer Drake, he and Jonathan piece together leads to track down the perp. George decides to make a stand at work. Jonathan has another battle with his nemesis, Louis Greene.

star 7.82
813 votes
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Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

#40 - Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

Californication Season 5 - Episode 12

Hank discovers the bartender at a local watering hole is his late friend Lew Ashby and wonders if he's in Hell. Richard makes a startling announcement about Hank and Karen. Hank tries to make things right with Becca, but her news about Tyler leaves him stunned. On the set of "Santa Monica Cop," Sam's jealousy and fondness for firearms give Charlie an opportunity to show how much he loves his best friend and number-one client; Hank's arsonist ex-girlfriend surprises him with a way for them to be together forever.

star 7.81
3396 votes
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#41 - Pilot

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 1

Sam and Mel intend to reveal her pregnancy to her parents after a quiet dinner. However, when Sam misses the train after having a drunk girl throw up on him, the dinner starts becoming increasingly unlikely.

star 7.80
526 votes
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Good Intentions

#42 - Good Intentions

Oz Season 5 - Episode 7

Redding discovers that Busmalis lied about DeSantos. Furious, he confronts Morales and the confrontation gets the two of them thrown in the hole. Cyril gets convicted of the murder and Ryan tells the attorney not to appeal. Meanwhile Sister Pete, Father Meehan and Suzanne Fitzgerald meet to devise another plan in Cyril's defense. Rebadow fumes over not getting the lottery money. Mc Manus' offer to search Oz's databases reveals an inmate with the same blood history as Rebadow's grandson. Rebadow meets the man only to be rejected by him. The rumor of Robson's replacement gums coming from a black patient prompts Schillinger to consult with Aryan Nation leader. The result? Robson gets banned from the Aryans.

star 7.78
376 votes
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Cat's in the Bag...

#43 - Cat's in the Bag...

Breaking Bad Season 1 - Episode 2

Walt and Jesse attempt to tie up loose ends. The desperate situation gets more complicated with the flip of a coin. Walt's wife, Skyler, becomes suspicious of Walt's strange behavior.

star 7.78
18128 votes
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#44 - Anti-Thesis

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 2 - Episode 3

As Goren and Eames sift through the likely suspects in the murder of a university president and his assistant, they discover that the culprit is a wily adversary who has more than these crimes to hide.

star 7.77
220 votes
Dream a Little Dream of Me

#45 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

Oz Season 5 - Episode 3

After recovering from his shank wound, Alvarez gains a follower. Busmalis starts a letter writing campaign to get "Miss Sally's Schoolhouse" back on the air. Rebadow finds a way to raise the money for his grandson's treatment. Jia Kenmin returns to Oz after recovering from the coma induced by a blow from Cyril. After Schillinger's released, Redding and Morales form a pact to eliminate the Italians from the drug trade. Schibetta makes a move on the Aryans only it backfires with terrifying results. Kirk continues planning ways to kill Cloutier. After carrying out messages he "received" from Cloutier, Hoyt confesses to all his past murders. Cloutier makes a move that mystifies everyone.

star 7.77
413 votes
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#46 - Julia

Californication Season 7 - Episode 2

Hank gets frustrated with his "Santa Monica Cop" coworkers on his first day in the show's writer's room, and he gets a surprise when he visits Levon's apartment. Meanwhile, Charlie meets Rath's new assistant; and Karen gets an unexpected surprise.

star 7.76
2396 votes
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#47 - Intent

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 19 - Episode 8

The cops get tangled in an elaborate online hoax that leads to the rape of a popular social media star. Meanwhile, Benson sets firm ground rules with Sheila.

star 7.76
724 votes
My Porcelain God

#48 - My Porcelain God

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 13

Elliot finds herself perplexed over a simple procedure that leaves her questioning her career path. She goes to seek Dr. Kevin Casey's advice but becomes frustrated when she learns that the epiphany toilet, which the Janitor secretly installed on the roof, is getting more attention than she is. Meanwhile, Turk asks J.D. to be his best man at his wedding, which sends J.D. into sheer bliss momentarily until he hears a phone message that makes him question his friendship with Turk.

