The BEST Episodes of Hey Duggee

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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Network: CBeebies

Duggee looks after the Squirrels, who earn different badges on their adventures.

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The Training Badge

#1 - The Training Badge

Season 3 - Episode 46 - Aired Sep 11, 2021

Duggee struggles to organise the Squirrels in order of height and keeping them focused on the task. Sounds like the Squirrels need some training to improve their concentration.

star 10.00
1 votes
The History Badge

#2 - The History Badge

Season 3 - Episode 18 - Aired Nov 19, 2019

Betty is reading a story out loud to the other Squirrels that is set 'a long, long time ago'. The Squirrels wonder how long ago that is. The narrator explains that it's everything that's ever happened – and it's called history.The Squirrels are excited to learn about it, and luckily Duggee has his History Badge – and a home-made time machine - to give them a very interactive lesson all about it! The Squirrels go on a whistle-stop tour through time and encounter all manner of characters, from naughty prehistoric monkeys to pirates of the high seas, from Isaac Newton to Shakespeare, with everyone becoming inspired as they go. History is FUN - but eventually it's time to go home and collect their History Badges. Well done Squirrels!

star 8.80
5 votes
The Christmas Badge

#3 - The Christmas Badge

Season 3 - Episode 32 - Aired Dec 7, 2020

Duggee’s old friend Clarence arrives at the Clubhouse, but he has lost his Christmas cheer. He used to love Christmas, but everything seems to be getting bigger, louder and faster, and it’s quite exhausting! The Squirrels decide to show Clarence some Christmas hospitality and make him a special Christmas by combining everything that they love most about the holiday. They make Clarence realise that Christmas is all about the little things, and that is what really makes Christmas so special. The Squirrels may not realise it, but they may have saved Christmas as well as earning their Christmas Badges.

star 8.67
3 votes
The Hide and Seek Badge

#4 - The Hide and Seek Badge

Season 1 - Episode 27 - Aired Jun 8, 2015

Duggee and the Squirrels play hide-and-seek. The Squirrels have hidden in good places, but Duggee finds them all, except Roly.

star 8.50
14 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Grant Orchard
The Tidy-Up Badge

#5 - The Tidy-Up Badge

Season 1 - Episode 33 - Aired Jun 16, 2015

Duggee is dusting when the doorbell goes and a big package arrives for him - he has bought an amazing new vacuum cleaner!

star 8.41
17 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Sam Morrison
The Sheep Badge

#6 - The Sheep Badge

Season 1 - Episode 28 - Aired Jun 9, 2015

The Squirrels are playing with their toys when they notice that there is a sheep in the clubhouse. Wait a minute! There are sheep everywhere! Inside and out! How did that happen? Oh no, someone has left the paddock gate open! Can the Squirrels help Duggee herd the sheep back to the paddock?

star 8.39
18 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Phillip Warner
The Opposites Badge

#7 - The Opposites Badge

Season 3 - Episode 12 - Aired Nov 11, 2019

Norrie is having fun looking at nature in the garden. When Roly wants to join in, she tells him he needs to be really quiet – but he gets overexcited, shouting so loudly that he scares a lovely butterfly away! Norrie is put out because Roly did the opposite of what she said. When Roly asks what an opposite is, Norrie struggles to explain.Luckily, Duggee has his Opposites Badge and helps the squirrels understand by using lots of fun examples. A cacophony of creatures come out to help, showing the squirrels instances of things that are entirely different to each other and helping them earn their Opposites Badges in the process!

star 8.25
4 votes
The Comedy Badge

#8 - The Comedy Badge

Season 2 - Episode 44 - Aired May 17, 2018

The Squirrels want to know what makes Duggee laugh, so Duggee shows them his favourite comedy.

star 8.20
5 votes
The Spider Badge

#9 - The Spider Badge

Season 1 - Episode 29 - Aired Jun 10, 2015

The squirrels are playing in the clubhouse when Norrie discovers a spider in the dressing up box. Everywhere Norrie goes the spider seems to go too!

star 8.19
21 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Jo Clegg
The Traffic Badge

#10 - The Traffic Badge

Season 2 - Episode 37 - Aired Dec 15, 2017

Duggee is taking the Squirrels to the lake, but there's a traffic jam.

star 8.14
7 votes
The We Love Animals Badge

#11 - The We Love Animals Badge

Season 1 - Episode 30 - Aired Jun 11, 2015

Duggee is stroking Enid the cat. The Squirrels want to find animals they can stroke as well. Roly wants to stroke a bird, but they keep flying off. Betty finds a turtle, but he feels a bit too hard. Happy tries to stroke a goldfish - but it's a bit too wet. Hedgley the hedgehog is too spiky for Norrie, and Tag discovers that a slug is a bit sticky. Can anyone find a soft and cuddly animal to stroke?

star 8.13
15 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Grant Orchard
The Football Badge

#12 - The Football Badge

Season 1 - Episode 40 - Aired Jun 25, 2015

Duggee and the Squirrels decide to play football. Duggee starts the game by kicking the ball to the Squirrels who look at it blankly. They don't know what to do, they've never played football before. How will they ever score a goal? With help from surprising friends that's how!

star 8.13
16 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Grant Orchard
The Stick Badge

