The BEST Episodes of Ink Master

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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Hosted by rock legend Dave Navarro and judged by icons of the tattoo world, Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck, 10 of the country's most creative and skilled tattoo artists descend on NYC to compete for a hundred thousand dollars and the title of INK MASTER. The stakes couldn't be higher with "living canvasses" donating their skin to be permanently marked in this adrenalized competition elimination.

Step Up or Shut Up

#1 - Step Up or Shut Up

Season 12 - Episode 15

The last four artists remaining battle it out in a tattoo marathon to secure their spot in the season finale.

star 8.16
90 votes
Moving Pictures

#2 - Moving Pictures

Season 12 - Episode 13

The artists are on their own in a test of finesse as the six remaining competitors fight for the cash prize and the title of Ink Master.

star 8.06
96 votes
Turning the Tables

#3 - Turning the Tables

Season 7 - Episode 12

The tables are turned when the new artists call the shots in the elimination tattoo and get revenge.

star 8.04
347 votes
Sink or Soar

#4 - Sink or Soar

Season 7 - Episode 9

The artists work in pairs to execute large-scale back pieces testing texture... and each other’s nerves.

star 8.02
369 votes
Battle of the Sexes Finale

#5 - Battle of the Sexes Finale

Season 12 - Episode 16

Seven veteran artists battle it out in the "Clash of the Coaches Face Off." The battle of the sexes comes to an end as the three finalists reveal their 35-hour Master Canvas tattoos and one artist wins the title of Ink Master.

star 7.99
82 votes
Grudge Match Finale

#6 - Grudge Match Finale

Season 11 - Episode 16

Christian Buckingham and Cleen Rock One return to settle the grudge match once and for all. The battle concludes as the top three artists reveal their 35-hour master canvas tattoos and one artist wins the title of Ink Master.

star 7.98
119 votes
Unfriendly Fire

#7 - Unfriendly Fire

Season 12 - Episode 14

It's a battle of the sexes as the men's team takes aim at the women during an illustrative portrait challenge.

star 7.94
83 votes
Marathon to the Finale

#8 - Marathon to the Finale

Season 9 - Episode 15

The final four shops compete in a two-part tattoo marathon that will determine who goes to the live finale.

star 7.91
379 votes
The Art Stands Alone

#9 - The Art Stands Alone

Season 12 - Episode 5

It's every man or woman for themselves when the artists are subject to a blind critique.

star 7.89
95 votes
Prelude to a Bloodbath

#10 - Prelude to a Bloodbath

Season 11 - Episode 15

star 7.87
127 votes
Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is

#11 - Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is

Season 12 - Episode 12

The competition tests the artists' ability to market themselves when the power is in the hands of the canvases.

star 7.87
97 votes
Salt in the Wound

#12 - Salt in the Wound

Season 7 - Episode 3

Some of the artists have a tough time working in teams of two for the Flash Challenge; a veteran artist schemes to take back control.

star 7.86
286 votes
Eyes of the Beholder

#13 - Eyes of the Beholder

Season 3 - Episode 10

The artists take on eyelid tattoos, and Tatu Baby fights back when Joshua goes on the attack. Then, a portrait challenge sees one canvas get inked with an image of Dave.

star 7.85
140 votes

#14 - Shipwrecked

Season 7 - Episode 10

Alliances are tested as the remaining artists must tattoo in teams of three.

star 7.84
341 votes
Revenge Live

#15 - Revenge Live

Season 7 - Episode 13

The final three artists reveal two master canvases; eliminated artists return and confront each other for the first time since the competition; a winner is crowned.

star 7.84
344 votes
Who's Got the Power?

#16 - Who's Got the Power?

Season 11 - Episode 13

With only six artists remaining, the power to control the game is everything. The battle for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master is more intense than ever before when the artists must collaborate to create powerful tattoos.

star 7.83
121 votes
What Are You Crayon About?

#17 - What Are You Crayon About?

Season 11 - Episode 14

There's nowhere to hide when the artists are tested in precision portraiture. One artist misses the mark and is sent packing. The battle continues for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master.

star 7.82
124 votes
Bio-Mechanical Failure

#18 - Bio-Mechanical Failure

Season 8 - Episode 14

Stakes are at a competition-high when the artists must work in teams to transform canvases into cyborgs.

star 7.80
455 votes
Sell Out

#19 - Sell Out

Season 9 - Episode 13

The artists put the saying, "the customer is always right," to the test when they must sell themselves to their canvases for the chance to tattoo.

star 7.79
414 votes
By Accident or By Design

#20 - By Accident or By Design

Season 12 - Episode 10

The battle for the grand prize and title of Ink Master continues as the judges test the artists' adaptability.

star 7.79
92 votes
Pins & No Needles

#21 - Pins & No Needles

Season 12 - Episode 8

The artists think outside the box as they show their understanding of color theory, then get a crash course in new school style from their coaches Jime Litwalk and Kelly Doty.

star 7.79
96 votes
Enduring the Pain

#22 - Enduring the Pain

Season 3 - Episode 12

star 7.79
124 votes
No One Is Safe

#23 - No One Is Safe

Season 8 - Episode 15

The battle comes to a head as the top four artists must endure a grueling tattoo marathon.

star 7.79
456 votes
Fight to the Finale

#24 - Fight to the Finale

Season 5 - Episode 15

The last four artists battle it out with emotional outbursts, explosive fights, incredible tattoos and total fails.

star 7.78
125 votes
Drawing Alliances

#25 - Drawing Alliances

Season 12 - Episode 9

Composition must be perfect as the remaining competitors draw freehand tattoos on their canvases, and coaches James Vaughn and Megan Jean Morris offer the artists advice.

star 7.76
92 votes