star 7.76
1772 votes
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...And the Bag's in the River

#49 - ...And the Bag's in the River

Breaking Bad Season 1 - Episode 3

Walter fights with Jesse over his drug use, causing him to leave Walter alone with their captive, Krazy-8. Meanwhile, Hank has a scared straight moment with Walter Jr..

star 7.76
16718 votes
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#50 - Partners

Ed Season 3 - Episode 12

Ed and Frankie represent a man who is suing his sister for ""outing"" him, even though he insists he's not gay; Carol goes looking for love in all the wrong places; by attempting to drive away all his patients, Dr. Jerome drives Mike crazy until Mike uncovers Dr. Jerome's real motivation in trying to drive him out of business.

star 7.75
86 votes
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Broken Rhymes

#51 - Broken Rhymes

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 18 - Episode 6

A record label CEO and his protégé are questioned for their involvement in the assault of a transgender student.

star 7.75
1142 votes
You Bet Your Life

#52 - You Bet Your Life

Oz Season 4 - Episode 8

After the press conference shooting incident, Glynn pulls out of the race. When a corpse is found in the laundry room, Querns demands Adebisi find out who did the deed. Soon Browne's corpse is also discovered and Querns gets worried. Querns's investigative efforts point to Supreme Allah as the culprit only Supreme's really being framed for the two killings by O'Reily and Keller. Hill pays big when he tells Mobay he knows he's undercover and Mobay comes clean about his involvement in Oz's recent crimes. Considering the words of Cyril, Sister Pete decides to remain in the Order. On death row, Deyell delivers some payback after Miles goes on another racist tirade. Vern finds out he's going to be a grandfather. Said moves in with Adebisi in order to get some proof of Adebisi's rowdy behavior. Simon finds out and delivers a tape of one of Adebisi's "parties" to Said hoping to "gain his trust" as a "brother" Said turns the evidence over to McManus. The result? Querns gets fired, McManus is reinstated and Adebisi and his cronies get moved to Unit B. Enraged about these new developments, Adebisi and Said struggle in the pod and one of them becomes Oz's latest murder victim.

star 7.75
597 votes
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My First Day

#53 - My First Day

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 1

John Dorian, "J.D." to friends, is a boyishly handsome, self-deprecatingly funny, likeable guy who would be confident if he only realized his assets. Four years of medical school have prepared J.D. for his first day as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital - but he has his doubts. As J.D. is thrown into the chaotic world of hospital life, we not only get to see the quirky characters that he encounters, but also hear the humorous commentary of thoughts streaming through J.D.'s head. By J.D.'s side is his best friend since college, the handsome and confident Chris Turk. As a new surgical intern, Turk struts around with a gregarious and cocky demeanor that hides a terror that he only admits to J.D. Both guys initially have the hots for their attractive fellow intern, Elliot Reid, but J.D. quickly finds out her beauty is only surpassed by her hyper-competitive attitude. Guiding the interns' education are those with more medical experience. Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso, Chief of Medicine, wants the interns to think they can count on him. On the other side of the personality spectrum is Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox, a steamroller of a man short on patience. Watching over the interns with a caustically teasing but caring demeanor, is nurse Carla Espinosa, a woman who is motherly and sexy at the same time - which appeals mightily to Turk.

star 7.74
3900 votes
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Blind Faith

#54 - Blind Faith

Californication Season 6 - Episode 10

Hank seeks comfort from Faith, only to find her with Beckett. Hank meets two very important people in Faith’s life. On the home front, Becca has some big news.

star 7.73
2436 votes
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Lights. Camera. Asshole

#55 - Lights. Camera. Asshole

Californication Season 4 - Episode 8

Hank takes a gig rewriting dialogue on a zombie sequel but threatens his job when he hooks up with a sexy woman with close ties to the film's female lead; Marcy tells Stu she's pregnant but not that the baby may be Charlie's.

star 7.73
4227 votes
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Mad Dogs & Englishmen

#56 - Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Californication Season 6 - Episode 9

Atticus throws a party. Faith provides the girls, The Dealer provides the recreation and Hank's old friend provides the entertainment. Hank gets a taste of his own medicine with Karen. Atticus tries to recreate rock and roll folklore with one of his biggest fans while Charlie reunites with The Widow.

star 7.73
2557 votes
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Escape from the Castle!

