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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Network: History

Forged in Fire features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of the most iconic edged weapons from history. In each episode, four of the best bladesmiths in the country will come together to put both their skills and reputations on the line. Whether they are making a Japanese katana, a medieval broadsword, or an ancient throwing blade like the chakram, the weapons they forge will be fully functional and lethal works of art and war. The unique histories contained within each weapon will be creatively told during the forging process and the final weapons themselves will be assessed and ruthlessly tested by our panel of expert judges. These dynamic and explosive tests will be individually designed to push the weapons to their absolute limit. One by one, the bladesmiths will be eliminated until only one remains to be crowned the champion.

Tournament Championship (Nodachi)

#1 - Tournament Championship (Nodachi)

Season 5 - Episode 34 - Aired Oct 31, 2018

In the final round of the Invitational Tournament, our winning Farrier, Armorer, Blacksmith and Modern Metal Worker face off to forge the longest round one weapon in Forged in Fire history: the Wakizashi. The smiths race to produce a damascus blade in three hours and must rely on their expertise to bring them one step closer to victory. The tough competition leaves no room for error. After a meticulous round of tests, only two smiths remain and return to their home forges to recreate one of the largest Japanese swords, the Nodachi.

star 8.16
141 votes
Tournament Round 4 (Modern Metalworkers) - The Flamberge Rapier

#2 - Tournament Round 4 (Modern Metalworkers) - The Flamberge Rapier

Season 5 - Episode 33 - Aired Oct 24, 2018

In the fourth round of the Forged in Fire Invitational Tournament, four modern metal workers must harvest materials from a metal sculpture to forge a needle point Damascus blade. Will they find allies in these alloys, or will someone experience a metal meltdown? When time’s up, an especially harsh round of testing leaves only two metal workers standing. These smiths return to their own home forges to recreate an extravagant sword from the elite classes of Renaissance Europe: the duel-ready Flamberge Rapier. Which smith will earn the spot at the metal worker’s anvil, and the chance to win $50,000 and be crowned Tournament Champion?

star 8.01
167 votes
Tournament Round 3 (Blacksmiths) - The Knightly Pole Axe

#3 - Tournament Round 3 (Blacksmiths) - The Knightly Pole Axe

Season 5 - Episode 32 - Aired Oct 17, 2018

In Round Three of the first ever Forged in Fire Invitational Tournament, four blacksmiths must forge a signature Damascus blade using steel they must harvest from a stockpile of varied tools. In an ultimate test of their blade-making skills, these smiths persevere through missteps that chisel away at their resolve. The smiths that survive two brutal rounds of testing return to their home forges to recreate a multipurpose Medieval weapon of war – the Knightly Poleaxe. Which smith will advance to the coveted spot at the blacksmith’s anvil, and earn the chance to be crowned Tournament Champion and win the biggest Forged in Fire prize ever: $50,000?

star 8.01
164 votes
The Ring Hilted Sword

#4 - The Ring Hilted Sword

Season 5 - Episode 39 - Aired Dec 19, 2018

Four blacksmiths must each forge judge Ben Abbott's favorite blade, the Celtic ring knife, using the San Mai technique; the final two competitors return to their home forges to recreate Irish ring hilted swords.

star 7.98
121 votes
The Sword in the Stone

#5 - The Sword in the Stone

Season 7 - Episode 16 - Aired Jan 8, 2020

Four smiths are on a quest to forge signature blades from various Damascus patterns. A tedious and time-consuming task, only three competitors will be victorious. After a brutal second round the final two competitors are tasked with recreating their own version of the legendary Sword in the Stone. Find out which smith can pull the best sword from the forge and be crowned Forged in Fire Champion with a king's worthy prize of $10,000.

star 7.98
55 votes
The Boa-Zande Sword

#6 - The Boa-Zande Sword

Season 7 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 30, 2019

Four smiths must know the drill when they’re tasked with forging a canister damascus blade using different sized drill bits. But when a tough round of fighting forge welds and chasing parameters takes one smith out of the competition – only three are left standing. After a nail biting round of testing – two head back to their home forges to recreate a brutal slicer from Central Africa: the Boa-Zande sword. Which smith’s weapon will chop down the competition’s to earn the title of Forged in Fire champion and the $10,000 prize?

star 7.98
90 votes
The Falcata

#7 - The Falcata

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Sep 13, 2016

Four bladesmiths must create a blade out of high carbon steel while also forging the hammer they'll use to make it. After an extraordinary round of testing, only two move on to the final round where they'll have just five days to create a weapon known for its deadly prowess against armored soldiers--the Falcata. Will the blade's unique handle shape leave them open to a devastating blow, or will one smith be able to slice their way to the $10,000?