#13 - The Stick Badge

Season 2 - Episode 31 - Aired Dec 7, 2017

Duggee and the Squirrels are preparing to have a campfire.

star 8.13
8 votes
The Playing Badge

#14 - The Playing Badge

Season 2 - Episode 46 - Aired May 21, 2018

Naughty Monkey's cousins come to visit and they're even naughtier that Naughty Monkey.

star 8.13
8 votes
The Getting On Badge

#15 - The Getting On Badge

Season 2 - Episode 39 - Aired Jan 1, 2018

Fox, Badger, Mole, Vole and Worm are not getting on. Can Duggee and the Squirrels suggest ways that they can all live peacefully?

star 8.11
9 votes
The Puppet Show Badge

#16 - The Puppet Show Badge

Season 1 - Episode 41 - Aired Jun 26, 2015

Duggee and the squirrels had a great adventure and want to tell everyone. What better way to tell a story than a puppet show?

star 8.08
13 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Grant Orchard
The Raindance Badge

#17 - The Raindance Badge

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Feb 11, 2015

It's a very hot day and Duggee's flowers are looking very sad. What can perk them up? Some water of course, but there's not a drop to be found. They need a bit of rain, but it's far too sunny today. How can they make the rain come? What about the rain dance! Who knows how to do a great dance? Duggee, of course! Duggee teaches the squirrels the best rain dance ever and it really does work well.  Now they can all do their crazy dancing in the rain!

star 8.07
15 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Danny Stack
The Sandcastle Badge

#18 - The Sandcastle Badge

Season 1 - Episode 39 - Aired Jun 24, 2015

The squirrels do such a good job making sandcastles that they are asked to help the crabs build a new home.

star 8.06
18 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Myles McLeod
The Acorn Badge

#19 - The Acorn Badge

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Aired Feb 12, 2015

Norrie is upset when she sees a leaf fall from the tree. She thinks it's broken. She soon cheers up when she finds out that some trees shed their leaves in autumn, and actually it's quite good fun playing and jumping in piles of leaves. But ouch! What has Roly found stuck to his bottom? It's an acorn. Duggee explains that lots of forest animals collect acorns to eat in the winter so the squirrels decide to look and find lots of acorns to share out for everyone.

star 8.00
17 votes
Directors: Grant Orchard
Writers: Sam Morrison
The Harvest Badge

#20 - The Harvest Badge

Season 2 - Episode 29 - Aired Dec 5, 2017

It's that beautiful time of the year. The birds are tweeting and all the crops are looking ripe and ready to pick. Duggee is getting ready to harvest them. The squirrels remember when they planted their seeds, watered them, and left them to grow, and now it's time to help Duggee pick them all. BUT - there are lots of crops, and this could take FOREVER!

star 8.00
7 votes
The Tree Badge

#21 - The Tree Badge

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired Feb 12, 2019

Duggee helps the Squirrels learn about all the amazing things trees do for the creatures who live among them, and earn their tree badges in the process!

star 8.00
6 votes
The Breakfast Badge

#22 - The Breakfast Badge

Season 3 - Episode 13 - Aired Nov 12, 2019

Tag is feeling grumpy because he didn't eat his breakfast. Luckily, Duggee has his Breakfast Badge, so he can make whatever the Squirrels would like to eat – and it turns out they all like very different things for breakfast!The Squirrels learn all about how different animals fuel themselves in the mornings, earning their Breakfast Badges in the process. Tag finally gets his toast, helping power him through the day. Well done Squirrels!

star 8.00
4 votes
The Sharing Badge

#23 - The Sharing Badge

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Aired Nov 18, 2019

Duggee is showing the Squirrels how to bake an apple pie, and they all get very excited about eating it. But if there are six bakers and only one pie, how will they all get to eat? Luckily, Duggee has his Sharing Badge! The Squirrels learn how to divide one carrot between two hungry rabbits, one sofa between three soap-opera-addicted chickens, one jug of water between four thirsty birds, one bunch of flowers between five busy bees, and most importantly one pie between six Squirrels! Everyone gets their own slice of pie and their Sharing Badges to boot.

star 8.00
3 votes
The Mystery Badge

#24 - The Mystery Badge

Season 3 - Episode 21 - Aired Nov 22, 2019

The Squirrels are excited to go to a black-and-white gala at King Tiger's house. On arrival, they're impressed with King Tiger's party crown and its resplendent red ruby centrepiece, even if his composure is somewhat ruined by frequent and giant sneezes.The Squirrels set about testing out Duggee's golden rules for party etiquette by mingling with fellow guests but get a suspiciously lukewarm response. When King Tiger suddenly cries out that his ruby has gone missing, the party turns into a mystery to be solved. Luckily, Duggee has his Mystery Badge!The Squirrels gather everyone together to examine the evidence of their suspicious behaviour and narrow down the list of potential culprits to... King Tiger! Or rather to his giant sneezes, which made the ruby come loose and fly into a trifle. King Tiger is reunited with his ruby, the Squirrels get their Mystery Badges, and everyone gets to eat the trifle!

star 8.00
4 votes
The Babysitting Badge

#25 - The Babysitting Badge

Season 3 - Episode 33 - Aired Mar 29, 2021

Duggee has a job to do outside the Clubhouse. But who will look after the Squirrels?

star 8.00
2 votes