#57 - Escape from the Castle!

Bored to Death Season 2 - Episode 7

A dermatologist enlists Jonathan to deliver a letter to his intended at an Asian health spa. Jonathan takes Ray to the spa for his birthday, with George and his new chauffeur Vikram in tow.

star 7.72
848 votes
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A Cock and Balls Story

#58 - A Cock and Balls Story

Oz Season 4 - Episode 1

The lockdown ends. After Hamid Khan's body is taken off life support, the Muslim's choose Arif to lead them. Meanwhile, Cyril's having nightmares about delivering the fatal blow to Khan in the boxing match. Ryan asks Sister Pete to intervene. Murphy makes a suggestion to help ease some of the strain in solitary after another inmate commits suicide. Father Mukada plants an inventive idea in Beecher's head on how to deal with Schillinger. Shirley Bellinger returns awaiting her date with the noose. New inmate Mobay, arrives to Oz and his cellmate Hill is immediately suspicious. Gov. Devlin invites Glynn to be his running mate in the Gov's re-election bid. McManus gets an update on Wittlesey, who hasn't returned from vacation and a shootout in Oz results in four deaths.

star 7.71
628 votes
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Charity Cases

#59 - Charity Cases

Ed Season 2 - Episode 9

Ed becomes the anti-Claus after a wealthy client gives Stuckeyville a Christmas gift he really can't afford, forcing the bowling-alley bunch to host a frenzied fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Mike fears that he and Nancy are a bad influence on their own daughter; and Carol gets a peek at the other woman in Dennis's life.

star 7.71
88 votes
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#60 - Revenge

Rescue Me Season 1 - Episode 6

Tommy takes one step forward by convincing Janet to leave Roger but two steps backward when she stumbles onto his latest fling. The boys convince Sean to date a woman but neglect to tell him that she is actually a he. Franco discovers he can't shake his newfound fatherly instincts.

star 7.71
376 votes
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My Old Man

#61 - My Old Man

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 19

An assortment of moms and dads descend on their offspring at home and in the workplace. J.D.'s father is a gregarious yet lonely divorcee who's desperately trying to be just one of the guys. Elliot's folks, on the other hand, are a snooty couple whose pompous behavior dismays their daughter. Similarly rattled is Turk, unnerved by the bonding of his girlfriend, Carla, and his brassy mother. But the most vexatious parent by far is the janitor's dad.

star 7.71
2209 votes
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Dead Rock Stars

#62 - Dead Rock Stars

Californication Season 6 - Episode 3

Hank and Faith attend a funeral. Later, Karen finds Hank in a compromising position. Robbie Mac and Ken take Charlie out on the town, which doesn't sit well with Marcy.

star 7.71
2692 votes
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My Way or the Highway

#63 - My Way or the Highway

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 20

Turk's competitiveness is starting to annoy J.D., especially when it crosses the line of personal jokes and comes to patient's matters. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox finally has a taste of good coffee, but thanks to his feud with Dr. Kelso, the only nurse who was able to make it gets fired. Elliot meets a very attractive patient, whom she instantly identifies, but has a really hard time getting him to ask her out.

star 7.70
2102 votes
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Criminal Hatred

#64 - Criminal Hatred

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 14 - Episode 12

The detectives go under cover to arrest a man who brutally attacks other men; a deceptively tough defense attorney (Nia Vardalos) complicates ADA Barba's case.