star 7.98
428 votes
Long Road to Redemption Part 2

#8 - Long Road to Redemption Part 2

Season 6 - Episode 2 - Aired Feb 13, 2019

In the second half of the Road to Redemption competition four former smiths remain, each competing for a second chance to become a Forged in Fire Champion. There’s no slowing down for these bladesmiths as they’re tasked with crafting a Jambiya, an elegant and deadly Yemeni dagger. The intricacies of the dagger prove too much for one smith, and an intense round of testing eliminates a second. For the first time ever, the two finalists must choose their weapon which they will create at their home forges. Which smith has the knowledge, skills, and craftsmanship to outlast the others, win $20,000, and earn the most elusive prize of all: redemption?

star 7.97
139 votes
Champion Edition / Scottish Claymore

#9 - Champion Edition / Scottish Claymore

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Aug 23, 2016

Four Forged in Fire champions return for a chance to prove who among them is the best of the best in a challenge that leaves no room for error: a high carbon steel inlay. After two surprising rounds of competition, only two will move on to the final round where they will have just five days to create a weapon that stumped previous contestants; the Scottish Claymore. Will this sizable blade be too much to handle, or will one be able to stand above the rest as Forged in Fire champion of champions?

star 7.97
495 votes
Branch Battle: Finals

#10 - Branch Battle: Finals

Season 6 - Episode 14 - Aired May 22, 2019

In the final round of the Battle of the Branches the winning Soldier, Airman, Marine and Sailor return to the forge for the ultimate showdown. Tasked with replicating an iconic M3 Trench Knife from layered damascus in only three hours, the smiths work to showcase their expertise and push themselves to go above and beyond. After a last minute flaw sends one smith packing, the remaining three veterans must face a brutal bout of testing. Ultimately two servicemen persevere and head home to recreate a legendary sword: General George Washington’s Lion-headed Cuttoe. Which smith will earn bragging rights for his branch, be crowned Battle of the Branches Champion, and take home the biggest prize in Forged in Fire history: $50,000?

star 7.95
132 votes
Slasher Edition (Grim Reaper's Scythe)

#11 - Slasher Edition (Grim Reaper's Scythe)

Season 5 - Episode 35 - Aired Nov 7, 2018

In this special edition, four bladesmiths must create a signature slasher blade that would give Freddy Krueger nightmares. Each smith has a different type of metal to contend with, and after a gruelling first round one blade falls victim to the forge. The others are forced to face the music for a frightening round of testing. Only two smiths survive and return to their home forges to recreate the menacing Grim Reaper's Scythe. Whose weapon will silence the competition, earning $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire Champion?

star 7.95
147 votes
Barbarian Sword

#12 - Barbarian Sword

Season 6 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 13, 2019

Four bladesmiths plunge into the first round of competition where they must forge a blade using steel harvested from a vintage pinball machine. There’s no playing around as the smiths aim to get to the next level before the clock runs out. After a wicked round of testing, only two smiths advance and return home to build a weapon rooted in savagery: the Barbarian Sword. Two enter, but only one can emerge as the Forged in Fire Champion and take home the $10,000 jackpot.

star 7.95
147 votes
Kora Sword

#13 - Kora Sword

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 20, 2016

Four new bladesmiths step up to the challenge of forging blades using pieces of steel harvested from some monstrous power tools. While some smiths excel under the pressure, others are pushed to the limits of exhaustion in the heat of the Forge. After a vigorous round of testing, the final two go toe-to-toe in creating a sacrificial sword from history which could reportedly cut a sheep in half with one swing. After a formidable battle in the finale, only one will earn the title Forged in Fire Champion and take home $10,000.

star 7.93
424 votes
Branch Battle: Army

#14 - Branch Battle: Army

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired May 8, 2019

In a special five-part competition, top bladesmiths from each branch of the US military - Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy - compete to earn a spot representing their branch in a battle for our biggest prize ever: $50,000. Round one belongs to the Army, as four soldiers must forge a special forces V-42 stiletto. After a ruthless bout of testing, two smiths are dispatched to their home forges to build a US Army Officer's Sword. The winner secures a place at the Army Anvil competing in the Battle of the Branches finale, where victory brings pride, glory, and a $50,000 grand prize.

star 7.93
135 votes
Hollywood Edition (Hattori Hanzō Katana)

#15 - Hollywood Edition (Hattori Hanzō Katana)

Season 5 - Episode 27 - Aired Sep 12, 2018

Four bladesmiths pay homage to the blade craft of Hollywood, and their first mission – forge a survival knife that would make John Rambo proud. Two smiths fail the first round parameters and, in a Forged first, must face off in a sudden death elimination to determine who will continue to compete. After an intense round of testing the final two smiths return home to recreate one of the most famous swords in cinematic history: Hattori Hanzo's 1000-Layer Katana from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.

star 7.92
159 votes

#16 - Tabar

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 19, 2016

Four bladesmiths must take an ordinary garden lawnmower and using its metal to bend and shape to their will, create one of their signature blades. When the other contestants are mowed down in the competition, two will make it to the final round where they must create a Tabar, a deadly battle axe from Southern Asia. After a series of grueling tests, only one will survive the cut to be named the Forged in Fire champion.