star 7.70
393 votes
My Hard Labor

#65 - My Hard Labor

Scrubs Season 7 - Episode 2

Kim goes into labor, and J.D. struggles to decide if he should tell her what he really thinks of their relationship. Turk, desperate to do something not baby-related, races to beat a video game before Carla discovers him. And Dr. Cox searches for someone he trusts enough to give his daughter a shot.

star 7.69
1829 votes
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#66 - Magnet

Law & Order Season 16 - Episode 14

Fontana and Green arrest a fellow student after a young man is murdered, but McCoy faces a tough adversary when he tries to prosecute the crime.

star 7.69
124 votes
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#67 - Contract

Billions Season 5 - Episode 5

Axe must reckon with his past to secure his future. Chuck plots against Axe with the help of some old associates. Chuck and Wendy both try to move on, but get forced together by an emergency. Wendy and Taylor embark on a new venture.

star 7.68
986 votes
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#68 - Caregiver

Nurse Jackie Season 2 - Episode 5

Jackie's life gets a little more complicated because of a security guard. O'Hara's longtime affair comes to light.

star 7.67
937 votes
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No Shame

#69 - No Shame

Alpha House Season 1 - Episode 2

The senators adjust to their new roommate, and his girlfriend, as preparations for the Congressional Delegation to Afghanistan continue.

star 7.67
367 votes
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The Script and the Sherpa

#70 - The Script and the Sherpa

Entourage Season 1 - Episode 5

The boys are less than pleased that Vince's latest fling, Fiona, has over-stayed the 3-day rule that Vince instated long ago. Eric is re-introduced to an old acquaintance who may have just the script that Vince has been looking for: a story about a guy from Queens. Turtle tries to find a way around a weed drought in L.A.

star 7.67
1794 votes
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Thought Criminal

#71 - Thought Criminal

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 15 - Episode 23

Taking an active approach to catching sex offenders, the team targets a photographer with a secret life whose fantasies may have crossed into reality.

star 7.66
315 votes
Exit Strategy

#72 - Exit Strategy

House of Lies Season 2 - Episode 10

Marty looks to solidify a future career opportunity, while Jeannie has misgivings about hers; and Doug needs to step up his social-networking skills when a promising business opportunity drops in his lap. Later, tensions erupt between Marty and his brother, Malcolm.

star 7.66
1248 votes
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#73 - Utah

House of Lies Season 1 - Episode 5

Jeannie has to take charge of the Pod when the racist CEO of a motel chain has reservations about dealing with Marty. Meanwhile, Clyde hopes to hit it off with a lovely Mormon virgin; and when Monica finds she has some free time on her hands, she decides to spend it with Roscoe.

star 7.65
1899 votes
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My T.C.W.

#74 - My T.C.W.

Scrubs Season 2 - Episode 18

J.D. flirts with the wife of a patient who's been in a coma for the past two years, whom they all call T.C.W. (Tasty Coma Wife). He feels guilty for doing that, even though she wants to go ahead with it. Meanwhile, he can't stand listening to any more relationship problems, as everybody dumps their issues on his ears: Elliot, sabotaging her relationship with Paul over beef jerky, Carla, finding out her engagement ring passed through a patient's digestive system and Dr. Cox's unsucessful attempts to get some attention from Jordan, who can only think about her baby right now.

star 7.64
1869 votes
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Dead Man Talking

#75 - Dead Man Talking

Oz Season 6 - Episode 1

At the bi-annual review of solitary prisoners, the board decides to release Alvarez and Schillinger back into gen pop. Rebadow, still mourning the loss of his grandson, gets transferred to work in the library, where he is thrilled to meet the new librarian, Stella Coffo. Meanwhile, Timmy Kirk, now sentenced to Death Row, pleads to Father Mukada to help exorcize him; Ryan O'Reily seeks to prove his brother Cyril had no premeditated plans of murder; and Winthrop makes Schillinger an offer he can't refuse.

star 7.64
359 votes
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#76 - Butterfly

Rescue Me Season 1 - Episode 7

When Tommy asks for extra vacation time, Chief Reilly tips him off on how to get a free two week vacation from headquarters. While building a deck for Tommy's neighbor, Tommy takes advantage of his "free" advice which leads him to make a bold move in reconciling with Janet.

star 7.64
402 votes
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My Life in Four Cameras

#77 - My Life in Four Cameras

Scrubs Season 4 - Episode 17

When J.D. meets a former writer from his all time favorite TV show "Cheers," he begins to picture his life at the hospital as a bland, multiple camera sitcom, where everything is perfect and wraps up nicely. Back in reality, Cox is relunctant to fire an amiable cafeteria worker, while Turk and Carla struggle to keep their promise of constant romantic affection afloat.

star 7.64
1833 votes
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Home Sweet Home

#78 - Home Sweet Home

Californication Season 4 - Episode 3

Hank takes advantage of the misperception that he tried to commit suicide and moves back home with Karen and Becca, but his daughter knows the truth; Charlie sets out to reach a sexual benchmark while a wealthy producer pursues Marcy.

star 7.63
4513 votes
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#79 - Doomsayer

Outsiders Season 1 - Episode 2

Asa fights for his right to stay on Shay Mountain in a brutal game of survival.

star 7.63
1927 votes
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The C Word

#80 - The C Word

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 14

Being the boss isn't all it's cracked up to be when Liz overhears the writers discussing her management style, as they call her an offensive word. Meanwhile, Jack tries to impress CEO Don Geiss at a charity golf tournament by bringing Tracy along.

star 7.62
1959 votes
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Me and My Baby

#81 - Me and My Baby

Fosse/Verdon Season 1 - Episode 3

As Gwen and Bob pursue separate projects, Gwen thinks back to the beginning of her career, and the circumstances that led her here.

star 7.62
117 votes
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Bundle of Joy

#82 - Bundle of Joy

The Big C Season 3 - Episode 3

Cathy visits a joyologist while Sean and Andrea go out for Valentine's Day.

star 7.60
346 votes
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Marius Josipovic

#83 - Marius Josipovic

Sneaky Pete Season 2 - Episode 8

Jealous of Marius' relationship with the family, Pete threatens to implode the heist unless he is granted a special request. Otto and Sam retrieve the Proclamation, but discover the larger threat Colin poses to Julia. Julia, Taylor, Otto, Carly, and Audrey disclose the urgency of their troubles to each other, and Audrey's suspicions about Maggie and Marius come to an ugly head.

star 7.60
643 votes
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Date Night

#84 - Date Night

Parenthood (2010) Season 2 - Episode 4

Kristina schedules a date night with Adam to try to keep their marriage alive; Sarah offers Drew advice about love; Haddie runs for student council president; Crosby learns an important lesson about being a father.

star 7.59
477 votes
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My Choosiest Choice of All

#85 - My Choosiest Choice of All

Scrubs Season 3 - Episode 19

J.D. hooks up with Danni again, after Sean returns, but he can't forget about his passionate night with Elliot. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox realizes, that he might actually have a crush on the one doctor he loathes.

star 7.57
1825 votes
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Dinner With Friends

#86 - Dinner With Friends

Californication Season 7 - Episode 10

Hank entices Karen to have dinner with him, but Julia interrupts their romantic evening. Later, Charlie, Marcy, Krull, Levon and his new friend bring even more drama to the night; and chaos ensues when Stu assaults Charlie's manhood.

star 7.56
2063 votes
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My Best Friend's Mistake

#87 - My Best Friend's Mistake

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 3

J.D. begins to feel distant from Turk, when he leaves him abandoned every time that he tries to talk to him. Elliot fights with Kelso for calling her "sweetheart," and she seeks Dr. Cox's advice. J.D.'s relationship with Elliot goes in a time race, when he has 48 hours to kiss her before he is put into her "Friend Zone."

star 7.55
2579 votes
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Family Matters

#88 - Family Matters

The Big C Season 3 - Episode 4

Cathy focuses on her new personal pursuit while Adam and Andrea each cope with her new direction in their own ways; Sean meets Willy (guest star Victor Garber), the former owner of his sex line business.