star 7.92
370 votes
Tournament Round 1 (Farriers) - The Mortuary Sword

#17 - Tournament Round 1 (Farriers) - The Mortuary Sword

Season 5 - Episode 30 - Aired Oct 3, 2018

In the first ever Forged in Fire Tournament, four different classes of metalsmithing professionals will compete over five weeks for the chance to win the biggest Forged in Fire prize ever – $50,000. In this first week, four farriers are tasked with creating a San Mai blade from familiar tools: horseshoes and hoof rasps. After a strenuous round of testing, the remaining two farriers return to their home forges to create a famed weapon of the English Civil War: the Mortuary Sword. The winner will return in the final Tournament of Champions for a chance to prevail over the other metalsmithing classes and win the $50,000 grand prize.

star 7.92
159 votes
The Barbarian Spatha

#18 - The Barbarian Spatha

Season 7 - Episode 11 - Aired Nov 20, 2019

Four smiths must salvage steel from old weapons and combine them using the Hada technique to forge a Pugio - the dagger said to have murdered Julius Caesar. The competitors battle and fight to the finish to ensure their daggers size up to this iconic weapon's statue, both in form and function. After a round of barbaric tests, only two smiths march down the Appian Way to their home forges to recreate the legendary Spatha, one of the most vicious series in Roman history. Which smith will return to the forge arena a victor, earning the title of Forges in For Champion and the $10,000 prize?

star 7.91
58 votes
Fans' Choice

#19 - Fans' Choice

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired May 2, 2017

Chosen by fans, four bladesmiths return for a second shot at victory. The smiths must use their best forging techniques to make a signature blade using barbed wire; the final two smiths craft a historical Filipino weapon of war, the Panabas.

star 7.90
372 votes
Attila's Sword of Mars

#20 - Attila's Sword of Mars

Season 6 - Episode 16 - Aired Jun 5, 2019

Four bladesmiths aim for the stars when they are tasked with forging fantasy blades from a meteorite. Forced to use the canister method, the smiths battle difficult forge welds in order to create their one of a kind blades. After a ruthless bout of testing sends one smith back to the real world, the final two head to their home forges to recreate a legendary weapon: Attila the Hun's Sword of Mars. Which smith will create a weapon that is truly out of this world, resulting in a check for $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire Champion?

star 7.90
127 votes
Champions Edition / The Pata

#21 - Champions Edition / The Pata

Season 3 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 10, 2017

Over the course of three seasons, 26 bladesmiths have been crowned Forged in Fire champion. Tonight, prior winners return to prove who among them is the best of the best by forging a blade using canoe damascus. After two high octane rounds of competition, the two remaining champions will move to the final round where they must create a weapon known for its unique mechanics and deadly double-edged blade–the Pata. With $10,000 and their reputation on the line, which smith will survive the judges’ brutal testing to once again be crowned Forged in Fire champion?

star 7.90
397 votes
Butterfly Swords

#22 - Butterfly Swords

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 6, 2016

Four new contestants must choose wisely as they try to craft a blade of their signature style from a pile of tools, both old and new. Then the stakes are doubled when, for the first time ever, they must forge not one, but two swords in the final round. Crafting Chinese Butterfly Swords, our final two bladesmiths face twice the work, and twice the pressure, in their attempt to claim the title of Forged in Fire champion.

star 7.88
469 votes
Hunga Munga

#23 - Hunga Munga

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Sep 27, 2016

Four new bladesmiths have their creativity put to the test when they are tasked with making a serrated blade out of only the tools from the table in front of them. They must harvest enough steel to forge the blade, but without melting down a crucial tool they might need later. Then, the final two bladesmiths attempt to forge a Hunga Munga--a behemoth weapon where all four edges must maintain peak performance when put through the judges' gauntlet. Which bladesmith will prove worthy of a check for $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire Champion?

star 7.88
441 votes
The O-katana

#24 - The O-katana

Season 6 - Episode 4 - Aired Feb 27, 2019

For the special 100th episode of Forged in Fire, four bladesmiths are tasked with forging a chopper and must choose from a mammoth pile of metals and materials from all previous 99 episodes. Some of the smiths are doomed to repeat the past, making mistakes made by former competitors. After a fiery round of tests, the two finalists head home to recreate one of the most epic swords in the history of this competition: the O-Katana. Whose blade will bite the bullet and whose will earn $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire Champion?

star 7.88
145 votes
The Musketeer Rapier

#25 - The Musketeer Rapier

Season 7 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 6, 2019

Four smiths are tasked with transforming bits and pieces of old damascus steel into fossil damascus signature blades. Giving new life to old steel is no easy feat as the smiths labor over two rounds to produce fully functional weapons that can withstand the tests ahead. In the final round, two smiths return to their home forges to recreate one of the most elegant and lethal weapons in history: the Musketeer's Rapier. In a final duel for victory, which smith's weapon will be worthy of the $10,000 prize, and earn them the title of Forged In Fire Champion?

star 7.87
79 votes