star 7.53
400 votes
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Farrell Wine

#89 - Farrell Wine

Outsiders Season 1 - Episode 1

Set in present-day Kentucky, a family clan living off the grid on a mountaintop homestead faces new threats to their way of life.

star 7.53
2238 votes
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#90 - Pilot

Alpha House Season 1 - Episode 1

Re-election battles, looming indictments, parties, their Party... these senators need a drink. And a new housemate.

star 7.53
534 votes
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#91 - Pilot

Doubt Season 1 - Episode 1

Brilliant and beautiful, Sadie Ellis has a good job at a boutique law firm where she works with passionate warrior for justice Cameron Wirth, second-year associate Tiffany Simon, former felon Nick, and her close friend Albert Cobb, who believes he knows everything about her -- but Sadie has a secret that could put everything on the line. Clandestinely involved with her charming client, Billy Brennan, a pediatric surgeon accused of murdering his girlfriend 24 years ago, she must work harder than ever to prove his innocence, even if she's not always certain of it.

star 7.52
1001 votes
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#92 - Bleeding

Nurse Jackie Season 2 - Episode 6

Jackie asks Eddie to stop spending time with Kevin. A pharmaceutical company rep provides Jackie with drugs.

star 7.51
936 votes
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I Am the Table

#93 - I Am the Table

Weeds Season 4 - Episode 8

A spontaneous date ends in near-violence for Nancy and Esteban; Silas reveals to Lisa that he grows pot, and she makes him a tempting offer; Andy and Doug smuggle their first customer across the border; Celia develops an addiction.

star 7.51
1668 votes
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My Own Personal Hell

#94 - My Own Personal Hell

Scrubs Season 5 - Episode 14

J.D. is sick of perfect intern Keith and he's not the only one. Elliot's relationship with Keith is revealed, so the other interns think that he is getting special attention. In the meantime Dr. Cox boasts about being named "The Best Doctor in the City" by a local magazine, thus Dr. Kelso assigns him to the most difficult patient in the hospital to deflate his ego. Also, Turk and Carla continue to struggle in their quest for conception.

star 7.51
1759 votes
Part I

#95 - Part I

The Sinner Season 3 - Episode 1

Detective Ambrose investigates a tragic yet suspicious car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester.

star 7.50
1182 votes
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Part 3

#96 - Part 3

Bloodline Season 1 - Episode 3

With Robert’s condition uncertain, Danny re-considers staying in Islamorada. Meg’s personal and professional obligations become overwhelming.

star 7.49
1097 votes
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Works of Mercy

#97 - Works of Mercy

Oz Season 4 - Episode 4

The kidnapping of Beecher's children has everyone upset and Beecher inconsolable. Schillinger gets questioned and of course, claims to know nothing about the deed. Beecher decides to initiate his own investigation. Soon after, a package with horrendous contents arrives for Beecher. Meanwhile, Oz prepares for Shirley Bellinger's hanging as the death penalty protests continue. A visit from the Cardinal creates mixed feelings for Sister Pete and Father Ray. Said announces good and bad news in the state's decision for the inmates. Another Rebadow prediction comes chillingly true. O'Reily's still searching for that elusive cell phone and Dr. Nathan asks Glynn for permission to return to work earlier than expected.

star 7.48
522 votes
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#98 - Conversions

Oz Season 4 - Episode 10

New inmate Burr Redding arrives and stands ready to assume control of the drug business. Dr. Nathan returns. Tidd approaches Schillinger with a plan to kill Said. Several Asian refugees are housed in Em City while the government decides their fate and they unwillingly get caught in a power struggle between Morales and Redding. Glynn hires an energetic new assistant who piques everyone's interest.

star 7.45
514 votes
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The Bird

#99 - The Bird

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 2

Sam tries to win over Dick by charming Angela, but then ruins any progress he made when he has a mishap with Dick's birds.

star 7.44
344 votes
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My Mentor

#100 - My Mentor

Scrubs Season 1 - Episode 2

J.D. tries to persuade a smoker patient to quit smoking in order to impress Dr. Cox, who is just feeling lonely in his opinion. Elliot's attitude towards Carla annoys her, thus Turk is able to go on a date with Carla, when he convinces her to forgive Elliot.

star 7.42
3156 votes
The Aftermath

#101 - The Aftermath

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 2

Jack continues to tweak "The Girlie Show" so that eccentric Tracy Jordan can be the star. Meanwhile, Liz makes it worse when she tries to smooth things over and Tracy throws a yacht party.

star 7.39
2659 votes
La Ronde

#102 - La Ronde

Californication Season 2 - Episode 9

Hank turns down an offer of sex which is unthinkable (for him). Karen gives in to Ashby's asking and agrees to date him. Charlie and Daisy have a bonding moment over the film Dirty Dancing, while Marcy is still in rehab.

star 7.39
2994 votes
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Part II

#103 - Part II

The Sinner Season 3 - Episode 2

Ambrose looks into Jamie and Nick's relationship before the crash. Jamie begins to unravel.

star 7.37
1075 votes
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Losing Streak

#104 - Losing Streak

Ed Season 1 - Episode 10

Ed's visiting parents show their disapproval of his new life in Stuckeyville; Ed defends two men being sued for pulling a prank involving a lottery ticket; Carol becomes coach for the school's losing junior varsity basketball team; Shirley and Kenny stake out a vandal at Stuckeybowl.

star 7.36
89 votes
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Secret Identities

#105 - Secret Identities

Oz Season 3 - Episode 7

Sister Pete's anger is roused and forces her to confession. Wangler and Adebisi register a complaint to the Warden. Yet another inmate meets with demise. Bellinger enlists McManus' help. Glynn and Hughes have an important conversation. Adebisi begins sowing seeds of discontent and a fight erupts in the gym resulting in a lockdown.

star 7.36
590 votes
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#106 - Pilot

30 Rock Season 1 - Episode 1

Comedy writer Liz Lemon is called upstairs to meet the new network exec, Jack Donaghy, who instructs her to hire movie star Tracy Jordan to draw a young male audience to "The Girlie Show."

star 7.33
3468 votes
Two Days of Freedom

#107 - Two Days of Freedom

Ed Season 2 - Episode 11

Carol breaks Ed's heart with a lie about her relationship with Dennis, who gives Miss Vessey cause to reconsider romance with him. Meanwhile, a Stuckeyville woman hires Ed to watch over her husband during his very unusual birthday celebration; Phil and Kenny set out to invent a new food; and Warren's first date with Jessica hits a snag.

star 7.32
87 votes
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#108 - Pilot

The Mist Season 1 - Episode 1

A sinister mist wraps around a small town, where strange deaths begin occurring; Eve and Kevin deal with the assault of their daughter by a high school jock.

star 7.30
3040 votes
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The Truck

#109 - The Truck

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 4

Mel and Sam decide it's time to reveal their secret, with their first big big doctor's appointment coming up concerning the pregnancy.

star 7.24
373 votes
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Can We Get That Drink Now?

#110 - Can We Get That Drink Now?

Mercy Season 1 - Episode 1

We meet Veronica Callahan, a very smart nurse who returns to Mercy Hospital after a year long tour of service in the Army. She's not afraid to take risks in order to save her patients, but this attitude might just cost her her job. In her personal life she's trying to make her marriage work with her high school sweetheart Mike, but when she sees the hospital new doctor it might not be that simple. Meanwhile, we meet Veronica's best friend and also nurse colleague Sonia, who thinks she finally found the man of her life and also Chloe, a rookie nurse who is learning the hard way how to be a nurse.

star 7.13
171 votes
The Gift

#111 - The Gift

Worst Week Season 1 - Episode 11

When Sam learns that Dick buys Angela the same Christmas gift every year, he offers to help him get something really special for her...but Sam's attempt to deliver the perfect present does not go as well as he planned.

star 7.03
156 votes
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